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Saturday, April 08, 2006

McGuinty's "final solution" for Canadian Gun Culture

Ontario’s politically motivated hysterics and police state fear mongering over civilian firearms has been noted nation wide this week when the story broke that the gun-phobic McGuinty government’s quasi-legitimate “gun amnesty” programs were being touted as a “roaring success” by police even though the amnesty has not netted a single gangster firearm and is only sending priceless historical antiques to the grinder.

Not so odd that McGuinty desires a police state remedy focused at disarming honest citizens while avoiding armed criminals.....also not so odd that police usually spear head the ambitions of an uncivil fanatic regime...that is the historical pattern.

Civilly malicious political regimes must control and have the force of the civilian police function to usher in their civilly destructive agendas/policies...They must also create ( through massive propaganda) urban/social myths so that citizens will willingly accept civilly irresponsible self destructive social policies....this is also amply established in the historic record.

If one studies the historic record of the modern political epoch, you realize that Police functions are prone to become the tool of the autocrat. Police functionaries will not fight him for restoration of civil justice or the common people as their political/personal fortunes are tied to those of the autocrat. A totally apolitical police function has always been employed by an autocracy to control the's less about "to serve and protect" as it is “to control and coerce” where the civilian population is concerned. At the upper levels the police function is political and part of political policy any statist authoritarian regime ( such as Dolton's kleptocratic statism) the police function becomes integral in enforcing and promoting "policy" as a primary function. The despot’s personal ideals as expressed in "Policy" IS NOT the law, and often conflicts with the law and civil liberty.

In the case of this so called gun amnesty, it is just another theatrical placebo meant to dupe the population into the notion that guns are the root of all evil/crime...hypocritical at best as police use guns to enforce the peace and protect themselves from criminals at the same time spreading the myth that armed self defense is a right denied the citizen....the gun is a tool to protect the person behind it. This is the reality that Statist left uses propaganda and police state remedies to obliterate a right of free citizenship in the public mind.

To do it they engage in dozens of asinine theatrics like confiscating kid's water guns or raiding toy stores and "seizing" toy guns...or offering "amnesty" for surrendering civilian arms to police (as if they would let a crook go who turned in a gun used in a crime)...totally vacant police state theatrics that obfuscate a more sinister active state propaganda program focused on obscuring the state’s & police inability to control armed criminals preying on unarmed defenseless civilians. Instead, stigmatization and fear mongering are employed to intimidate citizens into the belief they are powerless unarmed wards of a police state which claims a monopoly on armed self defense, yet that same armed police function demonstrably cannot use that presumed armed force monopoly to adequately defend unarmed law-abiding civilians from armed criminals. In this reality, disarming civilians and criminalizing civil arms ownership is an act of injustice and state immorality.

Instead of targeting crime the police and irresponsible politicians fear monger and whip up public hysteria that attempts to demonize and criminalize lawful civilian arms owners and ownership and stigmatize guns and their defensive use by responsible and capable civilians. This is probably the greatest case of official blame/responsibility shifting in the modern political age.

Does there not seem to be something intrinsically immoral about a state/police function which advocates civilian disarmament and prosecution of those exercising armed self defense, yet is totally incapable of offering armed police intervention in 99% of all violent fatal criminal attacks on unarmed civilians?

The greatest “official” denial of fact that I have heard in my lifetime is when Liberal deconstructionists started spreading the myth that Canada does not have a “gun culture”. Any historic record of our nation’s development (that has not been politically sanitized) will tell the story of a wilderness that was tamed largely by men exercising the British common law civil right to bear personal arms for personal defense….this was born out throughout our history from the citizen militias in the Galt colonies and war of 1812, to the Steel’s scouts and western militias in the Riel rebellions and the 200 years of Canadian legal judgements that supported a civilian protecting himself, his family and property with a firearm he has a right to own for that purpose.

Canada is awash in arms t built specifically for or in our nation; the HBC trade rifles, the trap door Snider Enfield carbines, Martini Enfield carbines and RCMP Winchester 86 Mannlichers....The many locally made percussion pistols and revolvers, Canadian Webley-Scotts and a dozen now defunct brands of Ontario manufactured break-top small caliber revolvers that the Canadian civilian population bought for personal defense in the post confederal era. Then there were the historic Ross rifles and Canadian modified Lee-Enfield #4Mk1 long branch rifle still used by Canadian rangers, the long branch Stirling SMGs…the lowly and well loved Cooey and Lakefield rimfire rifles of the nation’s farmers, trappers and kids. Today we have the Diemaco , timberwolf , para-ordnance. These are lasting concrete artifacts of Canada’s history and our “gun culture”… a civil and responsible gun culture by all historic fact.

Is it any wonder that Canada’s deconstructionist utopian left must erase this rich history of responsible civilian firearms ownership if they are to usher in their statist socialist dystopia ( complete with police state functions).

Is it any wonder that the last desparate act of a corrupt Liberal dystopian regime under Martin was to promise a law that would have put 200 years of Canadian historical record into the grinder? From The HBC and voyageur belt pistols to Riel’s Colt, to Sam Steel’s Webley to d’arcy McGee’s .32…all would have been taken from museums and collectors to the grinder…all to placate a utopian concept which has never born fruit for anyone other than political dictators.

There is a vast propaganda war raging in this nation and at the center of it is the traditional civilian freedom to own arms….historic fact demonstrates that Canada has a heritage of responsible and traditional civilian firearms ownership.....Canada's traditional "Gun Culture" are not a problem…except to autocratic regimes…you have to ask yourself what sort of agenda a government has which wishes to criminalize and remove the basic civil right to lawful armed self defense while criminal misuse of firearms goes on unaddressed and unabated.

Particularly so in the land of anti-gun hysteria and fear mongering Ontario.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Sir!

I have come to the conclusion that the only realistic way to oppose this fascist mind-set is to actively and blatantly disobey.
The vast majority of gun owners agree, as non-compliance with this current legislation is very high.

The "Culture of Fear" is the weapon currently being used against individual freedoms.

I refuse.
I refuse to fear my neighbor.
I refuse to fear my neighbors gun.
I refuse to fear a criminal.
I refuse to fear fascist law.

We have been, as Canadians, taught to fear. Time to stop allowing that insidious weapon to be used against us.

April 11, 2006 at 9:37 AM  
Anonymous gunsaren'tbad said...

You said:
Does there not seem to be something intrinsically immoral about a state/police function which advocates civilian disarmament and prosecution of those exercising armed self defense, yet is totally incapable of offering armed police intervention in 99% of all violent fatal criminal attacks on unarmed civilians?
- and so true! Didn't the justice system just get sued because there was a case of a woman in trouble whose neighbour called the police and the police were so busy that they couldn't make it to the place - the woman was found murdered hours later in her home. I don't think that crime even involved a gun but my point is that these urban people need to realize that the police cannot and will not protect them. It is a widely believed falsehood that if you're in trouble call the police - if I were in trouble, my first and only call would be to my dad because I know that he would try to protect me. In past examples, the police don't even show up in time for any type of protection and in cases where they did show up, they were concerned for themselves and often delay entry until the victim is past the point of no return.
As anonymous said, I also will not comply with the current legislation and I will not fear my neighbour nor his gun because him owning a gun helps to protect my very life. Violent criminals do not roam my rural area because they know that the ownership of firearms in rural areas is high. They will not take our culture and our guns from us in rural Canada - they can try but they will fail.

April 11, 2006 at 1:33 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Anonymous said...

"I have come to the conclusion that the only realistic way to oppose this fascist mind-set is to actively and blatantly disobey."

Thus it has always been.....and you forgot resist and oppose ;-)

And of course "fight" when they cross the line from responsible government to opressive government...when it come you can bet all your pals in the police function will be the first one breaking in the doors of citizens and dragging them off. ;-)

April 11, 2006 at 2:48 PM  
Blogger Mugs said...

Bill great post,and your right on the money. I believe Mr McGuinty despises all things rural other than the green space it provides for his taking. He has contempt for the rural way of life and the attitudes that are fostered there.
The latest raid on a farm, by CFIA , and the egg board along with police demonstartes his willingless to silence the dissent, by whatever means possible.

I don't think farmers blocking roads, and having sit ins is going to do much, its going to take the actions of Randy Hiller and those like him that are willing to take their freedom to the wall, and call a corrupt, morally bankrupt government's bluff, and change the perceptions of heavy handed dishonest bureaucracys.

I can remember when the conservatives made it law that twelve years olds could accompany an adult hunting,Mr McGuinty then commented that hunter safety booklets in school libraries where not appropriate.

I loathe the man and attitudes like his.

April 13, 2006 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Pandering to urbanites who have no grasp of Canadian history, culture, norms, and heritage is the leftist way. At the same time, all traces of accurtate history that do not support a Socialist Utopian world view are gradually erased. The method works, as the urban hordes far outnumber those in rural areas, and, they contain the most left of the left, and the most new Canadians who are here to suck at the tit and benefit from our state welfare system.

Sadly, it's a winning formula.

April 14, 2006 at 12:32 PM  

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