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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Degenerate dogmatism moves from the PMO to the opposition benches

It was just a matter of time before the genetic imprint of profligate ideological compromise surfaced in the new Libeal opposition caucus. Far from being "taught a lesson" this lot never stop plotting the subverting of the public will. They feel we were mistaken or "fooled" when we tossed their degenerate kleptocratic cartel from power..... however the dogmatic liberal continues to quietly hold contempt for the will of the majority and persue their utopian agendas which we have clearly rejected in poll after poll..

Recently this was made evident in their parliamentary alignments with the Bloc ( allegedly the Liberal sworn enemies of Canada and Canadian unity) in an effort to defeat a couple of seemingly minor bills the CPC government have planned to introduce. Most notably; a bill to raise the age of majority to 16 and a bill to recognize personal property rights in statute law.

This seemingly bizarre political alignment is most telling of not the BQ ( as they are at least honest enough to admit that they are national socialists who wish an independent Jacobin-socialist nation where citizenship is defined by ethnicity and laguage) this is telling of the unstated Liberal mindset/agenda.....what, exactly, is it in the Liberal dogma/agenda that would make them so viciously fight to keep sexual consent at 14 ? What does the Liberal agenda have against guaranteed individual property rights ( I mean, it was a Liberal who drafted and signed the UN declaration of human rights which guarantees property rights yet a Liberal excluded them from our charter????) for consent, why would a Liberal want to take nearly pubescent children out of control of their parents or make them a legal target for sexual predators or state sponsored eugenics ghouls?

When you can decipher the common ground that the degenerate socialist (BQ) and the liberals share on the issues of private property and parental control, you will be half way to comprehending the unstated social control agenda of their single party state utopia.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

Your right ... I think they believe their still in power, and some of the LIEberals, especially near the top, have a history of perversion. It's ironic the current interim LIEberal leader has a history of having an affair with a underage male prostitute in the US.

April 25, 2006 at 4:24 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

The law actually has 3 levels of consent. Below 14. Between 14 and 18. and over 18. They all have distict "who can" and "who can't" provisos which complicate, but do temper the the fact that the basic age of consent is set at 14.

The rub is that the privosos are so little understood and known in most cases that individuals are seldom prosecuted under them. For instance, nobody whose occupation puts them in a position of power or authority can have sex with someone under 18... yet, the "trust, power or authority" definition is wide open. And, most law enforcement officials don't know shit about who can and can't be prosecuted. They'll nail teachers at the drop of a hat, yet may let EMR workers or Politicians or Nurses or Lawyers go.

Furthermore, who in their right mind would authorize 14 year old to makeout with anyone over the age of 18. The law allows relationships between 14 year olds and anyone not in a position of trust, power, or authority. I think we'd find liberal sex tourists behind this law who like their asian boys very young. The law as it stands makes no sense in a rationale world.

I teach the "law" to young people all the time, and find that it's vagueness as to who is in "trust, power or authority" is more of a hinderance than a help.

April 25, 2006 at 8:47 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

The Liberal political network has many closeted pederasts entrenched in its guiding ranks and support base... many current covert pederats and homosexuals in upper party ranks were former interned catamites themselves and used the well connected pederast political establishment to advance their careers in the party there is organizational empathy for the NAMBLA agenda in the Liberal political apparatus. Thus my comment that the decadent degeneracy of Canada's political elites mimics Rome in its decline.

Interestingly there is a great deal of difference between the NDP (who have a EGAL rainbow lobby agenda) and the liberals who must pander to the many upscale connected degenerates in their patronage loops. Although I may not politically agree with the homosexual lobbies, I will say they want to present an image of normalcy in the public eye to promote acceptance of Homosexual partnerships...thus the gay marriage ideal and the stable relationships PR....and of course, their rejection of NAMBLA and pederasty. This explains how the NDP would side with the CPC on a policy of raising the legal sexual consent age.

The clique driving the lowered consent laws and the proposed laws to decriminalize other sexual proclivities with pre and early teen males are well-heeled but closeted pedererst/NAMBLA party clientele who's prime agenda is to eleviate the constant fear of being "outed" in a criminal trial if their little "boyfriends" blackmail them or rat on them or the kid's parents file charges. They dearly would like to make their weakness for very young boys legal.

According to Montreal police memos male prostitutes in the 14-17 age group are the fastest growing segment of the sex industry ( escort services)and the costs of these services can only be paid on a regular basis by an affluent clientel.

This well heeled crowd who prefer young boys as sex partners are well connected and primarily support liberal or BQ parties due to their moral relativity in legislating and repealing former sex crime laws. This has been accepted campaign/policy wisdom for some time in the Liberal strong hold think tanks of TO Vancouver and Montreal....actually the upscale teen-pederast community in Montreal is the oldest and most monied politically connected pervert is likely this community that most of the pressure is placed on the Liberal party for lowering the age of doubt it is from this community that the pressure is on to protect this teeny-bopper consentual "buggery" law. It also explains why the Libs and BQ would join forces to protect such a law as the largest upscale politically connected pervert community is deeply entrenched in Quebec business and political communities.

Liberals: progressiveness in action, pandering policy to Canada's criminals and perverts.

April 26, 2006 at 8:26 AM  

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