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Friday, June 10, 2005

Partisanism, Statism and the art of Democratic Zen

My Blog buddy Paul from Celestial junk ran an idea past me thinking it may be a way to open alternate viewpoints to Canadians who see far to little variation in political/ideological orthodoxy in their media. What started off as an e-mail reply ended up as an opus of the socio-political situation in Canada from my perspective as a non opposed to those who accept statism as "normal" for Canada, when I know this to be historicaly and constitutionally incorrect.

Hmmmm…starting a book blog with reviews of alternate Viewpoints out of the leftist mainstream??

A very admirable goal Paul, but it is NOT non statists like conservatives, libertarians Reformers and sundry
Laissez-faire loving folks that NEED to read books that portray the alternate point of view to the single minded Bolshy-style mind wash from a conformist Canadian is the vast dumbed down do you get to them? If their concepts of Canadian politics/history/culture come from CBC, what makes you think they're inquisitive enough to search out alternate media and actually read something with substance that challenges their mass media indoctrinated belief systems? Our basic premise that statist/socialist coerced egalitarianism does not equal civil/economic freedom or approximate civil justice is lost on those conditioned to ask the state for everything…even their opinions. How do you reach people content with a benign serfdom?

The “netizens” we see on line are relatively literate or technical people .... most are strongly partisan….some are shilling foamy mouthed orthoxies. It takes too much time to get a partisan or doctrinaire dogmatic partisan to change camps...besides we don't have a "camp" what we are vending is a return to traditional democratic governing principles, fairness, reasonability and awareness that doctrinaire partisan politics is all a matter of mind washing and deep compromise of principle.....we want people to think outside the partisan box…get outside the narrow ideological template your partisnism restricts your thinking to and become loyal to a set of universal democratic principles...reject reflexive partisnism and errant guit induced orthodoxies for the civil responsibilities of the free individual citizen and embrace accessible, accountable, responsible democracy as a first loyalty…

A Canadian patriot’s first duty is to the health of this nation’s representative democracy, equal application in the rule of law and the freedom of it’s citizens….recently we should be very concerned with restraining the reaching tentacles of social engineering statism...this last item is the greatest threat to individual rights and freedoms than any other ideological government doctrine. I think this message transcends party politics and if the left were not as dogmatic as the far right, they will see that the conspicuous and chronic criminality and conflicted ethics, errant foreign ideologies and ultra vires statist governance entrenched in Ottawa is not a matter of brand name’s a matter of a crisis in people becoming so civilly apathetic or dogmatically partisan or ill informed that they ignore the degenerating governing institutions in this country....the constant loss of governmental accountability and individual freedoms to corruption and sprawling statism....that is the message I want to get out....

Harper is not the messenger of this…he is responding to OUR ( non statists) messaging. And although his policy continuity is a tad uneven, he and CPC provide the only alternative at this time to hope to stop the slide…I also notice some rays of light on the Liberal back benches who are acting more like classic Liberals and are disgusted with the current partisan degeneracy of their party, Parliament and our democracy….there are even small rays of light in the BQ and Dipper ranks…..peace, order and good government is a non partisan goal….neither is it achieved with degenerated statism replacing vibrant confederalism as Ottawa has tried the past decade.

It is unreasoning partisan forces that are telling us we must accept degenerated governance and moral decay in our leaders and government because there are “worse” alternatives….well here’s one Canadian patriot that will loudly proclaim there are NO worse alternatives to the creeping corrupt statism that errant partisan politics of the past decade have steered our nation towards.

I’m no fawning camp follower of the CPC or Steven Harper, but I can tell you neither of these entities is as scary or has the hidden agenda of the current profligate
Machiavellian cartel which clings to power weakening our unity and health and affecting our judgement like a tumor on the nation’s brain.

Don't get me wrong, I think your idea for encouraging more people to read more variety has merit but with so few resources on our side and time at a premium....we have to focus on messaging vehicles that will produce the most impact with the least resources and time consumption.

I do envision what we
(Non statist, anti Machiavellian) bloggers and web entities are doing is a quest for cultural and governmental sanity....opening an alternate form of messaging to get an alternate message out that is strangled in the co-opted old line media. Like Marshall McLuhan said: “.the message is the media” we have to be the media and our message will be the passion with which we object to corruption.

Canada does not have that long left, and with the recent knives out for Harper and gloom predictions for the CPC , signal that the media is ready to kill off another alternative to status quo Federal partisan sleaze….. soon an alternative for proper parliamentary democratic change will cultured by the media as dead in the collective public mind. A final chance to escape single party statism and the inherent corruption it brings will be gone once and for all…if the Eastern public swallows this mind washing and returns the Martin Cartel as a government…I'm thinking that from that point forward it is every man for himself.

At the point where Harper and CPC fail ( or more accurately
been foiled by eastern political/media establishment machiavellian subterfuge) it will be an open act of war by the eastern politcal establishment on the west, non partisan non socialist citizens, their ideals of democratic reform and equitable confederalism, conservative economics and cultural mores.

They are telling the these people at large and the west specifically, that there is no way they will ever be allowed a place at the table, let alone a PM, and they should just shut up and keep taking it up the wazoo from corrupt, degenerate, statist Ottawa..."keep your yaps shut while we continue to pick your pockets to pay our special pals and we continue to absorb power and concentrate it in our central control…and don’t even think you can do a thing about it...we control the federal system and it’s co-opted media and we will destroy every political leader and party you send here trying to change this status quo"...
so sayeth the eastern political/media establishment.

At that point my messaging changes and my audience audience will be NON-Statists and Westerners and the message is that federalism is irreparably broken, corrupt, is not working for them and should be rejected in the same way they have rejected and marginalized us....time to start the process of breaking free of Ottawa's influence. I will also encourage Quebec and any other province or private sovereign individual to do likewise. A government elected by one part of the country that legislates only for one part of the country cannot claim a mandate nor the right to completely ignore the will of the people who did not vote for them….in many cases a majority of voters supported other parties/policy options other than the one claiming full mandate. This MUST change…and it will…probably without the help of the Ottawa political establishment.

That may sound radical to you but Canadians ( in central Canada)
are asleep, or ignorantly smug or reliant on Federal wages or subsidies and have allowed an entrenched criminal cartel to ruin the nation’s government .....nothing short of a crisis will get their attention that there is another Canada that is being looted and treated unjustly....if in fact they care about the west as anything other than a source of revenue well for eastern nanny state goodies. The same could be said for anyone they deem to be non statist…someone who functions and thinks outside the folds of the nanny state skirts is viewed with suspicion and fear in many eastern environs.

Marshall McLuhen also said:” Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.”

Perhaps he was a visionary who foresaw the covert usurpation of our confederal democracy by a modern corporate-political cartel back in the early sixties when he said this...he is saying that a vast civil abomination ( like the subversion of Canadian freedom) will hide in plain sight behind the wide disbelief it has taken place ….. Tell people that the '82 charter reduced our freedoms instead of guaranteeing them and you get a blank stare...futher tell then the charter permits unelected judicial lawmaking and usurps parliament...they won't believe you...then tell them that Canada has been lead by the employees of a powerful Quebec business magnet and they will start calling you names.....but the abomination is still hiding in plain suight for anyone who wants to see it.....just a repeat of history as Canada had suffered under business networked political power brokering cartels in the past until revolt brought back responsible democracy to the nation.

Now if you have any knowledge of the history surrounding my nom de plume ( Mr. Mackenzie) you will know he was a reformer who was forced into being a revolutionary to rid Canada of a corrupt political cartel ( the Family compact)....his fiery writing and oratory inspired simple farmers and timorous souls to stand up to inspired a revolt that sent a shock wave to the halls of power that precipitated Canada's first responsible government.

I deeply believe history will repeat itself. It will be Canadian patriots who must rid Canada of the corporate patronage statist cartel with a current strangle hold on Ottawa (our modern family compact)...we are degenerating into a corrupt 3rd world kleptocracy....if this cabal fends off efforts to remove it democratically by controlling the people in the most populous region with disinfomation mind wash, dirty tricks, bribery and unconstitutional acts, more drastic measures are in order. Open armed revolt is no longer needed to rid a nation of a corrupt cartel clinging to power….there are several bloodless legal ways for modern Canadians to revolt against this modern family compact sitting in Ottawa…the obvious one is to rise abouve the din of brainwashing partisanism and remove them as a punishment for errant governance…however if the center of the nation is hood winked into the self debasing act of rewarding corruption and bad governance by returning the current cabal…I’m certain Quebec will attempt to exercise just one of these options, but there are other approximated-sovereignty options without full separation…on a personal level there is a tax revolt option or a national strike against corruption and poor government
. Lech Walesa had far greater odds to face when he sought to wrestle democratic reform from the jaws of monolithic statism than Canadian patriots do today.

We just need to arm ourselves with the truth and follow our passion to live in a more democratic nation where the individual’s will is respected.

Rant mode off
Later Paul



Blogger Debris Trail said...

Lesson One: Bill is passionate.

Lesson Two: Bill basis his passion on Logic, not the religious illogic of todays Left

Lesson Three: There is not enough room in the comments section to fully reply to said "passionate" response.

June 10, 2005 at 9:15 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Response: I agree with everything you expressed, to the letter.

The actual method(s) to implement mass political cultural change though, is elusive, especially with the bulk of media skillfully keeping the publics focus, out of focus.

I know a lot of people dislike the shrill blonde leggie Conservative Anne Coulter, but she has a simple message in her book Slander. In order to beat the "Liberal" elite, you must be many times better, and you must never get off message. The media will try to trip you, but you must never waver, and, you must be near perfect in order to win. Any tiny crumb of an error (Grewalt), will be exploited against you with force, so you must be perfect.

In military terms, if you are fighting a stronger more fanatical force, you need to have a skillful plan and it must come off like clockwork.

I wonder if those of us, who are deeply concerned for the state of this country, realize how big an uphill climb we have?

June 10, 2005 at 9:24 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Thanks for the feed Paul.

I sometimes get too wordy when wound up on an issue so here is the coles notes of what I have said in the piece:

1) There are 2 forces ( or solitudes as Trudeau used to say) battling over a future vision for Canada. People fit into one of 2 camps based on what they define as "Canadian"...There are the statists ( those who desire and support more government intervention and loss of personal freedoms and property to taxes), and non statists ( those who want less government interference, lower tax, reformed democratic institutions and restrained government which respects the individual)

2)The old adage that you get the government you deserve is only true to a point in Canada. Many ( the vast majority in some regions) are getting the government they neither deserve nor voted for. The gulf between the two political solitudes is so vast that a statist federal government (which we non statists have suffered under for 2 decades) satisfies no one but their direct patronage clients and continues to run a regime that outrages large sections of the nation and causes much frustration to almost all except those who work for, or take subsidy from, this expanding unmandated statism.

Many people who do vote for the statist parties are really not statists in their own philosophy but have been brainwashed into believing they must support statism to be a patriot, by a vast statist propaganda systems. Alternate non statist viewpoint and debate has been politically cleansed from the state-dependent popular media is hard to know you have been deceived if there is only one erroneous opinion that is kept in public circulation to the exclusion of any opposing opinion or alternate option messages. We are a single party state, with a single viewpoint under a single idealism….so sayeth the co-opted media….of course the farther you travel from the influence of this centralist propaganda, the more apparent it becomes there are more than one ideal and viewpoint that comprise Canada as a whole

Then, there are many who are not statist but have given up hope and no longer vote.

Canada's statist government usually claims a mandate with less than 30% of the support of all eligible voters.

3) this situation has created a Confederal/constitutional crisis and a crisis of citizenship which cannot exist much longer before it will propel us into radical unconventional options for change.

4) Real Canadians and patriots do not define themselves by newly institutionalized statism......statism is foreign to our culture and national historic record....we define ourselves by our love for freedom, democracy and fairness and our loyalties should be to seeing these basic Canadian maxims are kept as the priority of our government.

Recent events demonstrate to us we have allowed a federal criminal cartel to stay in power and degenerate our democracy to the point where they have even breached the only constitutional stop gap between tyranny and accountable government...parliamentary confidence.

Canadians need to be deprogrammed, educated or shaken out of their civil lethargy to remove this type of governing degeneracy and re establish a healthy responsive democracy...the alternative will be a fragmented nation.

June 11, 2005 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger v said...

Well I'm glad I stopped by your blog!

"Many people who do vote for the statist parties are really not statists in their own philosophy but have been brainwashed into believing they must support statism to be a patriot"

Well stated. I've said before that a typical Canadian is someone who thinks he is a libertarian, then votes Liberal. Much was made of the American study which showed a significant gap between Bush's supporters and Bush himself, his record, his policies, and reality itself; I'd argue that an even wider reality gap exists among the Canadian population in general.

"...his fiery writing and oratory inspired simple farmers and timorous souls to stand up to corruption...."

Consider this peasant inspired.

June 11, 2005 at 12:38 PM  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

You've given me an inkling of hope. Thanks.

June 11, 2005 at 8:02 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

"Real Canadians and patriots do not define themselves by newly institutionalized statism......statism is foreign to our culture and national historic record....we define ourselves by our love for freedom, democracy and fairness and our loyalties should be to seeing these basic Canadian maxims are kept as the priority of our government."

I'll be back to ponder your post when I'm more wide awake (yep, blogging past my bedtime again) but your point above nails it -- our nation was indeed not founded on statism, which is merely a shallow, seductive perversion of true freedom. Rant on - Canada needs more W.L.M. Redux!

June 11, 2005 at 10:33 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Thanks all for the comments and they are graciously accepted and encourage but humbly appreciated a great deal.

Things are so incredibly confused in the arena of political debate that labels and partisan loyalties are meaningless.

I am closer aligned with CPC policy book ideals than Liberal...and I am a classic liberal( libertarian)...Liberal policy is made on the fly and seldom written, but they must be gauged by their alignments and actions ....their alignment with Canadian Bolsheviks like the NDP shows they are n\more national socialist in nature and not even remotely liberal....CP is more anti-statist and libertarian.....we live in a maelstrom of confused political and social ideals courtesy of the most manipulative disinformation media in the free world.

It is out duty as patriots to crawl out of the box that has been spun for us and look objectively at our Nation's business.....having done this some 18 years ago, I'm shocked at the realities I see.

June 12, 2005 at 8:57 AM  

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