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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Family Compact, vote/poll brokering and failed nations.

I awake this AM to some news that strikes close to my very being. Having some experience of the power of the press and how it can be the antiseptic to cure political corruption, I see that in this age the tables have turned. In my day, the people had the press and the family compact had the power of denial and bureaucratic cover up. It seems in this age the inverse is true; the new family compact (my host calls it the Liberal patronage cartel) has the press and the people have the option of denial.

I see that your disgraced PM Martin, engaged in a week of desperately prostituting himself in a series of degrading national spectacles. Further, he prostituted a weak opposition party and now, apparently, the citizenry, with the promise of opening the treasury to their own personal enrichment. Is principle for sale in modern Canada? Apparently so, as this degenerate government is now popular enough to win an election… least according to one questionable poll from a media client that is openly partisan. I also remind Canadians that their Auditor general, Mrs. Fraser, exposed in one of her damning audits that this current Liberal cartel had misappropriated public funds to plant concocted polls in Quebec prior to the foiled referendum in lower Canada.

I do not envy you modern Canadians, you must have a horrible time deciphering political realities in the sea of partisan disinformation which the modern Canadian media has become. Those Canadians who still hold out hope for the removal of corruption in government have my deepest sympathies….for you must watch as a large block of your countrymen will prostitute their ballot to a corrupt political brokerage party. Being bought with one’s own money seems to be a badge of honor among many less civilly stalwart Canadians.

From my investigations of the street level public opinion as expressed in the many radio phone shows and web straw polls, Mr. Martin is due for a fall in spite of the best efforts of his co-opted media friends to prevent it. One would never know the realities of public opinion were one to rely on the very narrow partisan picture painted by patron hired pollsters and media clients.

I can see now that the Canadian media will be the key player in this election. Canadians ( at least the minority that still vote) seem to live and die by what they read in a plethora of partisan media. It will be the acceptance or rejection by that media of the Liberal party record of government corruption and fraudulent influence brokering and the certain appearance of the liberal party’s unethical campaign tricks and smears that will be on trial this election.

Canada’s 4th estate should not judge lest they be judged….supporting a corrupt regime will ultimately result in a civil crisis.

Canada’s citizenry should not hold their ballot up for bid by the party that will pay the most ( with their money ) for it. Those that broker power this way will be the undoing of your nation.

A nation that will sell out their own best civil interests to a regime that brokers publicly funded corruption are a failed nation. Revolution cannot save it, political reform can’t help it and hollow patriotism cannot medicate it…….for all these things are based in unyielding higher principles ( both personal and civil). When the corruption at the top percolates down to the lowest level of society, that society is doomed.

Contrary to the insincere federalist invective spewed by your debauched government, Canada would appear not to have as much a unity crisis as a crisis of citizenship.


Anonymous dave said...

You seriously overestimate the intelligeance of the average Canadian voter, ( if such a thing is still possible).

May 27, 2005 at 8:18 PM  

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