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Monday, June 20, 2005

Canada the Benign Tyranny?

I just finished a book on the perversion of the legal axioms of the Magna Carta by the imposition of Roman law over common law in the British sphere of free nations. Dry read except for those law junkies who want to understand how we have lost so much personal freedom in the past 100 years.

Here are some of the signs that your government is subverting the nation into a bureaucratic tyranny through statute legislating that ignores natrual rights of the individial and the civil rights of the British rule of law:

1. Any law the electorate sees as being open to being perverted from its original intent will be perverted in a manner worse than the perversion first suspected at the time it was passed.

2. Any law that is so difficult to pass it requires the citizens be assured it will not be a stepping stone to worse laws will, in fact, be a stepping stone to worse laws.

3. Any law that requires the citizens be assured the law does not mean what the citizens fear, means exactly what the citizens fear.

4. Any law passed in a good cause will be interperated to apply to causes never supported by the majority of the people.

5. Any law enacted to help any one group, to the exclusion of others, will be applied to harm people not in that group.

6. Everything the government says will never happen, will happen...count on it.

7. What the government says it could not foresee, the government has already planned for.

8. When there is a budget shortfall to cover non-essential government services the citizens will be given the choice between higher taxes or the loss of essential government services.

9. Should the citizens mount a successful effort to stop a piece of legislation the same legislation will be passed later under a different name and stated intent.

10. All deprivations of freedom and choice will be increased rather than reversed.

11. Any government that has to build safeguards into a law so that it will not be abused is providing guidelines for abusing the law without violating it.

We can all name at least one federal statute that fits each of these 11 cases

the final analysis of free dominion or statist tyranny:

You could be living in a tyranny if your Government:

Sets itself above the will and judgement of the people and refuses to comply with the wishes of the people.

Lies to the people to get what it wants.

Treats the traditional rights of the people as obstacles to the objectives of government.

Creates animosities among groups of people.

Blames the people for mandating it to do things which were never mandated in the first place.

How does Ottawa stack up to these guidelines?


Blogger Patrick said...

Your guidelines are exactly right. I'm reminded of an old phrase: "The effect of any public initiative is the opposite of its intent."

A classic example of this effect is the disastrous Regulated Health Professions Act in Ontario (now being enthusiastically adopted by other provinces such as---alas!---Alberta.

By scrapping the scope of practice idea: "medicine" is what physicians do, "nursing" is what nurses do, and leaving the once self-governing professions to peform the oversight role, it now reduces health care to a series of definable "acts" such as diagnosis, precribing regulated substances, certain internal examinations (of the thirteen or so 'licensed acts', "putting a finger beyond the anal verge" is one!) it allows any fool or charlatan who doesn't perform one of those acts to do anything else!

Further, by regulating titles it also allows anyone who doesn't use a specific regulated title (e.g., "psychologist") to do almost anything a psychologist used to do as long as he or she doesn't do the regulated act ---"Diagnosis"---assigned to psychologists. Thus a charlatan can "assess" a person and "prescribe" any sort of nonsense as a treatment.

By bringing 22 health "professions" (what's "professional" about the quackery of chiropractic?) into government regulation a vehicle has been provided for bureaucratically-imposed rules and social engineering projects. The Toronto-based left-liberat civil service, with the compliance of the now-gutted regulatory bodies, has enthusiatstically seized these new tools.

And why do we have this travesty of legislation? Because various advocacy groups with axes to grind persuaded gullible politicians that the professions were "protecting turf", were "self-promoting patriarchies", were "anti-female", were "money-grubbing", and were keeping female-dominated 'professions' "in thrall to a male oligarchy" (all quotes from Hansard's hearings on the act).

So to rid us of these medieval horrors we now have unworkable, sclerotic, interest-group driven rules and regulations that have raised the cost and bureaucracy of health care by a very significant amount.

June 20, 2005 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

The act of a government "regulating" a trade in historic and traditional law was done to enforce standards of competence. If they want to have the state breach the self regulation of the ethical professions, then the government is liable for the misdeeds of the trade's practitioners...but in the ethicless, socialist state, we really don't expect the government to take its ethical/civil responsibilities seriously.

I can see that this regualtory raid of the medical profession is an attempt to expand it's special interest pandering policies into the medical industry. Expect demads for hirering quotas based in race sex, sexual orientation ( I refuse to be treated by someone at high risk for AIDS)etc.

When the sleeping population realize the inept backwoods commie boobs they have allowed to infest government are running a silly 60s era soviet experiment with iour lives and our country, perhaps they may do something about it...but I doubt it...the average Canadian voter is too ignorant and misinformed to deserve a vibrant democracy.

Those of non statists must take solice in the fact that ( like Russia, Cuba and all the other failed communist experiments) the statist law making and commie economics will eventually tank this must be rebuilt from the ashes.

I truely believe that the level of ethics, competency and ideological direction in this nation's governments is so devolved that we have ( beyond a constitutional crisis) a management crisis....frankly the fools we put in charge are inept and wrong thinking people....they are drawn to the unaccountable power and self enriching untouchability of our political a personality type, they are the very people that should NEVER be allowed near a position of power.

June 20, 2005 at 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can one get your book?

October 21, 2005 at 9:55 PM  

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