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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lies the Constable told me

OK Gang I’ve heard about all the silly counter spin to Harper’s dismantling the inoperable civilian gun registry that I can stomach.

Time I weighed in on the second rash of disinformation piling up in the stilted MSM over the so-called Gun control issue.

Of course to those with any reasoning capacity or who have first hand experience with the (non)operational mode of the Liberal inhibitory regime over lawful civilian firearms ownership, we realize it has always been about selling police intimidation and bureaucratic civil control mechanisms to repress a responsible armed public under fraudulent "public safety" hysterics......this , now, criminally liable responsible fireams owning citizenry which our oligarchs and political aristocracy fears…( in much the same way they fear inclusive democracy, an economically and politically empowered middle class, and public accountability)....civilian gun control is a priority of the elite who fear fear the repurcussions of an informed public.

The recent trend in armed gang warfare, armed home invasions and public gangland executions playing out in the streets of Toronto make it obvious to all but the morbidly indoctrinated hoplophobe or stilted oligarch, that the legal repression of duck hunters has little value as a police tool to defeat violent armed criminals , who by nature, will never comply with regulations made for law-abiding citizens.

OK… for those adept at detecting chronic Liberal confidence rackets we often tire of calling attention to the grotesque ulcerations on this leftist sacred cow (Gun control). I just wanted to reframe things in rational perspective before we look at all the disinformation cult that the Kleptocrats keep on speed dial whenever critical flaws in their con game require the public be reindoctrinated with lies about gun control.

First let’s start with the outright lies we saw repropogated this week in defense of an inoperable and 1000% over budget government project.:

First to bat were our favorite lobbyists in blue, the detached political leadership of the police function…they retell
this whopper about A) the registry saving lives ( no data exists to back this claim and no case or record exists where the registry was directly responsible for solving a violent gun crime or prosecuting a single violent armed criminal or capturing an armed criminal before the fact…. And (B) the system is accessed 6000 times a day and is a “useful crime fighting tool…even though this is a gross exaggeration of the truth. The fact is ALL police inquiries ( even if they stop you for J-walking) automatically route to the gun registry and this is no indication of the quality of data or usefulness of the access to the police…a measurement of use is not a measurement of value….and the Auditor made this clear in her report.

Whatever police political lobbyists are saying, it appears they are lying when they misrepresent what the rank and file police have said in the past. The police are deeply divided on the issue….as is the Liberal party itself. The thing about this that should concern Canadians is that it establishes the police as the nation's largest political lobby and as an unelected social policy extention of government. The police function is becoming too politicized and too focused on influencing government. They need to return to the roll of a non partisan peace officer corps. instead of a stilted special interest political lobby brokering public policy favors for funding.

Second, we have the voice of the Liberal party ( the Star) exhuming the rantings of a long time discredited anti gun hysteric from Down under who attempts to misrepresent the failed gun control policies of PM John Howard and then attempts to scold Harper for not following this proven failed policy. Of course Harper is too savvy to bite at this old canard so the Star went into emotion mode by exhuming old anti-gun Fembots to fill the editorial pages with lies and fearmongering. The Star knows that when lies fail fear is a great manipulator.

Third we see the tired old fembot lobbyist Wendy Cukier (Canada’s Liberal party sponsored anti gun hysteric) on speed dial to all the usual lib-left MSM offering single sided disinformation on the firearms act the CPC is constructing. It’s hard for her to forget her previous job as a government supported lobbyist to provide the needed doctored crime stats ( Lies sold as a statistic) that defrauded parliament into this boondoggle 15 years ago. It was the blind acceptance of her fraudulent statistics and vacant emotional rhetoric that swayed the senate into committing to the unamended gun control enabling legislation as a “crime fighting tool” 12 years ago….. To date we have yet to se a documented instance of her 2 billion dollar scam effecting violent criminals. Her job this week was to counter spin the Auditor general’s damning fiscal report on the gun registry where we found open collusion between top gun control bureaucrats and Liberal ministers to hide millions in broken system overruns and defraud parliamentary reporting committees that the registry was “working”.

Again we saw the same chronically tired emotional misdirects and fraudulent statistics used to keep this white elephant registry in place. So in honor of the stoic efforts of the nation’s moonbat brigade who doggedly fight against reality I offer the following:

The top 10 reason why the duck gun registry should be kept intact:

#10 To keep dyslexic bureaucrats, lobbyists and contractors employed, reward the mentally and morally retarded with plump public service pork.

#9 The government has way too much money, let’s openly waste it and wave our putz in the public’s face.

#8 Taxpayers aren't paying enough money, put those shiftless dogs to work for another 2 months before tax freedom day.

#7 Show those snotty Conservatives who's boss, being kicked out of power never humbles true Liberal hubris.

#6 Serve as a template for a future silverware registry, or citizen registry when we put RF ID chips in you at our happy face fun clown citizen tagging centers.

#5 Make Jean Chretien feel good about himself, Jean revels in deep personal satisfaction when Canadians are being robbed….makes it all seem worth while somehow.

#4 Continue to keep our cities' streets safe from duck hunters and antique dealers.

#3 To show the Americans we know better, our Kleptocracy is better than your lousy inalienable civil rights.

#2 Keep Jack Layton from being assassinated, well, with a duck gun anyway….we realize most Canadians would just rather bludgeon him to death with his own ego.

And the number one reason why we should keep the Canadian Gun Registry intact:

#1 Because it's all about Spiteful Liberal social engineering being sold as Canadian Values….damn the costs the sacred utopian myth of the criminal duck hunter must survive.


Anonymous antiguncontrol said...

"civilian gun control is a priority of the elite who fear fear the repurcussions of an informed public."


"The police function is becoming too politicized and too focused on influencing government."


"So in honor of the stoic efforts of the nation’s moonbat brigade who doggedly fight against reality I offer the following:

The top 10 reason why the duck gun registry should be kept intact:..."

Hehehe - good one.

You know, I've known other women to claim that they are deathly afraid of guns - that having a gun sitting in the room disturbs them. I think those women (usually ones who were subject to violence by husbands/other men) have placed their fear on the wrong thing. A gun is an object - yes it can be used to cause harm but so can knives, bats, lamps, fists, boots, etc. I would be afraid of the man who had done me harm and not the method that he may use to do me more harm because if he is serious, he will use whatever method is available and a woman owning and knowing how to use a gun, could prevent the taking of her own life through its proper use.

The anti-gun crowd would just freak out at that idea because they seem intent on making everyone vulnerable to the acts of criminals (because criminals already break the law and don't care to register guns). Down with the useless registry and, I say, down with the clowns who conceived it and who support it still.

May 24, 2006 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Well AGC, the essence of the message these anti gun fembots send in their civilian disarmamnet agenda is that women are cowering, pathetic disempowerd victim- thingies who haven't the guts or self respect to use a firearm to defend themselves....dial 911 on your cell phone and die waiting for police. My woman knows how to dial .357 on a colt python and then wait for the cops to come scrape up what's left of anyone who criminally attacks her in our home. They will try to make a large political statement about civilians having the ordacity to defend themselves with guns and charge and try her....but she will be alive to tell her tale to 12 of her peers and embarass the oligarchs for oppr4ssing her as a criminal for defending her life.... and her would be murderer won't live to give the Federsl prosecutors a sympathy victim to testify against her in some contrived political kangaroo THAT is female empowerment and THAT is a truely free woman who is prepared to fight for her freedoms.....not some state indoctrinated fembot cowering in a corner and willingly being murdered to support the utopian social engineering policies of a dystopian state which proposes to disarm her yet abandons its responsibilty to protect her.

May 24, 2006 at 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good post WLM

As a duck hunter, when I took the firearms course (taught by a very qualified guy out in cottage country) I supported the notion of a refresher on how to handle a shotgun but I could see from the application itself - how many agenda’s were being pushed and how needlessly expensive that was making the whole process.

For example, no doubt as a bone to Wendy Kookier (than a moonbat), the Firearms application has a series of questions about one’s relationship with one’s X. The obvious path they are going down is to subliminally ask, “ do you want a gun to shoot your X?” Actually it’s not subliminal at all, even the trailer park boys can see where they are going with the questions.

Who would look at the answers? Who decides what psychological signals are in the answers? Did we hire a bunch of psychiatrists to look at the answers? If they did become concerned, then what happens, do they phone your references? What would the references be likely to say if they were called “Yup, we think Bubba wants to shoot his X”?

In other words you can just tell that only utopian lefties would even consider that the cost was worth it to try and discover a bizarre scenario of snaring a potential evildoer through a firearms application. Utopians think the process is more important than results. They don’t care about results; therefore they’ll throw billions of our hard earned money at process just to make themselves feel that they’ve taken action.


May 29, 2006 at 6:10 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

You have made a startling discovery Nomdenet...that being that the firearms law breaks so many charter rights they are openly aggressively breaking them in its application....according to the charter and your right to not incriminate yourself, or to have your privacy breeched with these questions which are obviously the state on a fishing expedition to criminalize you arbitrarily....just do what I did...I refused to answer these questions on the test and on the application....all I did was write in the blanks that my private intimate relations are none of the state's business and cited the SCC case where question 36 on the PAL was charter challenges successfully.

I believe that once these bureaucratic mutts in the CFC and the local gun police they back off...but no doubt, like all statist thugs you name goes into a secret illegal data base tied into registry files and CPIC called "FIP" ( Firearms Interest Police) which will flag you as "unsuitable or unstable" for PAL renewal due to an attitude that differs with that of the state's goon squad.

One of the things that I intend to do before the CPC leave office, is charge the RCMP with a capital crime for keeping files on honest citizens who have not been convicted of a crime..these secret files will be used against you in an administrative capacity to deny you the right to access your own property. To me the existence of "FIP" puts Canada down the rabbit hole of police state tyranny. I owe my jailers nothing but my contempt and the promise I will expose their evil.

December 30, 2006 at 11:29 AM  

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