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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Unpatriot act

Many people casually state: "I personally find nothing wrong with the homeland security bill as it sits now in the USA,"

Then I must respectfully submit that they have not read its text or that they may not fully understand the compromised constitutional precedents it entrenches (do not be offended many haven’t…they just react on the cloudy sales pitch a lap dog clued-out media give them) pith and substance, Patriot act II, and the various security acts it validates, suspends portions of the US constitution and imposes martial law at the discretion of 2 makes an active police state of "federal districts" and expands "federal district" jurisdiction to most public places (most notably airports and transport terminals) sets up a military/autocrat oligarchy that replaces congress (FEMA)...It authorized the building and use of civilian gulags/concentration camps....It also weakens/blurs the legal definition of "national emergency" so that virtually anything from a rain storm to a plane crash will create a local police state solution from the feds... it has implementational stages that range from benign bureaucratic tyranny to military police state dictatorship.

The value of a law or legislation is NOT what the INTENTIONS are for its creation but the POTENTIAL it creates for abuse. The road to utopia may be paved with good intent however those who propose to drive the public bus on it are steering towards dystopia.

I urge those who would reflexively dismiss my analysis as “liberal or lefty whining” by reading the acts themselves as I have.

" but the outcry against it is healthy."

“Healthy outcry” is pointless if it does not effect change….and the Federal administration and pentagon is dug in on the draconian homeland security issue. Those senators and congressmen who want either sunset clauses on these laws or amendments that respect the constitution outnumber “as is” supporters 2-1 YET…Bush (urged on by pentagon and intelligence community brass) has gone as far as to say if congress fails to pass it as is he will veto… can healthy protest effect anti-democratic demigods? There certainly was an out cry when the patriot act's suspension of the constitution and implementation of FEMA dictatorship was given a trial run in the New Orleans flood....military, door to door civilian round ups and disarmament in dry unaffected areas...military sealing the city off from outside private relief aid...forced interments in filthy crime ridden FEMA "compounds" which where secured with armed guards and razor wire. Yes there was a protest but Republicans/conservatives with partisan blinders on dismissed it as coming from the "radical leftists".

Yeah right....had I been confronted in my undamaged/secure NOLA home (and castle) by machine gun toting Kevlar clad masked Fed goons screaming their obscenities and demanding my "surrender" of lawful arms and property, and to have me forcibly thrown into some filthy, crime-ridden FEMA interment camp that is far less secured or supplied than my home, I'd give them the civilian patriot war these Fed-indoctrinated Stazi goons so dearly want…send unmarried goons to my doorstep big go call me a left wing radical.

I maintain that “healthy outcry” is pointless in the midst of a police state take over ( like New Orleans) as martial law steamrolls all under its military weight. Actually “healthy outcry” is useless and only serves to identify “dissidents” for the police state…..Protest against tyranny is pointless unless the public has the means to enforce its will on reluctant would be dictators…there was plenty of “healthy outcry” in Hungary, the Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia as the soviet tanks and troops came in to establish military law after the “lawless democratic elections”…..keep your battle rifle oiled and out of sight of big brother.

The Canadian version of the US Patriot act does not go so far as to impose police state solutions but it does suspend 3 Charter legal rights, expands warrentless search and seizure, allows police/government to spy on all citizens ( open their mail/email/phone communications), authorizes video/audio surveillance of civilians without bench warrant) and suspends habeas corpus…if you see police video cameras blooming in public places like spring crocus on the prairie, you know where the authorization came from to negate your charter right to personal privacy…..big brother is watching!!!

Where's the “healthy outcry” here....nary a peep of protest to the unwarranted expansion of the state and truncation of charter rights…have both left and right lost what little passion they had for individual freedom and rights? This alone makes me feel this nation hasn't the passion to generate the civil outrage needed to remain free….then again Canada was founded as a police state and a benign police state she remains. As Trudeau prophetically foresaw a quarter century ago; free Canada will probably die with a muted whimper rather than a roar of civil defiance….death by civil apathy.


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