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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A challenge to PM Martin

Paul: you will receive 130 billion surplus in retail gas taxes from us this year. You waste billions on a duck gun registries while gang bangers murder at will in TO. Your party has billions for every partisan leach on the vendor's list. You have surpluses from over taxation that you don't know what to do with.....what have you for your closest neighbor and trading partner? Whay price can you put on the friendship that provides 86% of our GDP?

Make an investment in Canada's future and satisfy your penchant for symbolism.....sit down tonight and write a check out for a paltry 1 billion of my/our dollars and send it to the US hurricane disaster fund.

Not only will it signal you actually have a soul and can separate human tragedies from insanely divisive politics, but the gesture towards the embattled Americans would reciprocate 20 fold.......have you the humanity, the strength of character and the vision to do this simple thing that signals simple common decency towards a neighbor. Distinguish Canada as a good neighbor from a psychotic reclusive loner.

What say you Paul??

Monday, August 29, 2005

Addendum to: Western Alienation 101

Our friend Candice over at waking up on planet X has created a stir with her multi-media trilogy of western alienation. An admirable attempt at enumerating the milestones in Ottawa's record of alienating the west which will ultimately result in the dissolution of confederation.

There was, however, one milestone...a pinnacle moment where the west confronted Ottawa with demands for an end to their historic second class confederal status. It was a moment which defined the direction of modern Western ideals and politics...and was symbolic of the arrogance and monolithic obtusiveness of the Federal Liberal illuminati.

The event I refer to was the 1973 Western Economic Opportunities Conference

One of the most important "clips" Candice could have shown to flesh out the trilogy of federal belligerence and the expansion of western alienation would have been a recording of the meeting of the western Premiers and PET at the monumental Federal-provincial failure of the WEOC held in Calgary in 1973.

Dubbed the “Western Economic Opportunities Conference” (WEOC) meetings. It was a milestone in the degenerative evolution of western Canada’s relationship with the federal government…...but you won't find clips readily available (if any), even though it was televised, it was an obvious federal bribe of the western premiers which failed...good Liberal historical revisionists have probably hidden these tapes deep in the vaults and hope they never see light again...for good reason…no Fed-Lib flunky wants to remember the day PET and Liberal welfare state nepotism were sent packing by a united western leadership.

Pierre Trudeau came west in 1973 fresh from a massive electoral loss in the west and now planning to showcase the federal government’s “assistance to the West” but was met by solidarity among western premiers determined to address longstanding confederal/constitutional grievances and force the federal government to dramatically change its policies toward the region. The Western “opportunities?” meeting was a crass political "deal" which PET and Ottawa hammered together to approximate the Atlantic Opportunities pact....we all know what that was......regional Fed payola trough in exchange for expanding Fed powers/taxation in the region...essentially the pact made Atlantic Canada a perennial economic basket case and reliant federal welfare client. The western primers unanimously declined this Liberal “olive branch” offer of welfare state second-class serfdom.

Dave Barrett of BC, Peter Lougheed from Alberta, Allan Blakeney of Saskatchewan, and Edward Schreyer from Manitoba were wary of Pet’s bribe...they all had developing resource industries with massive revenue potential and they had to decide if taking some short term revenues from the Feds in exchange for allowing the feds into control and tax in their jurisdictions would deplete the provinces of full resource-based prosperity down the road.... much like the feds destroyed the Atlantic economy with their resource grab/mismanagement. They decided against the cheap bribe and focused of trying to resolve regional economic irritations like the Crow rate and federal wheat marketing monopoly.

By the end of the conference, a frustrated Pierre Trudeau banged the gavel and announced the end to the “one and only” Western Economic Opportunities Conference. With this symbolic gesture, Trudeau concluded a conference that failed to meet the federal government’s goal of spreading its welfare statist message and buying western voters. The western leadership snubbing Trudeau’s dirty little deal put his nose out of joint and his pettiness and ego planned revenge against these western upstarts who has the insubordinate insolence to think they were equals to the eastern illuminati.

From the West’s perspective, this signaled a 32 year ideological vendetta the Fed-Libs ran against the west….this has actually escalated to economic malice with the National wheat board, NEP, Kyoto, nepotistic revenue transfer formulas etc.

However, more importantly to the modern west’s evolution, this conference signaled several things that remain at the core of politics in today’s west:

1) The failure of PET to address western concerns in the WEOC precipitated the first meeting of the now annual western premier’s conference. The west now had the prototype of a regional political block.

2) It enunciated a profound western hunger for change to Status quo Federalism as practiced by Ottawa.

3) It was another monumental snub by the arrogant PET and Fed-Libs towards the west which spawned an atmosphere of self reliance in isolation within the western region. Our isolation has made us stringer and more independent.

4) The WEOC failure represents a dire need for politicians and citizens alike to endeavor to break the pattern of dysfunctional, often hostile, federal-provincial relations that has burdened the less populous regions of the country for the last 32 years.

At the conference, these prototype western leaders enunciated for the first time the representational void within the federal system which sits at the core of today’s so-called “western alienation” …these were; ineffectual regionally disproportionate senate, obtuse party discipline, undemocratic appointment powers and non-linear application of constitutional jurisdiction. These were the core issues of Reform, CA and now CPC…these are the key complaints of the Alberta separation movement….we need not spend $millions$ to have Patronage minister Stronach investigate “western alienation”…the key contentions were amply expressed in Trudeau’s 1973 western conference and these issues remain unchanged, unresolved irritants of the west to this day.

The solution to the problem had always been so easy to see and can't bribe the west and you can't threaten will take democratic confederal renewal to cure this issue....and Liberals simply won't do this beacuse their brand of federalism revolves around bribes, dependency and coercion.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Indian Revolutionaries Embrace Porno as a path to freedom!

Just a quickie today. This little item caught my eye because it has to do with separatism. Apparently Punjabi separatists have discovered a lucerative way to fund their separatist movement. Talk about making a fight for freedom a pleasure. Now think what the FLQ could have done with porno flicks instead of kidnappings ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boo Hoo Hoo, Ont./Que. Commies decry Alberta's good fortunes; Plan Raid on its Wealth

Today is a red hot recruitment drive for western separation and the two biggest recruiters seem to be the welfare addicted Ontario business cartel and Commie economist dorks from Quebec.

I'm quite sure there is no speech the Alberta separatist party leader can give what would recruit more Albertans to the cause of separation than these obtuse greed-heads:

"Ontario is in jeopardy of becoming a have-not province as a result of the funding shortfall between what it contributes to the federal treasury and what it receives from Ottawa, a report to be released today warns."

Well boo hoo hoo you squat to pee brought on the over regulation and taxation in your province which stifles economic expansion and revenues and now you whine you pay too much....well lokkit here dipshits, Alberta has been "overpaying" for decades...Alberta families pay 36% more tax that they do not get back than Ontario bite it hard ya Nanny state spoiled brats.

"The release of the report comes just as there is growing unease in Ontario over the cash windfall Alberta is reaping from soaring world energy prices. But while government officials in Ontario would welcome a debate on the challenges Alberta's overflowing coffers pose for Confederation...snip...The Ontario officials say they have no formal action plan to pursue the matter. In fact, they are quietly hoping that someone else, namely Prime Minister Paul Martin, will raise a topic that would undoubtedly stir a backlash in Alberta."

In other words the greedy buggers want a piece of our well deserved pie and they are too chicken shit to start the confrontation, they want the nanny state to do their robbing for them while they sit in their leather bound Bay Street offices and reap the redistributed subsidies for their failing, uncompetative, nanny state protected businesses.....grrrrrr, get my scatter gun, there's thievin' vermin in my backyard garden.

"Montreal accounting professor called on the federal government yesterday to nationalize the oil industry."We have to repatriate this resource," said Leo-Paul Lauzon, who holds a chair in social economy at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal."

Yeeeee hawwww a gen-ewe-whine Quebec Marxist wants the feds to steal Alberta's wealth so Quebec's trough feeders can have cheap gas for the SUVs they buy with their public service salaries paid for with Alberta topped off equalization...this Bolshie gaffe will be great for Alberta Separation Party membership revenues. Damn, these oblivious Franco-commie dips are good for the separation business!

More from this
Cretinous commie dog:

"Oil companies are making immoral profits on the back of this society."

Ahhhhh yes ....the old Marxist saw...profit is "immoral", but theft and tax on tax duplicity isn't...particularly after 10 years of unprofitable economic winter in Alberta caused by the NEP which directly stole 30 billion out of Alberta to give to Quebec as balckmail from Pea Soup separatism. Strange concepts of "morality" exist in the cloistered pods of Marxist academia of La belle Province.

"Nonetheless, most of those funds leave the country, as Canadian oil companies are owned mostly by "foreign interests," the professor said."

An utter lie! Waht he means is Quebec sees no royalties or profits in the sale of Alberta's oil.... but Alberta government and private sector does...because it owns the recourse wholly as per the constitution...and that fact gnaws at his dark little Franco-commie heart.

"There's plenty of oil to be had," Lauzon said."

So now he's a petrol geologist? When it concerns a leftist resource revenue grabs, we have plenty....when it comes to left wing enviro-scams, he says we are running out! What is it Karl?......guess your truth depends on whether you're taxing it or using it in your government bought Cadillac.

"But the companies are voluntarily reducing the offer to increase the price."

This is really hilarious coming from a Marxist economist...he's whining about price and commodity control ( command economics) which is the core of commie economics......what an ludicrous putz! ..... Perfect Candidate for the NDP pud pullers....these neaderthals are still dry-humping proven failed statecraft and failed economic theories from the 18th century....the world has moved on and left these degenerate commie termites in it's wake.....move on or perish in a world where people become more self sufficient and prosperous in free capitalist societies.

"Sometimes, you have to shake things up," said Lauzon, who already has been touted by the NDP as a potential candidate in the riding of Outremont..... "I don't give a damn about what Albertans think."

There's the rub!!! A Degenerate Pseudo-Marxist Party dupe spewing all the fossilized textbook crap he was indoctrinated with at the Moscow school of economics... er.. I mean Montreal. Out dated confrontational, confederally fractious unidimentional political idealism from the 18th century...good goin' prof, ya put another 100,000 into the western separatist camp today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Bata el Pene" Despots Agree: Bush is a "Poopy Head"

We are greeted this AM with the thrill of seeing 2 Marxist Amigos joining the deranged leaders of Iran, swearing military alliance should the evil Bush Empire "invade" their impoverished repressive commie backwaters. This Castro-Chevez-Iran scaber rattling is a startlingly buffoonish display of retarded diplomacy and foggy global political vision in a day and age when all the world's super powers are reactive to wacky, rogue regimes upsetting delicate balance in global stability. To those of us outside the mindwashing propaganda of these tin pot despotic swamplands, the "axis of A-holes" pathetic Yankee baiting is obviously a burlesque act perfomed for the captive audience in their nations to prop up their sagging popularity and failed revolutionary social-economic reforms.

Observers who have watched Chevez for some time characterize him as a rabid anti-America, Castro worshipping disciple . Many global political analysts say Chavez' latest alliance with Iran and Cuba is an attempt to replay Castro's 60s flirt with America's enemy Moscow where he invited them to set up nukes in Cuba....just off the US coast line ....similarly Chevez may be entertaining the same with Iran...or at least wants the US to think he is.

Some interesting facts about Commerade Chavez's new Marxist Utopia:

He signed onto the Kyoto treatey and was given near total exemption in spite of the fact Venezuela's enviroment record is one of the worst on the planet...2nd greatest denuder of rain forests, largest open pit/strip mines in SA, globes 5th largest oil producer, virtually no EPA regulation of industry.....but this backwater will be flogging carbon credits to Canada for a cool billion or so.

He has taken a vital oil industry and through rustic Marxist robin hood economic "reforms" managed to strangle petro revenues to his nation to a point it is literally giving oil away ( in an $80/barrel world) yet 48% of the population live below the poverty level and he has 18% unemployment. Even though his nation has the highest poverty rates in South America, this people's hero has mortgaged 40% of their GDP on military hardware to defend his junta. Economic experts are calling for Venezuela's currency to hit a crisis point shortly where its bank cannot float any more credit due to depleted productivity...all this in the midst of one of the world's greatest resource rich nations.

But hey, its all well worth it if it gives your deranged Yankee hating Commie leader a thrill calling the US names and rattling a scaber with America's enemies....hey maybe besides needless perennial poverty you can get your population killed hosting maniacal Islamo fascists as well.....things are looking good for Venezuelans who want to become martyrs to 2 of the worlds most self destructive orthodoxies.....Latin-American Junta Marxism and Islamic Fascism.

Monday, August 22, 2005

CBC Icon says Mother Corpse on Death Watch

This was eye candy today.

"CBC's choices are not between good and bad, but between bad and worse."

I hope this revelation from a long time CBC deity brightens your day a lttle....particularly if you are like me; a long term tax sufferer who has resented propping up this money sucking albatross which has degenerated into a centralized political tool of the single party state and it's latte-sipping cultural Marxism.

Now a lot of people get the wrong message when I say I want to see CBC sold off. There was a time I watched a lot of CBC. I loved the local programming...showed Canadians from coast to coast and their cultural events and opinions...I loved the local shows with well known local people and events and entertainment.....but this is gone and with the centraization of news, opinion, substandard politically correct but morally/intellectually impoverished entertainment from TO and Montreal, I see no point in continuing broadcasting this nationally to communities who don't give a rat's arse what Toronto/Ottawa thinks or does or want's the rest of the nation to think. Centralization of the CBC was part of the centralization ( read; control) of our culture, politics and national identity. Just as economic Marxism strives to centrally control property and economy, cultural Marxism proports to centrally control and fabricate culture, ideals and values......CBC has been used in this roll and the result is obvious...boring, endless preachiness and the national imposition of a fabricated propagandized "Canadian culture" that is foreign to the many regions and communities outsdie CBC's GTA studios.

I say this because the current CBC does not live up to it's commissioned mandate. CBC was originally formed to serve the public...particularly to provide local broadcast service to communities not serviced by private broadcast. Well that situation has been partly solved by the expansion of Global, CTV, Corus and Chum into local markets. However, they rely on a lot of toronto based programming and have only scant local news...the local community needs more than this...this is a market niche' the CBC could fill...become the king of the local broadcasters...don't spend a fortune in tax money competing with private broadcasters for national market share....and for Gods' sake drop the asinine partisan biased politics and lib-left indoctrinating preachyness.

CBC must go back to its roots and original perpose; to service small town Canada and the regions and leave the central national broadcasting to the private sector....OR PERISH

But we won't see that forthcoming because I see the current CBC exec. dodging their responsibility as corporate asset managers and blaming government and it's handouts for their inaction and wrong decisions. They seem to think that revenue only flows from nanny state...not private subscribers or market share based in providing a product people or private sponsors are willing to pay for .

My opinion is justified in CBC exec's own statements:

"More important are the continuous complaints from viewers outside Canada's largest cities that CBC's reflection of regions in its daily programming is so inadequate that the broadcaster is not fulfilling its mandate to taxpayers."

"When I was president, I argued very strongly to maintain a strong regional presence because the CBC had to be grounded in the regions."

"The CBC is in a special position as our public broadcaster, because it is mandated to make sure Canadians all over the country get news in their own region,"

The so-called mandate of preserving cultural identity revolves around keeping the multitude of small communities and regions, outside GTA where REAL Canada remains, viable with their own voice....both politically and culturally by having a broadcaster of local community values, culture and opinion. For years the commissars in the social engineering departments of government and CBC have deemed cultural identity to mean acceptance of a narrow manufactured monolithic political template which reflects only the partisan utopia of the Ottawa ruling class. The real Canada, that outside the politically fabicated one in Ottawa and TO, was being strangled by losing its voice and influence by CBC killing the locally produced programming for central controlled programming....just as the regions had their voice starngled by Liberal single party state centralized confederalism.

Until CBC changes it's course to serve "forgotten Canada" beyond the isolated bubble of central Canada, it will continue to die and I will aid that process any way I can.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Canada's only Mass Murderers were Government Sanctioned

Peter Remple over at "The Politic" blog was musing about some lesser known facts of the Valerie Fabrikant mass murders at Concordia. It reminded me that Fabrikant has a common link with Canada's other famous mass murderer.

One of the most edifying facts in the Fabrikant murders (and the most officially repressed truth) is the fact that this Psycho accomplished his murders with legally owned and registered handguns.

Handguns ( restricted weapons under criminal code law) are the most difficult type of firearms to legally own in Canada because of the waiting periods and background checks, mental fitness requirements and police interviews with your sponsors, friends and spouse to get your permits…these permits are only good for the purpose you stated you wanted the gun for; target shooting or collecting (no self defense allowed, you will be denied a handgun permit if you state it is for personal protection)…then you must get a “conveyance authorization” to take the gun out of your home to only to the registered range you belong to…if your permit is as a collector, the gun stays in the house locked up…you only get a conveyance permit to take your gun to a gunsmith, a show or to sell….all hand guns must remain in the home unloaded and locked up when not in direct use as per your permit…the law then was very tight on handgun ownership, transport and must also FIRST have a firearms licence which also requires a police background check before you apply for handgun permits ( a 2-3 month process for each).

Fabricant was issued both a firearms acquisition licence and permits for restricted weapons. Prior to this, his future victims had made sworn statements to the police of his murderous threats towards them 2 months before he was issued his handgun permits and allowed to legally buy his murder weapons. He was issued these permits in spite of his mental condition and the direct pleas from his future victims to the police not to issue him handgun authorizations. ( his future victims knew he was getting handgun permits and directly intervened with sworn testimony as to his unfitness) 2 weeks after the permits he engaged in his psychotic rage blood bath.

Interesting to note is that Marc Lapine ( Gamil Gharbi) was also issued a firearms permit by the same police force after he had been rejected from military service as mentally unfit. The same process applied…the requisite police background check would have easily found he was in a home with numerous domestic incidents where police were called and his psychiatric report from the Army where he was rejected as being unstable ( he is on record as having openly told army staff he wanted to do something like Dennis Lortie) Lortie was a CAF corporal who attempted to assassinate the entire Quebec legislature killin3 and wounding 18 in a machine gun shooting spree….he had a history of mental disorders yet was government authorized to access submachine guns.

So, for anyone who believes that the best conspiracies are the ones where by incredulous events happen in the open which profit well placed politicos; we have Canada's 2 most infamous (and provably insane) shooting spree mass murderers issued firearms permits from the same police force and the same federal and local firearms officer. Coincidentally enough these same 2 events were the opportunistic trigger points for Alan Rock’s hysterical rants for new gun laws . Both events were used by then Justice Minister Rock to scapegoat Canada’s Duck hunters as potential mass murderers and justify a unworkable and ineffective registry system…this was the emotionally charged avatar which he hoped would be a glowing centerpiece of liberal progressive justice ideology, hide a plethora of political sins and propel him into the party leadership race and hopefully the PMO. Too bad the plan was so poorly executed because the Auditor general discovered a 1000% over budget 1.4 billion dollar registry which turned out to be nothing more than a patronage jackpot for partisan vendors and Rock leadership supporters.

Is there any doubt why the fact both Fabrikant and Lapine ( and Lortie) were armed by state sanction (and that the same licencing process exists today) would be actively suppressed? Nothing has changed in practical application of the gun laws between the Lepine/Fabricant murder sprees and today (actually licencing processes are lot looser because of cuts at the CFC).….except;
approaching 2 billion dollars lines the pockets of patronage trough hogs after the registry funding pot became a panic spending patronage free for all when Rock abandoned it as his banked slush fund for a future leadership bid.

If you were Martin or Cotler (or particularly Rock) would you want to suppress this fact every time the Fabricant case is dredged up?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Quotes Rodeo/ Tag

As promised I thought this may be an amusment for the weekend. Here is a profusion of quotes enunciating my prime philosophical absolute: That empirical evidence indicts organized government as the nemesis of all free men and individual liberty. This time I'm posting quotes from my favorite reasoned skeptic H.L. Mencken.

"All government is, in its essence, organized exploitation, and in virtually all of its existing forms it is the implacable enemy of every industrious and well-disposed man."

"Every election is a sort of advance auction of stolen goods."

"Law and its instrument, government, are necessary to the peace and safety of all of us, but all of us, unless we live the lives of mud turtles, frequently find them arrayed against us..."

"A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker."

"It is the invariable habit of bureaucracies, at all times and everywhere, to assume...that every citizen is a criminal. Their one apparent purpose, pursued with a relentless and furious diligence, is to convert the assumption into a fact. They hunt endlessly for proofs, and, when proofs are lacking, for mere suspicions."

"The natural tendency of every government is to grow steadily worse-that is, to grow more satisfactory to those who constitute it and less satisfactory to those who support it."

"The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself... Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable."

Got some good ones? Add them to the comments and I'm going to start a quotes tag among the blogging Tories to see how they fair on providing quotes on the same subject.

Bi-polar Manics Against Bush

In further establishing that modern Liberalism is a mental disorder we see this today:

What the mentally ill do when they embrace activist politics.

BTW: This moonbat has started a cult which want's to manufacture "rights" for the mentally ill. I think it's bad enough diagnosed Moonbats can vote let alone hold office. At any rate, It's edifying to see diagnosed loons accept the kindergarten philosophy of the Moonbat left.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

CBC Public Trough Whores Pimping from Picket Lines

Those of you burdened with a CBC affiliate studio in your town may want to breeze by the picket lines today and thank the CBC strikers for saving you money and producing the best CBC programming you've seen in years....both accomplished by shutting the Mother-corpse down.

I'm in rapture knowing the damage this is doing to CBC's operational future as a public funded media and their alleged market share.....stick a fork in 'em Paul. I'm also in stitches over the hilarious statements made by the gluttonous public trough whores from the nepotist CBC unions. They paint themselves as victims in love with their work when, in fact, they essentially want to pad the union payroll by having all new hires as full time union employees. The CBC managers smell the coffee and want to out-source casual labor like the private sector has had to do to adapt to the realities of a more competative business environment in the post inflationary market place. The mindset of CBC unionists is still firmly rooted in the heady era of union/debt created inflation of the 60s-70s......they want to be insulated from the modern realities of the private sector worker....they want the same insulation their liberal party political masters have built for themselves on our tax money. They want to vote themselves big saleries from the public trough, insulate themselves from private sector realities and mandate their own job security and will use coercion and blackmail to get it...chips off the old block eh PM Dithers?

Problem is, like their political masters these non value added public trough guzzlers are redundant. It's telling that CBC's ratings haven't changed significantly since they went off air with live programming...I guess no one was watching/listening and no one continues to watch/listen.

Watching these death rattles of the tax-bloated, obnoxiously preachy Mother Corpse is like watching the bloated carcass of a skunk slowly one cares because it smells as bad dying as it did alive and air will be cleaner, and our senses better off, when it's totally rotted away.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spit in the Eye of the Revisionism Dragon

I decided to vote with my dollars today and take my father and his vetern friend ( they're over 80 ) to see "The Great Raid". They both had buddies and family in Japanese POW camps and I wanted to see their reaction to this movie's historical accuracy. I also want to support the brave souls who resist the assault of scandalous propaganda from 5th column revisionists to tell the truth about historical events which are damaging to the cultural Stalinism....a left wing movement which want's to rewrite history to paint western culture and the US as the great satan.

So,.... paying for theater tickets instead of waiting for DVD release of this movie is my way of flipping the middle finger to the forces of cultural deconstructing Stalinists who use every opportunity to demonize the free nation's democratic alliance and canonize political tyranny and despots by corrupting the historical record. I did the same with Gibson's movie and any other movie the Menshevik propagandist bund tries to the truth with your dollars!

A film review will follow if readers are interested.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ban "Gangsta Niggas" Not Duck Guns.

From the "we told you so" department:

"One telling example occurred at the back of a crowded Toronto bus last fall, after a young man told a group of tough-talking youngsters that "people on this bus don't appreciate or care about what you're talking about."
"What, you think we're bitches?" a 16-year-old retorted. "We gangsta niggas," his cohort said. And with that, bullets flew -- almost killing the 24-year-old man, who later told his story to this newspaper, and hitting 11-year-old Tamara Carter, who suffered a serious injury to her left eye. "

"Det. Gallant suggested some young criminals are ready to kill or be killed so they can emulate the high-living drug dealers and pimps whom they have grown up watching on TV. "

"I've had young kids say to me, 'I'm not afraid to die.' A 19-year-old. They don't care," Det. Gallant said. "You see these guys watching rap movies and videos, and look at what these guys are carrying -- the money, the flashy cars."
"If you're driving a flashy car, it's not enough to have a cheap gun. You have got to have a Smith & Wesson."

"Still, a lot of police have trouble seeing today's criminals as needy children, especially given the disregard for life that exists on the streets."

Obviously in high crime scenarios, gun abuse is cultural matter, and the culture abusing them is not the "gun culture" of traditional Canada or America . It is an imported culture that has value systems diametrically opposite to traditional Canada. 2 billion dollars is being wasted on this simple misconception. Strong incarcerations, or deprtation are in order in the war against gang related crime...not spending 2 billion on criminalization of duck and deer hunters.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Martin's "Democratic deficit" has elected Representatives "Leafleting in the rain for their seats.

Interesting item from an equally interesting Journalist-democratic activist-elected senator Link Byfield.

It seems that Alberta's senators showed up in the rain to pass leaflets out to the Premiers in an attempt to remind them that the nation runs on "constitutional convention”. This means there are many changeable federal political processes where the constitution need not be touched to enable them. Contrary to the lies Martin tells about senate reform, it can become a reality by the provinces simply demanding an elected senate.
This is a subject I've some knowledge of and I can't resist commentary on some of the more pertinent passages in the article:

"Well, the premiers were there to discuss matters of national urgency such as extending Daylight Savings Time. Bert Brown, Betty Unger and I were fulfilling our mandate to promote the idea that all provinces should elect senators."

Yes, interesting the divergence of priorities between promoters of democratic reforms and those who profit from the current democratic federal vacuum. The Premiers are part of the castrated patronage payroll pimping that confederalism has been reduced to by racketeering Liberal regimes.

"Canada is the only federation in the world which allows its prime minister to choose its members of Parliament (along with the Supreme Court, the cabinet, and everything else that matters). "

Yes. Amazing isn't it? Shameful concentration of unilateral executive powers that most despots would envy. Also, we were the drafters of the UN declaration of human rights but we have a Federal Charter of rights and Freedoms which omits or denies/represses 6 civil rights of the UNDHR and a devolved undemocratic federal system which breaches 3 primary articles of the UDHR...primary among these breaches are: no individual property rights, reverse onus in federal laws, open police search and seizure without just cause in federal laws, coercive unilateral federal executive powers, executive appointment powers which ignores popular public will, political and jurisdictional prejudice. Yes we're very hypocritical when it comes to our own democratic and civil deficits. ( The breaches are articles: 2,3,7,11,12,17,18,20,21)

Now I want to revisit this dangerous misconception:

"Canada is the only federation in the world which allows its prime minister to choose its members of Parliament"

Sorry Link, Canada is NOT a federation...never was, never will be, and was not founded or constituted as one. There is no supporting constitutional documentation to assume this confederal dominion was dissolved into a federation. Canada is a CONfederation. The differences in political operation of the government between federations and confederations is VERY important in understanding Provincial rights and jurisdiction. In a confederation all parties are "equal and sovereign within right". This means that the provinces are NOT subservient to Ottawa that they are the supreme authority within their jurisdiction....and their jurisdiction is clearly enumerated in section 92 of the constitution ( BNA act). It also means that the central government in a confederation is restricted to only a few responsibilities relegated to it by the sovereign states in the confederation.

Also; confederal partnerships are "consensual" and all partners in the confederal association are not bound into an irreversible associative contract like those in a federation are. Any confederal partner is free to leave the association at any time by the same democratic mandate that they entered into it...Switzerland is a confederation..and so is Canada..even though outlaw federal statists wish it was a soviet federation.

The Clarity act recognizes this confederal agreement and was a response to the SCC reaffirming our confederal national association. Any fed regime that acts like they are the supreme authority in a federation is acting ultra-vires and can legally/constitutionally be ignored. NEVER FORGET THAT!...even though our spineless Premiers have.

"But if anyone is living in fantasyland, it's the premiers with their vaunted "Council of the Federation." It's a Quebec notion, based on the alluring mirage that the provinces acting together can shape the national agenda in health, urban affairs, economic development, and social programs. Under the Canadian Constitution, these are all provincial, not federal, responsibilities. "

Again; the premiers are well aware of the devolved operational confederation. They are the ones who have sold off their constitutional jurisdictions/responsibilities to Ottawa which has bought their way into the jurisdictions with money stolen ( ultra-vires taxing) from the provinces. I disagree with Link here about the senate being the sole tool to stop this.

The key to stemming this ultra vires revenue/jurisdiction raiding is to have section 91 (3) interpreted as it has been for 100 years by numerous SCC rulings. Liberal stacked SCCs since the Trudeau era have ignored precedent in the interpretation of federal taxing powers and have misinterpreted section 91(3) out of context of Sec 91's preamble to mean unlimited federal tax power. This is fraudulent! It will take Premiers with some testicular fortitude to stand their ground on fed taxing and kick the looters out of taxing and regulating where they are in constitutional breach. There is NO constitutional evidence that the current remittance/transfer system of funding the provinces is constitutionally legal. Then the elected senate can act according to the will of their province and the proper interpretation of the constitution.

Remove Ottawa's stolen revenue streams and you reduce their influence back to where it was intended by the framers of the constitution.

"The only institution with both the mandate and the constitutional authority to protect provinces from the federal government is the Senate. But it never uses its power because its members are all appointed by the prime minister. "

Only partially true Link. The senate was originally intended to be a legislative body with veto powers over legislation passed to it from the house...and it exercised this veto for years in convention they have effective power now they simply do not exercise it because they feel they have no right to stop legislation passed by elected reps....which is amiable but a trite excuse to resist change.. Elected senate appointees can be installed right now without a change in the constitution...the GG is in charge here and NO change is needed to install an elected senate appoinee...SO...we have 2 of the 3Es of senate ready to go. The only thing that requires a constitutional change is to make the upper house equal regionally in seats.

For now I suspect the west and Alberta and the 6 4% of voters who do not support the liberals would be happy with this very do-able democratic's a very easy patch to the democratic deficit that will stem off separatism....but it requires the PM and his party to relinquish executive powers to a mandate from popular will (as the UNDHR Canada signed, says we must do...the bias must always be with a public mandate over unilateral executive
power) Both these manageable changes (which defer autocracy to democratic mandate) CAN be done but require the GG and PM to seek a higher calling to democratic responsibility adhere to convention or break convention....IMHO neither has the moral nor intellectual fortitude to do so.

"Things such as the selection of Supreme Court judges. Liberal prime ministers pick liberal candidates to reinterpret the Charter. An independent Senate could insist on different candidates."

Ahhhh there's the second rub...because these partisan sycophants also have to "interpret" the constitution (although the constitution is in clear language and needs no interpretation). Since Pearson liberal stacked SCCs have rubber stamped federal ultra-vires taxing powers. Fed taxing powers have been corrupted to accommodate the current theft of revenues out of the provinces for redistribution on a patronage basis. This is ( as I said) the key to a corrupt federal governing power over the provinces. So it's a chicken or egg circular argument as to which must happen first...senate reform or constitutional taxation reform.

“Premiers, stop kidding yourselves. Either force Senate reform, or continue losing jurisdiction to Ottawa until you are completely irrelevant.”

Well said senator elect Byfield…but I would add this caution to the premiers; Stop kidding your constituents that you are powerless to stop the feds from raiding your freely given up jurisdiction…stop snowing us, grow a pair and lead constitutional/democratic reform…because Ottawa sure as hell won’t….giving up a virtual autocracy will be an impossible task for these Fed looters.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Welcome to Alberta Mr. Cheney!

Ralph threw the bone to PM Dithers at the Banff Premiers conference by announcing Bush's VP Dick Cheney will be coming to Alberta to "tour" the oil sands...this will no doubt be a shock to PM Dithers as he was neither informed nor invited to the meeting....just as the liberals did with Ralph before they sold off Alberta's economy to the Kyoto scam.

Cheney's visiting the sands bodes some great things for Alberta:

1) American investment in the oil sands puts it on the map as a long-term energy source vital to North America. No longer will we see the up and down modes of project funding we had with flaky foreign and Canadian investment.

2) US long term commitment to Alberta resource development as part of their long term energy security planning, will be a hedge against Ottawa's commie resources/revenue raiding and their long held goal to politically/economically subjugate the Alberta energy patch to Ottawa's energy dictatorship through Kyoto....good move Ralph....the Kyoto monkey is halfway off Alberta's back.

3) The East's cheap supply of energy is now officially gone....get used to paying the world price for oil and gas and have enough money on hand to out bid the US for your supply. And, uh...forget about another treacherous commie move to "nationalize" Alberta's energy sector. Alberta will be independent in a heartbeat if another Trudeaupian NEP is attempted. If Ottawa tries to screw the Alberta deals by heavily taxing oil and gas crossing the border, the US will roll over and the economic mouse that sleeps beside the elephant with be crushed.

4) Fort Mac will be beyond it's current boom in expansion...I can see a major metropolis in the northern wilderness and the prosperity of all the support industry a large growing city needs.

5) Provincial royalties on the increased oil/gas production will swell Alberta's revenue coffers...this money must stay in the province to diversify industry/economy and train young Albertans to lead the economic expansion.

6) For the moonbat cult that feeds on symbolism, this is delicious Socratic irony....they will be foaming through their little hydrophobic incisors about it. Both Bush and Cheney have visited Alberta's an indication that Alberta likes Americans as trade partners and respects them as friends and allies...the relationship will propel Alberta economically past the other provinces that are mired in anti-American bigotry and self destructive Menshevik economics. Alberta will prosper as the Yankee-hating east continues to slide from the grasp of real prosperity.

This Cheney-Alberta item was one bright break from the dismal Bolshie plodding of the Toronto MSM this week.

BTW: While we're on the subject of east versus west in cooperating with the US....what do you think Alberta will do here?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hillbilly Marxism and the Anti-Walmart Trend Setters

Just when you thought the Menshevik litigation bund had run out of anything approximating a reasoned, rational argument to justify their frivolous agenda to legislate against free market capaitalism, we see this from them.

"A group of residents trying to prevent a Wal-Mart from opening in Guelph argued the store would be an affront to a nearby Jesuit retreat whose teachings were against materialism and consumerism. "

The “residents” are lead by 3 campus commies and a couple of organizers from the Guelph regional union association.

"They're trying to teach people that there's another way of life," said Eric Gillespie, a lawyer representing Residents for Sustainable Development. "Then you put what, to them, is one of the biggest symbols of consumerism right where they can see it."

All they can “teach” us is the disproven presumptions of Marx…the lesson on unwarranted entitlement and bureaucratic dependency. The “symbolism” is pure Menshevik delusional imagery of anti capitalism, anti-private property and phony economic class struggle. Read the neo-com code words. “anti-big box”= anti capitalism = anti demand driven economics.

”In making its decision, the OMB considered the "physical impacts" – such as noise, light or environmental pollution – and not the spiritual damage, said Gillespie.” "The non-physical intangibles would be affected in a very, very significant way," he said.

There’s comic relief…a statist, secular shyster representing agnostic statist socialists pulling the “spiritual” card out in a play to introduce religious freedoms into a venal attack on private enterprise. Where were these Godless commie activists when SSM and the sodomy gag law was shoved down the throats of the faithful? More leftist hypocrisy.

“The Wal-Mart wouldn't be visible from every trail along the property, however, there is a greater principle at issue, said Gillespie. "Ultimately, religious freedoms are protected by not letting them become eroded," said Gillespie. "Very rarely do religious freedoms get taken away in one fell swoop. It happens in small increments."

There’s the rub! Did you get that? Religious freedoms are eroded by property rights and free market economics….not overbearing secular statism which places criminal gag laws on those opposed to sodomy. My sides ached from laughing when I read this zinger the first time.
"Once you tell the Jesuits to just use another trail, you're starting the process of erosion of those freedoms."

"Once you tell the Jesuits to just use another trail, you're starting the process of erosion of those freedoms."

We didn't seem concerned when the state silenced Jesuits from voicing religious objections to the state dictated social normalization of sodomite marriage.

Guelph is NOT really GTA….never was ….However, for a clutch of its trendy leftoids, it is a GTA wannabe. As a satellite hemorrhoid in close proximity to Canada's urban socialist anus they are looked down upon as inbred rustics by the GTA commie bund elites (who isn't?) ...but they DO have a university which incubates small town radical leftists and a syndicalist Union association…both of whom are ever so self conscious that the local socialist culture is viewed as a rustic enclave of “hillbilly socialism ( read blue collar unionism) by the GTA Bolshie aristocracy...the local lefty pavement pounders have been on an agenda of taking up every demented leftist crusade to get the attention and respect of their commissars in the Uof T ...

...`remember the Guelph militant lesbian that paraded around topless to get to litigation to establish the "charter right" of dumpy unattractive dykes to parade about with their exposed breasts flopping about in public like 2 soggy garbage bags? Or the recent incident where an Armed forces campus recruiter was attacked and run off campus? Or the time the local campus commie council vetoed any rememberance day ceremonies on Campus? Yup, Guelph is now on the map of newage Marxist theological virtue and their little rustic inbred bund at the U of G and Union halls are going for a 2 star rating with the Wal-Mart attack…how fXXXing trite!

My relatives in this berg tell me the town was founded by one of Canada’s first free enterprise realty developers, John Gault, and his private sector land development company (Canada company). The city was the first in Canada that was “planned” and the commerce and industrial zones were 3 times larger than the residential areas…Gault wanted his town to be prosperous and knew that adequate zoning for commerce was paramount. What is happening with the Wal-Mart land purchase and development is in line with that history…yet the subliminal historical revisionism seen in the arguments of the Wall-Mart case ( and I have read through them) would have us believe the city was founded on the statist egalitarianism these yokel socialists are advocating. The one repeating theme in their factums is that Guelph is anti “big box” or more precisely, anti-commerce, anti-capitalist. Strangely enough, the defendant’s law firm produced facts stating that more people wanted to see Wal-Mart in the community….obviously it is bad business practice to build a multi million dollar retail center if the demand is not there.

The whole Guelph Wal-Mart flap boils down to this: bashing Wal-Mart is a popular trend among the more aggressive 5th column socialist leagues….Guelph’s back woods commies want to go on the map as “progressive” so they pick up this torch….meanwhile the fact of the matter is that there is a large market for Wal-Mart in the community…..a small minority of Bolshie “activists” are enriching venal litigation lawyers and wasting taxpayers money in frivolous court whine fests and get notoriety doing it. Their antics are like watching a bunch of latterday hippie burn-outs in their attempt to “screw the man”.

If Guelph’s hillbilly Bolshie club gets away with this, I hope new commercial development avoids them like the plague….the unemployed paying inflated prices should know who to thank for their “freedom” from evil capitalism.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Liberal duality and Dual citizens

From the double standards dept:

A Canadian PM ( Chretien) denied a Canadian citizen an honor to be knighted in Britain because they would have to be a dual citizen to do so….yet we have a venal PM from the same party appoint a dual citizen to "peerage" as head of state. I had been attacked by the moonbat league for objecting to the appointment on this basis…I want all moonies that lurk to explain rationally to us why we can't be a Canadian citizen to receive British peerage yet we allow a French citizen to be appointed head of state. Why is it not appropriate for a Canadian citizen to be a knight of a foreign nation but it is appropriate for a foreign citizen to sit as our head of state. Bonus question for Liberal partisans: Will we make GG Jean renounce her French honors awarded by a foreign government as we did Black and his ilk? Bonus question for the knee-jerk Moonbats: What if our new GG of color was a dual citizen from America instead of a French colonial?...'zat OK Ms. Parrish?

Hypocrisy, thy name art Liberal.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Kindergarten meets Neo-Marxism

Surfed across this darling bit of Neo-com crap. The most stark example of left wing intellectual deparvity I have ever seen enunciated. A literate viewer risks cliche' poisoning in this rendering. It could have been written by poppa Joe himself…it’s all there:

* Negative stereotyping of ideological dissent .
* Aggrandizement of hedonism as a “right”.
* Aggressive intent to stifle dissent
* Reading socialist “entitlements” into the bill of rights
* Negative abstract associations where "freedoms" are concerned

* Full blown display of dual standards
* Propagandizing of social myths

* Historical./Theological/political revisionism

Fear for the young or simple minds that come across this. They will believe that a condom can stop the greatest plague in human history.....lack of self discipline

Friday, August 05, 2005

CTV wins ratings war with US based programs

Eat yer heart out CBC pinkos, CTV has dogged out your pathetic ratings again....and mostly with American content or plagiarized American entertaiment trends. So what was that about unique Canadian culture? Seems all CBC is good for these days is gorging on tax money and producing moonbat Governor Generals.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

RIP "Smokey Smith", Last of the Valorous Canadians

It was somewhat ironic that on a day when we should be mourning the loss of a valiant Canadian hero and celebrating his courage and stoic humility, my friend Richard at Canukistran Chronicles posted this silly flippant remark from Ann Coulter:

“ We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”

Ann sounds like a clone of the Al Qaeda goons. Is this not their agenda? If her policy is ever implemented I would expect her to suit up, lock and load and hook up with one of the first waves going in.

Chicken Hawk saber-rattling like hers adds nothing to reasoned debate....and it certainly does nothing for her credibility.....and nothing what so ever in regards to respect for the ultimate sacrifices others have made for their nation's freedom.

I invite any soft assed war dog ( left or right) to put his pampered nanny state ass in the grass to back his political convictions. I bet I don't get many takers. In modern North America we like to talk the talk and let an ever-diminishing stoic warrior class walk the walk for us.

Such a selfless warrior of freedom was Ernie " Smokey" Smith...until yesterday he was Canada's last living recipient of the Victoria typical chicken hawk fashion our craven elites did not run the national flag down to half mast in respect for the sacrifice this valiant Canadian gave his nation.

War is sometimes necessary to restore peace, security and freedom. The craven left denies this but they have to erect a facade of "morality" to cloak their own cowardice in refusing to do their duty to defend their own freedom...relegating this task to the more stoic individual. None the less, war is a brutal bestial affair that grinds up a lot of humanity in its maw before peace and security are wrested from the madness of predatory be so flippant of it and to be so nonchalant in committing others lives to sacrifice to the leviathan of war is simply a cowardly is cheap Ann...let us know what you think with the enemy's bullets and frags snapping past your ears. My guess is you'll be diving for the deepest part of the foxhole.

In my lifetime I have had the honor to know many who have served us by going in harms way to defend freedom....not one...not one of them glorified battle nor so flippantly waved the treat of war around to settle every little political dispute.

With PFC Ernie (Smokey) Smith just freshly in his grave, we should put the sacrifices those who fought/fight for us in proper perspective and reverence.

RIP valiant Canadian...You stood on guard, and now pass the torch.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Islamic Terroists hustle Tusnami Relief funds were wondering where all the donated billions sent to Tsunami victims went???
With a wide radical Mulsim network in Indonesia, was there any doubt?

Western Separation on a Roll: 43% support in Alta.!

From the latest Western standard a poll that supports my own personal straw polling of constituents. It seems the hard core separatis have some more soft separatists on board.

Here's the article

Here's the breakdown of the poll

I bet the separatists out west are just praying that Harper is rejected by Toronto, Ontario and parts east...that will kick the movement into action...there is obviously enough support for a political option.

Vive Le west Libre!!!

Putin Punts terroist ass-kissing media

Interesting development in Russia today. We get to see how a statist regime deals with a wayward media. Although I find it repugnant to defend the dyslexic editorializing of ABC, I find the control of information by the state far more appalling. However on the up-side how large is Russia or China's pro-terrorist political lobby...or party for that matter?????

Monday, August 01, 2005

Gun registry's supporters run postal

Another satisfied supporter of the Liberal's civilian gun registry checks in with his own concept of gun conrol.......the ability to go anonymous, kill at will and middle finger the cops, the government and their anal duck gun registry with 3 well placed shots to his victims torso. He must have missed all the propaganda about the bureaucratic horrors he faces having an unregistered gun...oh my, whatever will he do now?...he's really in for it now!! As for us "sitting ducks"...sandbag the window and get "GUMMINT" to whup some more duck hunters....ya think they got the real duck hunters???