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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tipping point Part II Predicts Confederal Melt Down

Both share a belief in true democracy – . one in which lies, deception, coercion, bribery and theft have no place."

I concur most heartily.

Back to Walsingham's passion:

Because the truth is this: in democratic government, process not only matters, it is central. It matters more than anything else; more than any specific outcome that it might produce. The “true left” should understand that it is not simply that a corrupted process that worked against the right - and the West, and Quebec - this time around; might well work against them the next time. They should understand that faith in a process that is open, fair and consistent - i.e., in a government that is representative and responsible - is the only thing, other than tyranny and coercion, which can hold a society together for any length of time.

This statement is so universally true, anyone assuming to be even a casual student of history should be saying "Amen" to it. The truth of this debauching of parliamentary process will eventually play out in negative ways that will have Canadians scratchuing their heads to understand where the massive backlash to Martin's regime is coming from. Primarily because the truth of this simple fact: (That the Martin government committed unconstitutional breech of parliamentary process) has been largely downplayed by a Canadian media who's fidelity is no longer aligned with unbiasedly informing the public for the better good of Canadian thay can make an informed choice. The modern partisan- aligned media wants the public making an uninformed choice based only on what they wish to tell them....and they will never tell them about the absolute democratic abomination the breach of public trust Martin's defiance of the constitutional requirements of governance represents .

I see a government openly defy constitutional convention in refusing proper legal confidence processes. Then I see this popularly portrayed in the media as some form of brilliant political swordsmanship by Martin. This is a civil abomination. The partisan media is telling Canadians that breaking the very fundamental constitutional rules of governance is fair game. In saying that Harper was "out smarted" by a government which does not obey the rules of parliament, it is in essence validating the concept that cheating, while your opponent refuses to do so, is justified and a "brilliant tactical move".....because winning the game is all that counts......not playing by the rules and winning or losing with honor and principle or with the trust of those who put you in the game. With this immoral contempt for the rules by a neurotic media cheering section, is it any wonder that corruption spreads widely in the ensuing anarchy of a lawless governing regime, like Chretien and Martin's?

More from Walsingham:

"Nothing will dissolve the bonds and restraints that make a democratic society function – presuming, of course, that the society is composed of men and women who retain the capacity to be affronted by insult and injustice"

Nothing indeed! Except the lack of guts and the civil self respect required in the voting populace to create civil outrage when their governors become lawless power mongers. The flip side of this equation/presumption is; are these people being properly informed as to the nature of these debased politics and their constitutionality? Our status quo fourth estate has a large hand in this and will take a large share of the blame for any ill informed/ill advised acceptance of government lawlessness which the more naive populace may hold. We are, by all accounts of the constitutional scholars in Canada and Britain, in a constitutional crisis of governance bestowed by the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Martin regime. We do not see an illegitimate governemnt which has claimed power through constitutional breach and unconventional and illegal means portrayed as such in the Media......a situation where objective legal academia is at odds with the realities portrayed in our local popular public media. Is this by design?

We know the Martin regime openly celebrate the fact they colluded to breach parliamentary/constitutional process,... now we see this fact either ignored or applauded by Canadian media.....if this is by design, then we have two institutional estates of social order conspirering to run a governmental coup on the Canadian public. Something to think about when you pay your 75 cents for a paper or cable TV news bill to be kept ignorant of fact.

More from my Brother in arms the Principled Monarchist:

"David Warren has used the term “permanent disenfranchisement” in reference to Western Canada, and the term is not too strong. This idea is ridiculed by the Liberals, and discounted by many, if not most, Ontarians and Quebecers – even those of good will, who have simply not given the matter sufficient thought. How, they ask, can people who elect the same number of members to parliament per capita as Ontario and Quebec, be disenfranchised? The answer is that there are, for better or for worse, differences in beliefs and priorities, which follow demographical – and, consequently, geographical - boundaries, which for many years have placed the West outside what the Liberals, and with them many Ontarians and Quebecers, call “the mainstream”.

Bravo! For saying what has been ignored in the introverted, narcissist, navel-gazing eastern political nattering cliques for far too long......long enough that the continued “official” denial/ignorance has become a factor in Confederal fracturing. One of the personal eye- opening experiences, proving the truth of this statement, has come through my relocating from Alberta to Ontario.

I now can unequivocally confirm my suspicion of the centralist partisan and media denial of alienation and separate ideological solitudes between east and west, not only exists, but is an establishment axiom among the smug eastern political elite and their camp followers in the popular opinion fabricating industry down here. I have also had somewhat of a catharsis myself in discovering that not all Ontarians and Quebecois are the lock-step dogmatic liberal sleaze voting androids they are widely perceived to be in the west. I have met many responsible and highly principled people here from all political stripes who are diametrically opposed to the devolved fed-lib ideals and methods. They sit in quiet desperation here, not voting or acting (from disgust and apathy) spawned from them living with the overpowering public exposure to liberal dogmatism and apologist propaganda from institutionalized partisan influences. They are as disenfranchised as Westerners....sort of like prisoners in their own home.

The west should appeal to this eastern captive demographic and economically encourage it to immigrate to the west to further concentrate the population of Canadians who still have passion for accountable, small, unobtrusive and manageable government and a society predicated on the right of individualism and free will. They should be encouraged to relocate their capital, productivity and skills to the part of the country that still holds the same ideals as they do. The new sovereign west needs these liberty loving, principled people.

Walsingham continues with this:

"in the hearts of Western Canadians. Unless I miss my mark, from now on, the Liberals, Ontario and the rest of Canada will discover that Western Canada has just checked out, and will begin asserting itself – and be damned what the Liberals, Central Canada or anyone else might think."

Yep! without a doubt Walsingham....the last federalist holdouts among Albertans had largely checked out of status quo Liberal-corrupted federalism after Martin claimed the throne of Canada in a cynical coronation ceremony staged as a leadership "election" by the liberal federal political cartel. They support Harper's crusade to democratise Parliament and make confederal relations more equitable but they no longer hold the starry-eyed naive hope of a star-crossed debutant preying for central Canada's is a last chance for federalism before we ditch mentality that pervades western thinking as they watch how Harper is treated.

Meanwhile having had my ear to the political ground and involved in grass roots political networking in Alberta for almost a quarter century, I can state the hope for western equality in the federal political agenda has now become widespread disillusionment with the federal system. In Alberta it is widely accepted that federalism is manipulated by successive eastern based political cartels to change or ignore the rules to keep political power in the hands of an eastern based corporate-political elite......westerners need not apply is a clear message the last decade sent and it's widely understood now.

What exists in western Canada ( and particularly Alberta) is a sort of sinister lull before a civl storm. The "lull" is created by the political vacuum created when hope and faith in the federal system evapourated with hope for Liberal party bagman convictions from Gomery. Silent rage smolders just beneath the calm western veneer.

"So, Alberta, Western Canada, be warned: the Liberals are coming for your money. You can bet the ranch on it. The flurry of Liberal shots about “illegal” health care privatization in Alberta represents the opening skirmish: do not mistake the real aim here."

Correct Walsinham. The centralist corporate-political cabal that runs the liberal federal regime KNOWS Alberta and BC's natural resource industries must either be pillaged or destroyed to bring these rebellious anti- Liberal provinces to their economic knees and make them dependent , like the other have not provinces. It was first attempted by the open vulgar pillage of the NEP...but the Western economy was more resiliant and our people more resouceful for this to totally decimate us.......however under the guise of global environmentalism's disreguard for jurisdiction or property rights, a truely fatal blow is in the fed wings now....Kyoto and UN driven, federal sustainable development policies stand to totally divert the greater portion of provincial constitutional jurisdiction and revenues to the centralist crimal cabal that runs Ottawa's confederal policy planning

We westerners hope this is the spark that ignights the prairy fire......but we are also aware that the fed-libs are not stupid enough to screw the west in one vast obvious thrust...too much will come in thousands of small seemingly benign provincial consessions to the fedral government by a visionless, lethargic provincial government....which is why the knives are out for Klein and his PCs are on death watch.

"I can only exhort Albertans and all Western Canadians to resist this attack. Resistance will not be difficult if you are resolved. After all, the Liberals have no army to send against you – they have destroyed the one Canada used to have. All they can do is refuse to send you money."

Well, this business of threatening to cut us off of the money we send to Ottawa has only one natural response....that is to revert to the very letter of the constitution in reestablishing proper taxation jurisdictions. Nowhere in the constitution does it require a province to remit the type of monies the feds are pillaging from the provinces now.The constitutional firewall initiative of keeping all moneys collected in Alberta for Alberta needs and constitutional responsibilities will take effect and the feds will come out as the cuckold for angering us into this position and shorting their confederal pillage of Alberta to buy votes in the east. It will now be incumbant upon Ontario to choke up the cash to bribe the havenots.....won't that make the Liberals a popular robin hood cabal in the welfare regions?

"So it will be the West, Quebec, or both; that will now proceed, along different paths, to the destruction of the Liberal order that the latter consider to define Canada. This is hardly revolution, as at least one blogger has accused me of seeking to inspire. It is simply – dare I use the famous pamphleteer’s phrase - common sense. And decent Canadians in all provinces and regions will benefit enormously from the changes so wrought."

Well said Walsingham! The notion we get from the greed oriented welfare statists who call talking of separation "treason" or "revolution" are blank in the Canadian constitutional history department. The very nature of a Confederation ( as opposed to a federation) is the fact the confederation is a free association of sovereign states ( or provinces) in a NONPERMANENT agreement to a central governing body ( which undertakes only limited responsibilities that effect the condederation as a whole) in free consent and convention. This means that any confederal partner may dissolve associaiton with the confederation at any time they feel the arrangement is not mutually beneficial and return to their previous sovereign to strike their own trade and assoiation policies with whomever they chose. The supreme court affirmed this and the government reacted with the clarity act, spelling out some dubious requirements to fill for the dissolution of the association. All that is required is a local mandate of the majority by the region wishing to separate and it's a done deal...we let the divorce lawyers argue over the details from that point leaving the confederacy is a bloodless democratic process....very evolved, I think, and certainly not treasonous, but actually constitutional as the supreme court has reluctantly had to confirm.

So you would think that with this reality of such an easy legal option for a province to go it alone, that the fed-libs would have walked a tad more careful than they have on the fingers of the west and Quebecois.....but that's not the way of criminal cartels...they use bluff, bluster, coersion and massive amounts of propaganda to stave off our discovery of the weak link in their armour ( confederal dissolution is legal, and relatively simple).

There are a growing number of westerners waking up to the option of this gaping hole in Federalista armour....just as Quebec did. Continued abuse of the peripheries by the center will certainly make these newly aware vassal states lunge a spear into the gaping hole in their tormentor's armour.

And it can't happen soon enough for me.


Anonymous rob said...

Damn, you and the Monarchist have jsut exploded with what the public is feeling out here. Writting like this has to hit MSM.

I wish both of your articals could be put in the Western Standard. I wonder if Ezra would do it?

May 29, 2005 at 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said WLM! I appreciate very much your citings of my articles, and I agree with every word of your amplifications. I agree particularly that the attack the Liberals will mount against Alberta will be more insidious than the frontal attack I suggested - the Libs are too clever for that. And you are right that Klein is not up to the task of detecting and resisting the attacks. Let's hope Albertans will be. It's important the keep sounding the trumpet!


May 29, 2005 at 6:12 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Damn Walsingham!.....You'd make a damn fine Albertan....why not relocate to the source of the light?


May 29, 2005 at 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Rob. Writing of this calibre may be just what is needed to stir the indecisive into action.


May 30, 2005 at 9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian who emigrated to the States for reasons that had nothing to do with politics. When I was a young, dumb, and idealistic teen. I was more than willing to risk my life, and take a life, to prevent Quebec from leaving the dominion, fortunately in never came to that. Now I can't even shed a tear over the idea of Canada breaking apart. In fact at this point, the idea that the abomination that now rules the halls of power in Ottawa should survive, sickens me. The truth that is in Walsingham's analysis and echoed here and elsewhere should be self evident for all to see. I wish you my former country men Godspeed.

June 6, 2005 at 1:55 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Thank you for your moral support ex-Canadian. You can count on your opinion having moral weight on this blog....rather than being curtly dismissed as "Yankee envy" or the nattering of a bitter expatriate "traitor", that is a common shrill reply from our politically programmed "synthetic Canadianism".

Thanks for your bet wishes...we will still attempt to save this degenerate federal cabal from destroying Canada totally...but My time and patience is limited. One can only stand the personal turmoil in one's life that being at constant odds with one’s government brings. I have a US passport and there may be a day when I decide Canada is not worth saving and use it to emigrate myself to someplace where corruption and bureaucratic tyranny is at a minimum.

But that is the salient point....we fight this corrupt single party cabal because we still think Canada is "worth it".

But that is a value that is defines by the level of apathy in the broader public to corruption and the degeneration of our democracy....there is no point fighting for people who are too lame to care. If they stop "caring" why should I?

June 7, 2005 at 9:59 AM  

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