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*-{The New Canadian Colonist's Advocate }-* A commentary of fiery reformist sentiment from the spirit of it's 210 year old Canadian ghost publisher patron. This will be a home to the new wave of anti-partisan advocacy for defeating Canada's second "family compact" and reinstallation of responsible governance in this 21st century new Canadian democratic dominion.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Obligatory Dominion Day Sappyness ( Canuck style)

My blog buddy Paul over at celestial junk, asked some pertinent questions that I think all true Canadian patriots should answer on this upcoming Dominion day....time to reflect...the answers we give tell us more about the depth of our Canadian character and cultural experience than they do anything else. So to satiate your curiosity and to slake Paul’s request for my response to these questions, here goes:

The questions are as follows:

1) What is your favorite Canadian natural geographic location?

Waterton Lakes Region (AB) without doubt. It’s a mystical place where you can regain your natural gravity in the most beautiful place on the planet.

2) What do you think is Canada’s most admirable cultural trait?

Our inherent sense of “fairness”. Lately this trait has been hijacked by a manipulative partisan Canadian media that spins a politically motivated alternate reality and distorts our sense of what is fair. The secondary effect is that this constant mind washing deconstructs traditional/historic Canadian values and national character. If you belive the media's spin this nation is less than 40 yeras old and was founded by our first communist PM.

3) What is your most memorable Canadian travel experience?

Kayaking the Mackenzie river and panning for gold along the way.

4) What is your favorite Canadian hideaway?

I won’t tell because it is such an undiscovered’s secluded between two mountain ranges and has a deep glacial lake and a turn of the century western CPR town that has changed little...along with the salmon stocks. Life slows and has true value there.

5) What do you think is Canada’s more admirable political trait?

Of late I can’t think of any desirable political trait...most are despicable. Historically, I suppose it was the decorum and integrity our parliamentarians had to have with all the lack of legal restraint....operation on “convention”. However these days the governing house is so callous and unprincipled that we can no longer afford to have “conventional” rules...we need these rats held criminally liable for the common malfeasance they engage in.

6) What do you think is Canada’s most exiting event?

Well socially or culturally I can’t think of anything we created, since we sold off Hockey to the US, that I would call “exciting”...we are a boring lot culturally. As far as natural events go I have to say the aurora borealis.

7) What is the most thrilling experience you have had with Canadian nature?

Thrilling?? Well, had to be my Grizzly encounter or the time I was stuck at tree line when a summer snow squall came in and we had just summer clothing...but had a tarp in the pack...thrilling? Yah...never forget.

8) What, if anything, does Canada hold that you’d lay your life down for?

Recently nothing. Politically and bureaucratically Canada is a basket case and on the slide to civil serfdom. I was prepared to fight to the death for our democratic way of life and civil freedom but this has all but vanished with the advent of the grasping tentacles of bureaucratic tyranny from the expanding secular socialist-conformist state....I will fight and die for my personal freedom and the lives of my family....Canada’s officialdom has my contempt, not my this age of kleptocratic tyranny "loyalty" belongs to my family and my love of freedom....not this degenerate state.

9) What is for you, the single most positive defining characteristic of Canada?

The fact that, historically, our population’s national character was forged though adversity.... simply put we are a people who persevere under adverse conditions. We have had extreme climate and geographical obstacles to conquer as well as a long history of over bearing poor governance and a miniscule economy run by a small selfish central cartel...but our people still persevere under these adverse conditions. This is a benign thing. The American national character is was forged in the fires of battle for freedom.....ours was forged in a 200 year struggle with weather and autocratic, elitist governance.

So my duty is done. As a jaded 6th Generation Canadian who has flagging loyalty towards a degnerated bureaucratic infastructure of this nation. I do love her people and her places, but our government is a God awful abomination to anyone who values freedom, integrity and an existance free of nanny state thought control.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Urban Eastern Public Schools should teach "Bear craft"

Greetings from the wilds of Banff AB. Aside from the natural beauty I've seen in traversing the back country of Canada's most beautiful National park, the town sites of Banff and Canmore offer many trendy amuzements for the tired traveler. This year it seems to be a pool the locals are keeping on which of the ample townsite bears will snack on the numerous urban warriors who have sought out the wilderness experience in the wild out back of the town site fringes.

What is it with Alberta's Grizzlie bears and their affinity for sleep walking Quebecois flesh. This summer's Park bear attacks have singled out townsite Quebecers who obviously have language/learning barriers. The first attack took place on a wildlife corridor that was supposed to be closed to public access clearly signed and cordoned off. The second attack ,that I winessed causing a flurry of frantic (pointless) public safety activites from Banff officialdom, was the result of some daft urban Quebeois ignoring the posted signs about area camping closuers due to an unpredictable bear frequenting the area. He woke up with bear #66 (protecting her cubs)chewing through his sleeping bag. These two join the long list of Euro-trash and urban wilderness warriors who have become bear food due to their inability to fathom simple concepts about wildlife....Darwin would be proud.

As a contrasting note of interest, I spent the previous 4 days in the wild areas of the bow river down stream from the glacier, saw lots of bear sign but was never bothered ( simple bears precautions with food and having an eye for a good camp site). The Rangers told me that the back country sightings were not too frequent this year. Soooo, what does this tell us...that perhaps the town site bears are not really wild?...that thay have lost their fear of man? That their proxcimity to garbage keeps them as semi permanent town residents? That all these factors conbined make for an unpredictable situation when they interface with the local touistas, weaned on Disney-esque concepts of wildlife?

In both cases, areas were duely signed off and warnings issued about unstable bear activity.but I suppose we just missed the small print on the bottom of the signs that said " except urban Quebecois wishing to fulfill their urban lifestyle activites in bear country".

Monday, June 20, 2005

Firebrand Hiatus

Sorry to disappoint regualr readers but the Reformer's firebrand will be prorogued before Parliament this year....I will be taking time off from politics, blogging, posting and generally getting a break from having to watch the sleaze so closely.

Will be in the mountains from June 21 until I decide to return.

Catch you after the good weather. ;-0

Canada the Benign Tyranny?

I just finished a book on the perversion of the legal axioms of the Magna Carta by the imposition of Roman law over common law in the British sphere of free nations. Dry read except for those law junkies who want to understand how we have lost so much personal freedom in the past 100 years.

Here are some of the signs that your government is subverting the nation into a bureaucratic tyranny through statute legislating that ignores natrual rights of the individial and the civil rights of the British rule of law:

1. Any law the electorate sees as being open to being perverted from its original intent will be perverted in a manner worse than the perversion first suspected at the time it was passed.

2. Any law that is so difficult to pass it requires the citizens be assured it will not be a stepping stone to worse laws will, in fact, be a stepping stone to worse laws.

3. Any law that requires the citizens be assured the law does not mean what the citizens fear, means exactly what the citizens fear.

4. Any law passed in a good cause will be interperated to apply to causes never supported by the majority of the people.

5. Any law enacted to help any one group, to the exclusion of others, will be applied to harm people not in that group.

6. Everything the government says will never happen, will happen...count on it.

7. What the government says it could not foresee, the government has already planned for.

8. When there is a budget shortfall to cover non-essential government services the citizens will be given the choice between higher taxes or the loss of essential government services.

9. Should the citizens mount a successful effort to stop a piece of legislation the same legislation will be passed later under a different name and stated intent.

10. All deprivations of freedom and choice will be increased rather than reversed.

11. Any government that has to build safeguards into a law so that it will not be abused is providing guidelines for abusing the law without violating it.

We can all name at least one federal statute that fits each of these 11 cases

the final analysis of free dominion or statist tyranny:

You could be living in a tyranny if your Government:

Sets itself above the will and judgement of the people and refuses to comply with the wishes of the people.

Lies to the people to get what it wants.

Treats the traditional rights of the people as obstacles to the objectives of government.

Creates animosities among groups of people.

Blames the people for mandating it to do things which were never mandated in the first place.

How does Ottawa stack up to these guidelines?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why Doesn't PM Dithers Need a "Make Over"??

Ok, I finally had enough of the Sunday MSM chatter-boxes filling the airwaves, bandwidth and news print with the same tired repeated premise. The "harper needs a makeover jag was repeated countless times today as if this was the only reality in Canadian politics. The MSM newsies are used to repition of "creative" realities and concepts as has been amply demonsrated in the past.

In the past, they repeated endlessly that the Reform moment was doomed ......but it has recreated itself and held opposition status for 10 years and now threatens the vaunted MSM sanctum of the single party state by forming government.

Then they had some jag on about how Reform and Conservatives would never amalgamate...but they did.

Then it was on to their jag about CPC and Harper being too "extremist"...but at the policy convention the party and Harper shunned policies that the media had previously called extreme and presented a moderate right threw them off.

Then it was that Harper could never get a break through in Ontario but they elected 24 CPC MPs from Ontario and more in the Maritimes to end up with 98 seats...this from a party only 4 months old...they were wrong again.

Then it was Harper is too "aggressive" and "angry" when confronting this degenerate government with it's own crimes only to get surreal answers about the Wheather or diets....I suppose our MPs are not to show the frustration we taxpayers do when we hear the government refuse to be answerable for it's crimes.

Now, it seems that the MSM has decided that Harper and CPC are the party and leader that need a make over to have less "gloomy" "angry" imaging...I endured over 25 articles and countless MSM sound bites all regurgitaing this newly fabricated media mantra. Then when a lone conservative paper jumps on this latest jag from the enemy spin team, that's the last straw for me.

I'm putting you arcane media natterers on notice!

No more of your insane "opinions" that are repeated endlessly like they bore resemblance to reality. If a squeeky clean Hockey Dad from Calgary is deemed to need a make-over to remove flaws , but a skunk's arse like Martin and his criminal government don't....well, we have a terminally sick 4th estate that gets in hyterics at flyspecs and shadows while criminals are looting the store under their nose.

Hey you nattering MSM idiots, I want to know why "gloomy", "angry" Harper needs a makeover to make him publicly ( read media) acceptable but "unethical", "criminally implicated", "conficted of public interest", scandal ridden Paul Martin does not!!

Can you tell me why the dark contast of Martin's ample flaws have never entered your reasoning??

This kind of myopic media is a net deficit to Canadian either misinforms or under informs the public to the point where an average voter casts a ballot in misguided ignorance.

There I said it. Got that off my chest. Now...while we were all being repeatedly "informed" by the Sunday MSM preachers that the gloomy", "angry" Harper needs a "Make over" , contrast and balence were snubbed by monopolizing the chatter to point to arcane flaws in one leader while ommitting any talk on the Liberal leader or his record.... here is what they omitted to mention or run a story on:

Martin has 2 serious ( scandalous) conflict of interest issues dogging him. Still with the CSL tax haven and funding Here and Grewal bribery case here

Then there was all the revelations of criminal connections, criminal breaches of public trust, fraud and extrotion in the liberal operations in Quebec ( Martin was associated with 2 of the players) The trail is long and dirty and pitted with corruption, secret government deals and coverups. If the PM is not reponsible for his government then who is?

There seemed to be no talk lately of the Federal public Accounts committee that found Martin's campaign magament "earnscliffe group" to have been the beneficiaries of patronage largess.....the finall recommendation of the commite was that Martin resign and the government drop a writ to elect a new action on this committee recommendation from the Martin government yet.

The full Liberal scandal accounts from the Chretien/Martin regimes is here. You may as well use this link as you will never see these copious liberal scandals recalled and talked about in the MSM after they breifly "announce" them, then move back to their standard litany of bashing the opposition and rehashing their "scary" fabricated history.

There is plenty for the MSM to be nattering aout this newsless Sunday but paul martin's long list of crimes and misdemenors isn;t one of them....they want to focus on the anger this criminality and scandal evokes in the behaviour of Patriotic principled Canadians....Like Steven Harper......maybe they are suggesting any Canadian who is gloomy and angered by this institutionalized corruption and slease get a "make-over " as well.

One of these day's Canadians will hear a large "POP" noise that will shake the ground from coast to coast...that will be the day when the Canadian MSM pulls it's head from its arse and starts relating realities as it sees it outside it's former dark, warm and smelly limited perspective

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Moonbat Mockery is Good for the Nation's Heart and Soul

My friend Richard has started a Moonbat mocking initiative over at his blog and I thought it may be amuzing to take up where he left off. There is so much material to run with doing a stand up comedy act based in Moonbat foibles*. So here goes:

Q: Why did the moonbat cross the road?

A: to get to the ( fill in your favorite state subsidized entitilement here)

Q: What's the difference between a Moonbat and a trampoline?

A;You take off your shoes before you jump on a trampoline.

Q:How many Moonbats can you get into a 2 seat electric car?

A: 3 if they squeeze in really tight, 37 if you use a woodchipper.


You might be a Moonbat if:

-You think the rich can get richer off people who have no money.

-If you have ever used the phrase "protecting prisoner's rights".

-You've ever referred to the Military/Industrial Complex during a conversation.

-You've ever argued that "you can't legislate morality".

-Referred to the Founding Fathers as " aristocratic, chauvinistic, white, land stealing oppressors of indigenous personnel".

-You've ever said "But look at all the good Trudeau has done for this country!"

-You've ever stared at the "voice of fire" and said; " Dude,.. THAT says it all man.... well worth the 2 million to have this graphic account of man's inhumanity to man! Tax money well spent man!"

-You argue that the only flaw with Marxist theory is that Russia was an agrarian society.

-You've ever called anyone other than a nazi party member a Fascist.

-You argue that property rights are "priviledges".

-You view Michael Moore as a courageous documentary making hero with strong patriotic convictions.

-After looking at your pay stub you can still say "Canadians are undertaxed."

-You've ever said "We really should call the HRC about what was said here."

-You came of age in the '70s and don't remember but your coke burnt nose gives you a slight clue.

-You believe "Dan Rather wouldn't lie about something that important."

-You ever based an argument on the phrase, "But they can afford higher taxes because..."

-You ever told a child that Degrassi high's cancellation was " a victim of Draconian budget cuts in public broadcasting."

-You've ever argued that with just one more welfare program extention that street person will turn it around and get off drugs.

-You are outraged that Baseball Players make millions and the swamper at the welfare office only makes 28 bucks an hour doing such noble public work.

-You want government to find alternative energy sources but complain when you have to fill up the Volvo with the new carbon sin tax you lobbied for.

-You believe our government must do it because the Europe or Japan does.

-You think socialism will catch on once society has evolved by making non socialists move to the US.

-You've ever stated "How does what he does in his personal life have any bearing on doing his job?" when reponding to ample liberal scandals.

-You have ever blamed George Bush for anything that has not impacted you personally or is unlikely to impact you.

Got more? Put 'em in the comments or my e-mail, if I get enough I will make the Moonbat mocking day a quarterly event.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Trudeau Brat Wins Dishonest Reporting Award

While cruising the I-net boondocks I came across this little item that warmed my old reformer's heart. Here we have some more evidence that ideological hubris and philosophical dyslexia is genetic. Just when we thought we were rid of one generation of idealist preachiness another pops up to keep asymmetric utopian perspective alive in the guise of a documentry by Hoser royalty;

What his Nibs Information commissar Sacha Trudeau had to offer in clarifying the Palistinian terror war against Israel for the Canadian proletariat :

"Trudeau also sympathetically profiled Zakaria Zubeidi, leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Jenin, as a “skinny renegade” on the run from Israeli ambushes . Yet Trudeau never told viewers that Zubeidi’s organization has murdered Arabs, Israeli Jews and foreigners, including a Canadian citizen killed in a bus bombing."

Seems this incubus has his daddy's affinity for supporting violent regimes, and epitomising, butchers as "revolutionaries". Ahhh some things never change....another generation of champagne socialists ready to romaticize the butchery of "revolution" .

Do you think it ever dawned on this empty headed hoser royal, that his misplaced homage to this murderer may offend the families of his Canadian vitims?...Nawwww don't let common empathy get in the way of political idealism...what ever would Daddy say?

Comrade Sacha managed to beat out the Toronto Star as Canada's top source of disinformation on the Palestinian terror problem. Quite an accomplishment for a rookie political propagandist.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Paul Martin Sr. hung with Mobsters too

Interesting little news item here that would seem to be a matter of genetic imprinting. Just like Paulie Jr. and his putting a mafia Capo in the Canadian cabinet, Pop Martin hung with wealthy mobsters as well.

Seems Paulie Sr. was also a bosom buddy of Canada's most famous contraband smugglers as well. Paulie Sr, sure had a nose for staying around the loose sonny boy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Anti Gay or Pro Reality

Funny how the cosmic forces work. I just finished reading about the radical sod-lobby postulating on entrenching taxation on an unconstitutional discriminatory basis when I ran across this . ( wait 15 seconds and the frames change by itself)


A test Of Opposition Integrity

Well, today would seem to be the day.....the day where the corrupt, unconstitutionally sitting Martin coaliton of crime is most vulnerable. There are several opportunities for the opposition to topple this rotten catrel in budget votes.

Why the recent arrogant taunting attitude from the cartel? Why the silence from the previous chest beating opposition? Well, what a difference a few weeks of criminal vote buying, MSM disinformation and rumor mongering, and the gullability of opposition "spin managers" can make.

First off, this illegitimate lot of governing statists has openly stated they will ignore confidence votes in the furture and they alone ( not parliamentary/constitutional convention) will decide what is a confidence issue....oh how ethical! Why not just go the last yard and admit that the Liberal single party state will only accept the democratic will of the public it choses to and only obey the laws and rules it chooses....and only if it's to their advantage...because that's the message here.

The acknowledged problem with the Westminster parliamentary system is that the smooth operation and end product (POGG- Peace Order and Good Governemnt) or responsible democratic government, hinges on "conventions" ( traditional, agreed to, unwritten rules of ethics in debate and house operation) and the ethical integrity of parliamentarians to adhere to to governing conventions. The confidence of the house is the primary convention that is the only stop gap between Canadian Democracy and the encroachment of tyranny.

The liberal cartel has openly declared they will not follow the confidence convention and have demonstarted that they ignore or hold in contempt, the ethical conventions of the parliamentary system....most notably: confidence, conflict of interest, influence peddling and recently; bribing members for support.

I expect to see my opposition continue to do every thing it can to topple this criminal cartel and reestablish democracy in the nation's governance.

Take us to the polls Mr. Harper, and put your nation before your party, and the filthy cesspool of federal politics....we will decide what the fate of this criminal cabal will be .

Monday, June 13, 2005

A whirlwind tour of the Demented Dominion's MSM

I'm a tad philosophically shagged out after spilling my entrails out over enunciating what I see as the true nature of most of Canada's political degeneracy and Partiotism crisis.

Today we will take a fast tour though the maw of Canada's deranged Media to prove some of the points made in the previous 2 journal entries.

The first thing I see in the yellow media today is that their support for our statist anti-democratic government's propaganda crusade against America has born fruit. It seems the intellectually lethargic who take their political orientation from the manipulating partisan media regurgitated the anti-Americanism reflex conditioned in them like a group of Pavlov's dogs. Politically manufactured Canadian Nationalism makes conditioned fear and loathing Canadian vogue.

On to other issues of degenerated Canadian federal system (formally known here as the new family compact)...we see another netwoking political insider toadie rise to inner circle power cartel through the single party state's doctrine of appointment by nepotism. The Family compact lives again!!

Predictably the Federal cartel continues to patronize its sycophant propaganist wing in the media.

Etue Brute!! : Partisan Liberal ownership of Canada's only pseudo anti-statist daily has put the knife in Harper's back and muses openly if Canada even has a conservative party....more correctly WE should openly muse if Canada has a conservative daily broadsheet paper.

Canada's statist bureaucracy continues on in its dylexic operation of the justice system by doggedly championing the "rights" of criminal degenerates over those of their victims and society....and in typical statist fashion use the incident to make calls for suppressing the free expression left to us on the internet media.... which still eludes the tentacles of Ottawa's Big Brother thought control agenda. ( we also note the loudest proponents for government internet control are media owned by Powercor)

Lastly we see the old Marxist saw about the sanctity of the secular state has invaded the thinking of our home grown statists in Ottawa who are entertaining the gay lobby, secular statists and militant athiest left's vulgar attack on the church. They want to tax churches who's beliefs do not permit gay marriage. Essentially a dylexic interpretation of the separation of church and state by the state attacking the church for not propagating state diktat. We live in a time when reason and truth are obscured and the perverse condemn the virtuous.....where moral relativism has left us with no social order based in concrete values and ideals.

....and the predictable backlash that has started.

We live in times where Canadians are sleeping through social and legal upheavals like this nation has never experienced. If left unchallenged by what little sanity remains in society, the inmates will take control of the asylum.

Late breaker: as I predicted Duceppe will not jump BQ ship until it is returned to Ottawa with a full slate of seats....then the jump to the PQ....keep an eye on it kids, I'll bet the ranch on this one.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Zen Patriotism Part II

Thanks all for the comments and they are graciously accepted and encourage but humbly appreciated a great deal. I seem to have struck a patriotic chord with some readers, so I will expand on some of the concepts in the previous log entry.....specifically, non partisan patriotic duty and loyalty to Canada's democracy as a first priority of patriots.

The issue at hand that plagues our nation (systemic corruption and the degeneration of our democratic institutions) is a non-partisan issue....even though when it is addressed it is treated as such. This is because only in the past 15-20 years has a political movement/party existed to reform the situation.

Essentially the old-line parties that embraced statism (because this extends their control, wealth gathering and power brokering capitalization) now have a true challenge to this status quo Tammany-Hall type political machine. Reform based parties have sprung up in all provinces but none so prominent as the federal one that has merged into the CPC.

The old-line statist parties resist democratic reform because democratic reform asks them to become accountable to the public and the law, act only in specific ethical ways, and devolve much of their power back to the people or the people's direct representatives.
The old-line parties and their sycophant media( Ottawa political establishment) have been on an absolute vicious attack against this change. The propaganda is so thick that many Canadians feel it's actually some kind of sin or unpatriotic act to demand democratic reform of government.

And to further illustrate how deeply entrenched and widely spread statist propaganda has become, all real, true defining in political labels ( and the position on the political scale) has been obliterated in our popular media and political discourse.

The greatest lie of the century is that the federal cartel that claims "natural ruling party" status is "liberal"....or that it’s opposition was either "progressive" or "conservative". Both parties are statist in intent and operation…they had no problem supporting the openly statist NDP’s core concepts of a central bureaucratically controlled economy, market intervention, punitive consumptive taxes for necessities, larger government, and zero public responsive democratic reforms to our governing systems.

As for the Liberals they are openly against individual property rights, and claim authority to truncate any civil right they see fit via section one of THEIR charter…..this is the act of a statist regime forming a rule through rubberstamp Jurocracy, governance through a oligarchical kleptocracy, and enforcement of policy through a surreptitious quasi-police state and star chamber tribunals…Hell these people are authoritarian secular statists….frekissake I’m a liberal…a classic liberal or libertarian with some traditionalist tendencies, and I think these people act and think like soviet crooks!….I have much more in common in my quest for smaller restrained accountable government , free market dynamics and individualism with the New Canadian Conservatives and the democratic reform based CPC than with these nationalist socialist Peronista Liberals.

They say we Canadians have a “mixed” economy....neither supply (free market) nor Demand ( communist central planned economics)…but anyone who operates as a free agent in the private sector can tell you that the regulatory constraints, and tax regimes at play in the Canadian market place have tilted the scale towards fuller central economic control of the statist ideologies ( communism/national socialism).

Similarly, as our economic freedoms were gradually reduced from the 60s onward, our individual civil freedom has been reduced….we had once claimed in, Pearson’s time, to have a “mixed” or “3rd option” governance which was neither statist socialism nor free constitutional republicanism….we did when we were a British parliamentary democracy but 1982 changed all that and made us a subjects of the state and no longer sovereign individuals under protection of British styled rule of law. We now are mired in a murky morass of statist code law run by roman style tribunals where the only individual freedom and civil liberties one has are the ones the omnipotent Jurocracy wishes to recognize on any given day.

For me ( as a Canadian Citizen) the ideological political scale is irrelevant with it’s positions of left and right. The only “scale” that matters in governance is where one’s government is placed on the scale with anarchy at the right end and tyranny at the left end, and from my objective, non partisan assessment of the current operational mode of the federal political establishment, I would say Canada’s current Liberal regime (our past NDP, PC governments) sits close to the left end of the scale in a semi benign tyranny.

Our Democracy has been allowed to be highly compromised by a number of unilateral national policies, parliamentary conventions and unwritten governing doctrines like the newly accepted doctrine of paramountcy, which is totally out of align with our constitutional/confederal make up. In short, the national political establishment has become overtly statist, anti-democratic, Machiavellian in it’s quest for power and power brokering and Kleptocratic in operation.

Now all this transcends petty partisan political squabbling and navel gazing which seems to occupy the MSM and the public debate mediums. Patriots must regravitate the conversation to its proper focus….which is NOT squabbling over left –right disjointed idealism… is about steering their nation’s government and political ideals back to the center away from the rocks of unaccountable statism.

It will take Canadians to do this, politicians are too locked into a system which has been redesigned to restrict or repel change.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Partisanism, Statism and the art of Democratic Zen

My Blog buddy Paul from Celestial junk ran an idea past me thinking it may be a way to open alternate viewpoints to Canadians who see far to little variation in political/ideological orthodoxy in their media. What started off as an e-mail reply ended up as an opus of the socio-political situation in Canada from my perspective as a non opposed to those who accept statism as "normal" for Canada, when I know this to be historicaly and constitutionally incorrect.

Hmmmm…starting a book blog with reviews of alternate Viewpoints out of the leftist mainstream??

A very admirable goal Paul, but it is NOT non statists like conservatives, libertarians Reformers and sundry
Laissez-faire loving folks that NEED to read books that portray the alternate point of view to the single minded Bolshy-style mind wash from a conformist Canadian is the vast dumbed down do you get to them? If their concepts of Canadian politics/history/culture come from CBC, what makes you think they're inquisitive enough to search out alternate media and actually read something with substance that challenges their mass media indoctrinated belief systems? Our basic premise that statist/socialist coerced egalitarianism does not equal civil/economic freedom or approximate civil justice is lost on those conditioned to ask the state for everything…even their opinions. How do you reach people content with a benign serfdom?

The “netizens” we see on line are relatively literate or technical people .... most are strongly partisan….some are shilling foamy mouthed orthoxies. It takes too much time to get a partisan or doctrinaire dogmatic partisan to change camps...besides we don't have a "camp" what we are vending is a return to traditional democratic governing principles, fairness, reasonability and awareness that doctrinaire partisan politics is all a matter of mind washing and deep compromise of principle.....we want people to think outside the partisan box…get outside the narrow ideological template your partisnism restricts your thinking to and become loyal to a set of universal democratic principles...reject reflexive partisnism and errant guit induced orthodoxies for the civil responsibilities of the free individual citizen and embrace accessible, accountable, responsible democracy as a first loyalty…

A Canadian patriot’s first duty is to the health of this nation’s representative democracy, equal application in the rule of law and the freedom of it’s citizens….recently we should be very concerned with restraining the reaching tentacles of social engineering statism...this last item is the greatest threat to individual rights and freedoms than any other ideological government doctrine. I think this message transcends party politics and if the left were not as dogmatic as the far right, they will see that the conspicuous and chronic criminality and conflicted ethics, errant foreign ideologies and ultra vires statist governance entrenched in Ottawa is not a matter of brand name’s a matter of a crisis in people becoming so civilly apathetic or dogmatically partisan or ill informed that they ignore the degenerating governing institutions in this country....the constant loss of governmental accountability and individual freedoms to corruption and sprawling statism....that is the message I want to get out....

Harper is not the messenger of this…he is responding to OUR ( non statists) messaging. And although his policy continuity is a tad uneven, he and CPC provide the only alternative at this time to hope to stop the slide…I also notice some rays of light on the Liberal back benches who are acting more like classic Liberals and are disgusted with the current partisan degeneracy of their party, Parliament and our democracy….there are even small rays of light in the BQ and Dipper ranks…..peace, order and good government is a non partisan goal….neither is it achieved with degenerated statism replacing vibrant confederalism as Ottawa has tried the past decade.

It is unreasoning partisan forces that are telling us we must accept degenerated governance and moral decay in our leaders and government because there are “worse” alternatives….well here’s one Canadian patriot that will loudly proclaim there are NO worse alternatives to the creeping corrupt statism that errant partisan politics of the past decade have steered our nation towards.

I’m no fawning camp follower of the CPC or Steven Harper, but I can tell you neither of these entities is as scary or has the hidden agenda of the current profligate
Machiavellian cartel which clings to power weakening our unity and health and affecting our judgement like a tumor on the nation’s brain.

Don't get me wrong, I think your idea for encouraging more people to read more variety has merit but with so few resources on our side and time at a premium....we have to focus on messaging vehicles that will produce the most impact with the least resources and time consumption.

I do envision what we
(Non statist, anti Machiavellian) bloggers and web entities are doing is a quest for cultural and governmental sanity....opening an alternate form of messaging to get an alternate message out that is strangled in the co-opted old line media. Like Marshall McLuhan said: “.the message is the media” we have to be the media and our message will be the passion with which we object to corruption.

Canada does not have that long left, and with the recent knives out for Harper and gloom predictions for the CPC , signal that the media is ready to kill off another alternative to status quo Federal partisan sleaze….. soon an alternative for proper parliamentary democratic change will cultured by the media as dead in the collective public mind. A final chance to escape single party statism and the inherent corruption it brings will be gone once and for all…if the Eastern public swallows this mind washing and returns the Martin Cartel as a government…I'm thinking that from that point forward it is every man for himself.

At the point where Harper and CPC fail ( or more accurately
been foiled by eastern political/media establishment machiavellian subterfuge) it will be an open act of war by the eastern politcal establishment on the west, non partisan non socialist citizens, their ideals of democratic reform and equitable confederalism, conservative economics and cultural mores.

They are telling the these people at large and the west specifically, that there is no way they will ever be allowed a place at the table, let alone a PM, and they should just shut up and keep taking it up the wazoo from corrupt, degenerate, statist Ottawa..."keep your yaps shut while we continue to pick your pockets to pay our special pals and we continue to absorb power and concentrate it in our central control…and don’t even think you can do a thing about it...we control the federal system and it’s co-opted media and we will destroy every political leader and party you send here trying to change this status quo"...
so sayeth the eastern political/media establishment.

At that point my messaging changes and my audience audience will be NON-Statists and Westerners and the message is that federalism is irreparably broken, corrupt, is not working for them and should be rejected in the same way they have rejected and marginalized us....time to start the process of breaking free of Ottawa's influence. I will also encourage Quebec and any other province or private sovereign individual to do likewise. A government elected by one part of the country that legislates only for one part of the country cannot claim a mandate nor the right to completely ignore the will of the people who did not vote for them….in many cases a majority of voters supported other parties/policy options other than the one claiming full mandate. This MUST change…and it will…probably without the help of the Ottawa political establishment.

That may sound radical to you but Canadians ( in central Canada)
are asleep, or ignorantly smug or reliant on Federal wages or subsidies and have allowed an entrenched criminal cartel to ruin the nation’s government .....nothing short of a crisis will get their attention that there is another Canada that is being looted and treated unjustly....if in fact they care about the west as anything other than a source of revenue well for eastern nanny state goodies. The same could be said for anyone they deem to be non statist…someone who functions and thinks outside the folds of the nanny state skirts is viewed with suspicion and fear in many eastern environs.

Marshall McLuhen also said:” Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.”

Perhaps he was a visionary who foresaw the covert usurpation of our confederal democracy by a modern corporate-political cartel back in the early sixties when he said this...he is saying that a vast civil abomination ( like the subversion of Canadian freedom) will hide in plain sight behind the wide disbelief it has taken place ….. Tell people that the '82 charter reduced our freedoms instead of guaranteeing them and you get a blank stare...futher tell then the charter permits unelected judicial lawmaking and usurps parliament...they won't believe you...then tell them that Canada has been lead by the employees of a powerful Quebec business magnet and they will start calling you names.....but the abomination is still hiding in plain suight for anyone who wants to see it.....just a repeat of history as Canada had suffered under business networked political power brokering cartels in the past until revolt brought back responsible democracy to the nation.

Now if you have any knowledge of the history surrounding my nom de plume ( Mr. Mackenzie) you will know he was a reformer who was forced into being a revolutionary to rid Canada of a corrupt political cartel ( the Family compact)....his fiery writing and oratory inspired simple farmers and timorous souls to stand up to inspired a revolt that sent a shock wave to the halls of power that precipitated Canada's first responsible government.

I deeply believe history will repeat itself. It will be Canadian patriots who must rid Canada of the corporate patronage statist cartel with a current strangle hold on Ottawa (our modern family compact)...we are degenerating into a corrupt 3rd world kleptocracy....if this cabal fends off efforts to remove it democratically by controlling the people in the most populous region with disinfomation mind wash, dirty tricks, bribery and unconstitutional acts, more drastic measures are in order. Open armed revolt is no longer needed to rid a nation of a corrupt cartel clinging to power….there are several bloodless legal ways for modern Canadians to revolt against this modern family compact sitting in Ottawa…the obvious one is to rise abouve the din of brainwashing partisanism and remove them as a punishment for errant governance…however if the center of the nation is hood winked into the self debasing act of rewarding corruption and bad governance by returning the current cabal…I’m certain Quebec will attempt to exercise just one of these options, but there are other approximated-sovereignty options without full separation…on a personal level there is a tax revolt option or a national strike against corruption and poor government
. Lech Walesa had far greater odds to face when he sought to wrestle democratic reform from the jaws of monolithic statism than Canadian patriots do today.

We just need to arm ourselves with the truth and follow our passion to live in a more democratic nation where the individual’s will is respected.

Rant mode off
Later Paul


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book tagged

Book Tagged eh?

Paul at Celestial Junk has “book tagged” extention of all other Blogging Tories ( I'm not a Tory I'm libertraian/reformer) with this small questionnaire:

1. How many books do you own?

The Memsahib has chided me numerous times for stacking the walls of "her" castle with 3 rooms of book shelves ( amybe we need a new place...some people move when the family expands, some may move when the consciousness expands) any rate I'd guess at 500+

2. What is the latest book you bought?

"Why I hate Canadians" by Will Ferguson ( a Canadian)

3. What is the last book you read?

"1867 How the Fathers Made a Deal" By Chris Moore

4. Which 5 books mean a lot to you?

"The Rights of Man" By Thomas Paine

"The Road to Serfdom" by Hayek

"Heart of the country" by Greg Matthews

"Unintended Consequences" By John Ross

"Aztec" by Garry Jennings

Honorable mention to:

"A Parliament of Whores" By P.J. O"Rourke...and....

" Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom: The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963-1994" by Joe CW Armstrong


"The Charter Revolution and the court party" By FL "Ted" Morton and Rainer Knopff

.......anything to promote better literacy of this colony

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Huxley's Nanny state Utopia meets Orwell's nightmare

We were just talking about our kids being indoctrinated when this shows up:
Shades of George Orwell

Other tidbits where our Nanny state shows us the iron jack boot beneath the lace petticoat are
Here and here

It's been an exciting day for watching the twisted realities of our neurotic big brother at work.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Time to "Deprogram" the Next Generation of Voters

Candice from "Waking up on Planet X" offered the following insight:

I had the joy of explaining the whole SSM argument to my pre-pubescent (read...highly critical) daughter tonight, who thought I was prejudiced, and "how unfair" it was to block gays from marrying. (Let's not get into that whole issue of WFT did I raise???? please.)The challenge was dropping it to an 11-yr-old level. Luckily she understands the concept of "fair" and the point Mr. O'Brien was trying to make about no mandate. ("Mandate" btw is a difficult concept to reduce to that level.)She now gets it, and realizes that Mommy did not turn into a knuckle-draggin neanderthal when she wasn't looking.Phew!!! not looking forward to the next few years in my home...(yes, I wanted to raise a kid capable of critical thinking, but JHC she's not supposed to turn it on ME!!!)

Thanks for that release of parental angst Candice. I know what it's like to be a parent these days. It seems that unlike our parents who only had to correct errant ideas we had which were attached to simple value based issues, like not lying or stealing or hanging with people who are self destructive with no values or sociopathic ideals..... By contrast we seem to be constantly having to deprogram our kids from deeply erronious, complex political dogma that they have only a superfical grasp on. Where do they get it? Where do teens or pre teens come up with the mindless mantra chanting and talking points of the nation's most radical and socially malicious political lobbies? What can breed Anti American hatred in a Canadian kid that they would want to bomb US schools?

It is difficult to deprogram our children who are politically conditioned with superficial Lib-left dogmatism in public learning institutions and virtually ALL visual media (an old Stalinist trick BTW). My boy has nightly deprogramming sessions. We watch the news together and discuss the number of inaccuracies we hear and the reason why the news source would not want to be totally truthful about the issue they report upon. My 7 year old now has a hide like a young rhino when it comes to political propaganda and errant ideologies.

The political/ideological faecal matter these kids are exposed to in public school by willing public sector unionistas, and in the pop-culture media and the peer groups this toxic culture creates, fills their heads with the distorted illusionary world view that is needed to accept Lib-left mythology and turn them into compliant, groveling tax slaves and political policy zombies.

As for the SSM issue: it is a complicated constitutional matter that has been subverted and twisted by incredulous special interest lobbies and opportunistic politicians as well as a radical exhibitionist judiciary.

The fact is that consensual homosexual relationships was made fully legal in 1967 and if they want to form civil unions that is their charter section 7 legal right and this is the province's jurisdiction to deal with. In no stretch or illegal "reading in" of charter meanings or traditional legal maxims can a "separate but equal" wedding process for gays be construed as a charter breach of section 15 discrimination rights ( even though sexual orientation is not covered by our charter in any conventional legitimate way).....nor does it warrant a unilateral, unmandated change in the legal definition of hetero sexual wedding process and definitions.

The federal jurisdiction is only to legally define marriage as practised in conventionally accepted religious practice, which is an entirely different matter from the definitions of acceptability for state sanctioned weddings, or civil union solemnization of these weddings by the state ( a provincial jurisdiction). No gay is being discriminated against by the federal marriage definition....and the supreme court said as much when Martin asked them...but he proceeds to bulldoze an unpopular, ultra vires ( out of his constitutional jurisdiction) and unnecessary law to change it through with no mandate to do so.

Martin ran for election with 2 nebulous promises, to clean up government (ha ha ha) and the SSM bill. For his trouble he was almost defeated and returned with the slimmest of majorities. That is a pretty definitive answer from Canadians ( who when polled directly, are against changing the marriage act at least by 50%-60%). Martin cannot claim going ahead with this SSM bill is mandated...then again we see him sitting in unconstitutional disregard for parliamentary confidence process or the will of the house....the man's a illegitimate governor and a conspiratorial criminal accessory....tell your daughter this is who she supports. Anyone who supports unmandated breach of charter law, by an illegitimate political cabal sitting in unconstitutional governance, with a proven criminal at it's helm, has a strange idea of what constitutes "fairness". Is it fair to the democratic will of the majority to have the nation governed in a way they have not mandated?

Apparently it any youth whose political conditioning has gone unchallenged by a thinking rational parent.

Candice, I think you will agree with me that the greatest thing we as Canadian parents can do is produce and culture a new generation of concrete values who are properly informed and conditioned to detect and resist fallible social-political notions. Imagine what would happen to a government like we have suffered under for the past decade was faced with an informed, propaganda resistant and constitutionally stoic generation of guess is they wouldn't have lasted through their first promise breaking administration in 1993.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Another Liberal has an attack of "Conscience"

In what has to be the most inopportune timed floor crossing spectacle, Pat O'Brien has left the Liberals.

More spectactularly; he has joined Liberal colleague David Kilgore in sitting as an independent.

There is now shown to be 2 Liberals with honor and principle....I wish there were more.

From a strtegic perspective, this leaves the Martin Liberals vulnerable on both the budget bill and the Marriage bill.

CTV's Mike Duffy reports that there is some concern that other Liberals who are opposed to same-sex marriage may follow O'Brien and leave the party -- which could prove disastrous for Martin.
"Maybe we would be in a situation when the budget bills come back from committee -- the budget is always a question of confidence -- we could see ourselves thrown into a summer election," Duffy said.
"Because the Independents and Liberals who are concerned about same-sex would move against the government in an effort to block the same-sex bill," he said.

This may be an exciting time for the Ottawa press rat pack but as a citizen It sickens me. there is no mandate for this government to be passing anything like the Mariage act revisions or massive new spending bills....they were sent to Ottawa in a minority but we now have 2 minority supported bills creating havock in an, essentially, unconstitutionally sitting government. It should be at the polls or agreeing to work with the opposition rather than dicktate to it.

If anything comes of this unconstitutionally dysfunctional parliament, it is a small speck of light in the 2 Liberals who left to sit as independents on principle.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Lorne Gunter unravels media liberal bias for us

From Lorne's blog:

Canada's media -- most of it -- merely holds the Liberals and Tories to two different standards. Because Libs and reporters have similar temperaments, run in similar circles, have similar interests, the Libs are given a freer ride. Reporters assume they meant well. They fill in the blanks Grit words and actions leave behind with flattering explanations.

When the Tories leave similar gaps, the media is instantly convinced those blanks conceal awful motives and plans, so they default to mistrusting the Conservatives. The Tories come from different backgrounds, hold different perspectives than reporters, enjoy pursuits that reporters find foreign (going to church, any church, for instance).
Because they are not like the people reporters know and associate with, Conservatives are not to be trusted.

Can’t add much to what Lorne has stated with such simple clarity except that it would appear the eastern media establishment and the Liberal political establishment do more than just share the same, interests, attitude and social circles…..the recent MSM damage control on Gomery, constitutional crisis in parliamentary confidence, and recently, the Grewal tapes, would appear they also share the same bed and paychecks.

Apologists for this media clique like Paul Wells and Don Martin ( simulated conservative MSM scribblers who feign "balance") can offer all the abstract justifications they can pound out in ink but the fact remains you have to have sold out your professional and personal objectivity to give this lot of Liberal cartel thieves and Faustian soul brokers, a relatively free ride for the past decade.

We are just getting a glimpse of the depth of the incredible corruption that has existed in Liberal establishment Ottawa for the past decade…probably more to come if CPC forms a loose coalition government with the BQ ( I’m waiting to see the Martin Foundations budget banking scam explored by a forensic audit). This level of Liberal corporate/political cartel corruption could not exist without the active participation of a complicit 4th estate running constant damage control and remaining “uninquisitive” of government scandal. In short: the manure heap is so gargantuan and reaking that some helpful second party had to hand out blindfolds and nose plugs for it to have existed so long without wide public knowledge.

I think the lie they ( MSM sycophants) try to counter spin is now so big that they can no longer cover it up without bringing the credibility of the MSM into a crashing scandal of its own…much like Rathergate….and it’s coming. Some of the first signs of the scrambling before the dam breaks are happening now.....We see some of the Ottawa, MSM establishment bailing on the liberals to avoid sharing the inevitable credibility crash that is coming when the Liberal regime falls. When I see people like Chantal Hebert admitting things like this I can see the wiser MSM camp followers are bailing on the sleaze that has defined Liberal politics/government:

"If there is a lasting subtext to the tape transcript that has immortalized tawdry Liberal haggling over the purchase of the soul of a Conservative opposition member this week, it is that precious little stands between Paul Martin and a repeat of the sponsorship episode."

"Some of Martin's cabinet loyalists are now quietly questioning whether their loyalty to him is in conflict with their duty to the country — and so probably should the rest of us."

And the final zinger:
"Deniability was given precedence over accountability."

Either MSM establishment types like Hebert are distancing themselves from this twisted corrupt liberal regime because their reputation is attached to it by their past ancillary propagandizing…or, like lab rats and typical Liberal toadies, they are eating their own. This could be the liberal media starting to turn on Martin as they did on Chretien hoping the regime can stay afloat with an new media determined leader.

In any event, the media that supported the Liberals are just as complicit in the corruption in federal government by “giving the liberals an easy ride” for the past decade.

Is it any wonder the nation is getting as schizophrenic as it’s media and politics?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Media Grewal tape dispute obscures fact that Representative Democracy is Dead

Shades of “Deepthroat”!!! It’s very ironic that we learn the true identity of the famous insider snitch that helped bring down the corrupt spin team in the Nixon administration, on a day when snitches and tapes play prominently in doing the same thing to the Martin cartel.

The blogs today are alive with analyzing the tapes and nattering over authenticity of the tape and supposed edits…and on and on. I want to come at this from a different perspective.

First I want fellow spin-besieged citizens to completely discount any Liberal party notions of "denyability through “muddied authenticity” or the moot points of unskilled edits or non edits and all other silly technical point-counter point debate on the lost issue of tape continuety. Put all this distracting noise out of your thinking and join me in reviewing the salient points of the CONTENT and arriving at the core issue in this "Bribescam"

1) First off, the conversations are too complex and true to character to be faked. Why/how could Grewal go to all the expense of hiring actors to play roles and sound exactly like the people alleged to be taped? Why put party and personal credibility/liability on the line for such a lame political talking point? The content of the tape( transcribed dialogue) is too natural and true to the personalities involved to be faked. And the content of the transcriptions of the meetings has NOT been denied. Nit picking about a couple of alleged edits pales in comparison to this simple fact.

2) The real story is in the transcripts that have a Martin cabinet minister and his top aid admitting that both Stronach, Brison , as well as "others", were bribed with PM appointments. This reveals a genetic MO of bribing support with the enticement of appointed positions.....and Gonery wintesses said as much...this is how judgeships are gained...political bribes for party faithful and support. Bribery and illegal and unethical use of both Martin and Chretien's office appointment powers is a self admitted fact validated by his closest toadies on tape.

3) Further creedence to the charges of systemic Liberal party graft come from the continued Liberal involvement of top politicians with Grewal in his "fishing trip". Why contiue to entertain an opportinistic advance from Grewal when all involved know this is both unethical, anti-democratic and illegal. The proper way for non guilty Liberal officials to answer phone calls from opposition MPs fishing for a bribe to cross the floor is like this : " Sorry Mr Grewal, we cam make no offers of incentives or inducements connected with patronage appointment for you to cross the floor to the liberals....this is illegal and unethical. We are glad you had a change of heart but prefer you sit as an independent and vote with us as we cannot guarantee or offer you enticement (by law) for your support. Have a nice day and thank you for your interest in the Liberal party.... CLICK ( sound of Murphy hanging up) But this didn't happen...the offer-counter offer in couched language continued, betraying a willingness to buy an opposition member. The greatest act of hypocrisy this year was Jack Layton urging investigation into bribery when he himself was bought in a series of clandestine hotel room meetings where an NDP budget was cobbled together to replace the one at the throne speach. Jack trolled his influence and he had his price....scumbag!

4) The content of the transcribed tapes reveal a head Liberal cabinet minister and PM's aid telling Grewal that in their mind they knew that what they did with Stronach and particualrly Brison was illegal and could be investigated if things were not handled in Liberal mindset the difference between a criminal act of bribery and common Liberal operational politics was a 2-4 week wait before the appointment payoff happened. This revealed that PM appointment bribery is common place in Liberal politics and in fact was comfirmed in the way they dismissed the charges: They shrugged off backroom discussions between Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh, prime ministerial aide Tim Murphy and Tory MP Gurmant Grewal as routine political horse-trading.

The end analysis of what we see was stated ( with no denials) in the transcript of the Grewal tapes, backed by what we hear from Gomery witnesses, is that bribery is a common Liberal practice... genetic in the Martin-Chretien regimes. This now being a self admitted established fact, we see that represenative democracy has been totally undermined by the Liberals making any elected or appointed representative's partisam support a marketable comodity that is bought, sold and traded to the highest bidder. The losers are the constituents of these swine who sell their electorate's will out to the market forces of a corrupt federal political cartel sitting in power.

The increase in pay, pension and perks for partisan treason is lucerative and not as obvious as the large cash payments in brown envelopes the private sector patrons laundered cash trail in PM appointment bribery.....right Scott?..Belinda?...Chuck?...Jack?