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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What You Must Believe To Vote Liberal

Beyond the seas of thought
Beyond the realm of what
Across the streams of hopes and dreams
where things are really not

For it's the land unknown to man
Where fantasy is fact
So if you can,
please understand
You might not come back
(Amboy Dukes 1968)

Having now observed enough of the Liberal political cartel to state that they survive on a sea of lies propagated by a compliant and unquestioning media, I though it timely to list a few items that one must believe to support the federal Liberal cabal in the coming election. Raging hypocrisy seems to pervade all the liberal talking points In this observer's opinion.

  • That the broken election promise to “Kill the GST” was based on ethical considerations.

  • That the Gun registry and HRDC boondoggles ( a waste of billons of public funds) was justified as “well intentioned, yet Mr. Harper’s plan to make public health care sustainable is not.

  • That there is no “hidden agenda” with Liberal PMs that have massive business investments with corporate connections that directly benefited from their legislating, but an corporately unconnected economist and father from Calgary, with an open declaration to clean up cronyism does.

  • That Liberal “promises made, promises kept” are not out numbered by liberal promises made, promises broken.

  • That there was no child care before expensive liberal spending programs were put in place.

  • That AIDs is spread by a lack of government funding.

  • That corruption in federal government operations is a naturally occurring thing that is both unavoidable and totally excusable.

  • That investigations that turn up liberal cronies and put them on the stand under oath and facing trial make “unsubstantiated allegations” yet accusing the opposition of supporting separatism, racism, homophobia is not.

  • That only the liberals can save Canada from breaking up by having the founder of the BQ sit beside the PM in caucus and by having the reputation of federalism widely reviled by Quebecers by it's association with deep Liberal corruption in that province.
  • That guns in the hands of law-abiding duck hunters are more of a threat than nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranians or North Koreans.
  • That marrying Gays is a civil rights issue but putting individual propoerty rights in the Charter is not.

    More to come as time permits


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