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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Liberals Bring Nation into Democratic Crisis

Liberals lose crucial vote, but Martin ignores calls to resign
153-150: Tory motion 'not confidence vote'

Anne Dawson and Allan Woods

Canwest News Service May 11, 2005

OTTAWA -- The federal government waded into uncharted
constitutional waters last night after it was defeated in a vote the
Conservatives say should topple the Liberals. A coalition of 153 Conservative
and Bloc Quebecois MPs voted for a motion demanding the Liberals resign while
129 Liberals, 19 New Democrats and two Independents voted against.

Ignore a parliamentary vote to resign? Deny this is non confidence? Refuse to step down and go to the polls? This is proper Canadian democracy?

Having spent some time researching Canadian constitutional law, I can state that this is, essentially, a nation formed and governed by "convention".

Watching the Liberal governments of the past decade we have seen vast breaks with convention. From refusal to appoint senate from elected lists, to stacking courts with political operatives, to eliminating ministerial responsibility, to depriving parliament of free votes, to corrupting committees and opposition with patronage bribery, to over paying contracting cronies, to politicizing the civil service, to making liberal partisan interpretations of the law, constitution and parliamentary procedure.

If one believes in the social concept of leadership by example, then we should all take our cues from this liberal ruling cartel and breach conventional civil propriety ourselves.
We should make the same liberal interpretations of law and constitutional convention in our daily lives as our leaders do in their sacred trust.

With the unconventional liberal reinterpretations of law you can:

  • Run stop signs if you are in a hurry

  • Pay tax when you feel like it and then only enough as your personal balanced budget doctrine allows

  • Exercise your democratic franchise only when it benefits you and only when you have rigged things for an out come you want.

  • Pay your news vendors to say what you want to hear.

  • View the charter and constitutional as only a rough guideline and place your individual welfare above the constraints of these documents.

After all the only reason to break convention is to further your own personal interests...right Paul? Parliamentary and constitutional convention, the law and ethical civil behavior are all open to corruption if it meets your ends…this is the reality of Liberal political culture

I’m not the only constitutionally savvy Canadian that feels this way:


From the Things-that-make-you-go-hmmmmmm department:
It was easy enough for myself,Andrew Coyne and other bloggers to find many credible constitutional experts to support the fact that a parliamentary passed motion, which has as it's core premise the resignation of the government, is a de facto expression of non confidence by the house.

We also note from, review of todays and yesterday's news broadcasts) that CBC, CTV and Global could not find a single constitutional expert that would disagree with the liberals denial of non confidence.


Blogger DT said...

I love your list of conventions we can now ignore... or rather behaviors we can now indulge in. I continue to shake my head at the fact that these people have been elected again and again.

May 11, 2005 at 12:29 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Well I you didn't vote for breaches of convention and I didn't vote for breaches of convention ....and actually no one I have talked to voted for or mandated thi government to breach constitutional/parliamentary convention....just who did?

Wher did they get the idea they had this mandate to behave unethically and above convention?

I will remind you this isn't the first massive breach of conventional parliamentary process that the current Liberal cartel has indulged in. You will recall we had at one time 2 PMs sitting in government at the same time. Liberals failed to realize that a change in leadership in their party does not neccessarily mean we change PMs without national mandate and royal ascent.

It seems that the mindset that gravitates to the liberal political cabal, holds no civil propriety or law inviolable...particularly if a liberal elite deems said convention/law to be an obsticle to their agenda of power at all costs.

May 11, 2005 at 12:47 PM  

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