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Monday, July 04, 2005

Our National holidays display the Ant and the Grasshopper syndrome

Interesting to compare the events that took place on the national holidays that celebrate the creation of Canada and the United States respectively.

Here we see the vacant idleness we have become accoustomed aping from the actions of our equally vacant and idle political elites . It's trotted out for us to celebrate on June 1

As opposed to what the US does to symbolize their national vision of acheivement.

Just my observation. The fable of the grasshopper ( Canadian hollow partisanism and socialist entitlement menality) and the ant ( the US ingenuity, action and drive for national acheivement) seemed to be apropos in the comparison....we await the day the socialist Canadian grasshopper is left in the economic winter snows begging for "entitlements" from nations that have worked harder to sustain their wealth reserves instead of frivilously wasting time on insignificant and unproductive corrupt patronage politics and unmandated social engineering.

Many nations now are positioned to pass us as world players due to the neglect hollow ideological engineering and corrupt politics has wrought upon this nation in the past decade.


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