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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What are the qualifications for Ministry in the Martin Liberals?

We note with much confused trepidation that the qualifications to be a federal cabinet minister just plummeted today. It seems that PM Martin has little or no criteria for applicants to the cabinet ministry of Human Resources and skills development. If the ex Tory neophyte MP he just appointed to the post is any indication, it would seem that the main qualification for Liberal cabinet posts is the ability to betray your constituency for perceived political opportunity.

Some wags have comment that this is the first time they have seen a rat bailing on to a sinking ship, but I would opine that it is more a matter of a perennially ideologically conflicted rookie developing an uncanny ability to consistently make the wrong choices if the end result is getting her own way.

Given that Stronach’s ability as a corporate CEO were negligible ( as she was given the job by her father and had a large staff for the grunt work) because she had never really been tested in the fires of dire market competition or turning a negative business spiral around, she comes to politics as an untried, life-long product of crass nepotism. Daddy’s favorite little rich girl syndrome is more than a cliché in Belinda’s case, it is a fact….and it has instilled in her as a woman that what ever she wants she must have at all costs. Problem with this attitude in representative democracy is that the price it extracts is personal loyalty and civil principle.

So, seeing how Belinda was so qualified for Liberal cabinet ministry that the job was hers the day she sold her values to Martin’s bribe regime, we offer the following as criteria for Liberal cabinet posting:

1) One must have the ability to justify a complete reversal on positions previously stated ( we recall how Belinda savaged the Martin budget as being a “joke” and a “band aid budget".

2) Having never been near a personnel office in her daddy’s company, she can fill the liberal ministry requirement of having no former personal experience in “human resources”.

3) We assume that Belinda’s acceptance as minister of “western alienization” has been satisfied by her intimate knowledge of all the up-scale ski resorts in the Rockies….I mean that’s all you need to know about “the west”. Horrid little places like Gimly, Moose Jaw, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Kamloops, Whiskey Gap or Prince Rupert are all populated by those horrid savages that we don’t want to talk with or acknowledge they exist….the west consists of : the night club strip and Kensington in Calgary, West Edmonton mall, Banff, Jasper, Fairmont hot springs, Whistler, Vancouver’s waterfront restaurant row and Galliano Island……the rest is a vast wasteland filled with hostile savages.

4) The criteria for a “skills development minister” is a person deeply in need of “skills development” herself. I suppose the thrust here is that only the skills impaired can relate to those with no skills.

5) One must have a far academically, civically inferior personal resume, and far less involved in the community than the democratically elected candidate one has been arbitrarily parachuted in to replace.

6) One must have the ability to completely ignore the will of your constituents and directions of your riding association….essentially have the ability to hold grass roots democracy in contempt and focus on politics based in opportunistic situational ethics or personal expediency politics ( I believe “Bindy” refered to this base situational ethics syndrome as “following her moral compass”)

All I can say to Paul Martin is;
You sure got a minister that fills all your requirements to a “T”. Farewell to Belinda Stronach’s days as a rookie MP in training in a ethically centered grass roots democratic opposition party to a neophyte minister in a constitutionally compromised corrupt political regime. The days…or possibly months ahead will tell the tale as to whether it was a good fit.


Blogger Kate said...

One must be able to curse the Americans in both official languages?

May 19, 2005 at 6:52 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Well "Bindie's two official laguages are Money and influence peddling.....she seems to get by on them quite well...particualrly in an environment where every thing is for a liberal government.

May 20, 2005 at 10:24 AM  

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