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Saturday, April 30, 2005

You can Judge a PM by his friends

I note with some stifled outrage that this age and Generation of Canadians are burdened with their own “family compact” as well. The difference seems that in my day people were not able to vote them out of power as they are today. I see the nepotistic scouge of this era remains a cartel of insiders who use the Canadian state to further their own interests.

Does it not seem a tad unseemly to you people at all that 4 Prime Ministers ( including the current one) are intimately connected to international business magnets and swindle brokering gadflys like this Desmarais and Moe Strong fellow. It seems that the main Players in the Iraqi oil for food scandal are Canadians ( Strong and Desmarais) who have close business connections to the last two Liberal Prime Ministers….I see you can always judge a man by the company he keeps and your PM Martin would appear linear in his choice of associating with swindlers.

The Canadian tycoon and self-styled socialist who's currently embroiled in a scandal
relating to the United Nations, Maurice Strong, has created a worldwide network
of influential people whom he's enlisted in the cause of environmentalism and
"sustainable development" - a phrase he says he coined to denote ecological
security, economic progress, and social justice.

A phrase frequently used in connection with Mr. Strong is "international man of mystery,"
and he has long occupied that zone where personal business interests are made to
mesh with public policy issues.

His leftist ideology, his political associations, and his platform for nearly four decades at the United Nations have enabled Mr. Strong to collaborate with companies and politicians he drew
into the U.N. ambit. Some of those who have tracked Mr. Strong's activities have called him "Chairman Mo," or "Max" - as in "maximum leader."

One member of that network is Prime Minister Martin, a liberal currently involved in a
financial scandal in Canada.

Mr. Martin has taken to using a favorite Strong term, "global equalization," a call for imposing global taxes on wealthy nations and distributing more money to poor countries under the auspices of the United Nations. A few days ago, the political analyst Paul Foster,
writing in Canada's National Post, asked: "Where, for example, might Mr. Martin
have come up with the idea for 'global equalization,' which amounts to the
fulfillment of The Communist Manifesto?"

Well before Mr. Martin became prime minister, he invested in a Strong company, Cordex Petroleums, the same enterprise that attracted $1 million from the North Korea-born Tongsun Park, a businessman who has been charged by federal authorities with bribing U.N.
officials in the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. Mr. Martin's investment came through a holding company he controlled, the CSL Group Incorporated, according to Mr. Strong's disclosures.

The Article above came from an American paper. It should have been front page in a Canadian paper….but it was not. It seems that the vulgar corporate patron insiders connections in Canada’s PMO are becoming far wider knowledge in the US than they are in Canada…as a matter of fact most Canadians do not realize who Strong is or who this Desmarais Powercor cartel is. Apparently we don’t or can’t talk openly about the incestuous connections out leaders have with international swindlers and insider profiteers.They should… it has employed the last 4 of their Prime Ministers and it enriches itself with tax payers money.

I will be investigating their Cartel in future posts and exposing, network and the damage they have done to Canada and Canadians.


Anonymous dave said...

Better believe it was published in an American newspaper and not a Canadian one! Time to start asking why this is so!

May 27, 2005 at 8:15 PM  

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