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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Why Live 8 failed

African says Live 8 Misses the Mark; I Agree

With the gushing infatuation the MSM showed for “live 8” utopian euphoria only recently displaced by the coverage of the London riots and bombings (perpetrated by the “Victims” of western capitalism most of the live 8 air heads plead for), I think it's time reasoning people examine the whole African poverty-cultural retardation syndrome that has plagued the west's empathy for more than 3 centuries.

Why has a continent with such vast natural and human resources been the globe’s greatest welfare case in the past century? While the rest of the globe's cultures evolved, intellectually, civilly, technologically and economically, Africa's and Arabia’s nations remained mired in virtual primordial disorganization and endless some cases hardly evolving past Neolithic or bronze age culture. In the modern era of the 20th century we saw the rise of much civil strife in Africa and the Middle-east as native "strongmen" rose to form either Marxist-Stalinist tyrannies, military juntas or tribal/ethnic despotic regimes....their genocides and civil war ground up millions in this unchecked bloody maelstrom. But on this side of the drink all we heard of Africa in the MSM was about Rhodesia/south Africa.

Yes, the UN, focused on the benign apartheid of South Africa ( which, although unjust, kept relative order and avoided tribal wars and genocides) while ignoring the constant genocides that were occurring around it…they didn't seem to care about the ethnic/political cleansing genocides of Marxist strong men in other African nations until the bloodshed and starvation became embarrassing…., maybe it was because many of these despots claimed to be socialist ( read: communist) revolutionaries and that sat well with the UN's commie-stacked security council. Following every nihilistic tribal blood bath came war's sadistic camp followers; famine, disease, drought. Like an endless plague this cycle kept repeating itself in Africa in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Agreed: It has been a centuries old trilogy of horrors for the common African ....I do respect and thank people like Geldof for calling this to the world's attention because I too believe that African people have suffered for far too long and my Christian charity instincts have been in a constant guilt trip because of the seemingly ineffectiveness of all the charitable efforts western cultures have extended.

Where my thinking diverges from the Geldof cult is that I think throwing money at the problem is akin to putting out a house fire with lighter fluid. We have to be honest with the problem before we can discover a lasting, effective solution. I believe the west’s unfocused charity (with huge donations and IMF loans to despotic loser states) has been the CAUSE of most of the strife. This is the greatest sin the west has committed…it enriched tyrants, who further starved and murdered their people and it put these people in a fiscal debt that they can never repay.

Secondly, I will tease the commie martyr revolutionaries in stating that Africa has had a history of exploitation by western capitalists and global bankers....however, so have America, India, China, Canada, Mexico, south America the Caribbean and many other nations who were caught up in the expansion and empire building of the 18th and19th century European imperialism of Spain, France, Britain, and the Dutch. These former colonial nations are for all intent and purpose independent sovereign self sustaining nation states who play on the economic and political world stage....why not Africa???

Historically the observed difference was one of cultural and political cohesion. The former colonized nations allowed the western interlopers to plunder their wealth as long as they were receiving training/schooling in western economics, technology and cohesive governing. The uneasy hosts then put petty regionalist, tribal or ethnic differences aside to form a united domestic political resistance front and evicted or bought out their unwanted foreign governors....but they did so only after a significant number of native sons had absorbed enough useful western technology/economics and civil social systems to form an autonomous domestic government and a viable economic infrastructure. This era of shrugging off the yoke of European imperialist control for the democratic autonomous nation state was almost a repeat of history . We saw the same thing occur as the Roman empire fell.

Why was Africa still lagging behind? I feel it was because of the deep cultural dogma and political disarray. They were politically and ethnically divided and their culture made them unwilling to adopt western learning and so they remained a conquered peoples subjugated by their own kind….native political opportunists who learned western technology ( mostly war craft and politics) and used this exclusively to subjugate and pillage their own's just that Africa’s rulers changed hands from Imperialist governors to war lords and military tyrants.

The greatest Gift the west can give African’s is the gift of Knowledge and the knowledge and passion for the freedom democracy and free trade markets bring to the masses. We have dumped the equivalent of 10 Marshal plans into Africa with no noticeable results at the level of the average civilian. Time to focus that charity to build schools , and train Africans to use the tools of freedom to build their nations. Africa is for Africans, they just need to learn how to exploit their own vast resources to their own benefit, then need the chance to flourish , free from the burden of political despotism. The more Africans we can get through college, the better their chances for becoming world citizens and the less the chance of communism/Marxism/despotism regaining a foot hold and returning to pill;age Africans of the freedom needed to move into the 1;st world community.


Blogger Aizlynne said...

Throwing money at despots and dictators won't cure what ails them. It goes so far beyond just money.. I mean.. they are so down trodden that even if you gave them the money, they wouldn't know what to do with it or feel like they deserved it.

July 17, 2005 at 4:34 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Yes but your observation (and realities) don't meet with the utopian vision our sheltered luminaries have concerning world peace and foreign aid. I mean everything happens when they snap their fingers...they want a new rolls, they have a hissy fit, they want an new they got one, they want anythi9ng their narcissistic little hearts desire and they get it...why should politics be different....what most of these professional narcissists fail to grasp is there is a great deal of difference between fooling a demographic of vacant urban adolescents into buying their records and actually having valid ideas that change the world.

Geldof's annual galas are becomming tiresome with all the phoney good will to men gushing from the warring narcissists on stage....very much the modern equivilent of Jerry Lewis's telethon....but at least Lewis has actually had an effect with his charity efforts.

July 18, 2005 at 5:05 AM  

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