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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Time to "Deprogram" the Next Generation of Voters

Candice from "Waking up on Planet X" offered the following insight:

I had the joy of explaining the whole SSM argument to my pre-pubescent (read...highly critical) daughter tonight, who thought I was prejudiced, and "how unfair" it was to block gays from marrying. (Let's not get into that whole issue of WFT did I raise???? please.)The challenge was dropping it to an 11-yr-old level. Luckily she understands the concept of "fair" and the point Mr. O'Brien was trying to make about no mandate. ("Mandate" btw is a difficult concept to reduce to that level.)She now gets it, and realizes that Mommy did not turn into a knuckle-draggin neanderthal when she wasn't looking.Phew!!! not looking forward to the next few years in my home...(yes, I wanted to raise a kid capable of critical thinking, but JHC she's not supposed to turn it on ME!!!)

Thanks for that release of parental angst Candice. I know what it's like to be a parent these days. It seems that unlike our parents who only had to correct errant ideas we had which were attached to simple value based issues, like not lying or stealing or hanging with people who are self destructive with no values or sociopathic ideals..... By contrast we seem to be constantly having to deprogram our kids from deeply erronious, complex political dogma that they have only a superfical grasp on. Where do they get it? Where do teens or pre teens come up with the mindless mantra chanting and talking points of the nation's most radical and socially malicious political lobbies? What can breed Anti American hatred in a Canadian kid that they would want to bomb US schools?

It is difficult to deprogram our children who are politically conditioned with superficial Lib-left dogmatism in public learning institutions and virtually ALL visual media (an old Stalinist trick BTW). My boy has nightly deprogramming sessions. We watch the news together and discuss the number of inaccuracies we hear and the reason why the news source would not want to be totally truthful about the issue they report upon. My 7 year old now has a hide like a young rhino when it comes to political propaganda and errant ideologies.

The political/ideological faecal matter these kids are exposed to in public school by willing public sector unionistas, and in the pop-culture media and the peer groups this toxic culture creates, fills their heads with the distorted illusionary world view that is needed to accept Lib-left mythology and turn them into compliant, groveling tax slaves and political policy zombies.

As for the SSM issue: it is a complicated constitutional matter that has been subverted and twisted by incredulous special interest lobbies and opportunistic politicians as well as a radical exhibitionist judiciary.

The fact is that consensual homosexual relationships was made fully legal in 1967 and if they want to form civil unions that is their charter section 7 legal right and this is the province's jurisdiction to deal with. In no stretch or illegal "reading in" of charter meanings or traditional legal maxims can a "separate but equal" wedding process for gays be construed as a charter breach of section 15 discrimination rights ( even though sexual orientation is not covered by our charter in any conventional legitimate way).....nor does it warrant a unilateral, unmandated change in the legal definition of hetero sexual wedding process and definitions.

The federal jurisdiction is only to legally define marriage as practised in conventionally accepted religious practice, which is an entirely different matter from the definitions of acceptability for state sanctioned weddings, or civil union solemnization of these weddings by the state ( a provincial jurisdiction). No gay is being discriminated against by the federal marriage definition....and the supreme court said as much when Martin asked them...but he proceeds to bulldoze an unpopular, ultra vires ( out of his constitutional jurisdiction) and unnecessary law to change it through with no mandate to do so.

Martin ran for election with 2 nebulous promises, to clean up government (ha ha ha) and the SSM bill. For his trouble he was almost defeated and returned with the slimmest of majorities. That is a pretty definitive answer from Canadians ( who when polled directly, are against changing the marriage act at least by 50%-60%). Martin cannot claim going ahead with this SSM bill is mandated...then again we see him sitting in unconstitutional disregard for parliamentary confidence process or the will of the house....the man's a illegitimate governor and a conspiratorial criminal accessory....tell your daughter this is who she supports. Anyone who supports unmandated breach of charter law, by an illegitimate political cabal sitting in unconstitutional governance, with a proven criminal at it's helm, has a strange idea of what constitutes "fairness". Is it fair to the democratic will of the majority to have the nation governed in a way they have not mandated?

Apparently it any youth whose political conditioning has gone unchallenged by a thinking rational parent.

Candice, I think you will agree with me that the greatest thing we as Canadian parents can do is produce and culture a new generation of concrete values who are properly informed and conditioned to detect and resist fallible social-political notions. Imagine what would happen to a government like we have suffered under for the past decade was faced with an informed, propaganda resistant and constitutionally stoic generation of guess is they wouldn't have lasted through their first promise breaking administration in 1993.


Blogger Debris Trail said...

I have been stunned by the number of blatant Liberal/Socialist indoctrination sessions my children have received from teachers. As a teacher, I am disgusted. Furthermore,I am hearing more and more often of other parents having to deal with this issue.

Thank you for bringing it up. My advise, as a teacher, is that you go right to the source and yank their chain. Crap like this goes on because it is unchallenged. Believe me, any teacher who pushes any political agenda on their uninformed students needs their chain yanked... it is up to us to ensure that these people, whether left or right, are looking over their shoulders when they enter the political arena within the classroom.

June 7, 2005 at 1:12 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Agenda "pushing" was in full swing in my day. As a Canadian with an American Mother and cousins in harms way in Viet Nam, what I see in schools now over Iraq is a reprise of what I endured as a child over Viet Nam.... fighting my teachers...telling them my cousin was NOT a patsy of the industrial complex...he was a proud American and a brave man and he did his duty as his nation called....I was met with derision from my classmates and it was almost encouraged by my history teacher ( whose left wing bias I will never forgive).

It's the same old marxist social engineering indoctrination pony show these days...just more pronounced these day Debris.

I will NOT have my child exposed to it and I have prepared him to be comfortable with his opposing views as long as he has arrived at those views through factual assimilation and reason.

June 7, 2005 at 2:23 PM  
Blogger Shaken said...

I moved back to Canada after living in the states for 10 years. My three children are all American. They were treated very badly at school because they were American. WTF makes Canadians think they are so goddam special?

I use dinner hour to deprogram. It's hard work. I give the kids a full report on the Liberal Party every night. Its lies. Its instatiable lust for power. Its corruption. Its theft. How it has ruined Canada since True Dough. How Canadians are taxed into the dirt and their money wasted. How we cannot defend our sovereignity. How the Liberals have favored Quebec over the years in order to buy majority governments. How the Desmarais kingmakers really run Canada. How the media think the sun shines out their arses. How Canadians are constantly brainwashed by them, and told what to think. How we've cozied up and sold out to the Chinese commies. And now, how the Liberals have thumbed their noses at the very fundamental protections against tyranny in our system of government. And they did so knowing that the pompous little wank up to her waddle in ermine over at Rid Dough Hall wouldn't lift a pinkie on our behalf. Yes, Canadians have all these ways to feel superior to Americans.

June 7, 2005 at 4:26 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Shaken: Those are some pretty complex and negative concepts to lay on kids. ( Maybe when they get to high school) I find that what younger kids really need is facts and proof that lay bare the monotonous liberal talking points their overbearing partisan teachers or indoctrinated peer group lay on them.

The thing my little guy loves to do now is tell me what some conditioned little lemming wanker said to him (in this endless game of childish one-upmanship) which will involve (usually) how my kid is inferior for being "different" in his opinion/attitude and by his non acceptance of much of the politicized bullshit the more agressive partisan teachers spew.

He now seeks out my help in finding factual sources to dispute what some programmed wanker said....then he goes back armed with fact. He will usually defend himself by making clear to this teacher or kid that it is they who accept falsities at face value without exercizing their intellectual duty to question it. He also has been trained to NEVER be called "wrong" or a Misfit or anti social for expressing views he knows to be the truth to the best of his knowledge. ( Some teachers, who I have had words with had attempted to make my Kid feel like he was a problem or "troubled" for expressing honest opinion that differes with what his teacher tells him...particualrly where it concerns teaching of current vents of history that has had a partisan spin put on it. I can hardly wait for him to understand and convey the concept that these other little indoctrinates are intellectually lethargic conformists who will be the dupes of every shyster with a scam to sell.

BTW I have started him in Karate class as he is a kid who has the power of conviction to defend himself and his beliefs against bullies, both politically programmed or common trogs.

June 8, 2005 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Guess I'm just a wuss -- I homeschooled for two years, then when we found the extra $$ (no small task) I put 'em in a private Christian school. No PC-BS there. Still have to have the discussions you're referring to though, to debunk fundamentalism of both the secular and religious flavours -- my 10-year-old daughter is definitely getting quite adept at the 'spot-the-fallacy' game!

June 8, 2005 at 8:46 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

I hear ya Linda. Nice to have the kids in a more objective environment instead of being poisoned in the class rooms of "Commie Martyrs High". ;-)

June 9, 2005 at 6:20 AM  

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