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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stark realities in the age of "Empire"

All the fuzzy warm human interest anecdotes aside, the current rash of media idealism over events in Iran are being used to elicit a public buy in to "do something" about the perceived Iranian "threat" and its "inhuman dictatorship". Seeing the lap dog MSM fall in line on this tells us that this was a high level foreign policy agenda put in motion almost a decade ago.

Iran is a done deal. The US will be carpet bombing and “bunker busting” strategic political targets there within the year...after a justified reaction to a "provoking incident". Western allies will make superficial anti-war grumbling but essentially cheer them on. Iran simply has to be destroyed before it can be rebuilt as a trusted 1st world nation state with a west-friendly regime….as was Iraq.

Endemic Iranian political insanity also provides a perfect excuse to keep permanent US military bases in Iraq and soon, Syria, Iran and Palestine after these places have been physically and economically decimated. It is clear the US is in the Middle east to stay...If you care to read the signals coming from bipartisan think tanks and elite global institutes on foreign policy ( CFR: council on foreign relations, Trilateral commission and the Bilderbergers…all the institutions we refer to as global are in alignment on Iranian "pacification"...even the Dems and GOP are in agreement on this….and so are the nations within US sphere of economic influence.

Permanent Western Alliance presence ( most prominently US) in this perennial global hot spot under Islamo-fascist control has always been an unstated, but necessary, objective to extend US military solutions as official foreign policy in the region ( please read the neo-con bibles for reference to this geo-political policy option : Project for a New American century, Zbigniew Brzezinski's writings and the Neo-con philosophy of Leo Strauss) don't really suppose the west's last global super power will allow vital oil reserves to remain in the hands of schizophrenic theocrats with nukes who buy access to Russian and Chinese military patronage with their oil profits, did you?

Please tell me there's a conservative out there that isn't so partisan blinded that they can't see this rational long term strategic objective of the western alliance....let's avoid the disingenuous idealist sophistry and start talking like realists….particularly as US congress is far from split on the matter of Iraq and western military presence the middle east…there is bipartisan buy-in to the long term foreign policy scripted by Bush cabinet main player almost a decade ago ….even the Dem leadership hopefuls are not striking out at Bush over involvement in the Mid east….the Dems support keeping a military presence in Iraq, they just want to bring the UN and more nations in for the ride.

The western alliance under Bush's leadership has undertaken a task the decadent socialist UN had no resources or stomach for....taming the last untamed, volatile nations who have proven too intellectually unevolved and emotionally unstable ( as well as politically infantile) to be trusted with WMDs or the world's largest reserves of fuel vital to western industrial economies. Much of this policy comes from a Pro-Israeli cadre in both the Dems and the neo-con oligarchy…this is true of Britain as well…other allies are in for the influence it buys them with the US.

(Personally, I wish they would have defused N-Korea first seeing how it has already launched test missiles at Alaska and constantly threatens to nuke us...but hey, they got no oil and if we ( the west) control it they won't have any viable economic future either, saving us the trouble of nuking their sorry commie-goon butts.

If this is all a tad too stark for Polly-Anna idealists from the day dream believer camps of all western political ideologies, welcome to geo-political realities at the start of the second Millennium....this is an age of "empire"…as we experienced before with Rome, France, England, the Dutch and German empires before it. Except now there are just 2 global powers left to slug it out over finite resources and competitive economic and military advantage. The political agenda and end game plan of these super powers is diametrically polar….tossed into this volatile era we have a wild card….a “political cult” that is merely a loose global net work of radical theocratic leadership hopefuls that attempts to gain power by using global terror as a political lever and threats of destabilizing a combustible raging economic empire war of global titans ( China with it’s new unlimited labor/manufacturing market resources spent on military build up and the west with its leading edge civilian and war technology and economic might). Both have expanding economies that chew up fossil fuels….fossil fuels which are in nations the mad-hatter cultists control.

That’s da facts just bothers me to see people wallowing in this fuzzy humanist crap or misdirected patriotic jingoism… YES VIRGINIA IT IS ABOUT OIL….IT’S ABOUT WESTERN POWER AND ECONOMIC SURVIVAL!!!…and we’re in it like it or not….and the fact is that we are in the midst of a potentially fatal 20-50 year military and economic expedition to protect western culture and influence which relies heavily on this mineral commodity.

All of us know down deep the Neo-Con aggressive foreign policy is necessary to some degree (even the craven pacifists on the left and even the non interventionists in the Libertarian and constitutionalist camps)…even if we fear and loath the imperialist governmental and armed camp-martial-law domestic authority that historically goes along with it. As defenders of western culture and its domestic constitutional rule of law that permits the individual civil liberties we hold dear, it is important for us to drop our Hollywood optics of stark good and evil, black or white partisnism in this era. The forces behind this massive mobilization of capital and military and political might are bipartisan and united in their resolve to reach for the global apple. Utopian democracy, moral narcissism and certainly individuals are moot to their focus.

It is necessary for free citizens of the west not to get carried away by the raging partisan dys-info wars and diverse partisan cult rhetoric that would have us either mindlessly submit ourselves as good robots of the new empire to march off and be ground up in a perennial foreign war economy or succumb to cowardly anti-west Islamo-terrorist apologist theories that weaken our chances of coming out of this mess with our freedoms and way of life intact. We will ALL ( left, right and center) be strained to the max as free nation citizens trying to contain the military corporate aggression needed to win the global economic-domination wars. Patriots have to keep this raging military-expansionist monster on a leash and focused on our real enemies rather than let it get out of hand and turn our free nations into armed camps and paranoid police states under trans-global profiteering elite governance. Patriots must support effective policy to defeat our enemies but they must also staunchly resist and defeat any government attempt to cut the populous out of the political mechanisms that allow them to control the political influence the military industrial complex wields and the security cartels that empower it in empire building.

There are certainly challenges a tests of faith and strength ahead for both western culture Christendom, civil liberty and our free democracy...let's not divert our focus from our objectives with illusory, diversionary and de-unifying bickering between factions caught up in the now irrelevant left-right political paradigm…the global titans waging war have no political stripe or ideology except the single minded need for the expansion of their power and influence. We can harness this to get us past the mad-hatter politics of the terrorist cults and help tame this terror demon and thrive in the enhanced economic security and freedom this will afford the west….BUT we have to remain ever vigilant and aware of the snarling monster imperialist war- state we have fighting for us….it is a genie out of the bottle for the first time in nearly a Century and as a generation we have to learn the lessons of history as to how the imperialist rulers of “empire” are prone to create police states in their homeland and economic-political class structures or elite class unilateral politics.

Let's get it though our heads that the volatility of the Middle east and Islamic Jihad plus the impending economic and military aggression unleashed by the new American/alliance empire (Countered by red China’s neo economic imperialism) will require a generation of hard policy making and resolve by the west. It ain’t white hats and black hats any more kids, both the players are anti-heroes and battling for empire….not democracy,… not for individual liberties,….not for the better good of the individual or any other idealistic dogma. Raw power now stalks global affairs…we have to learn how to deal with it, make it work for us and put it back in the bottle when its usefulness is done so it does not turn on its own people.


Blogger Aizlynne said...

And that really is the crux of it isn't it Bill. Can they put it "back in the bottle" as you say.

I too think that the stage was set long before, but I do think that China and Russia may be stronger forces to deal with then perhaps the West anticipates.

The US is losing it's status as a superpower, and will be ineffective in the long run in trying to keep western influence alive in the Middle East.

Their best bet is to get off oil and find other resources to replace their insatiable need for oil.

May 11, 2006 at 9:42 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Aizlynne said...
"And that really is the crux of it isn't it Bill. Can they put it "back in the bottle" as you say."

Not "they" Aiz, US..WE have to keep this raging beast called modern government military matrix focused on serving us and not the other way round. As laong as they are fighting enemies that threaten us they are in trim,,,when they decide that people who disagree with them are the enemy as well and act to suppress dissent, the Genie is out of control.

"I too think that the stage was set long before, but I do think that China and Russia may be stronger forces to deal with then perhaps the West anticipates."

I see Russia and China forging close trade, economic and political ties as a coalition. The US can control and gain advantage over this globalization of communist expansion by forging close military and economic alliances with the free western nations...a coalition of free nations....let the commies have the UN.

"The US is losing it's status as a superpower, and will be ineffective in the long run in trying to keep western influence alive in the Middle East."

Not yet Aiz...but the Chinese are doing the best they can to tank the US dollar globally.

"Their best bet is to get off oil and find other resources to replace their insatiable need for oil."

Well that's not the point..we want control of the reserves so the Russians and Chinese do not....with the oil in the mid east to fuel their industrialization the Reds will eclipse the west in trade and economic influence within the decade....then the show down will be much more dire than it is if we act now to control their ambitions.

May 11, 2006 at 12:02 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

It's definitely going to get real nasty, and it won't take much to trigger a chain reaction now that the buttons of awarness have been pushed. Everyone has their finger on the trigger, most have taken sides, and now we wait for the next acceptable excuse.

Excellent post!

May 11, 2006 at 6:48 PM  
Blogger Shaken said...

Number of joules in a barrel of light sweed crude? See the information here:

Our entire North American infrastructure is built around the energy equation of the internal combustion engine. There will be starvation in North America if this transportation equilibrium is upset sufficiently.

You'll be glad for that rack of duck-guns, both to protect your larder, and to bag the occasional but necessary two-winged or four-legged meal.

June 12, 2006 at 8:06 AM  

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