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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lies the constable tells us: Part II


Found this little tidbit of info that could more properly be filed under "things the Police political commissars don't tell you as they engage in the demagoguery of supporting a farcical duck gun registry with a redundance of fraudulent rationale"..... but that was too long for a post title. ;-)

In recent months the violence in TO from illegal handgun weilding ethnics gang warfare ( remember handguns and their owners have been on a police registry for over 60 years)...we are begining to see a pattern of targeted burglaries take place. Lawful firearms collectors have been targets of skilled theives who breach locks/safes and security systems to take only modern autoloading handguns ( leaving other expensive antique arms alone). Firearms associations in the province feel that there is no longer any coincidence in these break-ins and want the police to investigate if the firearms registry data base has been hacked to give theives a veritable shopping list of the best arms and where to find them. Now we have the police admitting to having CPIC ( the police data base whgich contains the handgun registry) security breeched over 400 time in just this year alone. Previously the Canadian Firearms center webmaster who installed the software for the long gun registry went public and said the database which contains millions of long guns and the addresses where they are stored can be hacked by the most inexperienced hacker over a common internet connection.

The bottom line on these latest revelations is that the hoplophobic anti-duck gun fanatics are blaming the victims for the thefts and circulation of these stolen guns.... but the reality is that there would have been no thefts had these peaceful law abiding owners had the charter-guaranteed security of the anonymity they had before they were forced to endanger themselves by being made to put their guns on a breechable data base that crooks are now using as an on-line Walmart for stealing guns.

One more reason to kill this futile registry farce and yet another reason to further distrust the logic and motives of those who support it.


Blogger WarHammer said...

We all said this would be what the long gun registry would come to, or the requisite steps to confiscation by a Government with a hidden agenda...

Talk show hosts said, "just register your firearms. What's all the fuss about? Your fears are nonsense!

Well having the privacy of my home broken into and violated, while having my pockets fleeced by the Libranos and their criminal counterparts is nothing to make nonsense out of.

We were dead on right then and were never going to comply again.

Fortunately the lawless Government has been removed from doing any more damage than they have already done...

That damage could be enormous if you happen onto the B&E at your residence in progress!

June 2, 2006 at 5:25 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

After the past decade responsible Canadian gun owners have spent staring a raging, schizophrenic federal police state in the face...being constantly attacked in media and police political propaganda...the Waco-like show-biz raids on gun shops and private collectors, even toy stores to confiscate water under the threat of draconian regualtions that collapsed many a shooting sporting goods store or target range or destroys lives, crashes into private homes and steals an individual's property and gives a criminal sentence for failing to file papers.....then when in a desparate election the ex-PM admits this whole fraudulent 2 billion dollar waste was designed to aid confiscation of lawfully owned civilian firearms....

...a wise gun owner will have at least one firearm and sufficient ammo safely cached away from this dystopian Orwellian hysteria which our statist Plutocrats are undergoing...being so draconian with respomsible gun owning civilians yet letting criminal gangs shoot up our cities unencumbered by police efforts.....its as if this is a Bolshevik problem-reaction-solution crisis collusion to create an excuse for civilian disarmament.....with civilian disarmament comes the total distrust of the population and the start of the police state.....this is the political ruling class declaration of an US vs THEM state.....philosphers from the Christian and Jewish texts to the classic Greek thinkers to Bacon, Locke and Blackstone to Orwell and Huxley warned us of this....a disarmed, disempowered submissive population is the playground of tyrants and sociopaths...well, we see the sociopaths at play out on the streets of our metropolis killing us at will while the tyrant disarms us for their sins.....making us even more vulnerable.

A wise gun owner, patriot, and citizen will NEVER trust this government again nor blindly comply with its incivil dystopian agendas....we saw through it and today we stand on guard!

From a duck hunter or rancher's perspective, for the past 12 years Canada's greatest threat to freedom, democracy and security sat in the Justice Minister's office.

June 7, 2006 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger Shaken said...

For consideration by those who put surrender their anonymous and responsible gun ownership into the hands of the wanks in the bloatocracy - when your gun cabinet is raided it won't be just any two-bit thief that pays you a visit - no sir, it will be from the higher echelon of our criminal element. The kind that needs weapons.

June 14, 2006 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Well we all know the real criminals were in power for the past 13 years and many remain in opposition. The Last 3 federal regimes have blurred the boundary between organized crime and bureaucracy.

The experience of the past decade is that a registered gun owner is more likely to undergo an "official" theft from the Queen's horsemen on a political fishing trip that an unofficial vist from the Bandidtos/Angels cheiff arms scrounger (who's head contract killer was recently revealed to be an ex-cop).

Now with the breached security of the gun registry data base, many criminals have a shoping list of where to get the best ( registered) firearms in targeted break ins.

As for the street punk and suburban jihadi...they get their guns from our number one gun smuggling ring...first nations reserve warriors clans...incidentally natives are exempt from the registy.

Another jewel in the crown of the Librano crime sydicate's dystopian Canada.

June 18, 2006 at 1:04 PM  

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