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Monday, May 09, 2005

Moral Vacancy on the Left

An entry from my Friend Brent Colbert’s excellent blog:

I did not notice the attack until I returned home from knocking on doors
yesterday evening. I spent the day talking to members about my nomination
campaign and then had to spend most of the evening with my hosting provider to
try and reclaim my site.
Over the last few months I have attracted the
attention of the same hackers that broke into, have had comment
spam from our friends at and now this most recent attack. I’m not sure
who is responsible but I am investigating, seems it might be a local person as
the access logs from around the time the site went down shows activity from
someone using cogeco as the provider. I have brought in a security specialist
who will hack proof my site and track down the person responsible for this

My considered reply:

Not surprising Brent...the left is still mired in primitive Bolshevik "street politik" political vandalism.

When reasoned argument taps out or ability to defend their fallible political ideals in open debate in the public market place of ideas is lacking, they resort to vandalism and other civil crimes.

Which political camp do you go to find the bombers, rioters, urban terrorists, poisoners, tree spikers, fear mongers, slanderers and now political hackers?

Once you come to grips that the main premise of the leftist ideal is to suppress differing opinion and organize political conformity, you will come to expect these out bursts of left wing "activism".

The Lib-Left loves "diversity" in everything BUT Opinion. That is why they gravitate the single party state........and there is nothing less "liberal" than a Liberal in a single party state.

Guard your freedoms and your property because they have been gifted with the divine right to take both from you.

Politically motivated hacking is just the left's extension of disrespect for individual opinion and private property. They commit crimes and wrap it in ideological/political sanctimony of "higher cause"'s still crime in human we see unfolding in Gomery daily....the left commits property crime as the active course of their ideology.

You learn to deal with the degenerate left by exposing their treachery.....and a little wise precaution helps too Brent.

As a veteran of the political cyber wars, having run and policed political chat rooms for over a decade, I can advise you that if you are actively and successfully promoting reasoned, rational ideas (which counter left wing mythology and dogma) you will suffer criminal attacks...count on it like the sun coming up in the east. It's genetic with the leftist creed.

So……fight on Brent…you must be over the target because you’re drawing enemy fire!

This journal seems to have attracted a lefty pismire as evidenced in the commentary hate/porn mail received from the previous article. As per usual, the infantile lefty web sniper seeks anonymity when spewing their textual facial matter.

Of course we also note that this mental dwarf left a message devoid of reasoned counter debate on the issues…..just infantile fantasy that reaffirms the arrested development of the dogmatic neo-com.

Come back often Joe, the public need more displays of degenerate-left politics.


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