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Friday, May 06, 2005

Shut Down Government and send in a Forensic Audit Team

I’m tired. I ‘m a rhetorically fragged-out Canadian that is tired of the sea of hollow partisan lies and hidden agendas the sitting government has this nation drowning in. I’m at a point where I don’t think even a change of government can save my nation from succumbing to the long term, entrenched systemic fraud and breach of trust government has become.

The last decade of bureaucratic neglect, abuse and contempt of the public’s interest has created a federal governing cabal that operates largely in closed door policy meetings and secluded restaurant rendezvous’ in a raison d’etre of self interest only. It has created a patronage kickback network to keep it in power that we are only seeing a glimpse of in Gomery. It has, and is, using public funds to further it’s own ambitions of power and profit.

It is in the interest of this nation that I ask all responsible party members and the leader of the opposition to promise the Canadian people; if we vote to remove the present corrupt cartel from office, that parliament shut down and not reconvene until an extensive multi-faceted forensic audit of the government business structure take place. Full audits of: public treasury, government spending, government tendering and vending processes, conflict of interest laws, influence peddling laws, appointment processes, hidden assets in "foundation" budget expansion .

In Short Mr. Harper: Shut ‘er down and send in the auditors as we would any company where the executive had cheated the shareholders and mishandled company funds.

The next Parliament should form on a non partisan basis to take the results of that extensive forensic audit and patch the holes in accountability in our process, fire and prosecute guilty parties, recover misappropriated public funds and set in motion a systemic change in government that will never allow this to happen again Without this, I believe the level of repulsion for government and politics will propel the level of public apathy towards politics to a crisis point where Canadian democracy is permanently debauched. No government can ethically or morally claim a mandate when they have the support of only 20% of those eligible to vote.

Things that worry me deeply:

  • The now open desperate hypocrisy of the government in trying to brand the opposition as “Ku Klux Klansmen” and attempting to buy them off with senate and ambassador jobs and billions of bribe money from public funds in a hastily rewritten budget.…little or no press negative backlash on this and no apologies from Liberals. Disgusting! A government that does business like this is too depraved to represent Canadians.

  • The defiant audacity that this minority government shows in refusing to accept legitimate non confidence motions/votes….and the seeming complicity of the Liberal house speaker and Governor General in such un democratic open defiance of parliamentary order.

  • The billions in “surplus” tax from “balanced budgets” that went to neither health care nor debt reduction which is stored from scrutiny in Liberal “foundations” and has never been spent.... yet the “foundation “ budget is topped off each year another million or so. There must be billions in unaccounted tax dollars stuffed in these multitudes of hastily created “foundations” over the decade. A tempting Liberal slush fund bank account to be sure.

  • The hundreds of hours Martin spent last week on our challenger jets, at $8000 an hour, electioneering and spreading billions more of our tax dollars to bribe us for our vote, yet pleading for “time” so he does not have to face an election.

  • But the number one issue that enrages me the most is a Prime Minister with the greatest scandal in Canadian history and a dormant conflict of interest investigation dogging him and his government, who will not take responsibility and do what all honorable leaders have done before: step down as PM until either the investigation clears him or go to the people for a confidence mandate.

  • This Prime Minister acts as a coward and a fugitive from justice. He has been a leader and PM for a political cabal that has, in a decade in power, perverted the system and institutions of government, misdirected public funds and made corruption a hallmark of his regime.

When this regime is hurled from office by the electorate, parliament should not convene until after the most extensive forensic audit of the last decade of administration has taken place. Then, parliament should sit as a special non partisan congress charged with repairing the system that allowed this type of systemic abuse to occur.

To do less would be to continue to allow the holes in the Canadian ship of state to fatally sink with all hands on board. It is up to the next government to restore Canadian's faith in their government and system.


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