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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hoser Royalty Weds: Lib Media Salivates over Heir Apparent

"The sentiment is this is Canadian royalty," CTV's Jed Kahane told Newsnet.One spectator even compared the Trudeaus to the glamourous Kennedy clan of the United States."

I don't know about you but it was hard to take this saccharine diatribe coming from the usual Trudeaupian media sycophants. We heard repeatedly of references to state pomp and Kennedy dynasty and “Camelot” equivalencies. We heard the same PET legacy lies like the name was sacrosanct and widely loved ( well not in Quebec or the west it’s not). I had to mutter under my breath several times; "hold on stomach" sitting through the nauseating fawning and media bootlicking in the Trudeau Kid's wedding news sequence.

It WAS treated like a wedding of Hoser royalty (see reporter remarks at the top) and it struck me what all this cloying gush from our 4th estate nanny utopians was all about.

It was a tribal gathering of the Trudeaupia cult...the tired weather beaten old "60's era sots" that hold onto the mythology of Trudeau era utopianism and sit in denial of the failed Canadian socialist state.....PET's death was symbolic of the end/failure of universal free welfare in a finite wealth creation capacity..PET economics died when the bills came due and PET's statist centralism died when centralist corporate liberalism isolated Canada’s western economic engines and the financial backlash drained revenues....However, being great revelers in symbolism PETs Death had them low ( seeing the end of a Trudeau utopian dream cult)... then to be hit with the realization that Modern liberalism amouted to mob networked corporate criminal cartels which the public rejected in the last election...they needed a pick-me -up to shake off the gloom of realities.

Well, along comes a Trudeau brat coming-of-age milestone...a chance to fanaticize what could be.....they had come out for a sort of pagan fertility ceremony. To do some deep wishful thinking and engage in the sympathetic magic needed to day dream about a Trudeau whelp taking up the patriach's Armour and sword and slaying the dragons of mediocrity that 2 decades of decay from Trudeaupian idealism and modern k;eptocratic corporate liberalism had wrought on the mythical kingdom of reestablish the utopian kingdom of welfare wealth and subsidy prosperity the single party state of Trudeaupian mythos promises them. A return to the heady days of Trudeaupia when borrowed money fell on the people from the money trees and every one was raptured with group think and would believe any mebulous policy scheme if it came from "the father of new Canada"....ahh yes, the intoxicating days before the bills came due for the Trudeaupian cultists.....And now Deja Vu of these halcyon day rushing back at the Trudeu heir's wedding. Ahhhhh it was an intoxicating day for the trudeaupian cult, one could virtually cut the whimsy with a knife in the bastions of the Trudeaupian myth ( Star, CBC, G&M, CTV). That is why we see wishful postulations like this:

"In recent years, Trudeau has embarked on a career as a public speaker and has hinted he may enter the political arena at some future point"

Of course the only "hints" were manufactured by Trudeaupian cult leaders in the media in an attempt to condition us to accept the concept of Kennedy or Bush-style political family dynasties.... and, of course, to pressure Liberal cartel rain makers to keep pestering the poor kid to come to the dark side and save their debauched political cartel....a job, by the way, the poor kid has openly refused and shown complete lack of interest in. It just may be this is one Trudeau who having endured a silver spoon existence has the grounding effect of a normal ego and enjoys the small personal acheivments that well adjusted humility brings enjoy....perhaps he was born without the herditary narcissit gene that drove the megalomania and publicity addictions of his parents....perhaps he has the gene an suppresses it with an overpowering sense of refined humility ...unlike his Mother and father....or the debased political hoodlums who chase after him begging him to save their corrupt little federal racketeering cartel in exchange for movie star-king status.

As a side bar here, in watching the wedding footage, I noticed 4 Mounties in full dress red serge classing up the event. I really doubt silver spoon kids like the Trudeaus would know commoner stock like Mountie corporals...let alone invite them come to this shin I assume these were sent there courtesy of the tax payer at a Liberal party apparatchick's request. I realize this may seem like a small niggardly point but, in light of the Gomery revelations it displays the reflexive, unthinking contempt Fed-Libs have for our money...and an inflated sense of worth for their partisan send duty officers to a private wedding on the taxpayer's dime was contempable by any standard of candor ....the Liberal cartel spin team wanted this to appear like a state affair when it is clearly not. But oddly, in the same week, there was allegedly no money to have extra Mounties investigate the Grewal tapes.

While I was watching all this feigned pomp and circumstance of the mythical Trudaupian Sate, I saw 2 of the Mounties acting as color guards ( they carried flags ) which is , again, a breech of protocol in non state ceremonies. As I watched the single party socialist state leaf of Mike Pearson being so disgracefully misused for some cheap partisan symbolism, I couldn't help but think that we are due again for another flag change to better reflect the current political state of modern Canada.

I think perhaps the red leaf should be removed and replaced with a bunch of bananas....much more fitting of the political culture liberals want us to associate with "being Canadian"....PET's pal Castro would be proud...hey, was he at this Trudeau wedding too?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article. Good read. If more people looked at things like you Bill, Canada would be much better off.

John Crittenden

February 24, 2007 at 9:46 AM  

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