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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Savage Horde in Modern Syndicate Clothing

“Life is a corrupting process from the time a child learns to play his mother off against his father in the politics of when to go to bed; he who fears corruption fears life.”( Saul Alinsky 1909-1972, Radical leftist Activist)

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.” (Edmund Burke 1729-1797, British Political Writer, Statesman

I have been engaged in documenting and analyzing the modern Liberal partisan and their personality type. What do they have to believe, and be prepared to do, to support such intellectually devoid political ideals and morally vacant politics? I got some more evidence to add to my profiling of the partisan Liberal activist/voter today. As a classic liberal ( libertarian) I am shocked at the malignant degeneration of the intellect, politics and ideals of those who call themselves “liberals” today.

First; it was announced that long time GTA news anchor Peter Kent would be running for a nomination as a Conservative Candidate in Toronto Don Mills. Mr. Kent has made public statements that confirm the Liberal partisan cronyism in the mainstream media. He thinks that Canadians have been fed single sided disinformation so long that they must be “deprogrammed” to make a reasoned civilly responsible choice at the polls. Confirmation that a corrupt cartel with self-serving agendas always co-opts the media to control what the people learn about them. In Canada this is fact.

Second: A broadcaster of many years and high ethical make up ( Lowell Green on CFRA Ottawa) exposed today ( and subsequently demonstrated by baiting unsuspecting liberal activists on his show) that Liberal party activist/workers have had a bit more than just a sheet of libelous talking points distributed to them. They have been instructed to misrepresent themselves as disaffected Conservative party members/ voters to pollsters, letters editors, talk shows and TV interviews. They then read the scripted Liberal talking points as being the reason they left the New Conservatives and will vote liberal. Imposters propagating scripted slander like this borders on criminal impersonation and displays to this observer the ethical depravity of the current Liberal cartel.

Canadian democratic institutions are strangled by a corrupt political syndicate with tentacles in our information sources as well as our public institutions. These partisan automatons have had all sense of empathy, ethics and sense of moral direction removed and a treacherous, amoral agenda of power-at-all-costs instilled in the fiber of their psyche. The corruption at the top has pervaded the philosophy of the lowest ranks of the party and the puppet masters then turn these debased robots loose on the public communications sector. This partisan installed hatchet work in our 4th estate is further validated by going unchallenged by the partisan editors in the media.

Under this current degraded state of biased media, the Liberal cartel has ruled through a blanketing pall of public disinformation spread by a horde of amoral partisan flunkies.This has existed unchallenged for the past decade.


Some things that are core CPC party principles you will never see in a Canadian mainstream media:

  • More bureaucracy does not solve problems ….more bureaucracy IS the problem
    The Private sector, private property and individual property rights are the foundation of free societies….NOT a problem that government was formed to cure.

  • Canada’s public health care system is on life support. It has been defunded by Liberal budget slashing. We owe it to ourselves to look at alternate systems that have worked in other nations. With our health system ranking 16th in the free nations, we cannot accept Liberal lies that it is perfect as is.

  • Waiting for Gomery is a wasted exercise as he cannot identify nor charge guilty parties in the corruption investigation….only Martin can do that and he has displayed no will to implicate his party and government further.

  • Canadians must want an election because all the polls that ask if they want a change in government come back in the 60-70% for change. Are we to believe that Canadians are naïve enough to think they cannot get their change without an election? …or is this more planted polls from Liberal funded pollsters and more media partisan Liberal disinformation. I choose the latter explanation because the Liberals are tying too hard to avoid an election….they are motivated by nothing but the ability to stay in power and they obviously see the hangman looming in a Spring election.

  • Paul Martin is NOT a trustworthy every day guy who wants open accountable government. Mr. Martin is a corporately connected millionaire who never stopped doing business when he entered politics. His entire political career has been spent doing covert influence peddling to corporate patrons. Martin still has active links to his old business partners from Powercor who continue to receive both political an economic patronage from his office. He still has an active damning conflict of interest file that has been reclassified as “secret” and shelved by the ethics commissioner that Mr. Martin appointed. Any cursory objective look by our 4th estate will reveal this and far more.

  • By contrast, Steven Harper is a middleclass unconnected hockey dad from Calgary. His only political agenda is to achieve the clean and open government that Martin pays lip service to.

    When I start to see unfiltered, truthful conservative messaging in the mainstream media, I will repeal my condemnations of our establishment media as failing the public and being complicit in propping up a corrupt immoral political cartel for the past decade….and not before.


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