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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

CBC Mitigates Political Damage to Martin

Globe and Mail front page today:

The Gomery Inquiry: As the plot thickens, government faces showdown vote

Martin Liberals took illicit cash, probe told
The allegation: Liberal tells of envelopes full of money

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 Page A1
-- A former senior executive of the Liberal Party in Quebec said he gave illegal
cash payments to eight party officials during the 2000 election campaign --
including payments to political staffers now working for cabinet ministers in
the Paul Martin government

Killer headline. Should have been killer copy on last night's CBC final. I was amused at how it was deprioratized from the lead and counter spun on CBC news last night. It was buried 15 min. into the broadcast after a long feature of Martin in Holland.

CBC commentary and direction of the piece ( and selected viewer's feedback) was scolding of the opposition (CPC/BQ) for "being too political". However, that did not preclude the CBC from using the Canadian Veterans Dutch memorial celebration as a political piece.

They focused on Martin tattling to vets he almost missed their party because the evil opposition was on his tail....(quick cut to Harper), who they asked direct questions about nonconfidence and dissolving government, then he was scolded for being "too political" and an "opportunist" for answering their direct questions at such a solemn function.

BTW: Jack Layton was credited as “not being political as some” yet he was answering the same questions as Harper and Duceppe, so because of his sell out to the government he is a CBC certified good guy now. Martin was portrayed as the beleaguered and stoic PM who came to pour Liberal government love out to the vets by reminding them (on camera) it was “partisan politics” that almost made him miss this.

Frankly, one of worst hypocritical and partisan quack news pieces I have seen from Mutha-corpse in the past year.

I can see the CBC will not even attempt to veil their bias in the upcoming election. Let's all watch tonight to see if CBC expand on this news of another Liberal bag man handed wads of public cash wrapped with a rubber band.....or perhaps they will lead with another misdirected counter spin slam of the opposition for doing their job.

I can hardly contain my curiosity to see how the Liberal partisan termites on the CBC news copy team spin the natural function of a strong opposition seeking nonconfidence in a corrupt government. Perhaps they will tell us the roles are reversed that the government is doing its job by bribing anyone it can with our money to stay in power. Ya think there’s enough lobotomized lemmings watching CBC to buy it?…nawww, don’t bother to answer that if you buy Liberal spin. In that case, it’s a forensic question.


Blogger styky said...

The sad and frightening thought is that it is the senior that is more likely to watch the drivil on CBC and they are the ones that are more likely to go and vot.

May 10, 2005 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

This next election will be a trial of the Canadian media and their ethical make up.

We KNOW the Liberal political Cartel has devolved politics to a morally devoid win-at-all-costs uncivil barbarity. What we need is a media that is ethical enough to park their partisan bias and see how not denouncing this is devolving Canadian Democracy to levels approaching what they have in 3rd world dictatorships.

If we get bad government is is the fault of a compliant media that misinforms voters to make civilly destructive, uninformed choices.

So far I've seen the mainstream media offer NO condemnation of the systemic corruption the Liberal party has instituted in Canada's government. They seem to want you belive a decade of high level government corruption occured all by itself in a vacuum. They back Martin's partisan ass-saving gibbering that he shouldn't take direct responsibility for his party's corruption and do the conventional, honorable mandated act of responsible leadership and step down to a national mandate based on the issue of corruption and confidence in this liberal government.

I hear lots of appologetic excuses but no firm condemnation as befits a media focused on being a watch dog for Canadians and Canadians democracy.

Watch the media's very subliminal messaging which will justify, rationalize or ignore the systemic corruption of Canadian government by these Liberals in the past decade.

The only message people need to carry to the polls is that to vote to retain the current status quo liberal politics you have to be either criminally misinformed or you profit directly from corrupt governance.

May 11, 2005 at 11:18 AM  
Blogger styky said...

Watch the media's very subliminal messaging which will justify, rationalize or ignore the systemic corruption of Canadian government by these Liberals in the past decade

I believe that that has already started. If you will notice that CTV and CBC are picking very carefully over every word uttered by the CPC yet they are silent when it comes to the Liberal nonsence

May 11, 2005 at 9:18 PM  

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