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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why Doesn't PM Dithers Need a "Make Over"??

Ok, I finally had enough of the Sunday MSM chatter-boxes filling the airwaves, bandwidth and news print with the same tired repeated premise. The "harper needs a makeover jag was repeated countless times today as if this was the only reality in Canadian politics. The MSM newsies are used to repition of "creative" realities and concepts as has been amply demonsrated in the past.

In the past, they repeated endlessly that the Reform moment was doomed ......but it has recreated itself and held opposition status for 10 years and now threatens the vaunted MSM sanctum of the single party state by forming government.

Then they had some jag on about how Reform and Conservatives would never amalgamate...but they did.

Then it was on to their jag about CPC and Harper being too "extremist"...but at the policy convention the party and Harper shunned policies that the media had previously called extreme and presented a moderate right threw them off.

Then it was that Harper could never get a break through in Ontario but they elected 24 CPC MPs from Ontario and more in the Maritimes to end up with 98 seats...this from a party only 4 months old...they were wrong again.

Then it was Harper is too "aggressive" and "angry" when confronting this degenerate government with it's own crimes only to get surreal answers about the Wheather or diets....I suppose our MPs are not to show the frustration we taxpayers do when we hear the government refuse to be answerable for it's crimes.

Now, it seems that the MSM has decided that Harper and CPC are the party and leader that need a make over to have less "gloomy" "angry" imaging...I endured over 25 articles and countless MSM sound bites all regurgitaing this newly fabricated media mantra. Then when a lone conservative paper jumps on this latest jag from the enemy spin team, that's the last straw for me.

I'm putting you arcane media natterers on notice!

No more of your insane "opinions" that are repeated endlessly like they bore resemblance to reality. If a squeeky clean Hockey Dad from Calgary is deemed to need a make-over to remove flaws , but a skunk's arse like Martin and his criminal government don't....well, we have a terminally sick 4th estate that gets in hyterics at flyspecs and shadows while criminals are looting the store under their nose.

Hey you nattering MSM idiots, I want to know why "gloomy", "angry" Harper needs a makeover to make him publicly ( read media) acceptable but "unethical", "criminally implicated", "conficted of public interest", scandal ridden Paul Martin does not!!

Can you tell me why the dark contast of Martin's ample flaws have never entered your reasoning??

This kind of myopic media is a net deficit to Canadian either misinforms or under informs the public to the point where an average voter casts a ballot in misguided ignorance.

There I said it. Got that off my chest. Now...while we were all being repeatedly "informed" by the Sunday MSM preachers that the gloomy", "angry" Harper needs a "Make over" , contrast and balence were snubbed by monopolizing the chatter to point to arcane flaws in one leader while ommitting any talk on the Liberal leader or his record.... here is what they omitted to mention or run a story on:

Martin has 2 serious ( scandalous) conflict of interest issues dogging him. Still with the CSL tax haven and funding Here and Grewal bribery case here

Then there was all the revelations of criminal connections, criminal breaches of public trust, fraud and extrotion in the liberal operations in Quebec ( Martin was associated with 2 of the players) The trail is long and dirty and pitted with corruption, secret government deals and coverups. If the PM is not reponsible for his government then who is?

There seemed to be no talk lately of the Federal public Accounts committee that found Martin's campaign magament "earnscliffe group" to have been the beneficiaries of patronage largess.....the finall recommendation of the commite was that Martin resign and the government drop a writ to elect a new action on this committee recommendation from the Martin government yet.

The full Liberal scandal accounts from the Chretien/Martin regimes is here. You may as well use this link as you will never see these copious liberal scandals recalled and talked about in the MSM after they breifly "announce" them, then move back to their standard litany of bashing the opposition and rehashing their "scary" fabricated history.

There is plenty for the MSM to be nattering aout this newsless Sunday but paul martin's long list of crimes and misdemenors isn;t one of them....they want to focus on the anger this criminality and scandal evokes in the behaviour of Patriotic principled Canadians....Like Steven Harper......maybe they are suggesting any Canadian who is gloomy and angered by this institutionalized corruption and slease get a "make-over " as well.

One of these day's Canadians will hear a large "POP" noise that will shake the ground from coast to coast...that will be the day when the Canadian MSM pulls it's head from its arse and starts relating realities as it sees it outside it's former dark, warm and smelly limited perspective


Blogger Canadi-anna said...

I've been reading all about how Harper 'withdrew' from the public eye last summer to 'ponder' his options . . . do you have any idea what any politician was doing last summer? Why was Harper's summer break the object of so much chatter? Did Paul not take some time off to reflect? One would wonder why he wouldn't after such a humiliation -- after all he was the 'chosen' one. Everyone makes out like the last election was Harper's loss -- it was Martin's. Even with HRDC, Shawinigate, Somolia, etc. Chretien won majorities. Martin was facing just as scattered an opposition which had only just selected their leader, and which had not yet had a policy convention.
Martin was the big loser and yet Harper was painted as such.

June 19, 2005 at 5:43 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

HolyCrap! did you read Weston's Op Ed Piece today as well? My take on the whole deal is that all these morons think about is image. They don't care if there's a platform...

June 19, 2005 at 9:58 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Because the media is addicted to substanceless personality marketing over principled statesmanship, does not mean Canadians are or that this is a desirable trait in our leaders.

The reason we have these shallow tin horns like Martin. Parrish et al is because too many people trust the MSM's motives.....which are as base and callous as our recent crop of unethical left wing Lorne Gunther said, they relate to each other that's why they gang up on the conservatives...because substance and principle is foreign to them...they expect everyone to be on the take and when they see some one who isn't it makes them uncomfortable.

Harper makes them uncomfortable.

June 19, 2005 at 11:13 PM  

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