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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Zen Patriotism Part II

Thanks all for the comments and they are graciously accepted and encourage but humbly appreciated a great deal. I seem to have struck a patriotic chord with some readers, so I will expand on some of the concepts in the previous log entry.....specifically, non partisan patriotic duty and loyalty to Canada's democracy as a first priority of patriots.

The issue at hand that plagues our nation (systemic corruption and the degeneration of our democratic institutions) is a non-partisan issue....even though when it is addressed it is treated as such. This is because only in the past 15-20 years has a political movement/party existed to reform the situation.

Essentially the old-line parties that embraced statism (because this extends their control, wealth gathering and power brokering capitalization) now have a true challenge to this status quo Tammany-Hall type political machine. Reform based parties have sprung up in all provinces but none so prominent as the federal one that has merged into the CPC.

The old-line statist parties resist democratic reform because democratic reform asks them to become accountable to the public and the law, act only in specific ethical ways, and devolve much of their power back to the people or the people's direct representatives.
The old-line parties and their sycophant media( Ottawa political establishment) have been on an absolute vicious attack against this change. The propaganda is so thick that many Canadians feel it's actually some kind of sin or unpatriotic act to demand democratic reform of government.

And to further illustrate how deeply entrenched and widely spread statist propaganda has become, all real, true defining in political labels ( and the position on the political scale) has been obliterated in our popular media and political discourse.

The greatest lie of the century is that the federal cartel that claims "natural ruling party" status is "liberal"....or that it’s opposition was either "progressive" or "conservative". Both parties are statist in intent and operation…they had no problem supporting the openly statist NDP’s core concepts of a central bureaucratically controlled economy, market intervention, punitive consumptive taxes for necessities, larger government, and zero public responsive democratic reforms to our governing systems.

As for the Liberals they are openly against individual property rights, and claim authority to truncate any civil right they see fit via section one of THEIR charter…..this is the act of a statist regime forming a rule through rubberstamp Jurocracy, governance through a oligarchical kleptocracy, and enforcement of policy through a surreptitious quasi-police state and star chamber tribunals…Hell these people are authoritarian secular statists….frekissake I’m a liberal…a classic liberal or libertarian with some traditionalist tendencies, and I think these people act and think like soviet crooks!….I have much more in common in my quest for smaller restrained accountable government , free market dynamics and individualism with the New Canadian Conservatives and the democratic reform based CPC than with these nationalist socialist Peronista Liberals.

They say we Canadians have a “mixed” economy....neither supply (free market) nor Demand ( communist central planned economics)…but anyone who operates as a free agent in the private sector can tell you that the regulatory constraints, and tax regimes at play in the Canadian market place have tilted the scale towards fuller central economic control of the statist ideologies ( communism/national socialism).

Similarly, as our economic freedoms were gradually reduced from the 60s onward, our individual civil freedom has been reduced….we had once claimed in, Pearson’s time, to have a “mixed” or “3rd option” governance which was neither statist socialism nor free constitutional republicanism….we did when we were a British parliamentary democracy but 1982 changed all that and made us a subjects of the state and no longer sovereign individuals under protection of British styled rule of law. We now are mired in a murky morass of statist code law run by roman style tribunals where the only individual freedom and civil liberties one has are the ones the omnipotent Jurocracy wishes to recognize on any given day.

For me ( as a Canadian Citizen) the ideological political scale is irrelevant with it’s positions of left and right. The only “scale” that matters in governance is where one’s government is placed on the scale with anarchy at the right end and tyranny at the left end, and from my objective, non partisan assessment of the current operational mode of the federal political establishment, I would say Canada’s current Liberal regime (our past NDP, PC governments) sits close to the left end of the scale in a semi benign tyranny.

Our Democracy has been allowed to be highly compromised by a number of unilateral national policies, parliamentary conventions and unwritten governing doctrines like the newly accepted doctrine of paramountcy, which is totally out of align with our constitutional/confederal make up. In short, the national political establishment has become overtly statist, anti-democratic, Machiavellian in it’s quest for power and power brokering and Kleptocratic in operation.

Now all this transcends petty partisan political squabbling and navel gazing which seems to occupy the MSM and the public debate mediums. Patriots must regravitate the conversation to its proper focus….which is NOT squabbling over left –right disjointed idealism… is about steering their nation’s government and political ideals back to the center away from the rocks of unaccountable statism.

It will take Canadians to do this, politicians are too locked into a system which has been redesigned to restrict or repel change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing we can do for ourselves is revolt and start again at the begining

June 12, 2005 at 10:27 AM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

I humbly suggest that the reality is, that the statist elite entity of our time, the entity which is maintaining, and sometime desparately so, the current state, is the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal Party goes far beyond Paul Martin

... in fact the Liberal Party is the front for a National Socialist mindset that includes most elites in the media, bureaucracy, politics, and even business. And, because this is so, it is the Liberal Party of Canada which is the enemy, and is in fact anti-Canadian.

I agree with your detailed parsing down of the issues, but in the end it comes down to taking it all and formulating a simply, concrete, concept. The vast majority of Canadians are not well enough read, nor are they substantially interested, to care for the details of the matter. And, that concept, as ugly as it sounds, is "Liberal Bad; CPC good." At this point in time, June 12th, 2005, the CPC are on the right side of history because they truly are the only patriots.

Failing to support the best political party, at this time, leads to a national vacuum where separatism, I'm afraid, will be the only option for Quebecors and Westerners.

But then again, perhaps it is separatism that is the flame that will force the dull hords of Central Canada to look around long enough to see what they have wrought.

June 12, 2005 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

I agree. It isn't about party in the bigger picture but people become so inured to the interference and intervention of government into our daily lives, that most people don't even notice anymore, let alone mind.
Schools and television are indoctrinating our children to accept and uphold the government imposed collective will in terms of both economic and social realities.
It is difficult to fight against, because government gets them while they're young, and now wants to get them while they're even younger.
It's hard as a parent. My own kids are being taught one thing at school and to think for themselves at home. They find themselves at odds with teachers and peers.
I don't mind them challenging me, but when they challenge their teachers about government and social issues they have been sent out into the hall -- separated and humiliated for non-conformity. This is in a program for gifted kids, where individual expression is encourage.
Beyond the blogs, I find myself increasingly alone on these issues.

June 12, 2005 at 11:14 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Anonymous: the revolution started 20 odd years ago and is now a strong political movement that can attract 30- 40 % of the vote...however, the reformist core of libertarians and laissez faire non statist policy makers in the CPC, or any party, cannot move any faster than the membership and public allow them to. Ethical/democratic reform must be demanded from the wider public....people have to drop the selfish, me-first greed in their voting patterns that patronage collectivist statism has corrupted the electorate with...they have to look beyond nebulous promises of nanny state pandering and look to the nation's democratic welfare to have the mindset ready to usher in accountable and ethical reform of government.

The statist parties play on your dependency or your greed...they make hollow vulgar bribes to the voter in return for returning a corrupt cartel to govern and plunder the national Treasury. For every puny dollar reluctantly returned to neccessary public spending there are 3 that go to line the pockets of the government's insider patrons.

Ethics must come from the elctorate and generate up to the politicians. Theyt won't try bribing us if we are ethiocal enough to vote for principle over sleaze and payola.

The public must be conditioned to reject insider sleaze....ethics must become popular again as an ideal in business, public life, private life and politics.

The ethical cleansing of government must come from the a certain political slogan went : "demand better".

The revolution is unfolding in thousands of individuals daily who have the personal cathartic shift of changing their voting priority to demand ethical accountable democractic governance....nothing less will do for the tax we pay....stop looking for a handout and do your duty as a citizen...demand good government first.

To put a variation on Orwell's famous quote : in times of degenerated social/political convention, acting ethical becomes a revolutionary act.

Be a revolutionary, demand accountable, ethical behaviour in all public officials.

June 12, 2005 at 5:30 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Debris Trail said:
"I humbly suggest that the reality is, that the statist elite entity of our time, the entity which is maintaining, and sometime desparately so, the current state, is the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal Party goes far beyond Paul Martin "

The current Liberal party/caucus/organization/network is without doubt the most corrupt, machiavellian, statist political cartel Canada has ever suffered public plunder from.

However, I wonder how well Mulroney's second regime would have held up to a real Gomery-style investigation. The federal system is so open to corrution because of the unaccountable anti-democratic concentration of power, that I trust no one to go long without falling to the fate of the liberals....although there is much in the conflicted ideology of modern liberalism and sundry other national socialsts which makes them so much more easy to corrupt.

Paul, you yourself know that the political grey men in the Powercor patronage gravitational pull include politicians from all the old line have the Rae Brothers from the NDP, PET, Chretien and Martin from the liberals and Mazankowskie, Mulroney and Bill Davis from the PCs. It seems that hijacking democratic accountability and insider trading in the very top of the Canadian political pyramid knows no political brand loyalty in old-line partisanism.

However, I defy anyone to show me a Desmarais bought political stooge or patronage broker from the western federal reform movement or its 2 coalition rebirths. ;-)

Again...this may be because the Ottawa patronage establishment's big buyoff has not yet presented itself to the new CPC ...perhaps Harper is incorruptable and already rejected it but will his predecessor or co-workers? If they gain power how long can they hold out?

The tempataion presented in the unaccountable concentration of power at the federal system level is like a soul sucking one can be trusted because every one can be corrupted.

We need to change the systen so it has safety valves that protect pour democracy from this back room corruption. We need them entrenched in our democratic institution of parliement and the federal system and we need them policed by ethical independent arm's length people's commissioners.

Can any one be trusted in the snake pit Ottawa legislating has degenerated to?

June 12, 2005 at 6:12 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Exactly Bill: The one thing I admire about Stephen Harper, is that he is outside the Power Cartel. Just look at the disdane that Ralph Klein treats Harper with. Klein, who I'm afraid is a closet statest, makes sure he throws a monkey wrench in everytime the CPC seem to be breaking through the "fear" factor. If anything can be said about Harper, and the group he has collected, is that they do not have roots in the establishment. Stronach, was establishment, and once she realized that Harper and his devout crew would have none of her Cartel Elitism, she was gone.

I also agree with you that our system leaves us wide wide open to the worst of corruption. The Canadian PMO makes hundreds of appointments a year without any defined process... what a sickening formula for corruption. Furthermore, Chretien ensured that an incredible number of important state decisions can be made by the PMO and never go to the house.

And finally, the worst of all of this is being played out as we speak. The Liberals have been rewarded, yes rewarded, for corruption. Just look at the numbers. Ontarians, have made themselves into whores. What they have determined, once and for all, is that they'll tolerate just about anything, as long as they get a little sugar.

I had a crusty American client once. I loved him because he was a long-suffering man who was a terrifying foe because of his background with the Gotti Family. He was a reformed mobster, let's say. He seemed infinitely patient and would put up with incredible trouble from people in his business. But he had a point... a point where no living person should ever want to cross. He used to tell me, "Paul, I'll put a F***ing pile of shit in my mouth... but... do not ever expect me to swallow... and I pitty the guy who asks me too!" And his record proved him right.

Well, too many Canadians have got their mouths full; to the brim... question is, are they willing to swallow.

My bet... they already have.

June 12, 2005 at 7:04 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Well this Canuck refuses to even allow himself to be defiled like that....I've already drawn my line in the sand and the feds have crossed it. They have a patriot pissed at them who will noy back up, shut up, comply and refuses to be intimidated.

As for Ralph, he's a bilderberger as of '95 and from that point forward he has acted as the judas goat who will deliver Alberta's resource wealth into the control of the eastern cartel. Pleas research the number of resourse taxing regimes he has allowed the feds to steal from the province.....the environment ministry in Ottwa now owns Alberta's oil patch through the control of Kyoto...did Ralph tell ottawa that Alberta would not be playing that came because it breached constitutional jurisdiction???...Naww he had a hissy fit for the cameras then signed onto the Kyoto taxing regimes and regulatory authority over the patch....Ralph wil retire a wealthy man in Plam springs....20 bucks says he kisses Albera goodbye on retirement so ke can spend his loot in warm decadent places where the trilaterals hang out....maybe his pal Ron Southern can get him into the exclusive condos down south.

Get out and work for Morton...he's Alberta's only hope to put the fed genie back in the bottle.

June 12, 2005 at 10:28 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

I would agree on Morton, but hold fast to the (not-slim-chance) that Harper will lose in the next election & resign, in which case I'd support him over Morton.

These are truly ugly times.

June 13, 2005 at 1:18 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

I haven't written off Harper yet. If he can suck up and get past this silly demoralizing crap that is thrown at him by the eastern media and realize that regardeless of all the anti-CPC drivel from Liberal sycophant media and all the biased planted polls they can concoct......the CPC IS the only alternative to criminal sleaze.

We sat here and watch how the liberals destroyed Grewal....a guy who caught them in a crime. There is no doubt in my mind they are plotting the same thing for Harper, because he cannot be bought.

The harper slander in the yellow media will be amazingshould he do the right thing and resist the diluge of sickley media nattering to remove him as a leader and no matter what happens we should all thank Harper for standing up to the depraved leviathan which Ottawa and its media crones have become. It isn't easy to be an honest principled man and take the lies and names concocted by the statest media forces.

If one takes a close look at the headlines today, we see the real nature of the Canadain MSM...first they manufacture a CPC loss at the polls for an election that was never run ( largely because they didn't complain when Martin breached our governing confidence laws)and are deposing the CPC leader for alleged failures that amount to no substance. What the media is calling a Martin "political victory" is in fact a Martin constitutional any one can win if they cheat and don't play bey the rules....the media is blaming Harper for Martin breaking the laws of Canada.....this is what we Canadians call a reasoned 4th estate...frankly the media is as twisted as the corrupt regime it appologises for.

June 13, 2005 at 7:00 AM  

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