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Friday, January 27, 2006

After Harper's thin blue line in Ottawa, whither Alberta?

I was asked recently if Harper's thin blue line will force me to take another look at the Alberta Alliance Party .

Short answer:
Not unless the party gets pragmatic about the need for reestablishing traditional provincial autonomy or independence if needed.

Expanded reasoning:
With no policy to challenge and disallow (regardless of what the politically co-opted SCC dictates) Ottawa incursions into provincial jurisdictions or a will to seek independence referendum where constitutional impasse stagnates changing this.... AAP is as anemic as the compromising Tories in the face of an aggressive anticonstitutionalist Liberal Ottawa government intent on subjugating Alberta like it does the other reliant wards of its patronage bokering statism.

I would rather get behind Ted Morton and clean out the dead wood, parasites and Trojan red sleaze bags from the PCPA and make them into a party/dynasty which is staunchly perusing practical provincial autonomy and a renewedconfederacyl deal for Alberta. I'm sure I will be joined by the ever expanding ranks of jaded federalists who see the federal system is too weak to create 1st class confederal partnership for Alberta. Beyond reforming the Provincial Tories, there is a need to build and expand a non partisan autonomy movement.

I prey for Harper to succeed in bringing the constitutional/confederal renewal which will bring inclusion and self empowerment to the peripheral regions of Canada. Harper has a correct and traditional view of proper confederal relations and constitutional governance....but I put my trust in the only political solution to date that ( Quebec) has proven to work against creeping Ottawa autocratic centralized statism. The Alberta autonomy movement must move ahead because this policy will succeed immediately where separatism will not. If Harper succeeds in constitutional revival, fine, we have not wasted our efforts in Alberta autonomy first and our success will aid the constitutional autonomy movement across Canada....If Harper fails, we will have laid the groundwork for autonomous control of our own destiny either inside or outside of confederal ties with Ottawa.

Beyond partisan politics and its self serving notions of what is and isn't "Canadian", I am an Alberta patriot first and only extend that loyalty to Ottawa if it persues a course to make my civitzenship of equal value to that of Canadians in Central Canada. I believe the government and people of Alberta epitomize a traditional, free and democratic Canada which is being disassembled in the rest of Canada, outside Quebec and Alberta, by a globalist-statist socialist agenda to sell out individual, provincial and national sovereignty...largely driven by the Liberal party political cabal in central Canada.

This is is constituted as a confederation of 10 semi-autonomous provinces and a central government which is constrained in its powers over the provinces...this separate but equal power sharing arrangement is the core of Canadian confederation...We are NOT a centralized soviet federal state where provinces are totally subordinate to a central supreme soviet cabal...We are NOT a subordinate vassal-state of unelected and corrupt UN bureaucrats.

We chose our own destinies as Canadians and individuals by the sovereign within right of our constituted provinces. I refuse to abide by, or recognize, constitutionally compromised social engineering dictates from Ottawa which was formulated as the result of colloquial unratified deals with unelected UN/globalist oligarchs. The Liberal party governs with an agenda that domestic policy should mirror the dictates of an unelected anti democratic global soviet. Application of this agenda is done by deteriorating Canada's confederal safeguards against centralist tyranny....the constitutionally autonomous province in a voluntary confederal association with Ottawa and a constitutional "not withstanding" veto power.

As an Albertan and Canadian I reject and dissent to such illegitimate centralization of governance. If the trend continues and Ottawa's globalists refuse to recognize the traditional inherent constitutional autonomy of my province and continues to refuse to recognize my inherent individual rights and liberties, I regard them as a constitutionally illegitimate imposter governing federal junta....I recognize none of their constitutionally compromised dictates and none of their fraudulent claims on my province's wealth and rights or my personal wealth and rights.

No taxation isjustifiable without effective, elected, equal representation and no consent to govern is justifiably rendered to governing bodies who represent the will of foreign governing bodies that are not accountable to the Canadian electorate.

Until this degenerated state of democratic/constitutional affairs in Ottawa ceases to pervert operational confederal policy, I remain a provincial autonomist who is willing to be a separatist if warranted.

Definitions which need to be clarified:

Autonomy: Immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence, Personal independence

Constitutional autonomy: Political independence within the prescribed nature of constituted confederal jurisdictions and linear with the enumerated and demonstrated spirit of the constitution's original intent and its traditional conventional literal reading. (This amounts to the constitutions original intent that the provinces be sovereign "within right" and neither subordinate to a central government nor able to rule in its specified jurisdictions. To do this we must reactivate section 94 of the constitution which invokes the right to provincial approval or disallowance of federal legislative uniformity within subjects it deems to be a jurisdiction of dual responsibility.

Sovereignty: Government free from external control. The ideological basis of nationhood.

Separatism: The character or act of lawfully leaving a confederal association; disposition to withdraw from a conventional voluntary association; the practice of so withdrawing to form an independent self governing nation.

Confederation: A confederation is an association of sovereign states, usually created by treaty but often later adopting a common constitution to codify why they are voluntarily allied in their desire to form a flexable, non binding political union to retain more autonomous rights for the member states/provinces. Sometimes confederation is erroneously confused as being a federation. Canada was constituted, and remains constituted, as a confederation. Canada has been constituted as a relatively decentralised "Confederation" with subsequent voluntary inclusion of other colonies by local democratic mandate. However in Canada the incorporated territories remain wards of the central government.

Federation: A federation (from the Latin f'dus, "covenant") is a centralized state comprised of a number of semi-autonomous regions (often themselves referred to as "states") united under a signed ratified social contract to a central ("federal") government. In a federation, the self-governing status of the component states is constitutionally entrenched and may not be altered by a unilateral decision of the central government. The component states of a federation usually do not have the right to secede unilaterally. Association in a federation is contractual and binding....sucession is an act of treason as per the signed constituting agreement. This is the main difference between a federal and confederal nation.

Summary: The confederal nation is in a nonbinding voluntary association with its fellow states/provinces and its central governing body. Power is distributed in a separate but equal manner. Association with, or independence from, the confederal union is determined soley by a sovereign province exercising their right to local democratic mandate for the action by the electorate within the autonomous province.

A federation has no such option for it's members as all have committed to a ratified, binding union through mutial contract. The United States and Russia are federations....Canada and Switzerland are confederations. Personally I think Canada and Switzerland got the better deal freedom-wise....the trick is making our central governing autocrats respect the conventional autonomy of our province's confederal association with it. This has become very hard when statists within central government wants to act like a dominant governing body of a federation when it is constitutionally and legally not.


Blogger Debris Trail said...

For the first time in history, the provinces may be dealing with a PM that is willing to role back Federal Government power. If ever they could renew their relationship with the feds, it is now. With the bloc holding the balance of power, and provinces always begging for more autonomy, Harper had better use the window he has. The trick will be in shifting the tax burden onto provinces, and away from Ottawa. I suppose the eastern have-nots must feel that they can go it alone to a greater degree than they have thus far; they must see that they can come much closer to self support if they do most of the taxing. The spin off effect will be that Liberal power will be shredded, as provinces gain more autonomy.

It's going to be very very interesting. I've got a post up Bill, on just how much Black Gold Alberta has. It is truly mind boggling.

January 28, 2006 at 9:24 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Harper will have to pull another miracle out of his pocket...put hey we never believed he would unify the right of center opposition parties and we never figured he's form government with this coalition party so soon.....who knows, maybe he can save Canada from the from the onslaught of statist corporate globalism spearheaded by the liberal elite cartel in Canada.

Let's make no mistake about who Harper faces in his quest to keep Canada sovereign within right and autonomous, who Alberta and freedom loving Canadian citizens face...those who wish to disembower and remove individual and national isn't simply an elitist Liberal governing cartel who believe they have the right of kings to manipulate the constitution, parliament and the law as they see fit it is an entrenched bureaucratic elite who have coopted our media and its old line parties into their vision of a Canada as a vassal state to a global UN government.

]Steven: I want my Country back....if I can't have it, I'll have to make my province a separate nation apart.

January 29, 2006 at 4:28 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Yep: I can't even imagine how powerful the liberal civil service is... I'd hate to be Stephen. He is literally a stranger in a strange land. The best solution to the civil service will be to release the dogs of forensic accounting. I cant' imagine what a revigorated Sheila Fraser will find if she's given a budget and the staff she needs. I'd love to see Stephen be given a justifiable reason, throught Fraser, to get out the big broom of: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out all of you who have participated in Liberal corruption."

January 30, 2006 at 6:54 PM  

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