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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Degenerate dogmatism moves from the PMO to the opposition benches

It was just a matter of time before the genetic imprint of profligate ideological compromise surfaced in the new Libeal opposition caucus. Far from being "taught a lesson" this lot never stop plotting the subverting of the public will. They feel we were mistaken or "fooled" when we tossed their degenerate kleptocratic cartel from power..... however the dogmatic liberal continues to quietly hold contempt for the will of the majority and persue their utopian agendas which we have clearly rejected in poll after poll..

Recently this was made evident in their parliamentary alignments with the Bloc ( allegedly the Liberal sworn enemies of Canada and Canadian unity) in an effort to defeat a couple of seemingly minor bills the CPC government have planned to introduce. Most notably; a bill to raise the age of majority to 16 and a bill to recognize personal property rights in statute law.

This seemingly bizarre political alignment is most telling of not the BQ ( as they are at least honest enough to admit that they are national socialists who wish an independent Jacobin-socialist nation where citizenship is defined by ethnicity and laguage) this is telling of the unstated Liberal mindset/agenda.....what, exactly, is it in the Liberal dogma/agenda that would make them so viciously fight to keep sexual consent at 14 ? What does the Liberal agenda have against guaranteed individual property rights ( I mean, it was a Liberal who drafted and signed the UN declaration of human rights which guarantees property rights yet a Liberal excluded them from our charter????) for consent, why would a Liberal want to take nearly pubescent children out of control of their parents or make them a legal target for sexual predators or state sponsored eugenics ghouls?

When you can decipher the common ground that the degenerate socialist (BQ) and the liberals share on the issues of private property and parental control, you will be half way to comprehending the unstated social control agenda of their single party state utopia.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The "Chin" rescues Martin's Sinking Kyoto rip off

Guess who has joined the Strong-Martin-Chretien team in fear mongering the Kyoto wealth redistribution agenda. Repleat with all the phoney pseudo science, Al Gore-isms and calling down specters of eco- apocholyptic doomsday, our own "progressive" green ( as in Yankee greeback) paladin Brian Mulroney has revealed his stripes.

"OTTAWA—Former prime minister Brian Mulroney delivered a powerful warning about the threat of impending climate change last night, calling global warming the most compelling environmental challenge facing the world today."

"he suggested a challenge for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government to take up: Get the United States to the table."

"Mulroney used the honour to warn the audience of the danger climate change poses to Canada."

"If global warming is not arrested, climate change may be irreversible," he said, pointing to the perfect storms of global warming that hit the Gulf Coast last year and the trends that point to more hurricanes, loss of forest, earlier spring, hotter summers, warmer winters, the shrinking of the polar ice cap and the threat to the survival of the polar bear.

What junk science rot!...and coming from Muldoom it confirms he is invested in all the right sectors to reap windfalls when the fear monger drives self destructive economic measures.

Meanwhile here are excerpts of an email sent to me by someone who actually studies the climate and is one of the voices of true science blotted out by the hysterics and snake oil salesmen:

I spent my career studying paleoclimate for economic reasons – as an economic geologist – for many ore deposits are the result of weathering and surficial geological processes that reflect the climate during their formation.

One can see climate fluctuations through the entire geological (sedimentary) section, going back several billion years.

During this time the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere varied independently of whether the global ‘weather’ was warm or cool. There is a simple reason. CO2 attenuates IR radiation in only two relatively narrow bands. CO2 is transparent to heat energy in other wave-lengths. The current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (~380ppmv) is absorbing almost all of the energy available in those bands. Therefore, doubling the CO2 concentration will not double – or for that matter, significantly increase, the so-called ‘green-house effect’.

But, if the public can be convinced that CO2 is evil, it leaves open the door for ‘control’ of the ‘source’ of evil CO2. That ‘source’ is of course, petroleum and to a lesser extent, coal. Petroleum and coal provide industrial power. Industrial power equates to economic power. A strong economy supports strong political entities. Control petroleum resources and control of the rest follows naturally.

Aren't you glad we have pompous earth saving politicians to interpret real science and then rob us with scary tales....again my mentor is proven correct:

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." [H. L. Mencken]

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Unpatriot act

Many people casually state: "I personally find nothing wrong with the homeland security bill as it sits now in the USA,"

Then I must respectfully submit that they have not read its text or that they may not fully understand the compromised constitutional precedents it entrenches (do not be offended many haven’t…they just react on the cloudy sales pitch a lap dog clued-out media give them) pith and substance, Patriot act II, and the various security acts it validates, suspends portions of the US constitution and imposes martial law at the discretion of 2 makes an active police state of "federal districts" and expands "federal district" jurisdiction to most public places (most notably airports and transport terminals) sets up a military/autocrat oligarchy that replaces congress (FEMA)...It authorized the building and use of civilian gulags/concentration camps....It also weakens/blurs the legal definition of "national emergency" so that virtually anything from a rain storm to a plane crash will create a local police state solution from the feds... it has implementational stages that range from benign bureaucratic tyranny to military police state dictatorship.

The value of a law or legislation is NOT what the INTENTIONS are for its creation but the POTENTIAL it creates for abuse. The road to utopia may be paved with good intent however those who propose to drive the public bus on it are steering towards dystopia.

I urge those who would reflexively dismiss my analysis as “liberal or lefty whining” by reading the acts themselves as I have.

" but the outcry against it is healthy."

“Healthy outcry” is pointless if it does not effect change….and the Federal administration and pentagon is dug in on the draconian homeland security issue. Those senators and congressmen who want either sunset clauses on these laws or amendments that respect the constitution outnumber “as is” supporters 2-1 YET…Bush (urged on by pentagon and intelligence community brass) has gone as far as to say if congress fails to pass it as is he will veto… can healthy protest effect anti-democratic demigods? There certainly was an out cry when the patriot act's suspension of the constitution and implementation of FEMA dictatorship was given a trial run in the New Orleans flood....military, door to door civilian round ups and disarmament in dry unaffected areas...military sealing the city off from outside private relief aid...forced interments in filthy crime ridden FEMA "compounds" which where secured with armed guards and razor wire. Yes there was a protest but Republicans/conservatives with partisan blinders on dismissed it as coming from the "radical leftists".

Yeah right....had I been confronted in my undamaged/secure NOLA home (and castle) by machine gun toting Kevlar clad masked Fed goons screaming their obscenities and demanding my "surrender" of lawful arms and property, and to have me forcibly thrown into some filthy, crime-ridden FEMA interment camp that is far less secured or supplied than my home, I'd give them the civilian patriot war these Fed-indoctrinated Stazi goons so dearly want…send unmarried goons to my doorstep big go call me a left wing radical.

I maintain that “healthy outcry” is pointless in the midst of a police state take over ( like New Orleans) as martial law steamrolls all under its military weight. Actually “healthy outcry” is useless and only serves to identify “dissidents” for the police state…..Protest against tyranny is pointless unless the public has the means to enforce its will on reluctant would be dictators…there was plenty of “healthy outcry” in Hungary, the Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia as the soviet tanks and troops came in to establish military law after the “lawless democratic elections”…..keep your battle rifle oiled and out of sight of big brother.

The Canadian version of the US Patriot act does not go so far as to impose police state solutions but it does suspend 3 Charter legal rights, expands warrentless search and seizure, allows police/government to spy on all citizens ( open their mail/email/phone communications), authorizes video/audio surveillance of civilians without bench warrant) and suspends habeas corpus…if you see police video cameras blooming in public places like spring crocus on the prairie, you know where the authorization came from to negate your charter right to personal privacy…..big brother is watching!!!

Where's the “healthy outcry” here....nary a peep of protest to the unwarranted expansion of the state and truncation of charter rights…have both left and right lost what little passion they had for individual freedom and rights? This alone makes me feel this nation hasn't the passion to generate the civil outrage needed to remain free….then again Canada was founded as a police state and a benign police state she remains. As Trudeau prophetically foresaw a quarter century ago; free Canada will probably die with a muted whimper rather than a roar of civil defiance….death by civil apathy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The American Aztlan Rebellion

One of the most neglected stories by the Canukistan MSM is the seething revolutionary left race politics sweeping the US Hispanic community. Not to cast any dispersion on the patriotic and upstanding Americans of Hispanic descent…the problem revolves around the political agitation of 20 million illegal immigrants ( mostly Mexican) who have adopted an aggressive attitude towards their involuntary host nation.

Driven by Hispanic race politics groups like La Raza, Aztlan and MECha, they stir the race pot with the burgeoning illegal alien community using rhetoric that ranges from utopian welfare to ethnic cleansing of “Americans” from reclaimed Mexican soil. We see them demonstrate wrapped in Mexican flags and advocating the evacuation of Anglo Americans and the return of Mexican sovereignty in the US. Huge demonstrations are commonplace in the southwest and recently Washington was assailed directly with demonstrations demanding citizenship amnesty for the 20 million illegals who are mostly driving the movements to frationalize the US and erase the Mexican border….I wonder if they know the Globalist elites and international financial cartels want the same thing? I think we should do a bit of nosing around to find who is funding these movements….it would prove interesting media fodder.

However that may be asking too much of the MSM as they seem to have missed the main events in the hispanic radicalization movements. Pretty big stories to miss but the racial and partisan sanitization of our MSM has created a virtual black out on the illegal alien civil upheavals in the US from Austin to Washington.

To put Atzlan warrior demands in perspective here is what a US citizen should demand of the Mexican government:

  • Enter Mexico illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense.

  • Once there, demand that the local government provide free medical care for you and your entire family.

  • Demand bilingual nurses and doctors.

  • Demand free bilingual government forms, bulletins, etc.

  • Keep your American identity strong in Mexico. Fly Old Glory from your Mazatlan rooftop, or proudly display it in your front window, or on your car bumper.

  • Speak only English at home and in public and insist that your children do likewise..pressure local Mexican government for exclusive all English schools.

  • Demand classes on American culture in the Mexican school system.

  • Demand a Mexican driver license. This will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimize your unauthorized, illegal presence in Mexico.

  • Drive around with no liability insurance.

  • Insist that Mexican law enforcement teach English to all its officers.

  • Inflate the Average Mexican’s tax burden by burdening social programs and deflate wages by working for subsistence wages for employers who “don’t ask questions” or need a SIN.

  • Form “anglo pride” and “anglo manifest destiny” movements and use them to pressure the Mexican government into complying with your demands. ( can you see how a “white pride or white supremist movement would play with New York Liberals..yet they accept this same racism from illegal Hispanics)

Good luck!

Good luck is right. The Mexican authorities wouldn't put up with that kind of behavior for a second. Mexico guards its borders and has detention camps for 100,000 Guatemalian illegal aliens which it deports along with 1,3 million other south and central American illegals yearly. It would be nice if the US were a little more like Mexico. But for some reason the last 2 Washington administrations will not tackle the now explosive issue of illegal aliens in the US. Will it take a race war cheered on by leftist agitators?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Why I make a Lousy “Global Citizen”

Having taken the last month to trudge through a lot of required reading I had been putting off because of its dry, gloomy and personally offensive ideologies, I finally got through Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” and the UN agenda 21 documents.

I have discovered that I am probably one of the nameless dehumanized masses these globalists speak of needing to be exterminated for the “sustainability” of the globalist eco- utopia. To get Green Utopia we need a global "kingdom" ruled by wize, all powerful philosopher kings which would make me a “global citizen” or eco-serf.

Actually after reading the main pillars of this new global society which will be graciously “sustained” by it’s global oligarchy of corporeal plutocratic lords, I can see how a guy like me would down right offend them and actually screw things up in the long term… doubt I ( and my type) have to go….for “global sustainability”.

Having read the pretexts of this Global utopia I have done some soul searching and now realize………….


1) I own my own property and I reject all UN claims on it
2) I have individual rights which are not subject to UN interpretation
3) I own a gun
4) I am prepared to use that gun to protect the above 3 items
5) I am a Christian and choose to express elements of my faith in my life
6) As a Christian I only kneel before God…I kneel to no autocrat or oligarch
7) I refuse to surrender personal or national sovereignty to unelected global bureaucrats
8) I reject Ghia as a false religion and its prophet Moe Strong as a maniac
9) I reject fraudulent pseudo science and refuse to be paniced by a bogus eco-Judgement Day
10) This means I reject greenhouse gas theories, Kyoto and peak oil scares.
11) I refuse to have unelected UN bureaucrats in control of my food or fuel supply
12) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats in charge of my money’s value
13) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats sit in judgement of me in their courts
14) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats in charge of my health options
15) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats regulate my personal mobility
16) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats regulate my reproductive capacity
17) I refuse to have unelected global bureaucrats dictate my child’s educational needs
18) I reject sustainability theories as manipulative fear mongering
19) I’m happy, self reliant, emotionally secure and I need racketeering global politicians even less than domestic ones
20) History tells me the path to Utopia always leads to the gates of hell.

One of my mentors once said this:
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." [H. L. Mencken]

The reasons for global government are obviously the "humbugs and hobgoblins" Mencken deduced came from overly ambitious politics.....I fear the motives of the globalists and their fear mongering puppets is a tad more draconian.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

McGuinty's "final solution" for Canadian Gun Culture

Ontario’s politically motivated hysterics and police state fear mongering over civilian firearms has been noted nation wide this week when the story broke that the gun-phobic McGuinty government’s quasi-legitimate “gun amnesty” programs were being touted as a “roaring success” by police even though the amnesty has not netted a single gangster firearm and is only sending priceless historical antiques to the grinder.

Not so odd that McGuinty desires a police state remedy focused at disarming honest citizens while avoiding armed criminals.....also not so odd that police usually spear head the ambitions of an uncivil fanatic regime...that is the historical pattern.

Civilly malicious political regimes must control and have the force of the civilian police function to usher in their civilly destructive agendas/policies...They must also create ( through massive propaganda) urban/social myths so that citizens will willingly accept civilly irresponsible self destructive social policies....this is also amply established in the historic record.

If one studies the historic record of the modern political epoch, you realize that Police functions are prone to become the tool of the autocrat. Police functionaries will not fight him for restoration of civil justice or the common people as their political/personal fortunes are tied to those of the autocrat. A totally apolitical police function has always been employed by an autocracy to control the's less about "to serve and protect" as it is “to control and coerce” where the civilian population is concerned. At the upper levels the police function is political and part of political policy any statist authoritarian regime ( such as Dolton's kleptocratic statism) the police function becomes integral in enforcing and promoting "policy" as a primary function. The despot’s personal ideals as expressed in "Policy" IS NOT the law, and often conflicts with the law and civil liberty.

In the case of this so called gun amnesty, it is just another theatrical placebo meant to dupe the population into the notion that guns are the root of all evil/crime...hypocritical at best as police use guns to enforce the peace and protect themselves from criminals at the same time spreading the myth that armed self defense is a right denied the citizen....the gun is a tool to protect the person behind it. This is the reality that Statist left uses propaganda and police state remedies to obliterate a right of free citizenship in the public mind.

To do it they engage in dozens of asinine theatrics like confiscating kid's water guns or raiding toy stores and "seizing" toy guns...or offering "amnesty" for surrendering civilian arms to police (as if they would let a crook go who turned in a gun used in a crime)...totally vacant police state theatrics that obfuscate a more sinister active state propaganda program focused on obscuring the state’s & police inability to control armed criminals preying on unarmed defenseless civilians. Instead, stigmatization and fear mongering are employed to intimidate citizens into the belief they are powerless unarmed wards of a police state which claims a monopoly on armed self defense, yet that same armed police function demonstrably cannot use that presumed armed force monopoly to adequately defend unarmed law-abiding civilians from armed criminals. In this reality, disarming civilians and criminalizing civil arms ownership is an act of injustice and state immorality.

Instead of targeting crime the police and irresponsible politicians fear monger and whip up public hysteria that attempts to demonize and criminalize lawful civilian arms owners and ownership and stigmatize guns and their defensive use by responsible and capable civilians. This is probably the greatest case of official blame/responsibility shifting in the modern political age.

Does there not seem to be something intrinsically immoral about a state/police function which advocates civilian disarmament and prosecution of those exercising armed self defense, yet is totally incapable of offering armed police intervention in 99% of all violent fatal criminal attacks on unarmed civilians?

The greatest “official” denial of fact that I have heard in my lifetime is when Liberal deconstructionists started spreading the myth that Canada does not have a “gun culture”. Any historic record of our nation’s development (that has not been politically sanitized) will tell the story of a wilderness that was tamed largely by men exercising the British common law civil right to bear personal arms for personal defense….this was born out throughout our history from the citizen militias in the Galt colonies and war of 1812, to the Steel’s scouts and western militias in the Riel rebellions and the 200 years of Canadian legal judgements that supported a civilian protecting himself, his family and property with a firearm he has a right to own for that purpose.

Canada is awash in arms t built specifically for or in our nation; the HBC trade rifles, the trap door Snider Enfield carbines, Martini Enfield carbines and RCMP Winchester 86 Mannlichers....The many locally made percussion pistols and revolvers, Canadian Webley-Scotts and a dozen now defunct brands of Ontario manufactured break-top small caliber revolvers that the Canadian civilian population bought for personal defense in the post confederal era. Then there were the historic Ross rifles and Canadian modified Lee-Enfield #4Mk1 long branch rifle still used by Canadian rangers, the long branch Stirling SMGs…the lowly and well loved Cooey and Lakefield rimfire rifles of the nation’s farmers, trappers and kids. Today we have the Diemaco , timberwolf , para-ordnance. These are lasting concrete artifacts of Canada’s history and our “gun culture”… a civil and responsible gun culture by all historic fact.

Is it any wonder that Canada’s deconstructionist utopian left must erase this rich history of responsible civilian firearms ownership if they are to usher in their statist socialist dystopia ( complete with police state functions).

Is it any wonder that the last desparate act of a corrupt Liberal dystopian regime under Martin was to promise a law that would have put 200 years of Canadian historical record into the grinder? From The HBC and voyageur belt pistols to Riel’s Colt, to Sam Steel’s Webley to d’arcy McGee’s .32…all would have been taken from museums and collectors to the grinder…all to placate a utopian concept which has never born fruit for anyone other than political dictators.

There is a vast propaganda war raging in this nation and at the center of it is the traditional civilian freedom to own arms….historic fact demonstrates that Canada has a heritage of responsible and traditional civilian firearms ownership.....Canada's traditional "Gun Culture" are not a problem…except to autocratic regimes…you have to ask yourself what sort of agenda a government has which wishes to criminalize and remove the basic civil right to lawful armed self defense while criminal misuse of firearms goes on unaddressed and unabated.

Particularly so in the land of anti-gun hysteria and fear mongering Ontario.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Liberal "Natural governing party" ethos taken to its natural conclusion

When I saw this media blurb over an aging dictator's anouncement announcement he will dictate until he chooses not to, it set my mental wheels to rolling over the same attitudes I have heard expressed by our own political "rulers" when they became long in the tooth. I was also thinking that we have no term limits in this dysfunctional dominion.

Fidel Castro has reiterated he has no plans to retire as Cuba's president after 47 years in power

I was instantly put in mind of all of our home grown politicos and partisan regimes that openly feel they should stay as long as they want...Chretien/PET and ( to a lesser extent) Klein come to mind...also Martin's desperate ethicless soul-selling addiction to the "ring" of power...also the character of "Gollum", Tolkein's conglomerate personification of the soul-sucking lust for power that consumes a man's humanity and makes them a hideous pathetic creature.

Mr Castro told Mr Ramonet he would stick to his word, given in 2003 uponre-election by the National Assembly to another five-year term as president, "to serve as long as they wish . . . and I am useful. Not a minute less, nor a second more".

The Bush administration has been voicing its concern that Mr Castro's younger brother, the defence minister Raul Castro, 74, will soon take over.
"If something happens to me tomorrow the National Assembly will surely meet and elect him," Mr Castro says, "and so will the political bureau."

Also interesting that Cuba's "ill never retire" natural governor and his natural governing party were close political soul mates with PET...another elitist politico unfond of retiring who coined the concept of the "natural governing regime" in our once free and functional dominion of Canada.

Interesting also is the language used by these political elitists and their supporters. They use terms such as "dynasty" and "ruling party " and "heir apparent" instead of administration and elected reps and party leadership candidate.....their references for themselves are trappings from the age of Kings, the aristocratic totalitarianism where absolute power was bequeathed by right of lineage....the term "natural governing party" can also be argued to have its roots in the undemocratic governing concepts of Machiavelli who justified the nobel peerage's ambitions for power as the "natural governing" right of aspirant aristocrats.

Also incidental is I now hear the sycophant media that promotes the political patrician class of Liberaldom's neo-aristocracy referring to Ignatieff as a "Trudeau legacy" candidate. Interesting how power-corrupted megalomaniacs think alike...just like their aristocratic predecessors and their "lineage-legacy" ruling claims.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Bankers, socialism and taxes

My friend DT from celestial Junk poses a wonderful question in a comment to my previous post on the fraud/immorality of personal income taxing. It extends an opportunity to dispell a couple of wide spread misconceptions and mythology about socialism, taxes and central banking syndicate.

DT says:
After all, its this ocean of tax-dependant socialists that are the real rulers. How much real change, and how quickly, can actually be enacted.Socialist governments know, that once the bureaucracy and crown corporations reach a certian threshold in size; nothing can stop them.

Well DT statist socialism actually relies on credit as they are always over extended...either buying votes or keeping their loyal voting block reliant on endless government subsidy....the result is a tax base that becomes unproductive and unable to pay the principle debt. To pay the debt and become fiscally responsible to the people, the government would have to levy a crushing debt reduction tax regime which would probably tank the fragile socialist state economy. This puts socialist governments endlessly on the hook to the lenders who finance their debt... paying just the interest charges on a massive debt they ring up. ( Canada, US and most of the EU is in this fate)

The lending institutions that finance these spend=thrift socialist regimes debt rely on the regimes ability to coerce the debt out of its citizens in taxes. It is a socialist government's ability and record to tax in relation to debt servicing charges that the lenders use to secure the loans. This also floats the shakey currency of the debtor nation. Is it any wonder that socialists ideologically denounce capitalism but rely on wealthy capitalist cartels to finance their debt-ridden dystopias. A socialist government thus endebted , of neccesity usually drops all pretense of civility or morality when shaking down its citizens for revenues and becomes a Kleptocracy eventually.

If one understands that socialism is NOT a share the wealth plan but a politically actuated plan to consolidate (centralize) power and control of a nation’s wealth, then the paradox of super rich men promoting or financing socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool for wealthy power-seeking megalomaniacs. ( Moe Strong, Desmarais, Martin, Soros, Armand Hammer, FDR)

Communism, or more accurately super centralized socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but a political and economic realignment that benefits the political/economic elite who finance and rule it. The modern model for this is China which remains a communist kleptocracy which sells legal absolution to foreign capitalists who wish to move productivity into China. The only wealth from this arrangement that stays in China stays in a small group of political racketeers, the overwhelming majirity of Chinese outside the inner political circles do not benefit and remain as poor as before Capitalists invaded China. Call it communist isn't free market inclusive's economic elitism with a despotic monopolist ethic.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Harper/Bush compact: NO MORE INCOME TAXES

Would be nice eh? Happy fools day...and speaking of fools... as you pay off the debt the playboys in the ruling cartel have rung up, here's a fool's day tax horror tale for you.

several more ..and another here and here

It appears that the tax collection regimes in north America are so draconian and uncivil that they are abused by governments and petty bureaucrats routinely to brutalize individuals either for political whim or as "examples" to maintain a pall of intimidation over the citizenry. The bullying tax courts, strong-arm seizure powers and abusive enforcement mechanisms of the tax regime have been used frequently as weapons against dissenters and political opponents. People who cause federal ruling cartels in national socialist nations any embarassment can ( and are) done away with by the police state tactics used to coerse revenues from the citizenry. America's and Canada's income taxing regimes of private citizens is visible proof there is a totalitarian hand beneath the velvet glove of national socialism ( yes America and Canada both have statist-socialist wealth confiscation-redistribution and are defacto national socialist regimes).

Perhaps this "fool's day" as we ponder what an extravigant martinet federal regime has shaken us down for in so-called personal income taxes ( which is really run like a criminal protection racket) , it might serve the cause of reclaiming our nation from the grip of national socialist authoratarianism far better to consider removing the number one tool of civilian intimidation/control this quasi-despotic kleptocracy has at its disposal......a fraudulent claim to directly tax individuals incomes and its uncivil/illegal collection mechanisms.

There is plenty of credible legal precedent and constitutional evidence to say that our Federal government cannot legally tax an individual's means of support directly and that any tax levied on a private individual in a nation under rule of common law must be voluntary....I have researched these claims and found them to be mostly accurate.... but being mirally correct and within legal right means little in a nation where the government acts in a lawless uncivil manner in most of its dealings with the national socialism is wont to do.

As the nation recovers from a decade of democractic abuse and despotic national socialism at the federal level, democratic reform has become a rallying cry for all Canadians who still have passion for a free and civil Canada.....let us not forget that tax reform is as important, if not more important, as a tool to control government excess, abuse and corruption.