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Friday, July 29, 2005

Rules of Engagement: As Per Caroline Parrish

From a leaked memo to the Canadian Military commander in Afghanistan from Caroline Parrish's office:

From the desk of C. Parrish, MP and National director of Politically correct warfare

To all Commanders and personnel in front line enemy engagement in the Afghan war on Terror:

My fellow Canadians hamstrung by the military mentality disability: We are Canadians we don’t make war we make peace. We do not make peace the barbaric way the bastard Americans do by forcing an enemy to defeat with violence. We defeat the enemy with acts of craven matronly taunts. We appeal to his sense of maternal shame and act in lieu of their Mother in correcting errant children.

When ever Canadian troops are faced with terrorists shooting at them you will:

A) Run away.

B) If this is not possible you will drop out of sight and deploy the “Nag-a-phone” (Can Pat. Pending)… An audio broadcast device which is supplied with “live batteries” . Key up the microphone, and say: PUT THOSE NASTY GUNS DOWN RIGHT NOW!!….DON’T YOU KNOW GUNS ARE EVIL AND CAN HURT LIVING THINGS? ( See “Nag-a-Phone” operator’s Manual [supplied] for a list of 40 other smothering, maternalistic nags and taunts)

C) If this does not work, switch the “Nag-a-phone” to full auto mode and allow the loop tape to broadcast its repetitive message: “BANG, BANG, YOU’RE DEAD…FALL DOWN PLEASE”. For full effect play the message at full volume while menacingly pointing your finger at the enemy.

D) If this definitively hostile measure fails to intimidate, you are justified in deploying the ultimate weapon: Take your life-like Taliban insurgent doll from your backpacks….hold it in plain sight of the enemy…then stomp on it grinding your heel into the doll’s face…this must be done in plain sight of “hostile bastards”.

E) If the above tactics don’t work, we will contact the press (and then your next of kin) and tell them your death was the result of American Imperialism creating an unconquerable enemy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Movie Tag

Totally off our recent topics, Aizlynne has broken gravity with a bogger movie tag . So I guess it's my turn. First off, I don't view the cinema art as a credible learning medium so I judge a film purely for its entertaiment value...If I want cranial exercise I read. So for what it's worth I will divide my favorite films into genre.

Alternative/cult classics:
A Clockwork Orange
200 Motels (Frank Zappa)
Reefer Madness
Glen or Glenda

The searchers
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
Once Upon a time in the West
Quigley down under
The Unforgiven
Treasure of Sierra Mades

Horror/cult faves:
Dawn of the dead
It conquered the world
Plan 9 from Mars
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The green Mile
Citzen Kane
Taxi Driver
Night of the Generals
The Sand Pebbles

Pulp fiction
Full Metal Jacket
Saving Pvt. Ryan
Bridge Over the River Kwai
The great escape

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2001 a Space Odyssey
Terminator 2: Judgment Day

All the Python flicks but Life of Brian is the best
Sleeper (Woody Allen)
Blazing saddles
Dr. Strangelove
Carry on Constible ( or any of the 60s "Carry on" movies)
Duck soup

Ben Hur
How the west was won
Lawrence of Arabia
Dr. Zivago

Wizard of Oz

Sympathy for the devil from GTA's Muslim leaders

Spotted this item today. It seems to dovetail into the theme that seems to be evolving in internat chat this week. Namely: where do Canada's Muslims sit where acceptance of terror ( Jihad) is concerned....are they really responsible (read loyal) citizens or do they fall into a shadowy questionable area that contains assorted radicals who apologize or accept civilian terror as a legitimate political tool and an ethically justified theological statement>

Here are some comments from Dr. Tariq Abdelhaleem:

"It is sad to see completely innocent people who never participated in any violence die in vain. But it is equally sad to see our politicians ignorant to or choose not to understand why such attacks happen. I am very concerned about the total disregard for the causes behind such attacks. Such analysis is important not as a justification for the attacks, but to define their root-causes and address them accordingly in order to prevent future attacks."

In other words, terror attacks are justified and they can be stopped by capitulation to the terrorist's demands....that is clearly the message here. This "prophet of peace" is legitimizing civilian terror as a political process. I won't waste bandwidth in posting other snippets from this Muslim Marxist's screed. It contains all the old tired leftist (read Menshevik) lexicon...the evil US/UK imperialism, those concerned about security in the face of global terror are "paranoid"...even though most terrorists are Muslims it is the religion of peace...yadda, yadda, yadda....Uncle Joe Stalin would write the same propaganda copy on defending his tyranny.

All I know is that the Canadian Muslim leadership is sending this Canadian all the wrong messages and I am now on the alert and watching you with suspicion.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another "Religion of Peace" head's up"

More on our pal Hindy here and here.

From our fellow Blogger at "Arabian Dissident"

"Well Wonders never cease!!!As the Globe Article points out, Aly Hindy is the head of Scarborough's Salaheddin Islamic Centre. What it did'nt point out is that the founding director of the mosque was none other than Hassan Farhat. As the Red Star explains to us, CSIS believes Mr. Farahat is directly linked to Al-Qaida:
He was a founding director of a Scarborough mosque and a doting father who brought his children to the park for picnics on weekends.Now he's been named as a key commander of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda that's fighting against the Americans in Iraq.

"Oh but that's not all...Mr. Hindy is also a close associate with our very good freinds, The Khadrs:"

"BUT WAIT!!!!! IT GETS BETTER!!!!Mr. Hindy is ALSO a very good friend of suspected terrorist, Amer el-Maati

Brent Colbert goes further:

The Salaheddin Islamic Center has been investigated by CSIS and the RCMP and was a source of funds for Ahmad Said al-Khadr’s “charity” Human Concern International that diverted funds to Al Qaeda

Mr. Hindy a former engineer with Ontario Hydro claims that he was kidnapped and detained at the request of CSIS in Egypt in 1993. In 2004 He was traveling with Helmy Elsherief, a volunteer with Human Concern International and vice principal of the Islamic school affiliated with the Salaheddin Islamic Centre when Mr. Elshrief was detained. The center was also co-founded by Hassan Farhat (AKA: Abdul Jaber and Abu Khalid) who returned to Iraq shortly after 9/11 and has been named as a key leader of Ansar al-Islam the terror organization operating in Iraq

Quite a piece of work this Hindy. Let's do a little more digging and see what other corpses show up in this "religion of Piece" garden.

Prohibitionist Urges Scotland to Ban "Knife Culture"

From the "they just don't get it files":

From the land of the Claymore, we see this wee bit o' inanity

"Dr Paul Millar, the Czech-born honorary consul, is urging a ban on the sale of all knives other than penknives and kitchen knives after the death of a 21-year-old seasonal worker last Sunday night."

Two items Dr. Paul:

1) This is the free democratic jurisdiction of Scotland ( home ruule) and not a civilly depraved east-block communist police get this catering to the lowest common denominator BS with the hammer of the police state.

2) Scotland IS a knife culture....and a sword culture and a culture of freemen that both these items have kept so. I'm sure brave heart is spinning in his grave hearing such an asinine "solution".

William Wallace found the "knife culture" of Scotland handy in defeating it from the tyranny of the English crown and it seemed to work well for Robert the Bruce as well....I suppose neither could forsee the day when Scotland was invaded by the fallicious ideals of socialist satists who make no distinction between the freeman's right of defensive use of arms or criminal offensive use. Maybe if a few more Scots packed a .45 in their kilt they'd have a more polite criminal element.

But Imam, can't I join the Jihad too?

Very cryptic that what we discissed here yesterday should have some gas thrown on the fires of suspicion with this item

"A controversial Toronto imam warned Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan at a closed-door meeting to stop "terrorizing" Canadian Muslims.
"If you try to cross the line I can't guarantee what is going to happen. Our young people, we can't control,"
Aly Hindy, the head of Scarborough's Salaheddin Islamic Centre, recalls telling the minister at the May meeting she held in Toronto."

Hmmmm, sounds like threat to me. I can imagine what would happen if this statement was made by a Christian Bishop in regards to enforcing SSM and the anti-sodomy gag law. But that's naot the only threat we get from this uncivil mutt. Here he spreads the threat out to the nation:

"Several people who attended shrugged off the imam's remarks, but some Muslims and government agents later approached Mr. Hindy asking him to explain himself.
"The police came to me and said, 'This is a kind of threat,' and I said yes," he said.

So it is a threat....self admitted and focused at Canada's anti terrorism authorities...great mixed messaging here...."we're peaceful loving people but we will employ terror to get what we want. If I were that cop this yippy little Jihai pissant would be sweating in Gitmo within a couple of hours explaining this kind of statement.

"And they said, 'Do you know some of the names of those people you expect to cause some problems?' And I said, 'You just open the telephone directory.' "

In other words, "I refuse to cooperate with aniti-terroist authorities in this country. Another mixed message...yes we're good and responsible citizens except when we're hiding Jihadi terrorists in our Mosques and communities.

But here's my favorite zinger:

The imam said six or seven young men have approached him to discuss "fighting overseas" in place such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

This bonehead has young Jihadis in his congregation who are willing to kill Canadian service men who are engaged in the war on terrorism. No mixed message here...the statement is pretty clear. No Canadian would take up arms against Canada.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is They Is or Is They Isn’t???

From our Mixed Messages file:

First we have the Canadian Muslim council waxing loyal to sooth our civil responsibility bone with this

You wonder if this is the same Muslim organization that Bragged how it disrupted a Canadian election with an irresponsible whipped ethnic block vote. We live with the current constitutionally illegal and corrupt regime due to this civically irresponsile block vote. ( no, corruption apologists, this is NOT exersicing democratic franchise this is an unethical abuse of of the individual right to democratic franchise by whipping a partisan ethnic vote for the political favors of the ethnic leaders of this particular multi-cult ghetto). When Christians or social conservatives do this they are attacked as "scary" and undermining our democracy by the left.

We heard similar sympathetic mewlings from organized Islam’s leadership in the UK in the pall of the London bombings.

Then we see this. Same mixed message. It's frustaing to know that most Muslims do not condone Jihad but it's also unsettling to see them play the political games they do with the government of their adopted nations. Time has come for the Muslim leadership in the free nations to stand just a little taller as defenders of their new nation.

I wonder how the left stands up to the Muslim numbers in support for terroism as a political statement….I bet it’s higher.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Some Things to Make Your Skin Crawl

It's frightning Friday...time to look at some things that should make a taxpayer's hair stand on end and his wallet go running for cover in a garlic patch. Time to go over the wild an wacky machinations of the keepers of the Kanadian Soviet.

First up is this item which only primal screem therapy can eleviate. Brrrrr scary stuff!!...Harper has nothing on the scare factor of this creep. Again we would see the Desmarais family compact controlling the PMO with this powercor connected dupe....who has Moe Strong as his official godfather.

Next up: the health care soviet decrees that waiting in cues for medical treatment is characterbuilding and the duty of a good soviet citizen of the people;s socilaist republic of Manitoba.

Then there's this spine chilling zinger that displays the very scary orthoxies that exist in out modern political spectrum. You may have second thoughs about attending a gay rodeo after this.

Then their is this chilling standard bureaucratic threat again...chilling...maybe not so much the external or domestic threat but the absolutely vacant morons who tell us there is no threat.

Scary mindset department: why do Canadians think everyone welcomes our hedonist-narcissism....seem there sare still some who don't want wacky Canuck culture exported to their nations.

The final fear factor here. Which gives rational well adjusted people a glimpse of how easily the dumbed down foaming left will adopt tinfoil hat theories and plain crack-pot ideas...brrrrrrrr scary stuff count Floyd..let's make sure these scary people are NEVER allowed near the reins of power. Tme for a political exorcism.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pass the Bong Paul

Neat little item scored some points with my sense of dark humor . One has to wonder if this will put a kink in the BC Liberal fundraising cartel? The tunnel was pretty sophisticated ....wonder if the tunnel builders got a government grant from the local fed-libs?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Progressive" thinking from the Age of Tyrants

Interseting tid bit of new thinking came across the net this AM. Seems some more secular statism "progressive" thinking whould have us hurl ourselves back in time years ago where free men had to spill blood to get the freedom to worship as their conscience dictates..... not as their rulers tell them. We've seen Russia and China go through this experiment of state intervention in religious freedom...we've seen Englishmen, the french and Americans run revolutionary wars to have freedom from state dictated religious laws.... yet we see in this day and age domestic bush league Menshevik "professors?" advocating the same degenerate policy.

Why does Canada go through the pretense of constitutional democracy and charter rights? ...let's just hand all our rights and freedoms over to the single party state and limit our spiritual growth to worshipping the state and its autocratic politics.

But I suppose this is all part and parcel of "progressive" deep seated
distrust and hatred of the population. In their mind we are TOO free and this leads to diverse opinion which will foil the single party omnipotent state. This is also what has made this nation a cesspool of dangerously wromg ideas and errant thinking....all reactionary civil tyranny based in leftist-statist paranoia.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Winds of change blow in Alberta

Yesterday's comment window yielded this from my friend Paul:

Debris Trail said...

Bill, this is a carry over from a question I asked you over at CJUNK. You've got
connection in AB; tell us: In your opinion, how is mood there? The people I know
are all hardcore separatists from way back, so I don't count them. How is the
mood in the general population?

My friend and fellow blogger Paul at C-Junk asked a question in the last post's commentary that I feel needs a full answer to the best of my ability. The comments block is isufficient to deal with the subject of Alberta's political marginalization or its current political climate.

I won't get into the historuical confederal and constitutional greivences here because they are well known to Albertans and their academics or anyone with any interest and knowledge of western alienation issues. I no longer take the time to educate the purposely dumb on the already widely available Alberta/western greivences. Speaking honestly and objectively about the second class treatment Alberta and the periphery regions of Confederation have gotten from Ottawa should be added to Margret Wente's list of subjects which have been politically cleansed from partisan liberal nattering circles.

I'll address the question in 2 parts.

First: The current committed support for hard core separation.

The only polling research done here has been by the Klein government or phone polls by separatist organizations and a single question poll about independence by the Herald. The research that was leaked from last year's Klein PC "Firewall town hall" tour of the province is very interesting. Rumor has it that sympathetic persons inside the government have released "unofficially" to leadership in the independence movement, the stats that were gleaned-out of the "official" media release from that token firewall dog and pony show. It appears, that of the people the Klein PCs enticed out to the province-wide firewall meetings, fully 78% support the firewall items in principle and there is a 15% hard core who see Firewalling the province as a first step to an official, on-going policy of cutting political ties with Ottawa. The phone polling people in the ASP executive have done found pretty much the same thing...about 15% hard core separatists.....However, when the firewall option was not mentioned, more than 60% of respondents said that separation ( that was the word used, not "independence") was a legitimate option if no change in Ottawa was seen.

The Herald poll asked almost the same question ( the word and concept of outright separation was not used) but more than 70% of respondents viewed "independence" as a viable political option to resolve the historic Alberta greivences with Ottawa and Alberta's electoral impotence.

Personally I think these figures are spurious and fleeting and will change from day to day depending on how owley the population is feeling with Ottawa's stone walling and revenue raiding on any given day. From the unofficial straw polling I do at the many local fairs, gun shows, rodeos and town halls I have attended with independence petitions, I'd say that hard core separation support ranges from 10-25% dependant on where you go and the soft separation ( or firewall independence) ranges from 40-75% dependent on where you go. I trust the feel of these numbers if they were to be extrapolated over the whole population because Alberta is gifted with having less than 12% committed lib-left-federal statist voter base.....a gift of small bureaucracy, small numbers in public sector unionism/federal statism. ;-)

The wild card is the large portion of Albertans still active in the provincial PCs and the federal CPC who see Harper's shot at getting the western democratic reform agenda on the federal agenda, as a last go round before we do something more drastic. There is a large demographic of voters who are still looking for change through the federal system and see Harper as the last try. When they are disillusioned by Harper's and the CPC's rejection by the eastern establishment once again, we will see the ranks of independence support swell....possibly by as much as 50%.
Whether they will be soft or hard separatists is a coin toss...but my educated guess would be they will align pretty much along the lines their already decided fellow Albertans have.

Bottom line is; if the current status quo in Ottawa is maintained after the next federal election, there will be a lot of politically active, and politically savvy Albertans writing off the federal system as any solution to the confederal/democratic deficit. Many will swell the ranks of the Separatist party and many will revitalize the PC party to be a firewall government. At any rate Alberta's political landscape will change dramatically in a post Martin reelection Canada.

What is the nature of the "soft separatist" in Alberta and what are the numbers of his ranks?

The "soft" separatists....we will refer to them as the "firewall Albertans" are best epitomized by this man,( who I have hunted with and run constitutional challenges with and BTW is an excellent wing shot) Dr. F.L."Ted" Morton. Ted is a classic libertarian ( as am I) who has found ideological camaraderie in the Blue PC fraternity of Alberta and the libertarian-based CPC. He was once elected to be an Alberta senator but Martin/Chretien insults in appointing their lapdogs to the positions sent him to Provincial politics to effect change through the firewall. He is the core of the new Blue PC caucus, the firewall movement ( or soft indies) and potentially Alberta's next premier.

I differ with Ted on his
solution, I advocateimmediately severing all political ties to Ottawa after a
successful local referendum to cut them loose. ( We are not so leaving Canada as
simply remaining where we are and losing one expensive, corrupt level of
government...I bet many of you nay-sayers are envious of our ability to do

I'll let you read Ted's articles from the link so you grasp the concepts in "firewall pseudo- independence"...all I will deal with here is how the firewall concepts dovetail into the wider perceptions of the soft independence supporter.

The average "soft indi" or Firewall independence support has one major expectational/ideological flaw....having seen, and been disillusioned by, the inability for Albertans to effect democratic reforms through the federal system, he believes that the firewall agenda will accomplish basically what he wants. The flaw in the reasoning is the unrelenting greed and malice towards Alberta's independent spirit harbored by the liberal Ottawa elite. I have witnessed them in federal and supreme court chambers, the powers Ottawa assumes it holds over the provinces...the fuming pomposity at the notion that any province would reject Ottawa's newly prescribed subservient-wardship dependency and be more autonomous as per the original confederal agreement....none of these federally propagated notions is linear with the confederal agreement as enunciated in the BNA act ( our constitution). The feds will come raging at any western government who dare take back stolen jurisdiction, in a hissing, tooth and nail fight. The fight will, of course, be political ( by using MSM propagandists to demonize the firewall Alberta government) and by dragging it into endless SCC jurisdictional challenges and keeping it wrapped up in court instead of legislating change. Ralph ( and his T.Ross asociate retained constitutional law firm) know this...he is a comfortable old king and not up to the fight....but I believe Ted is...and he may have a few tricks up his sleave the Feds aren't counting on.

Where will the "soft indi" voter turn when he sees his firewall independence vanish in hostile fed-initiated court battles????? Stick around Bruce Hutton because all soft separation will do is prolong the misery for another 5 years or so before the softies wake up and call for referendum.

From my straw polling, and from the best poll data available, I would place the soft-indis at about 60% of the current Alberta voter base...that number will balloon after Harper is rejected and it will put into office a Ted Morton lead firewall solution. I see this as stage 1 of Alberta independence. A local vote of confidence for the firewall government is a rejection of the federal system by Albertans. Stage 2 of independence will depend on how successful a firewall government is in implementing the Alberta agenda...and how effective the firewall changes are in sheltering Alberta and Albertans from Ottawa's political/democratic/confederal degeneracy.

The certainty is that Alberta politics will change definitively after a Harper defeat and that change will usher in the road to Alberta/western independence or reconfederation. The wild card is whether ,ultimately ,separation or reconfederation will satisfy the needs and aspirations of the large soft indi demographic.

We are on the cusp of political upheaval due to degenerate central governing neglect. Alberta will take a lead roll in that change...the end product is a matter of how Ottawa reacts.

PS: One of the greatest irritants to Albertans is the displayed contempt socialists and their Ottawa governments have for private property and individual property rights. Randy Hillier of the Lanark land owners was on the radio today. It was refreshing to hear an Ontraio activist-farmer who has many of the same complaints with Toronto as Alberta has with Ottawa.

Monday, July 18, 2005

My Letter to Dr. Leon Craig

A letter I sent to the now infamous Dr. Leon Craig:

Dr. Craig: I suspect your e-mail is inundated with hate mail from the usual suspects but I had to attempt to express my delight with your frank statements of fact and willingness to discuss rationally a, now, viable political option for the west to seek the responsible governance it desires. My thanks for saying publicly what many of us have wanted to say for years but have failed to for fear of typical reactionary ostracization from the misplaced loyalties of our fellow citizens. Also, in times past independence minded people were denied access to the main stream media as a legitimate political opinion. That is a personal observation from a person who worked on Gord Kessler's WCC campaign and helped run Alberta independence candidates for the past 20 years in Alberta provincial elections. We were patronized with Socratic irony or satirized as bumpkins by national east-based media. Local media stopped their mocking when we elected candidates and local polls placed soft separation support at highs of 56%. Thank you for starting the ball rolling and ( hopefully) getting the independence option scholastically legitimized and out into the open market of ideas for rational public debate. My fear is that all the rational voices in this matter will be drown out ( as usual) by the shrill din of federal flacks sent to demonize/stigmatize one side of the they have done with western politics, politicians and political movements.

There is really no option left to those of us wanting open accessible federalism since the institutions of federal government, news media and the courts have been co-opted by exclusive/privileged partisan patronage realpolitik. The west's political aspirations for a seat at that table has been relegated to improbabiliy by the Ottawa power-brokering cabal on that end and by our own higher western ethics on our end. Essentially the past 3 decades in federal politics has seen the Liberal party become less a party founded on solid ideals, vision and a public-first agenda as it has become a visionless, self-serving brokerage party that retains power to broker political patronag for the personal and organization benefit of the insiders of this political cartel. Confederal health and constitutional soundness of governance, let alone the west's pleas for democracy is not on their agenda.

Having lived in Alberta for the past 25 years then moving back to Ontario, being actively involved in politics in both jurisdictions, I can state unequivocally that there is an entrenched mindset in eastern Canadian culture, politics and business that reflexively marginalizes western politics, ideals and culture and wishes to actively dismiss or dominate over it. Simply, we are viewed as "different" and "not like real Canadians" ( Canadian being defined as Urban eastern secular statist liberal-left) and not to be trusted or allowed to have a hand in controlling the nation's public policy agenda. This attitude is rampant in the east and if not blurted out in political debate, then held to be a sacrosanct unspoken axiom.

The situation, as you have articulated, is in a Mexican stand off at the moment. The Quebec/Ottawa power elite is not budging on western demands for inclusion, an end to corrupt political agendas, renewed confederal equity and full accountable democracy in federal governing institutions. The west is being stone-walled by Ottawa but we still prosper in spite of Ottawa's best efforts to imperil our economy with regulation, taxation and hostile policy and our anger deepens with every passing day the Status Quo inequity exists......something's gotta snap soon! There has to be a flash point where the already smouldering independence fire surges to a full blown prairie fire. Alberta has a long history of deposing the old, and adopting new political parties and ideologies definitively and without much prior notice. My predication is that the spark needed to get the Alberta independence movement rolling is Harper's defeat in the next general election and his subsequent purging from the party by the eastern factions in the CPC. There are only so many times the west can be kicked in the teeth and denied a PM from the west. If we take it again after the next loss at getting the democratic reform agenda on the federal agenda, we MUST act alternatively and locally to cure the confederal injustice and democratic gulf with Ottawa....or else we will be mercilessly ravaged for our inaction.

Many westerners, and particularly Albertans, remember the whitewash of the Spicer commission, and numerous other Ottawa confederal unity info gathering tokenism, that NEVER resulted in the changes clearly delineated by the westerners ( myself included) who were asked. Politically astute Albertans have gone beyond frustration to being permanently cynical and suspect of Ottawa's agenda. Want to bet Minister Stronach will follow the same well established formula of asking Albertans what bothers them, getting the same answers as Spicer did, and doing the same thing as all other token theatrical Ottawa symbolism concerning western alienation: pay lip service to our calls for systemic democratic reform until in a majority then ignore it completely and return to the agenda to openly repress this western agenda.

The polling local media have done in independence-sympathetic markets/demographics within Alberta, reveal a deep seated resentment of Status-Quo Ottawa politics and public policy. A large portion of that loathing comes from the feeling of impotency to effect change democratically because of confederal and constitutional inequities in the electoral system. There is concerted rage over seeing contentious major public policy being made and enacted in a political vacuum in which western voices are ignored. When the independence option was offered as a possible legitimate option in this demographic, 76% on the media phone poll saw it as a viable solution for Alberta.

Dr. Craig, you just enunciate what we all know, deep down, has to happen for a portion of Canada to survive the ravages of corruption, confederal neglect and civilly disasterous ideas eminating from Ottawa. The west and Alberta must cut political ties to Ottawa to resolve the fundamental differences in culture and politics that exists between ourselves and the Ottawa culture which props up a failed Democracy. Western/Alberta independence from this kleptocratic confederacy can't happen soon enough for my liking.

Your's in freedom and independence,


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Why Live 8 failed

African says Live 8 Misses the Mark; I Agree

With the gushing infatuation the MSM showed for “live 8” utopian euphoria only recently displaced by the coverage of the London riots and bombings (perpetrated by the “Victims” of western capitalism most of the live 8 air heads plead for), I think it's time reasoning people examine the whole African poverty-cultural retardation syndrome that has plagued the west's empathy for more than 3 centuries.

Why has a continent with such vast natural and human resources been the globe’s greatest welfare case in the past century? While the rest of the globe's cultures evolved, intellectually, civilly, technologically and economically, Africa's and Arabia’s nations remained mired in virtual primordial disorganization and endless some cases hardly evolving past Neolithic or bronze age culture. In the modern era of the 20th century we saw the rise of much civil strife in Africa and the Middle-east as native "strongmen" rose to form either Marxist-Stalinist tyrannies, military juntas or tribal/ethnic despotic regimes....their genocides and civil war ground up millions in this unchecked bloody maelstrom. But on this side of the drink all we heard of Africa in the MSM was about Rhodesia/south Africa.

Yes, the UN, focused on the benign apartheid of South Africa ( which, although unjust, kept relative order and avoided tribal wars and genocides) while ignoring the constant genocides that were occurring around it…they didn't seem to care about the ethnic/political cleansing genocides of Marxist strong men in other African nations until the bloodshed and starvation became embarrassing…., maybe it was because many of these despots claimed to be socialist ( read: communist) revolutionaries and that sat well with the UN's commie-stacked security council. Following every nihilistic tribal blood bath came war's sadistic camp followers; famine, disease, drought. Like an endless plague this cycle kept repeating itself in Africa in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Agreed: It has been a centuries old trilogy of horrors for the common African ....I do respect and thank people like Geldof for calling this to the world's attention because I too believe that African people have suffered for far too long and my Christian charity instincts have been in a constant guilt trip because of the seemingly ineffectiveness of all the charitable efforts western cultures have extended.

Where my thinking diverges from the Geldof cult is that I think throwing money at the problem is akin to putting out a house fire with lighter fluid. We have to be honest with the problem before we can discover a lasting, effective solution. I believe the west’s unfocused charity (with huge donations and IMF loans to despotic loser states) has been the CAUSE of most of the strife. This is the greatest sin the west has committed…it enriched tyrants, who further starved and murdered their people and it put these people in a fiscal debt that they can never repay.

Secondly, I will tease the commie martyr revolutionaries in stating that Africa has had a history of exploitation by western capitalists and global bankers....however, so have America, India, China, Canada, Mexico, south America the Caribbean and many other nations who were caught up in the expansion and empire building of the 18th and19th century European imperialism of Spain, France, Britain, and the Dutch. These former colonial nations are for all intent and purpose independent sovereign self sustaining nation states who play on the economic and political world stage....why not Africa???

Historically the observed difference was one of cultural and political cohesion. The former colonized nations allowed the western interlopers to plunder their wealth as long as they were receiving training/schooling in western economics, technology and cohesive governing. The uneasy hosts then put petty regionalist, tribal or ethnic differences aside to form a united domestic political resistance front and evicted or bought out their unwanted foreign governors....but they did so only after a significant number of native sons had absorbed enough useful western technology/economics and civil social systems to form an autonomous domestic government and a viable economic infrastructure. This era of shrugging off the yoke of European imperialist control for the democratic autonomous nation state was almost a repeat of history . We saw the same thing occur as the Roman empire fell.

Why was Africa still lagging behind? I feel it was because of the deep cultural dogma and political disarray. They were politically and ethnically divided and their culture made them unwilling to adopt western learning and so they remained a conquered peoples subjugated by their own kind….native political opportunists who learned western technology ( mostly war craft and politics) and used this exclusively to subjugate and pillage their own's just that Africa’s rulers changed hands from Imperialist governors to war lords and military tyrants.

The greatest Gift the west can give African’s is the gift of Knowledge and the knowledge and passion for the freedom democracy and free trade markets bring to the masses. We have dumped the equivalent of 10 Marshal plans into Africa with no noticeable results at the level of the average civilian. Time to focus that charity to build schools , and train Africans to use the tools of freedom to build their nations. Africa is for Africans, they just need to learn how to exploit their own vast resources to their own benefit, then need the chance to flourish , free from the burden of political despotism. The more Africans we can get through college, the better their chances for becoming world citizens and the less the chance of communism/Marxism/despotism regaining a foot hold and returning to pill;age Africans of the freedom needed to move into the 1;st world community.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

From the "why are we not surprised" Dept.

Who said Union Marxists were dower un sociable types? These guys can party....but the public isn't invited.

More MSM Quackery to Jade the Public

Seriously people...what the hell is the point of asking people who are not party members or supporters if a party's leader should be removed.....unless it is a subversive little fishing expedition to get another negative Harper headline to condition the voting public to the will of media aristocracy?

Hats off the G&A on this one for their unwavering war against western political leaders and fixation on validating the unscrupulous status quo federal politburo. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed in the west...we will remember the insults, anti-democratic trickery, malicious revenue robbing, historic indiferece to our economic misfortunes and political/social isolationism when you come a callin' on us to top off your sagging fortunes.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Was T.E. Lawrence All that Wrong about "Arabia"?

I just recently put down one of the most politically timely reads, as well as the best Biography, I have ever read. This great reading came from a book called " A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T. E. Lawrence" by John E. MacK.

In it I was acquainted with the wonderful first hand understanding this British officer (of Lawrence of Arabia fame) had of the Muslim mindset and culture. Also in this book the author recounts a number of observations and predictions Lawrence made on such (now) timely subjects as, foreign imperialism's impact on Arab politics, Bolshevism's potential to keep an Arab state in constant factional conflict, the inherent factionalism of Islamic tribal culture and the reconciling with that and theocratic fervor by any Arab ruler hoping to nationalize Islam under a united states type of coalition. The parallels to the failings of UN, British, French, Russian and American foreign policy in dealing with the four major stumbling blocks contained in the Arab/Islam mindset is stark and brilliant in light of the global political situation and the way Islam's states have played since colonialization failed in the region.

Primary among these is Dr. Mack's insight into the generational psychological damage of constant regional/tribal/theological conflict has reeked on both Islamic and Hebrew cultures in the Middle-east. T.E Lawrence's observation that this "warrior" culture having to made culturally unpopular for more intellectual and productive pursuits, being central to "settling" the region is as pertinent today as it was in Lawrence's day...this point is validated by Dr. Mack's own observations.

A great read that I would recommend to anyone wanting a first hand insight into the mindset behind Islamic culture and politics.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mind numbing Blonde hypocrisy

I almost gaged on my coffee when I learned of yet another wasted cross country Liberal feel good dog an pony show....but it wasn't the cost or pointless waste that got me choked this was an attack of cynicism that sent me off ranting. What is there about Belinda Stronach questioning Canada about why we are apathetic towards politics and politicians that reeks of situational irony? Hint: maybe they succumbed to the rank hypocrisy and cynicism which Ottawa has become....maybe you (Belinda) are a walking demonstration of this hypocrisy.

Now, you want to do some civil good for Canada Bindy?.....drop your latest politics hobby before you get bored of it and go back to playing hide the weenie with Bubba Clinton et al before your morbid hypocrisy poisons the already jaded electorate further.

A second Patriotic Conflict of Interest.

I was greeted with another incident of conflicted patriotic interests when I read this in the AM. Then this ( hey no worries that it's a token effort, who rides subways anyway?? Just the poor and carless ...not politicians or anyone who counts right?)

After years of post 9/11 nightly doses of Mother Corpse (CBC) and the Asper blab feed (Glowball/Canwest) nattering on ad infinitum about how Canada is basically safe and the chances of a terror attack here are remote and yadda yadda yadda ( add all the typical lib-left denial and duplicity regarding hard facts of the global Juhadi terror war and our lame national security and Trudeaupia's contemptuous inability to cope with either),.. I got to wondering.

Would having a terror attack on our soil, and adding the lives of a few score Canadians to the over 4000 innocent souls this new pervasive global political madness ( terror as a political/theocratic statement), shock lethargic Canadian lemmings and the lib-left into the stark reality? Would a domestic terror tradgedy convince those in denial that we ( western culture) are at war with a mediaeval theocratic warrior cult who want to kill us for just being who we are and they will succeed or die trying?.....then I shook my head and remembered how slow Canadians are to give up the utopian myths their media and leaders spin to comfort them....We are the world's morally superior nation...we are universally loved for it, how can Muslims attack a nation with dyslexic multi-cult and open door immigration?.... anyone who challenges this dream scape is either an evil Steven Harper tory or an evil American.

click those heals together 3 times, me wee sheepies and repeat:

Canada has no enemies.... the world loves us because we're so morally correct..... magic utopian pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound here in happy valley.

Canada has no enemies.... the world loves us because we're so morally correct..... magic utopian pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound here in happy valley.

Canada has no enemies.... the world loves us because we're so morally correct..... magic utopian pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound here in happy valley.

Canada has no enemies.... the world loves us because we're so morally correct..... magic utopian pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound here in happy valley.

Canada has no enemies.... the world loves us because we're so morally correct..... magic utopian pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound here in happy infinitum.

This is a great mantra to be chanting as the Jihadi bombs tear your lower extremities away, it will keep your mind off realities and your demise will be quik and painless.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Canada conditioned to be unprepared for Terrorists

We note this AM that Screech McClellan seems concerned about the decades of foolish liberal policy and utopian mind washing that have left Canada unprepared mentally and physically to cope with Jihad..........

.......and big Paulie Librano seems prepared to keep it all under his hat.

Now close your eyes, click you magic Forsheims together 3 times and repeat the magic words:

Canada has no enemies....there's no place like home... magic liberal pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound......
Canada has no enemies....there's no place like home... magic liberal pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound......
Canada has no enemies....there's no place like home... magic liberal pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound......
Canada has no enemies....there's no place like home... magic liberal pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound......
Canada has no enemies....there's no place like home... magic liberal pixie dust keeps us all safe and sound......

There, feel better now???

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Canukistan's Quislings

Quisling (kwiz-ling)

A Norwegian military officer and politician of the twentieth century. He collaborated with the Germans in their conquest of Norway in World War II; the Germans rewarded him by making him leader of the German-controlled government of the country. After the German defeat, the Norwegian government had Quisling tried for treason and executed.

** “Quislings” are persons who betray their country through cooperation with the enemy.

We can see that the CBC and Liberal zealots like Parrish have indoctrinated their little charges well. There seems to be an army of brainwashed hate-America useful idiots making "statements" these days. Plenty in the GTA to mindlessly work for the deconstructionist 5th column by harrassing visiting Americans and vandalizing their property.....parallels to Nazi street level political coercive vandalism....wonder when we will have an anti-American "Crystal Night" in TO?

I heard Mr. Taylor on Roy Green this AM and his tale of Kanukistani quisling inbredhatered truly disgusts this Canadian. Warning to leftist Quislings, if I see you vandalizing American cars or acting like a brainless political stooge and dissing an American in my presence....have your insurance payed're gonna need it ( Most Americans are too polite and well adjusted to take offence to craven adolescent insults and too dignified to hand out a well deserved punch in the yap....but I'm not...and I'd consider it an act of patriotism pushing my fist into a national embarassment). So be warmed Quislings the next US flag tou see on a motor cycle or pick-up could be bait.

Media continues one sided hatchet job

Well I suppose it was predictable, last night I see a full 15 minuite segment where the CBC does a hatchet job on it we were treated to all the Liberal-arranged witch hunts on this man...his immigration papers, his airport package smuggling farce, the fraudulent claims of his dealings with immigrants and now some bogus superficial investigation over a missing receipt in his election all that regurgitation of the man's life history, we NEVER heard one mention of the fact he had 3 top liberals on tape committing criminal acts.... My god, you'd think the RCMP had nothing else to do but harrass there's not enough work from Gomery to use the entire investigative staff? WHERE THE HELL IS THE INVESTIGATION OF MURPHY, DOSANJH AND MARTIN??? What a cess pool of a nation! The criminals run the police department....and the media.

On a lighter note we see the MSM partisan zealotry has been extended to Grewal's boss, Steven Harper who, according to this report, is "embattled" and " on a "makeover" BBQ circuit....the unstated implication is he's there to fool people about his evil hidden aganda ....awwww crap get off it you toadies!! I'm a tired Canadian that has been watching your sick partisan spin for too long and I rank you lying media termites in with the criminal element who have corrupted parliament and our constitution. Here's a a big wet luggie in yer face from me and the rest of Canadians who've had enough of your BS! I see a day when the content of the status quo broadsheet is focused at a pre-teen level....because that is all I see in the Globe, Star and Asper blab feed.... phoney intellecualized fairytales......pablum for the intellectually challenged genX and a daily "fix" for boomer zombies....the rest of us well adjusted Canadians read the weather and hope you don't lie too badly about that.....nawwwww fegddabout even did that with yout global warming doomsday screed whenever we have a wet summer.

Here's the yellow copy from the hatchet job Bourque is running ( Yes Pierre you're right knee deep in the turd pool with the other media degnerates). For Paul, I have high lited the partisan/biased leading words and phrases so he can refer to his series on Media bias 101. :

Embattled Conservative leader Stephen Harper is making a "surprise" visit to Gravenhurst and Huntsville on July 15th. Tory sources tell Bourque he's going with his hands wide open for defeated leadership candidate and designated federal standard-bearer Tony Clement, who is said to be trying to raise $250,000 for his campaign. It remains unclear what kind of media attention Harper will attract when he does a little mainstreeting in downtown Gravenhurst around 12:30pm (will Duff doff his seersucker for the occasion ?), before attending a secretive Clement "Investors Circle" schmoozer at a local bigwig's home where straw-hat'd supporters will fork over $3K for the opportunity to munch pickled gherkins, crunch rippled potato chips, gum polish cocktail weenies, slurp freshly-squeezed lemonade, listen to a local barbershop quartet, and bend Harper's ear. The Conservative leader will then make his way up Highway #11 to Huntsville and the new Theater for something with the CFO of the Albany Club and Mayor of Huntsville Hugh MacKenzie, then on to a dinner at Huntsville's finest, the aptly-named Jester's Restaurant at 5:30pm, where 50 locals will be offered personalized autographs and a chance to be photographed mano-a-mano with Harper. It also remains unclear if Harper will travel aboard Clement's impressive new campaign bus, the one with Tony's cheerful face splashed across it.

Great hatchet job Pierre...You used all the propaganda techniques mentioned here. from snide innuendo, to unsubstantiated rumor and negative descriptive's a wet luggie from me, for you to freshen your vapid complexion.

On the darker side: Paulie Librano is about to dust the duke and dutchess of public largess from office and install a hand picked toadie who will allow the Liberals to continue sitting illegally and unconstituionally and will rubber stamp every criminal deed put into law.

Lastly, anyone here as nervous as I am about this being in charge of national security at a time when Canada has been targeted by islamo-fascist terrorists? Do you suppose the photo op she had yesterday touring a manufacturer of medical tents is an indication that the Libranos have resolved themselves to the fact they are hopelessly inept and powerless to stop a terror attack, and the best they can offer us is septic tent facilities for the victin's bodies to be stacked?

Monday, July 11, 2005

patriotic conflict of interest

When I read this this morning, I felt conflicted. As it stands now, I wonder this could possibly the best thing that could happen to this nation's regional cohesion and democracy.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Intellectual vacancy of Politicized Secular Humanism and the Dyslexia of Pop Socialists

Yes friends and Neighbours today we have been treated to yet another glaring irony and example of blind hypocrisy that guides the secular socialist world…..of course it’s only there to see if you have escaped the box partisan socialism stuffs your objective reasoning into. In Scotland we see the leaders of the western nations meeting to plot the course for co-operation between themselves….a course which the responsible leadership among them feel will ultimately enhance the lives of the citizens of their respective and collective nations… admirable goal and responsible function of leadership in free democratic nations.

They usually attack the most critical issues which effect the citizenry of the free world nation states…namely economics, as it is free markets, liaises faire capitalism plus domestic and cooperative security planning ( military and police interfunction) which has kept these nations citizens free and prosperous.

Given that the function of a government/leader in a free constitutional democracy is to first protect the rights and welfare of the individual citizen of their respective nation, we can judge just how healthy a free nation’s democracy and functional government are by the agenda they place priority on in lobbying other G8 nations for their cooperation. However, this year again, someone’s agenda seemed out of sync with the archetypical free nations functional purposes …again…as it has for the last two G8 summits.

The agendas of homeland security, economic security and international trade and economic benefit has always been the priority of the US leaders at G8…this is because the last democratic super power is constitutionally mandated to care for its citizens interests. What I see in the past decade, particularly from Canada ,(but there are other pipsqueak socialist democracies pulling the same stunt), is a trend to achieve global benefactor status for a fading or small nation by ACTING like a global giant.

In Martin’s case this is the extension of the Liberal’s fraudulent foreign policy called “soft power” which is a matter of our PM and his dip corps. talking the talk and nagging the US (or other nations with the muscle and money) to walk the walk for us. In other words we are the alleged keepers of the sacred global moralist dogma and must take a roll as the moral conscience of the US even though we have no material means nor moral authority to do so. The hypocrisy was seen in Martin’s urging Bush to buy this global corporate-commie scam of Kyoto which essentially wants him to accept the myth that giving tons of taxpayer money to red China will give us better weather. Perhaps Martin is unaware that the US president cannot steal tax money to send to his nation’s enemies with the impunity a Canadian soviet dictator can. The US president is bound by his constitutional consparaints where as our corporate junta clown can breach constitutional bounds on the fly with no backlash from a sleepwalking nation and a butt-surfing media.

Also we particularly see Martin’s fraudulent humanitarian altruism in his lip service to African aid and his nagging the US to follow Canada’s counterfeit moral superiority in this direction when, in fact, Martin and Chrétien have nixed long term committed African aid and continue to do so.

But the real irony came with the terrorist bombings in London as the G8 sat. While the fraudulent socialist altruism to Africa and a sham solution to global climate change was paraded about by the moral exhibitionists, a display of this pompous socialist altruism failings of governmental responsibility of was made starkly clear. All the feel good utopian agendas in the world paled before the London bombings. These acts displayed the fact that civilian terrorism is now used as a political statement by the globe’s more insane orthodoxies. Given that the primary function of the free nation leaders is to provide security for their citizens , we saw (starkly) how most of them have failed to meet those objectives when terror can strike and kill hundreds right under their noses.

Now, I realize I will get flack from the hate-America cultists, but I don’t care because their arguments are made irrelevant by this simple fact…..only one leader at that G8 meeting has taken seriously the security of his nation, his citizens and a leadership roll in prioritizing national security with his G8 partners…….and it sure as hell wasn’t the scandal plagued hollow fraud that poses as the leader of Canada.

Martin’s agenda was dyslexic….he wants to parade in drag as a global humanitarian when he has left his nation open to the very terrorist violence and open to the state welfare dependency of the Africans whose retarded growth he claims to be so feeling for…..Hey Paul! What about Canadians??? Don’t we need security? What is your priority Paul?

Maybe when there is no life-threatening line ups to access health care in Canada….Or no homelessness…Or when our economy is vibrant enough that welfare is not needed…or when Our military is capable of providing national security, or Canadians are not so economically vulnerable to external economic forces due to poor central management of our finances….Then, and only then will I allow a PM to feel responsibly fulfilled in his duties enough to serve the interests of non Canadians and costly, frivolous global humanist flights of fancy.

Until that day….Canada first!…..and we have a long way to go before our pompous posing leaders can throw finite revenues away to buy fraudulent images as global humanitarians.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Warm Up a Jail Cell for "the natural governing party".

Here's a little reminder that we have criminals at large and unapprehended sitting in office. My Criminal code section 119 reads this way:

119. (1) Every one who

(a) being the holder of a judicial office, or being a member of Parliament or of the legislature of a province, corruptly

(i) accepts or obtains,
(ii) agrees to accept, or
(iii) attempts to obtain,any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment for himself or another person in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by him in his official capacity, or

(b) gives or offers, corruptly, to a person mentioned in paragraph (a) any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by him in his official capacity for himself or another person,is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

The Martin/Chretien government has received millions of dollars in kickbacks for diverting hundreds of millions of dollars to government friendly advertising firms, who did little or no work in return. They have been openly caught offering bribes to opposition members for support. The auditor has turned up dozens of cases of breach of the tendering system where patronage superceded statute law requirement for open tender and best bid. Liberal party caucus members openly conspired with organized crime figures to breech public trust. Judges have been proven to be co-opted into this bribery scheme through patronage office appointments. As we can see in Criminal code sections 120 121and 124, even the underlings and party workers are liable for criminal charges:

120. Every one who
(a) being a justice, police commissioner, peace officer, public officer or officer of a juvenile court, or being employed in the administration of criminal law, corruptly
(i) accepts or obtains,
(ii) agrees to accept, or
(iii) attempts to obtain,
for himself or any other person any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment with intent
(iv) to interfere with the administration of justice,
(v) to procure or facilitate the commission of an offence, or
(vi) to protect from detection or punishment a person who has committed or who intends to commit an offence, or
(b) gives or offers, corruptly, to a person mentioned in paragraph (a) any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment with intent that the person should do anything mentioned in subparagraph (a)(iv), (v) or (vi),
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

Frauds on the government
121. (1) Every one commits an offence who
(a) directly or indirectly
(i) gives, offers or agrees to give or offer to an official or to any member of his family, or to any one for the benefit of an official, or
(ii) being an official, demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from any person for himself or another person,
a loan, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with
(iii) the transaction of business with or any matter of business relating to the government, or
(iv) a claim against Her Majesty or any benefit that Her Majesty is authorized or is entitled to bestow,
whether or not, in fact, the official is able to cooperate, render assistance, exercise influence or do or omit to do what is proposed, as the case may be;
(b) having dealings of any kind with the government, pays a commission or reward to or confers an advantage or benefit of any kind on an employee or official of the government with which he deals, or to any member of his family, or to any one for the benefit of the employee or official, with respect to those dealings, unless he has the consent in writing of the head of the branch of government with which he deals, the proof of which lies on him;
(c) being an official or employee of the government, demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from a person who has dealings with the government a commission, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind directly or indirectly, by himself or through a member of his family or through any one for his benefit, unless he has the consent in writing of the head of the branch of government that employs him or of which he is an official, the proof of which lies on him;
(d) having or pretending to have influence with the government or with a minister of the government or an official, demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept for himself or another person a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with
(i) anything mentioned in subparagraph (a)(iii) or (iv), or
(ii) the appointment of any person, including himself, to an office;
(e) gives, offers or agrees to give or offer to a minister of the government or an official a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with
(i) anything mentioned in subparagraph (a)(iii) or (iv), or
(ii) the appointment of any person, including himself, to an office; or
(f) having made a tender to obtain a contract with the government
(i) gives, offers or agrees to give or offer to another person who has made a tender or to a member of his family, or to another person for the benefit of that person, a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for the withdrawal of the tender of that person, or
(ii) demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from another person who has made a tender a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for the withdrawal of his tender.
Contractor subscribing to election fund
(2) Every one commits an offence who, in order to obtain or retain a contract with the government, or as a term of any such contract, whether express or implied, directly or indirectly subscribes or gives, or agrees to subscribe or give, to any person any valuable consideration
(a) for the purpose of promoting the election of a candidate or a class or party of candidates to Parliament or the legislature of a province; or
(b) with intent to influence or affect in any way the result of an election conducted for the purpose of electing persons to serve in Parliament or the legislature of a province.
(3) Every one who commits an offence under this section is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Breach of trust by public officer
122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.

124. Every one who
(a) purports to sell or agrees to sell an appointment to or a resignation from an office, or a consent to any such appointment or resignation, or receives or agrees to receive a reward or profit from the purported sale thereof, or
(b) purports to purchase or gives a reward or profit for the purported purchase of any such appointment, resignation or consent, or agrees or promises to do so,
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years

Of course the Librano PMO tactics were to have lakey's and party henchmen do the actual crimes so they are one person removed from the direct act. However there is a case to be made through the revelations of the Gomery witnesses which reveals these criminal acts were done by people in the direct reporting chain to sitting politicians. That is called criminal conspiracy:

465. (1) Except where otherwise expressly provided by law, the following provisions apply in respect of conspiracy:

a) every one who conspires with any one to commit murder or to cause another person to be murdered, whether in Canada or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a maximum term of imprisonment for life;
(b) every one who conspires with any one to prosecute a person for an alleged offence, knowing that he did not commit that offence, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable

(i) to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years, if the alleged offence is one for which, on conviction, that person would be liable to be sentenced to imprisonment for life or for a term not exceeding fourteen years, or
(ii) to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, if the alleged offence is one for which, on conviction, that person would be liable to imprisonment for less than fourteen years;

(c) every one who conspires with any one to commit an indictable offence not provided for in paragraph (a) or (b) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to the same punishment as that to which an accused who is guilty of that offence would, on conviction, be liable;

467.11 (1) Every person who, for the purpose of enhancing the ability of a criminal organization to facilitate or commit an indictable offence under this or any other Act of Parliament, knowingly, by act or omission, participates in or contributes to any activity of the criminal organization is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Overt criminality is not a desirous standard for a system government in a supposed democratic nation. The reaction of this criminal cartel is to use the low expectaion argument that all political parties are corrupt then proceed to use their concubine, the MSM, to demonize anyone demanding action against this criminal behaviour.....and to hypnotize the public into accepting this criminality as "normal".

This Canadian is fed up. I want action! After Gomery tables the compiled evibence I want charges brought forward and the guilty parties tried under section 119..then jailed if guilty. The end of political elitism and escape from the rule of law HAS ENDED!!

I call for a citizen's committee to demand (by petition) that criminal acts and perpetrators in the Adscam investigation be tried for criminal conspiracy and criminal breach of office as per the criminal code section 119. It will be the citizens who must drive this as the flunky put in charge of follow up from Gomery ( Stronach) is herself an actor in a criminal conspiricy bribery plot.

Who's with me on this

Monday, July 04, 2005

Outsiders see our decay

I have to address the rose colored glasses report that a political partisan was propagating to all nonconformist Cnadian blogs on Dominion day. The gist of the message is what we have expected from the vacant left and robotic partisanism that now masquerades as Canadian patriotism. It proposed to discount dissenting opinion of Canada's image which had been forwarded by the personal experiences of jaded Canadian patriots, with another glib flakey polling of foreigners that was crafted to propagte the myth that Canada is the best nation in the planet...bla bla bla.

Well here's one back at you robotic beercan instant may have trouble with it as the observasions are real and it requires some objective intellect and reason to grasp the concepts raised in this article....So park the indoctrinated partisan refexive reactionary screed and try to understand that the single party state is a dangerous slope we are on.

A light passage from this expat's observation on the decay of Canadian democracy:

"To many non-Canadian eyes, Canada looks a lot like a one-party state, albeit of the elected variety. Over the last 40 years, the Liberals have been in power for all but what, about 10 years? People here in Australia ask me how one political party can be in power that long without corruption creeping in. I generally change the subject at that point."

This seems to concur with what I get from both my American clients as well as the British I interface with. Maybe the rose colored "polls" are taken among foreign people who have no knowledge or economic contact with Canada.

Our National holidays display the Ant and the Grasshopper syndrome

Interesting to compare the events that took place on the national holidays that celebrate the creation of Canada and the United States respectively.

Here we see the vacant idleness we have become accoustomed aping from the actions of our equally vacant and idle political elites . It's trotted out for us to celebrate on June 1

As opposed to what the US does to symbolize their national vision of acheivement.

Just my observation. The fable of the grasshopper ( Canadian hollow partisanism and socialist entitlement menality) and the ant ( the US ingenuity, action and drive for national acheivement) seemed to be apropos in the comparison....we await the day the socialist Canadian grasshopper is left in the economic winter snows begging for "entitlements" from nations that have worked harder to sustain their wealth reserves instead of frivilously wasting time on insignificant and unproductive corrupt patronage politics and unmandated social engineering.

Many nations now are positioned to pass us as world players due to the neglect hollow ideological engineering and corrupt politics has wrought upon this nation in the past decade.