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Monday, February 20, 2006

Putting foamy-mouthed Islam into perspective

Just so we don't make the mistake of being swept up in the recent emotional/reactionary trend to paint all of Islam with the same brush, let's keep in mind that the maniacal Muslim sects causing us trouble are also focused on intimidating and warring with moderate and humane Muslim sects moreso than Western secular culture.

We need to remind ourselves that these foamy mouthed whack jobs have killed many times more of their own people than 'W's' foreign policy. In the past weeks we have seen a conserted effort by this militant fanatical Muslim fringe to intimidate western media by whipping the global fantatic muslim network into a "street-mob" frenzie....obviously in Canada, it has worked. Our MSM's virtual blackout on ANYTHING they deem to "provoke" the intolerance of the fantical Muslim brown shirts, signals a defacto dictation of editorial policy by the intimidation of nonsecular street tuggery. ( Remember Hitler's Brown shirts having the same effect on dissenting Gernam editors)

With a virtual blackout of "provoking" items in our cowering Kanadian MSM we lose needed perspective on the militant Islam issue . Along with the filtering of pertinent news and information, we also see a blackout on the voices of moderate Islam who similarly "provoke" the radicals with their condemnation of their radical agenda.....all in the so called need to not "provoke" people who are the sworn enemies of a free press and free society.

In recognition of the many civil Moderate Muslims in Canada who respect and love our open democracy and freedom of expression...and to honor the many brave Mulsims in Iraq and elsewhere fighting for open democracy and civil freedoms against the tyranny of radical Islam, I want to publish the following Statements from the MCC ( Muslim Canadian Congress):

February 19, 2006
MCC condemns burning of Churches in Pakistan and Nigeria
MCC urges Muslims across the world to call off demonstrations

TORONTO - The Muslim Canadian Congress has condemned attacks on Churches in Pakistan and Nigeria that have led to the death of 15 Christians, including women and children. In an appeal to Muslims across the world, the MCC is urging them to resist the temptation of participating in public demonstrations to express their anger at the publication of the demeaning and insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Denmark.

"We understand their pain, but Muslims should channel their anger not by burning and pillaging, but by following the example of Prophet Muhammad himself, who urged restraint and calmness in the wake of provocation," said Tarek Fatah, spokesperson of the MCC.

Moderate and humane Islam has a hard time being heard, but when they do get published we are given more accurate insight into the agenda of Radical Islamists:

Using a cartoon crisis to promote a conservative Muslim agenda
by Natasha Fatah

Last week, in the midst of violent protests and heightened emotions over the Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, a conservative Muslim imam in the Middle East went on television and told more than 200 million people that Danes were burning copies of the Qur'an.
He was lying.
There were only rumours, and no proof, that some Danish Nazis threatened to burn Islam's holy book.This is just one example of how conservative Muslims are manipulating the Muslim population.

Naser Khader told me about the incident with the imam. He's a Syrian-born, Muslim liberal member of parliament in the opposition coalition in Denmark, and he says the cartoons are being used by conservative Muslim leaders in Denmark and around the world to push their own agendas.

It follows that if we ( in the west) react predictably... in a militant or radical manner and act with blind emotion in painting all Islam with the same brush, we play into the fanatic's agenda.... we will unwittingly further their agenda by alienating Moderate Islam which is our natural ally in combatting radical Islam's global agenda.

Bottom line: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Let's get Moderate Muslims into the media to combat the frothing manipulative politics of Islamic fanaticism/fascism.


Anonymous Halfwise Halfwit said...

The best reply to a bad idea is a better idea, not mindless violence. So says Milton, anyway.

Our response has to make sense, first and foremost, to the society in which it is rooted. It must be based on and reflect the principles of our culture and our practices, principles which include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association. Australia's John Howard is leading by example.

After it makes sense to our own society, our response must be strong enough to give strength to the Muslims who are caught in the middle of their own religious and societal turmoil. They must see that we respect their religion without negating our own beliefs. They must also be able to see where the boundary is, the limit that WE stand for.

February 20, 2006 at 12:07 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I liked your point on how the radical Muslims have killed more of their own than the hated Westerners. Though they claim adherence to Islam, their actions expose them every day.

February 21, 2006 at 4:46 AM  
Anonymous Snookie said...

Then the "moderates" better start speaking out against their militant brothers, as I rarely ever hear much except one or two placid statements stating opposition to militants. No demonstrations, no marches, nothing BIG, just a statement or two, kinda like mouthing soothing words to the western masses... "go back to sleep, everything is ok...". As there is now trouble in Iraq between Sunni and Shia groups... will we see any demonstrations or protests of moderates against the radicals? I'll bet we don't! We will see anger, over there, but I doubt that there will be even a bleat from this side of the pond.
I always enjoy your posts, WL!

February 22, 2006 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

In every historic example there is, radically violent dogmas were violent to their own first. They cowed and dominated their own first, before they took on their neighbours. I dare anyone to find me an example where this wasn't so. Muslims are by far the primary victims of the Fascists. But, if history follows, we will be next if the local populations do not get the upper hand. 911 may just be the warning shot.

I am beginning to view the MSM as as a great threat to freedom. It refuses to give voice to moderates within the Muslim community. That is why in our tongue-in-cheek post at cjunk we suggested that moderates must make a lot of noise in order to be heard. Silent majorities are never heard.... never.

Islam is being hijacked why whack jobs just like entire countries were in the past. The very scary part is that Islamo-fascism is not a country, but a trans-national ideology with trillions of dollars of funding. It can exist in the 20 person private school in Saskatoon as much as it can in an entire country like Iran. And, one nut job from that private school in Saskatoon can blow up a train as easily as a state trained wacko from Iran.

The "peaceful" majority had better get noisy, or it will be made irrelevant; just as irrelevant as the 1945 shopkeeper in Hiroshima was or the 1944 blacksmith in Hamburg. All the platitudes in the world and complaining about the MSM will mean nothing, if the Muslims don't rise up and take the adjenda back. We, as non-Muslims can't do it for them.

Right now they are losing to the wackos.

February 24, 2006 at 10:09 AM  

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