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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Media continues one sided hatchet job

Well I suppose it was predictable, last night I see a full 15 minuite segment where the CBC does a hatchet job on it we were treated to all the Liberal-arranged witch hunts on this man...his immigration papers, his airport package smuggling farce, the fraudulent claims of his dealings with immigrants and now some bogus superficial investigation over a missing receipt in his election all that regurgitation of the man's life history, we NEVER heard one mention of the fact he had 3 top liberals on tape committing criminal acts.... My god, you'd think the RCMP had nothing else to do but harrass there's not enough work from Gomery to use the entire investigative staff? WHERE THE HELL IS THE INVESTIGATION OF MURPHY, DOSANJH AND MARTIN??? What a cess pool of a nation! The criminals run the police department....and the media.

On a lighter note we see the MSM partisan zealotry has been extended to Grewal's boss, Steven Harper who, according to this report, is "embattled" and " on a "makeover" BBQ circuit....the unstated implication is he's there to fool people about his evil hidden aganda ....awwww crap get off it you toadies!! I'm a tired Canadian that has been watching your sick partisan spin for too long and I rank you lying media termites in with the criminal element who have corrupted parliament and our constitution. Here's a a big wet luggie in yer face from me and the rest of Canadians who've had enough of your BS! I see a day when the content of the status quo broadsheet is focused at a pre-teen level....because that is all I see in the Globe, Star and Asper blab feed.... phoney intellecualized fairytales......pablum for the intellectually challenged genX and a daily "fix" for boomer zombies....the rest of us well adjusted Canadians read the weather and hope you don't lie too badly about that.....nawwwww fegddabout even did that with yout global warming doomsday screed whenever we have a wet summer.

Here's the yellow copy from the hatchet job Bourque is running ( Yes Pierre you're right knee deep in the turd pool with the other media degnerates). For Paul, I have high lited the partisan/biased leading words and phrases so he can refer to his series on Media bias 101. :

Embattled Conservative leader Stephen Harper is making a "surprise" visit to Gravenhurst and Huntsville on July 15th. Tory sources tell Bourque he's going with his hands wide open for defeated leadership candidate and designated federal standard-bearer Tony Clement, who is said to be trying to raise $250,000 for his campaign. It remains unclear what kind of media attention Harper will attract when he does a little mainstreeting in downtown Gravenhurst around 12:30pm (will Duff doff his seersucker for the occasion ?), before attending a secretive Clement "Investors Circle" schmoozer at a local bigwig's home where straw-hat'd supporters will fork over $3K for the opportunity to munch pickled gherkins, crunch rippled potato chips, gum polish cocktail weenies, slurp freshly-squeezed lemonade, listen to a local barbershop quartet, and bend Harper's ear. The Conservative leader will then make his way up Highway #11 to Huntsville and the new Theater for something with the CFO of the Albany Club and Mayor of Huntsville Hugh MacKenzie, then on to a dinner at Huntsville's finest, the aptly-named Jester's Restaurant at 5:30pm, where 50 locals will be offered personalized autographs and a chance to be photographed mano-a-mano with Harper. It also remains unclear if Harper will travel aboard Clement's impressive new campaign bus, the one with Tony's cheerful face splashed across it.

Great hatchet job Pierre...You used all the propaganda techniques mentioned here. from snide innuendo, to unsubstantiated rumor and negative descriptive's a wet luggie from me, for you to freshen your vapid complexion.

On the darker side: Paulie Librano is about to dust the duke and dutchess of public largess from office and install a hand picked toadie who will allow the Liberals to continue sitting illegally and unconstituionally and will rubber stamp every criminal deed put into law.

Lastly, anyone here as nervous as I am about this being in charge of national security at a time when Canada has been targeted by islamo-fascist terrorists? Do you suppose the photo op she had yesterday touring a manufacturer of medical tents is an indication that the Libranos have resolved themselves to the fact they are hopelessly inept and powerless to stop a terror attack, and the best they can offer us is septic tent facilities for the victin's bodies to be stacked?


Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

That was quite the tour de force, and I cannot disagree with a single word.
The hatchet job on Grewal is typical of how they treat anybody who crosses them in any way. Anybody remember little Miriam Bedard? They didn't wait 12 hours. When you tell the truth in this country this is what you can expect. Might have been something that crossed Chuck Cadman's mind when they came calling at HIS door.
May God rest his soul, Lord knows the liberals would not had HE crossed them.
They are so rabidly corrupt they cannot even stop themselves from being openly obvious.
Of course, now that they have bullied their way through this last session of parliament, WHAT is to stop them?
We didn't back Harper and Duceppe when it counted and we are going to pay the price for it.
We sit back and watch them hatchet away at those who tell us the truth about their backroom deals. From Grewal, Harper, McKay, Inky Mark, Justice Gomery the play book is the same. "Destroy them" .
This is not surprising as this is how Chretien played the game. Remember Conrad Black? The head of the BDC-Beaudoin? It is all very familiar. Hatchets and the RCMP investigation. Why, they go hand in hand.
Ann McClellan in charge of security would be scary enough if we did not already know that the government has so compromised Canada's security it would not matter WHO was in charge of security it has already been breached. Now it is only a matter of time.
We fiddle while Rome burns when we know Nero is a madman.

July 12, 2005 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

SB Said: "Of course, now that they have bullied their way through this last session of parliament, WHAT is to stop them?"

We ( the majority who don't vote for this criminal cartel) must act outside the parliamentary system...we will have to come at them legally. We will have to seek indictments for all the scum that sit illegally and ignore parliamentary convention and jail the ones who have broken the law. We may have to go to the world criminal court...If the democratic and judicial system had become too corrupt for a people to bring a criminal rogue regime to account, there is only one alternative left to us as free men as was enunciated by Blackstone and his contemporaries Jefferson and Franklin.

This is why we MUST keep the democratic system fair and open...without it anarchy and revolution will have their go at change.

July 12, 2005 at 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

And who, pray tell, will conduct these investigations? Bring charges? The RCMP won't do it. We have seen time and again how compromised they are.
And NOW we see and hear that the Senate has been "ordered" back to session to push through the 4.6 billion budget ala Layton/Martin/Hargrove.
Some Conservative Senators have problems with several sections but they feel they do not have the numbers to fight it. They say the Lib senators will push this through. That what normally takes six months is now a 3 week panic push. Orders from the PM you know.
The complaint is that the Senate is not at the whim of the PM but if they act like they are what IS the difference??
So, WHO will enforce democracy in this country when the minority government , illegitimized in the House of Commons by 4 non-confidence votes continues to govern?
WHO will take up the gauntlet and fling it in the face of these corrupt and criminal imposters of democracy? WHO?

July 12, 2005 at 10:19 AM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

"If the democratic and judicial system had become too corrupt for a people to bring a criminal rogue regime to account, there is only one alternative left to us as free men as was enunciated by Blackstone and his contemporaries Jefferson and Franklin."

I put forth that the electorate in this country are too lazy, too uninformed and too uncaring for that to happen , either now or even 20 years from now.
Most of our electorate are not enamoured of democracy. They are enamoured of the Welfare State ala Trudeau and Chretien.
Simply because they have been beneficiaries of welfare of those in this country who work for a living. They enjoy the largess of a government gone wild with the credit card of those who have gone before and those who are working hard now for their own futures. They have spent the good will of their ancestors and have overspent the goodwill of their future supporters. It won't be noticed until many more of us as individuals have gone the way of the Beaudoins, Grewals, Marks, Blacks. Maybe THEN something will get done.
As it is, they have the authority tied up in a nice, neat little package : The courts. The RCMP. And the illegal minority government all working hand in hand to ensure they keep what is not theirs so they can continue to ruin this country.
Those of us who notice and take umbrage and are outraged are not joined by a significant majority to exercise change.
I fear that when change comes it will be violent and revolutionary.
I love this country and hope and pray that it will not be so. That SOMETHING will serve as a catalyst to change that will fend off bloodshed and anarcy in the streets.
But WHAT will that catalyst BE?
We have stood by and let the worst happen and have done absolutely nothing. Even the premiers of the provinces clamoured for their payoff right out loud and right in public! Shameful and disgusting when they should have been in the forefront for the calls for the GG to force an election.
And before we forget to notice, those powers behind the throne would have had their say in the US if John Kerry had won the election. There are more reasons than one that Clinton and Chretien were "such good buddies" and Bush and Chretien and Martin are NOT.
Bush knows what the play is and will have no part in it, THANK GOD. The day he declared that the US would NOT take part in the World Criminal Court and that the US would NOT take part in Kyoto I knew he was wise to the plot that is afoot.
That plot lives and grows in the PM's office and the Privy Council in this country. Until WE wise up ala Bush nothing will change.

July 12, 2005 at 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

Notice some of the prominent names put forth as possible replacements for Clarkson as GG?
Does the connection Bob Rae and Peterson have to the Power Corporation have anything to do with their names being put forth as 'possible' candidates?
And what about Joe Clark? A 'seeming' conservative, I have always found Joe Clark to be as wishy washy as a wet sheet in a high wind.

July 12, 2005 at 10:44 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

SB: Remember that the IRA was never more than 200 motivated operators and a network of sympathizers who ran safe all those years the British occupying force was handed horrendoud casualtires with nothing more than a half a dozen trials of captured partisan nationalists to show for the billions they poured into their occupation.

Today Ireland is independent with the home rule the partisans fought for....the Canadian feds are helpless against this type of a revolt...and they know and fear it...this is what the firearms banning is all about. They are quite aware of how vulnerable they are to an organized underground rebelion. The beuty of this is the rebels have the latitude in this woefully security abscent nation to avoid direct conforntation with troops ( who probably have a good deal of empathy with the rebels) and go directly at the crooked polis running the cartel. It is these political class rats that should be the target of a para-military revolt...not innocent civilians or our stoic military....a Canadian IRA type organization would be smart to make the rats pay that caused the problem and made an abomination of out democracy, freedom and rule of law. If the URA had just targeted traitor polis and the thugs in the parliament whjo were opressing Ireland, thay would never have has an image problem....I suspect an organized Canadian revolt that targeted only the political tyrants that turned the nation into a kleptocracy and dictatorship would get no flack from the average hoser for doing a job on a political boss that the RCMP and courts were incapable of doing due to the depth of corruption.

Let's just pray that there is enough democracy, rule of law and justice left in this nation that this never becomes a viable option....from my perspective it seems far easier and bloodless to stage a tax revolt or have Alberta separate than go through with all this out dated geurilla warfare.

July 12, 2005 at 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie said...

not only is it outdated it is being done to death. ( never mind the pun) by the Islamofascists and I for one could stand a rest from that sort of nonsense. In the end it never solves anything no matter how rosy it might look from afar.
People's lives were snuffed out and in the main they were innocents.
As much as we want change there are many options available to us in Canada to effect change and many of them are readily available. Far closer than that illegal gun one might have in one's closet.
Not that I advocate for the Gun Registry. I certainly do not. Would that WE had a 2nd Admendment. Would that WE had the US consititution. ( Yes, the very one US judges take such glee in re-arranging and dismantling every chance they get to make an idiotic ruling)
I, for one, believe that we are in the early stages of great change . Chanage that the liberals are terrified of. The reason they are scurrying around like the rats they are trying to make deals.
I want this country to make them a deal they cannot refuse: Out of office and prosecuted.
And their UN Oil for Food type tactics right along with them and those behind them.

July 12, 2005 at 7:45 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Right on sister snowbunnie: power to the revolution!!

I figure the best way to bring down a criminal kleptocracy is to cut the revenue flow. ;-)

July 13, 2005 at 5:19 AM  

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