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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book tagged

Book Tagged eh?

Paul at Celestial Junk has “book tagged” extention of all other Blogging Tories ( I'm not a Tory I'm libertraian/reformer) with this small questionnaire:

1. How many books do you own?

The Memsahib has chided me numerous times for stacking the walls of "her" castle with 3 rooms of book shelves ( amybe we need a new place...some people move when the family expands, some may move when the consciousness expands) any rate I'd guess at 500+

2. What is the latest book you bought?

"Why I hate Canadians" by Will Ferguson ( a Canadian)

3. What is the last book you read?

"1867 How the Fathers Made a Deal" By Chris Moore

4. Which 5 books mean a lot to you?

"The Rights of Man" By Thomas Paine

"The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek

"Heart of the country" by Greg Matthews

"Unintended Consequences" By John Ross

"Aztec" by Garry Jennings

Honorable mention to:

"A Parliament of Whores" By P.J. O"Rourke...and....

" Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom: The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963-1994" by Joe CW Armstrong


"The Charter Revolution and the court party" By FL "Ted" Morton and Rainer Knopff

.......anything to promote better literacy of this colony


Blogger Debris Trail said...

Well Billy: I am impressed. Obviously, you keep most everything you read. I'm one of those garbarators who tosses .75 of his possessions away every odd year, and that includes books.

I gotta ask you about, "Why I hate Canadians". Could you give us a little review; it sounds delicious.

June 9, 2005 at 3:25 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Ya.. will do....the book is kind of an interesting perspective on the silly(and uglier) side of the Canadian mystique from a Canadian who left Canada as a starry-eyed Trudeau utopian engaged in all the proper "unity" jingoist activism, spent a soul searching period of time, grew up intellectually and returned to a trdgically comical, Al Cappish "lower slobovia" he found foreign, strange and civilly/culturally retarded. A much different ( and not in a good way) Canada from the mythical trudeaupian kingdom when he left a decade earlier.

An insightful read for any Canadian with the intellectual maturity to honestly look at our collective warts in the mirror and treat them with humor and resolve.

It is not a book for the Ottawa/MSM manufactured synthetic reacionary Canadianism that swells the ranks of Canada's dogmatic left.

June 10, 2005 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Looks like the kind of read that will enrage the average insecure Liberal/Socialist/Elitist Canuck; and delite those of us who live on the wrong side of the tracks.

By the way, did you get my email re: book blog?

June 10, 2005 at 10:53 AM  

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