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*-{The New Canadian Colonist's Advocate }-* A commentary of fiery reformist sentiment from the spirit of it's 210 year old Canadian ghost publisher patron. This will be a home to the new wave of anti-partisan advocacy for defeating Canada's second "family compact" and reinstallation of responsible governance in this 21st century new Canadian democratic dominion.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Good day my fellow Upper Canadian I mean citizens.

This is my initial journal entry as a familiar of the spirit of William Lyon Mackenzie. The phantom of the grand old Canadian patriarch of reform, representative and civilly responsible government, has been disturbed and walks in troubled concern among us. He seeks a medium to relay his passions for the troubled state of his beloved nation. I will provide that outlet.

Perhaps a little explanation is in order to clear any confusion or defray misguided mysticism blemishing the validity and genuine passions of my messaging.

It has been a month of troubled thought and disturbed sleep for me. I see the highest civil institution in our nation revealed to be the private toy of a political/corporate patronage cartel that broker influence for power and personal profit. The civilly responsible Canadian in my soul was unsettled. This must have been very disturbing to entities other than my conscious self as I started getting fiery dialogues on corrupt political cabals ( or family compacts as the voice put it) in my restless dreaming. It was like being lectured, in a semi conscious state, by a prototype Canadian who was as outraged as I about the corrupt and nepotistic nature of our devolved government.

After several nights like this I discovered these phantom somnambulant thundering lectures haunting my waking consciousness. Each one ended with a spiritual plea to “go to print” and
"reach the people"……followed by a stern warning to avoid having my “printing molly thrown into the bay by the compact”.

What can I make of it? I started looking in my collection of historic Canadiana and almost instinctively pulled my copies of “The Firebrand” by Kilbourn and “The Colonial Advocate” by Raible. Glancing through them I was startled by the similarity in rhetoric between W.L Mackenzie’s original writing and the nocturnal lectures I was experiencing…perhaps it was a form of spiritual channeling (if you believe in that sort of thing) …or perhaps it was my subconscious Canadian civil outrage speaking to me in parallel passions to those of the father of Canadian reform.

At any rate, the directive was clear: “ go to the people"….."expose the family compact" ( political/corporate cartel) "which feeds off Canadian’s freedoms, productivity and meritless consent of governance”.

This blog will attempt to inform Canadians to the subverting machinations of their democratic powers by political “fixing” and Cronyism by the elite political cliques operating in our nation. We hope to spotlight the sapping both our taxes and freedoms. We will do so through the perspective of the prototype Canadian liberal reformer who demanded ethical, civilly responsible representation rather than incestuous nepotism in public policy and governing.

Today William Lyon Mackenzie redux is born and the new Colonial advocate will be a firebrand against political corruption in Canada.


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