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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Political landscape: How it really lays out

I have been doing a lot of blog hopping and commenting lately to political blogs of all stripes. I keep seeing a singularly insideous phenomina reoccuring in most of these blogs posts. That being: the use of political brand labeling and the old ( discredited) "left-right" political spectrum map.

I have written enough about how I have come to realize that political labels and the old left-right/Tory-Liberal/Republican-Democrat partisan tribalism is a mistake and no longer applicable to the homogeneous politics at play in all branded parties......the ideologies and mindsets that drive politics today defy the currrent labeling and certainly are more complex that the simple 2 dimensional Left-right spectrum.

As I see it, political ideologies reflect 7 distinct groups of thought that I will briefly list here on a scale that measues practical governing diligence of these political camps as they relate to mindset and end they are listed here with the most repressive at the top to the most free and the bottom:

Type 1:
"Classic Imperilist" (Imperial Rome, European Kindoms, Aristocracy, modern globaism):
I am chosen by birth right and divine destiny to rule over the soiled masses and have them do my bidding, till my fields, fight my wars of expansion and service the needs of the nobility class I create to uphold my absolute authority. My whim and will is not to be questioned, it is the extention of divine provedence. The greed, averice, corruption and profligacy of my ilk is above the law.

Type 2:
" Revolutionary" ( Terrorist/anarchist/ Marxist/): Personal trama has caused an abnormal personality disorder in me. I spend most of my waking hours focusing my hatred and anger from this past event upon a percieved "political" enemy and wrapping my uncivil criminal and violent agenda in a sanitizing cloak of "a people's political cause". The immediate result of my revolution ranges from social deconstruction and balkanization to anarchy and genocide. The governments I may form rely on fear, intimidation and tyranny to control dissent to my authority. Revolutionary "leaders" share the megalomania of "type 1" autocrats.

Type 3:
" socialist" ( Libber-Dipper) : I am basically a sociopathic elitist and have resentment and contempt for most people…this is why I support a party/dogma that treats them all like the stupid greedy children they are. If I can avoid common donkeywork and feather my own nest by organizing/engineering the lives of these hopeless cattle my philosophical goals are met. If I can portray my base instincts and anti-social agendas as moral superiority and be exalted as a commoner's demigod, my intellectual needs are met.

Type 4:
“Progressive” (Conservative/Liberal): We condemn these elitist social engineering policy assumptions of public retardation and dependence on patronizing subsidy, however we support all the government programs which use them as a basic assumption….besides big government = job security for the unproductive political class (progressives).

Type 5:
Populist (CPC) : I have always felt disempowered and want a say. If folks vote for big Gummint and Kleptocratic welfare statism folks should get big Gummint and Kleptocratic welfare statism, as long as it’s ratified by the majority and we get to look over the cooked books once in a while. A democratic majority can justify anything. As long as democratic process is served the mob matter what it is they want.

Type 6:
"Libertarian" (Classic Liberals; JS Mill, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman) :
I have been directly deprived of property and prosperity by the actions of large out of control government. Therefore I believe the government which governs least governs best , the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the individual citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression. Three groups spend other people's money: children, thieves, and politicians. All three need close supervision and accountability.

Type 7:
"Constitutionalist" (free patriots, Andrew Jackson, William Lyon Mackenzie ):
I have suffered personal loss from government greed and corruption. I realize fear is the foundation of most governments, and the law and constitution must limit the amount of coercive fear a government can hold over its constituents. People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. When government fears the people we have civil democracy when people fear the government we have statist tyranny. A publicly accountable executive bureaucracy and judiciary and the civilian right to arms and self defense are the best insurance against tyranny of the state.

We have not seen "type 1" for some time but disciples to this political belief system do survive today and they have gravitated to global political policy organizations which have undue influence on sovereign free state government....CFR, Trilateral, Bilberberg groups, Club of Rome, UN policy committees...all good examples of the type 1 political personality.

Type 2 pretty much ran it's course in the early and mid 20th century and its 2 largest experiments failed and now embrace mid- 19th century "robber baron" ologopolist capitalism. We see "romantics" in the decadent American and European urban landscapes keep the romance of the revolutionaries alive in Campus fringe politics and far left social causes. Castro refuses to die but when he does Cuba will follow Russia and China into corrupted globalist capitalism...that leaves us Kim in Koera and his pals in the Islamic Jihadi movements as type 2 proponents...their Mullahs are losing ground daily to western liberalism.

In North America we had our nations founded by type 7 and 6 politics but have degenerated to types 5, 4 and 3 as particapatory democracy declines and accountability of government is obscured by the expansion of the centralized mega-state and the limited information from a controlled corporate media. Type 6and 7 politics arises mostly in patriotic fringe politics these days which the decadent and corrupt power brokers of type 3,4,5 politics would dearly like to falsely label as a type 2 "terrorism" and purge from the political landscape in North is a sad statement on North American decline that we have devolved from Libertarian Constitutionalists into populist-socialist-progressives who see the nation's founding principles as "dangerous".

So in summary all politics in play in modern governnace these days fit one or a combination of the 7 types of state craft. It is statecraft we see at the street level NOT Partisan is political brand loyalty hokum and partisan roll playing we see in the public political is a branded, packaged product of manipulative tribalizing bunk...all practial applications of politics at play in Canadian governing show a mixture of types 3 through 5 which spreads widely throughout the party system...there is no pure conservative, liberal or socialist party.....they have elements of type 3/4/5 in all parties.....that is how vastly compromised politics have become in the modern super state..

..the result is our democracies are becoming stagnated and politically inbred by a defacto single party state that hands off leaders in an election every 4 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Bill, I guess that makes you and me Libertarian/Constitutionalists. Fine with me.

Well written.

John Crittenden

March 10, 2007 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger WarHammer said...

Brilliant...simply brilliant.

I must say I am closest to your group seven category if I was forced to choose, but you my friend would have agree that your archetype could be not conveniently fit a square peg into a round hole.

You are indeed a unique blend of unpredictability wrapped in an arisoto/platononistic flux, of which you have not created a division as of yet.

March 15, 2007 at 6:18 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I proudly declare myself Type 7!

March 21, 2007 at 4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since I have this problem getting people to recognize my type 1 status

I guess I'll fall back on type 5.

Good thread,

March 29, 2007 at 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Splendor Sine Occasu said...

Three groups spend other people's money: children, thieves, and politicians.

Brilliant! I'll have to remember that one!

April 30, 2007 at 6:48 PM  

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