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Friday, May 13, 2005

Liberal “confidence” motive Crawls in the Slime

Evidence surfaced today supporting Opposition charges that the lame-duck Martin liberals strategically set a confidence vote to occur when they will win it due to illness-absent opposition members:

“With hindsight, though, the reasons for Harper's Mr.
Furious routine may be more understandable. It emerged yesterday that Darrel
Stinson, one of the Conservatives fighting cancer, has an operation scheduled
for Wednesday and will miss the vote the following day. What enraged Harper was
his belief that the Liberals knew about this and cynically exploited the
information by calling the vote for a time when Stinson was unavailable.One
Conservative said the Liberals have been calling around in British Columbia
seeking information on Stinson's treatment and that Albina Guarnieri, the
Veterans Affairs Minister, raised the issue with Chuck Cadman, the Independent
MP who is also fighting cancer. "Some of the more aggressive tactics used by
Martin's people offend [Harper's] sense of fair play,"

Of course, we’re met with the same venal denials we’ve become accustomed to from this corrupt political cabal.

Although each revelation of Liberal political immorality cuts me to the core of my Canadianism, the most painful civil sin is a segment of the population that seems to be able to accept or justify this behavior. I want to believe that this is the result of years of disinformation and partisnism in our decrepit media….but still, the fact remains that to accept the unethical/immoral maneuvering of the last liberal regime is to be party to it by extension.

Seriously people….my fellow voters, taxpayers…citizens….Can we really be as callous as this immoral liberal power cartel, to actually accept any of this as being a legitimate way to govern?
What we have is a government that is in breach of constitutional propriety as well as ethical decorum. What has taken place is simple enough, and should outrage most Canadians had they not been so terribly dumbed down about the constitutional operation of their own government by 35 years of collusive liberal/media spin.

Let’s cut through the media partisan spin and try to bridge the detracted public knowledge of parliamentary function:

We nave a minority government that has lost the confidence of the opposition. It was demonstrated by the opposition motions put forward and adopted. It is demonstrated by the house adopting an opposition motion that the public works committee recommend the government resign. It is demonstrated by the opposition controlling the working function of government. A formal vote on confidence was asked for by opposition within 2 days of the house-accepted committe motion that the government resign over corruption revelations ( as per constitutional convention) …this was flatly DENIED by the liberal appointed speaker and house secretary. That was an unconstitutional act. A further unconstitutional act is to schedule confidence vote on matters that the PM deems fit instead of the house. A PM that has lost control of the house cannot dictate what matters will or will not be votes of confidence or delay a confidence vote for his convenience.

The opposition is doing everything that is available to them constitutionally to prove the current regime has lost the confidence of the house by shutting down government….the last thing open to them to prove that the current government is truly out of control of government and lacks the confidence of the house to run government.

What we now have is an illegitimate government continuing to sit in abeyance of lost confidence of the house….we also have a governor general who is unconstitutionally sitting on her hands instead of acting to resolve the stalemate by either allowing an opposition coalition to govern or to dissolve the house and go to the polls.

We woke up this morning ( Friday 13th) in a nation in constitutional crisis under an unrecognized illegitimate minority regime. If the Governor General does not act today, we will have a rogue political regime illegally claiming power to rule. That will place Canada in such esteemed company as many 3rd world despotic states.


Blogger DT said...

Our local talk-radio guy John Gormley has been coy on the Parlimentary antics but this latest slime move by the Libs and evidence of past such moves got him going today. He put a nasty editorial on radio... I seldom hear him use such strong language. People had better realize, that what we are seeing today and in the upcoming election is not about political philosophy, but about right and wrong. This will not be a gray election; but a black and white one.

May 13, 2005 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

I want to believe you're right DT...this coming election (if we get it and the liberals do not continue to pretend to rule without confidence), is clearly about exercising the civilly responsible duty to punish and oust a proven corrupt political party from power.

Quebec is outraged, the west is outraged, the east coast is unfortunately reliant and will reluctantly whore their vote.... Ontario is the battlefield. So ultimately the hope of cleaning up corruption in federal politics is dependant upon the moral/ethical compass of the Ontario electorate.

They seem oblivious that the rest of the nation wants the liberal corruption swept from office....they seem focused only on what's in it for them. They should be thinking nationally because returning the liberals, or crippling federalism with a minority CP government will ultimately result in confederal crisis in Quebec or the west.....but I don't think this matters to them....I hear too much regurgitated liberal and media talking points coming from their talk show callers to allow me to trust the integrity or civil responsibility level of the Ontario electorate.

However, anything can happen in an election Campaign....perhaps a miracle will occur and the opposition will actually get its message of principle over politics out there unfiltered by a hostile partisan media. Then there is the matter of whether principle and integrity in government resonates with Ontario voters.

May 13, 2005 at 5:11 PM  

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