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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Calls for equal application of the Law called "outsider public mischief" By Cop Brass

I have a lengthy response to a rightfully outraged citizen who is being sytematically slandered by Ontraio's politicized police funtion. Mark Vandermaas from VOC takes exception to the political spin being put on his principled stand against "descretionary" law enforcement.

Indeed the best post and most important ethic enunciated in this debate. My admiration goes out to both Jim and you for articulating such an obvious moral truth which is being obscured under a deep blanket of official political spin.

The side which is running a deceitful political gambit on this issue (and that ain't your side Mark) is advocating a corrupt 3rd world police state solution of politically motivated selective law enforcement...this is being disguised with weasel words like "officer discretion" and “ keeping the peace at all costs”...sorry but “police discretion” and “policies” do not trump our personal charter guaranteed civil rights to express concern over unrequited criminal violations…regardless of contrarian hot air emitted from polce function talking heads...this is obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain that is detached from officialdom's propaganda control grid.

As you have pointed out Mark, one of the reoccurring themes used by these corrupt statists attempting to subvert your principled civil indignation to the displayed double standards in the rule of law, is to stigmatize you as "outsiders" and “trouble makers” and paint a negative connotation to this....of course, to any thinking reasoning Canadian, this weak pretext the police statists want us to swallow is pure bunkum. They expect us to swallow the perverse logic of righteous civil indignation to open civil injustice as being rightfully restricted ONLY to those effected...that anyone who is not a resident in the immediate locale where an ongoing crime is being committed should have no opinion and have no constitutional say in the matter...they are "outsiders".("Outside" the sphere of McGuinty’s double standard martial law zone?)

But this myopic and civilly irreprehensible argument ignores the fact that in a civilized constitutional democracy when one citizen's rights and reputation are openly violated by uncivil authority...we have all have been attacked by extension...because if it can happen to one person it can just as easily happen to us all....and if we allow a constitutional breech and civil injustice to stand unchallenged, a precedent has been set for further abuse of the rule of law by recusant authority and criminals alike.

All free Canadians are affected by authoritarian inequity committed on our fellow a more universal sense, all men are effected by injustice and's called human empathy... an officially tolerated crime against one is a breech of justice to us all...this principle sent Canadians off to die on foreign shores defending oppressed peoples from criminal injustice…this Jim has so emotionally articulated.

Tyranny is defined as a state where there is no civil justice for the oppressed and where the law exists to protect the oppressor.

Caledonia is a microcosm of this definition...and it SHOULD trouble "outsiders"!!....if they have a modicum of civil ethos, empathy and civil self respect. The people of Caledonia are under constant threat by an ongoing criminal action which the police function continues to tolerate. The Ontario police function in Caledonia has demonstrated they will not make arrests of criminals of a certain race and ethnicity due to a political directive given them from Government which operates aside and apart from the constitutionally demanded process of the rule of law. This political directive over riding our constitution has left citizens of this town at the mercy of the tolerated lawlessness of a politically defined ethnic group. Section 15 of the charter is in tatters in Caledonia. This state of lawless intimidation has existed for over a year.

These besieged Caledonia citizens need help…they need help from all Canadians who value the uncorrupted rule of law…..because this COULD come to YOUR community if you do nothing….You are NOT an “outsider”…every Canadian who watches an ongoing crime which police refuse to resolve is a witness to a crime…you are involved…if you don not want to march in the cold for your fellow Canadian’s rights to be free from “discretionary” lawlessness…then write a letter to your MPP and MP and the PM….write a letter to an editor…do something…you are not an “outsider” you are a witness to a crime…a breech of your charter and this nation’s equitable rule of law!

Obviously the police state attitudes making the "official" public statements on this matter feel Mark and Gary’s civil responsibility and human empathy as "outsiders" should be criminalized...or at least publicly defamed….They are claiming a police monopoly on interpretation of the law and the constitution…they are replacing/ignoring the courts in their thought word and deeds.

When you get this attitude from the people who are charged with protecting our charter rights, you know our freedoms and democracy are in serious decay from "official" neglect.

Sorry for the length of this missive Mark but your post inspired me to get more people involved and politically active in restoring the rule of law in Caledonia-Canada…last time I looked Caledonia was not “outside” Ontario or Canada.