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Friday, June 03, 2005

Lorne Gunter unravels media liberal bias for us

From Lorne's blog:

Canada's media -- most of it -- merely holds the Liberals and Tories to two different standards. Because Libs and reporters have similar temperaments, run in similar circles, have similar interests, the Libs are given a freer ride. Reporters assume they meant well. They fill in the blanks Grit words and actions leave behind with flattering explanations.

When the Tories leave similar gaps, the media is instantly convinced those blanks conceal awful motives and plans, so they default to mistrusting the Conservatives. The Tories come from different backgrounds, hold different perspectives than reporters, enjoy pursuits that reporters find foreign (going to church, any church, for instance).
Because they are not like the people reporters know and associate with, Conservatives are not to be trusted.

Can’t add much to what Lorne has stated with such simple clarity except that it would appear the eastern media establishment and the Liberal political establishment do more than just share the same, interests, attitude and social circles…..the recent MSM damage control on Gomery, constitutional crisis in parliamentary confidence, and recently, the Grewal tapes, would appear they also share the same bed and paychecks.

Apologists for this media clique like Paul Wells and Don Martin ( simulated conservative MSM scribblers who feign "balance") can offer all the abstract justifications they can pound out in ink but the fact remains you have to have sold out your professional and personal objectivity to give this lot of Liberal cartel thieves and Faustian soul brokers, a relatively free ride for the past decade.

We are just getting a glimpse of the depth of the incredible corruption that has existed in Liberal establishment Ottawa for the past decade…probably more to come if CPC forms a loose coalition government with the BQ ( I’m waiting to see the Martin Foundations budget banking scam explored by a forensic audit). This level of Liberal corporate/political cartel corruption could not exist without the active participation of a complicit 4th estate running constant damage control and remaining “uninquisitive” of government scandal. In short: the manure heap is so gargantuan and reaking that some helpful second party had to hand out blindfolds and nose plugs for it to have existed so long without wide public knowledge.

I think the lie they ( MSM sycophants) try to counter spin is now so big that they can no longer cover it up without bringing the credibility of the MSM into a crashing scandal of its own…much like Rathergate….and it’s coming. Some of the first signs of the scrambling before the dam breaks are happening now.....We see some of the Ottawa, MSM establishment bailing on the liberals to avoid sharing the inevitable credibility crash that is coming when the Liberal regime falls. When I see people like Chantal Hebert admitting things like this I can see the wiser MSM camp followers are bailing on the sleaze that has defined Liberal politics/government:

"If there is a lasting subtext to the tape transcript that has immortalized tawdry Liberal haggling over the purchase of the soul of a Conservative opposition member this week, it is that precious little stands between Paul Martin and a repeat of the sponsorship episode."

"Some of Martin's cabinet loyalists are now quietly questioning whether their loyalty to him is in conflict with their duty to the country — and so probably should the rest of us."

And the final zinger:
"Deniability was given precedence over accountability."

Either MSM establishment types like Hebert are distancing themselves from this twisted corrupt liberal regime because their reputation is attached to it by their past ancillary propagandizing…or, like lab rats and typical Liberal toadies, they are eating their own. This could be the liberal media starting to turn on Martin as they did on Chretien hoping the regime can stay afloat with an new media determined leader.

In any event, the media that supported the Liberals are just as complicit in the corruption in federal government by “giving the liberals an easy ride” for the past decade.

Is it any wonder the nation is getting as schizophrenic as it’s media and politics?


Anonymous PM said...

Wonderfully put William. The only thing that continues to eat at my brain is that for a decade or more now, many of us have seen the corruption; not through any real factual evidence, but by the trail of manure it has left across the country via the extravagant amounts of money being spent or lost on any number of Liberal schemes. Yet, vast swaths of Ontario and the East, have not even wiggled an eyebrow.

The day Chretien attacked the protester, on film, and was not shredded from coast to coast by the media and the people, I began to worry. What Chretien and his gang learned at that time was that you could pull just about anything over on the Canadian public.

Imagine if an American President had committed the assault; no matter who, Clinton, Bush, Reagan... the outcry, from American coast to coast would have spelled the end of that presidents term. But in Canada... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Between the Liberal Press, and the intellectually lazy Central Canadian populous, we've just about done away with our democracy.

June 4, 2005 at 5:00 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

You nailed the modern Canadian character to a tee Paul. Dangerously asleep in the passenger seats while the bus has been hijacked by crooks who want to steal the bus and the media plays soft elevator music over the Bus PA to avoid "waking" or disturbing the passengers.

June 5, 2005 at 8:21 AM  

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