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Thursday, April 28, 2005

1st Entry:

Jupiter’s thunder, this new internet streaming that my host used is indeed a wondrous thing. Today I Heard on Mr. Lowell Green’s Ottawa talk show a very sensible senator in the upper chamber by the name of Senator Anne Cools. She spoke passionately about how the parliamentary function of the lower house is being subverted by the crass self-interest of this Prime Minister Martin fellow. She seems to be accurate in her observations that he cares more for preserving his powers of appointment in his last days than he does doing government business right.... so he is clinging, tediously, to his damaged and corruption plagued government with vote buying with the weakest party. This man seems to come from an environment where open bribery is a political tool that is more desirous than open ethical persuasion. Judging by the veritable tidal wave of information from the likes of party camp followers like Messer’s Guite’, Coffin, Kinsella, Brault, Colbeil, Bedard and others…..Perhaps Mr. Martin would not be in the troubles he has now had he rejected the political bribe for passionate statesmanship when he entered politics. A man wears the chains of his own demise.

On a secondary entry, today My host was able to get the latest news from the Motherland ( UK) by supplying me an E-copy of the Guardian. There is a very witty and informed young bard working there by the name of Mark Steyn, who opines on the state of global economics thusly

Immediately after his retirement, the now forgotten Canadian
swinger Pierre Trudeau took his sons to Siberia because that was ‘where the future is being built’. Any future being built in the outlying parts of Russia belongs to Muslims and Chinese in need of Lebensraum, and drug cartels and terrorist networks eager to take advantage of remote areas in a state lacking sufficient reliable manpower to police its borders.

That’s why, even as an unimaginative apparatchik pining for the old days, President Putin is nevertheless very cautious about offending the

The Chinese must look at Russia’s diseased kleptocracy and think,‘There but for the grace of Whoever....’ So far, Beijing’s strategy of economic
liberalisation without political liberalisation is working out a lot better
than the Moscow model. Instead of all this guff about the blessings of
liberty, Deng Xiaoping cut to the chase and announced: ‘To get rich is
glorious.’ And, for city dwellers whose income increased 14-fold in the two decades after Deng told ’em to go for it, things have worked out swell.

It does an old man good to see the Yanks have done so well in spreading their concept of freedom though laissez faire capitalism…..the pragmatic sense of making the most number of your citizens prosperous as possible to avoid civil strife was not wasted on even the most dogmatic proponents of the errant ideals of that accursed Marx fellow. There is a lesson here for my fellow Colonists in the Canadas. As I understand, the last decade or so we have labored under a political regime that was not only corrupt and sapping the productivity of it’s citizens but also half hearted communists in their ideas of market control and corporate government cronyism ( as the old Russia and China were)

I see this statistics for economic growth released today by a local bank:

Economic growth projections:

Canada: 1.4% to 1.7%
US: 3.8% to 4.4%
Europe: 1.6% to 1,9%
China: 12% to 14%

It seems to this observer there is a direct link between rejecting the corruption and bureaucratic tyranny of statist socialism and the prosperity level potential of a nation.


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