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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"End times" or the realization of 1984?

After a summer hiatus....I'm baaaack! You don't think I'd let the leviathan statists off so easy by folding up my pulpit did you?

Interseting conversation going on over at my favorite Conservative chat site. Some so-con Religious folks were pondering if we were in their biblical "end times given the state of corruption in governments and in global's my answer to them:

"End times"? Possibly...society is always changing.....for the 300 years since the commonlaw constitutional renaissance, we have been EVOLVING as societies...expanding personal freedoms and empowerments of the common citizen, disempowering Monarchs and limiting the autocratic power of elected representatives....recently though ( past 30 years) we seem to be having a phenomenon of a world-wide contraction of individual freedom and commonlaw liberty in the free western nations ( a DEVOLUTION if you will)...and an ascension of the omnipotent state.

...our governments are becoming more authoritarian, unaccountable and corrupt...they have expanded the power of the secular mega-state to alarming levels where individual liberty is on the virtual edge of extermination and civil rights are deemed to be the property of an unelected Jurocracy which has degenerated our traditional rights into mere privileges to be repealed at the will of a cloistered statist oligarchy...

These days you need virtual government permission to do anything...licences, permitting, taxing and regulation pervade the most mundane aspects of our this new government directive of mass domestic surveillance threatens what little privacy we had left and puts the state (big brother or "the beast" depending on your ideology) literally in your pocket on your phone calls and emails and soon will be following you everywhere with police video surveillance cameras popping up like mushrooms in public places, over stop lights, along hiways and shopping malls...these can and have been tied into biometric and RFID tagging and tracking technology...tracing and logging all your moves and actions...pilot projects have taken place in the UK and France, and in this country we have the technology infrastructure to link up all these surveillance/ID technologies to central data base computers.....a literal realization of Orwell's nightmare is on the horizon if we fail to roll back the expansion of the leviathan state.

For those who do subscribe to the Revelations version of religious prophesy, they may remember the passages about the end days under the antichrist requiring all men to carry the "mark of the beast" in order to buy sell or travel.

You will be shocked if you do some google searches on biometric ID and RFID tracking technology, read it's potential in application when tied into existing government data collection media and then, contemplate the fact that all the free western nations are contemplating or have enacted these citizen tracking systems to one degree or another...RFID tagging and linked biometric -video tracking are in effect in the UK...Texas wants to RFID tag its motorists and their cars and tie their biometric driver's licence into banking, commercial transactions and government statute enforcement computer systems...they want to expand this into a national 2008 FEMA has dictated that all US citizens must carry a national ID card to be allowed to travel domestically and to receive government services.

....Stockwell Day has recently resurrected a dead Liberal bill to require Canadian citizens to carry a biometric national ID card and a biometric passport both of which will eventually be required to travel internationally or domestically and to claim government benefits and services....
1984 or the end's all a matter of degrees and perspective isn't it?


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