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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Family Compact puts in the “fix”.

Further to my musings yesterday we see a confirmation of the long tentacles of the current federal political cartel. When a besieged PM was drowning in a patronage cesspool of his cabal’s making, the call went out to those entrenched patronized partisan termites in your tainted media. When the people express their distaste for this PM and the corrupt way his cartel does politics to the honest polltakers, Mr. Martin’s counter-truth team sprang to action. They enlisted the help of a partisan pollsters to concoct a favorable poll then they planted this poll in all the partisan media they could trust not to challenge it’s validity. This was done in my day but they did not lie with “polls” they just lied.

We see at the helm of this pollster (GPC) a group of life long partisan liberals who have been patronized by the current regime:

James Roche
John Barr
Remi Bujold
Lawrence Cannon
Cyndy de Giusti
John Hill
Otto Lang
David Peterson
Kevin Peterson

Notice a familiar name? I did. Otto Lang. He was a cabinet minister during the Trudeau years. He was mentor for the current federal finance minister, Ralph Goodale.
And the kicker. In March,
Paul Martin named him to be the co-chair for the Manitoba chapter of the National Liberal Campaign Committee.
So the man is working to get the Liberals re-elected in the coming election, and he is a senior man at a polling firm that made huge news when it was the first to report that the Liberals had pulled up to a tie with the Conservatives.

About Martin’s great poll from GPC and strategic council? Well what do you expect to hear from liberal partisan supporters?….Bad polls??

Name of contributor -Year-Class-Name of political party-
Donation $GPC Canada Inc. 2001 Business Liberal Party $15,625.88
GPC Canada Inc. 2002 Business Liberal Party $6,770.11
GPC International Holdings Inc. 2003 Business Liberal Party $6,251.12
GPC Canada Inc. 2003 Business Liberal Party $4,214.70
GPC International 2001 Business PC $1,234.00
GPC International Holdings Inc. 2001 Business Liberal Party $626.82

Update:And here's what turns up for Strategic Counsel, which also has the Liberals ahead:Name of contributor-Year-Class-Name of political party-Donation $ Gregg, Kelly, Sullivan & Woolstencroft The Strategic Counsel 2003 Business Liberal Party $4,214.70

Should be an interesting election for this observer. It will be a test of the ability of the public to reject propagated rubbish and focus on the reality of duty to remove a corrupt rgime from office. This will be a test of civil substance in the Canadian voter’s conciousness


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