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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Intellectual vacancy of Politicized Secular Humanism and the Dyslexia of Pop Socialists

Yes friends and Neighbours today we have been treated to yet another glaring irony and example of blind hypocrisy that guides the secular socialist world…..of course it’s only there to see if you have escaped the box partisan socialism stuffs your objective reasoning into. In Scotland we see the leaders of the western nations meeting to plot the course for co-operation between themselves….a course which the responsible leadership among them feel will ultimately enhance the lives of the citizens of their respective and collective nations… admirable goal and responsible function of leadership in free democratic nations.

They usually attack the most critical issues which effect the citizenry of the free world nation states…namely economics, as it is free markets, liaises faire capitalism plus domestic and cooperative security planning ( military and police interfunction) which has kept these nations citizens free and prosperous.

Given that the function of a government/leader in a free constitutional democracy is to first protect the rights and welfare of the individual citizen of their respective nation, we can judge just how healthy a free nation’s democracy and functional government are by the agenda they place priority on in lobbying other G8 nations for their cooperation. However, this year again, someone’s agenda seemed out of sync with the archetypical free nations functional purposes …again…as it has for the last two G8 summits.

The agendas of homeland security, economic security and international trade and economic benefit has always been the priority of the US leaders at G8…this is because the last democratic super power is constitutionally mandated to care for its citizens interests. What I see in the past decade, particularly from Canada ,(but there are other pipsqueak socialist democracies pulling the same stunt), is a trend to achieve global benefactor status for a fading or small nation by ACTING like a global giant.

In Martin’s case this is the extension of the Liberal’s fraudulent foreign policy called “soft power” which is a matter of our PM and his dip corps. talking the talk and nagging the US (or other nations with the muscle and money) to walk the walk for us. In other words we are the alleged keepers of the sacred global moralist dogma and must take a roll as the moral conscience of the US even though we have no material means nor moral authority to do so. The hypocrisy was seen in Martin’s urging Bush to buy this global corporate-commie scam of Kyoto which essentially wants him to accept the myth that giving tons of taxpayer money to red China will give us better weather. Perhaps Martin is unaware that the US president cannot steal tax money to send to his nation’s enemies with the impunity a Canadian soviet dictator can. The US president is bound by his constitutional consparaints where as our corporate junta clown can breach constitutional bounds on the fly with no backlash from a sleepwalking nation and a butt-surfing media.

Also we particularly see Martin’s fraudulent humanitarian altruism in his lip service to African aid and his nagging the US to follow Canada’s counterfeit moral superiority in this direction when, in fact, Martin and Chrétien have nixed long term committed African aid and continue to do so.

But the real irony came with the terrorist bombings in London as the G8 sat. While the fraudulent socialist altruism to Africa and a sham solution to global climate change was paraded about by the moral exhibitionists, a display of this pompous socialist altruism failings of governmental responsibility of was made starkly clear. All the feel good utopian agendas in the world paled before the London bombings. These acts displayed the fact that civilian terrorism is now used as a political statement by the globe’s more insane orthodoxies. Given that the primary function of the free nation leaders is to provide security for their citizens , we saw (starkly) how most of them have failed to meet those objectives when terror can strike and kill hundreds right under their noses.

Now, I realize I will get flack from the hate-America cultists, but I don’t care because their arguments are made irrelevant by this simple fact…..only one leader at that G8 meeting has taken seriously the security of his nation, his citizens and a leadership roll in prioritizing national security with his G8 partners…….and it sure as hell wasn’t the scandal plagued hollow fraud that poses as the leader of Canada.

Martin’s agenda was dyslexic….he wants to parade in drag as a global humanitarian when he has left his nation open to the very terrorist violence and open to the state welfare dependency of the Africans whose retarded growth he claims to be so feeling for…..Hey Paul! What about Canadians??? Don’t we need security? What is your priority Paul?

Maybe when there is no life-threatening line ups to access health care in Canada….Or no homelessness…Or when our economy is vibrant enough that welfare is not needed…or when Our military is capable of providing national security, or Canadians are not so economically vulnerable to external economic forces due to poor central management of our finances….Then, and only then will I allow a PM to feel responsibly fulfilled in his duties enough to serve the interests of non Canadians and costly, frivolous global humanist flights of fancy.

Until that day….Canada first!…..and we have a long way to go before our pompous posing leaders can throw finite revenues away to buy fraudulent images as global humanitarians.


Anonymous rob said...

Think his plane will make it back across the pond?... no, wait a minute... that would leave Schreeeeching Annie in charge... AAAAAAAAHHHHhh!!! we lose either way.. :-(

This situation totally sucks.. one day we're all going to snap...

July 7, 2005 at 7:40 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Bill: I believe that Canada, will not in the future be targeted for terrorist acts. My reason for this is simple and logical, I think. Why would terrorists want to piss off the people who shelter them and provide such easy access to the great satan? We are to the USA what Syria is to Iraq; a safe zone for terrorists.

As far as your thoughts in the above post: Smack On! I live in the Canadian city with one of the greatest per-capita poverty rates and with the largest ratio of young aboriginal youths; most of which are from disfunctional homes. This city would gobble up the entire Toronto budget for social spending in order to deal with the poverty of her "west end" children. Yet, the arrogant socialist Libratas Simplex send their coin over-seas, and make pious announcements of their spending. I'm thinking that schools need to spend more time on definitions... defining words and concepts like duplicity, hypocrasy, and double-standards.

July 7, 2005 at 11:03 PM  
Anonymous rob said...

You've always been told that the separatist movement in AB is small, insignificant, not worth worrying about. I find this strange when even the U of A Professors are now calling for it when we thought they were all on the left side of the spectrum.

I know first hand, that it is far bigger then what anybody in the rest of Bananada thinks.

July 9, 2005 at 4:56 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Message for Bill, from Celestial Junk: You'll know what I'm talking about:

I recommend a bull-barrel 223 with a 6.5 x 20 x 50mm LPS so that you can get them on the edges of the property, as it were. But, don't use hardball, they're tougher than you think... perhaps a Barne's X will do fine, if you don't mind the cost. I'll just use a good spotting scope and a slate and chalk to keep score. If you don't mind, I'll enjoy a fine cigar while I'm at it.

July 9, 2005 at 10:26 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

That's good advice on getting a rig for smaking down vermin...that's what we'll face if we loose the soft war (of democracy and politics) , we'll certainly have to meet them in the mud when these fail us.

July 11, 2005 at 9:05 AM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

What a tour de force article.
I absolutely loved it! And RIGHT on the MONEY!
Somebody over at the American Thinker wrote about those attending the G8. I responded to that article by saying much the same as you have here: In a nutshell: That Martin has much more important fish to fry back home and unless and until he accepts his responsibility as an illegitimate pm and government and steps down he is a fraud and has done nothing to contribute toward forwarding democracy in the world and alleviating poverty in Africa of all places!
Africa!- We have real concerns in this country regarding poverty and mismanagement of funds. Outright theft and corruption.
As in the Phillipines, whose government seen as so corrupt they cannot continue to govern had 10 of their ministers step down.
Would we see the same in Canada?
Certainly not. We are expected to actually accept that Martin and the libs would continue to govern though they have been through 4 non-confidence votes and ignored every one. ONLY accepted the one they gerrymandered. And we stand by and let this happen and stand by and watch the fraud that is our PM go to the G8 and pretend that he has anything whatsoever to contribute!

July 11, 2005 at 2:36 PM  

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