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Monday, July 25, 2005

Prohibitionist Urges Scotland to Ban "Knife Culture"

From the "they just don't get it files":

From the land of the Claymore, we see this wee bit o' inanity

"Dr Paul Millar, the Czech-born honorary consul, is urging a ban on the sale of all knives other than penknives and kitchen knives after the death of a 21-year-old seasonal worker last Sunday night."

Two items Dr. Paul:

1) This is the free democratic jurisdiction of Scotland ( home ruule) and not a civilly depraved east-block communist police get this catering to the lowest common denominator BS with the hammer of the police state.

2) Scotland IS a knife culture....and a sword culture and a culture of freemen that both these items have kept so. I'm sure brave heart is spinning in his grave hearing such an asinine "solution".

William Wallace found the "knife culture" of Scotland handy in defeating it from the tyranny of the English crown and it seemed to work well for Robert the Bruce as well....I suppose neither could forsee the day when Scotland was invaded by the fallicious ideals of socialist satists who make no distinction between the freeman's right of defensive use of arms or criminal offensive use. Maybe if a few more Scots packed a .45 in their kilt they'd have a more polite criminal element.


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