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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is They Is or Is They Isn’t???

From our Mixed Messages file:

First we have the Canadian Muslim council waxing loyal to sooth our civil responsibility bone with this

You wonder if this is the same Muslim organization that Bragged how it disrupted a Canadian election with an irresponsible whipped ethnic block vote. We live with the current constitutionally illegal and corrupt regime due to this civically irresponsile block vote. ( no, corruption apologists, this is NOT exersicing democratic franchise this is an unethical abuse of of the individual right to democratic franchise by whipping a partisan ethnic vote for the political favors of the ethnic leaders of this particular multi-cult ghetto). When Christians or social conservatives do this they are attacked as "scary" and undermining our democracy by the left.

We heard similar sympathetic mewlings from organized Islam’s leadership in the UK in the pall of the London bombings.

Then we see this. Same mixed message. It's frustaing to know that most Muslims do not condone Jihad but it's also unsettling to see them play the political games they do with the government of their adopted nations. Time has come for the Muslim leadership in the free nations to stand just a little taller as defenders of their new nation.

I wonder how the left stands up to the Muslim numbers in support for terroism as a political statement….I bet it’s higher.


Blogger Debris Trail said...

A lot of Left-jobs complain that it is unfair to ask ordinary Muslims to appologize for terror acts. Well, the fact is that nobody is asking them to apologize. What is being expected though, is that ordinary Muslims make it clear that acts of terror are "not" part of the Islam that they worship. This is similar to Catholics denouncing child abusing priests, and making it clear that sexual abuse is "unchristian". So far, the mixed messages and the general silence from Muslims is disturbing. In the West, people take to the streets for all sorts of causes. Muslims do the same... lot's of noise for all sorts of causes... yet on terrorism there's been hardly a ripple.

Bill, can you or anyone tell me just how many Muslims silently support Jihad against the west... what's the number... 5%, 10%... 50%?

July 24, 2005 at 2:54 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Debris Trail said...
"A lot of Left-jobs complain that it is unfair to ask ordinary Muslims to appologize for terror acts"

WLM: Why? They've been asking Christians to atone for the crusades and inquisition before they reformed their Church in the middle ages.....this hasn't changed since Marx put the idea of subjugating religion to the state in their lexicon. They don't ask Muslims to atone for the rape of Europe& Asia by the Ottomans or Isalm, and we don't see them denouncing terrorism as a legitimate political statement. That's because the left's concept of revolution romanticizes armed class struggle...a political Jihad. We see that this gives the left selective moral equivalency as well as selective tolerance.

This is why the Menshevik ideology is a dead and fossilized is irrelevant in modern free societies that have prospered on the free marketplace of ideas....any nation that is not largely uneducated peasant cattle is not a playground for Lefties core ideals...the left is out moded in it's thinking due to it's statist orthodoxy of conformity to narrow ideas...the ideals are limited, intolerant of other ideas and inherently non-egalitarian in practical application.

Debris Trail said...
"Bill, can you or anyone tell me just how many Muslims silently support Jihad against the west... what's the number... 5%, 10%... 50%?"

WLM: Nope, no way of telling...running a poll in this nation is forbidden under charter minority rights...but the reverse is not true of Christians...they can be asked any number of questions that would incriminate them...such as if they are against SSM and sodomy. As far as the % of Muslims who support Jihad, even 1% is enough to cause violent civil disobedience and disrupt the peace if they act on the impulse of their convictions.

We've already had Sikhs blow up airliners and have the investigation hushed up....we're due for some Muslim violence too. Take it in stride like the Fed-Libs do....a few Canadians dying from ethnic terror is acceptable collateral damage when the ultimate goal is propping up a corrupt political regime with votes for patronage from the multiple ethnic ghettos Multi-cult politics has created.

July 25, 2005 at 6:14 AM  

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