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Monday, August 29, 2005

Addendum to: Western Alienation 101

Our friend Candice over at waking up on planet X has created a stir with her multi-media trilogy of western alienation. An admirable attempt at enumerating the milestones in Ottawa's record of alienating the west which will ultimately result in the dissolution of confederation.

There was, however, one milestone...a pinnacle moment where the west confronted Ottawa with demands for an end to their historic second class confederal status. It was a moment which defined the direction of modern Western ideals and politics...and was symbolic of the arrogance and monolithic obtusiveness of the Federal Liberal illuminati.

The event I refer to was the 1973 Western Economic Opportunities Conference

One of the most important "clips" Candice could have shown to flesh out the trilogy of federal belligerence and the expansion of western alienation would have been a recording of the meeting of the western Premiers and PET at the monumental Federal-provincial failure of the WEOC held in Calgary in 1973.

Dubbed the “Western Economic Opportunities Conference” (WEOC) meetings. It was a milestone in the degenerative evolution of western Canada’s relationship with the federal government…...but you won't find clips readily available (if any), even though it was televised, it was an obvious federal bribe of the western premiers which failed...good Liberal historical revisionists have probably hidden these tapes deep in the vaults and hope they never see light again...for good reason…no Fed-Lib flunky wants to remember the day PET and Liberal welfare state nepotism were sent packing by a united western leadership.

Pierre Trudeau came west in 1973 fresh from a massive electoral loss in the west and now planning to showcase the federal government’s “assistance to the West” but was met by solidarity among western premiers determined to address longstanding confederal/constitutional grievances and force the federal government to dramatically change its policies toward the region. The Western “opportunities?” meeting was a crass political "deal" which PET and Ottawa hammered together to approximate the Atlantic Opportunities pact....we all know what that was......regional Fed payola trough in exchange for expanding Fed powers/taxation in the region...essentially the pact made Atlantic Canada a perennial economic basket case and reliant federal welfare client. The western primers unanimously declined this Liberal “olive branch” offer of welfare state second-class serfdom.

Dave Barrett of BC, Peter Lougheed from Alberta, Allan Blakeney of Saskatchewan, and Edward Schreyer from Manitoba were wary of Pet’s bribe...they all had developing resource industries with massive revenue potential and they had to decide if taking some short term revenues from the Feds in exchange for allowing the feds into control and tax in their jurisdictions would deplete the provinces of full resource-based prosperity down the road.... much like the feds destroyed the Atlantic economy with their resource grab/mismanagement. They decided against the cheap bribe and focused of trying to resolve regional economic irritations like the Crow rate and federal wheat marketing monopoly.

By the end of the conference, a frustrated Pierre Trudeau banged the gavel and announced the end to the “one and only” Western Economic Opportunities Conference. With this symbolic gesture, Trudeau concluded a conference that failed to meet the federal government’s goal of spreading its welfare statist message and buying western voters. The western leadership snubbing Trudeau’s dirty little deal put his nose out of joint and his pettiness and ego planned revenge against these western upstarts who has the insubordinate insolence to think they were equals to the eastern illuminati.

From the West’s perspective, this signaled a 32 year ideological vendetta the Fed-Libs ran against the west….this has actually escalated to economic malice with the National wheat board, NEP, Kyoto, nepotistic revenue transfer formulas etc.

However, more importantly to the modern west’s evolution, this conference signaled several things that remain at the core of politics in today’s west:

1) The failure of PET to address western concerns in the WEOC precipitated the first meeting of the now annual western premier’s conference. The west now had the prototype of a regional political block.

2) It enunciated a profound western hunger for change to Status quo Federalism as practiced by Ottawa.

3) It was another monumental snub by the arrogant PET and Fed-Libs towards the west which spawned an atmosphere of self reliance in isolation within the western region. Our isolation has made us stringer and more independent.

4) The WEOC failure represents a dire need for politicians and citizens alike to endeavor to break the pattern of dysfunctional, often hostile, federal-provincial relations that has burdened the less populous regions of the country for the last 32 years.

At the conference, these prototype western leaders enunciated for the first time the representational void within the federal system which sits at the core of today’s so-called “western alienation” …these were; ineffectual regionally disproportionate senate, obtuse party discipline, undemocratic appointment powers and non-linear application of constitutional jurisdiction. These were the core issues of Reform, CA and now CPC…these are the key complaints of the Alberta separation movement….we need not spend $millions$ to have Patronage minister Stronach investigate “western alienation”…the key contentions were amply expressed in Trudeau’s 1973 western conference and these issues remain unchanged, unresolved irritants of the west to this day.

The solution to the problem had always been so easy to see and can't bribe the west and you can't threaten will take democratic confederal renewal to cure this issue....and Liberals simply won't do this beacuse their brand of federalism revolves around bribes, dependency and coercion.


Blogger Justthinkin said...

Bill..great post.I went on a little google search,and lo and behold! Here is just one goodie....
"One important initiative undertaken by the Prime Minister during the 29th Parliament was the calling of the Western Economic Opportunities Conference in July 1973 at Calgary. This conference was the first time a Prime Minister and Premiers from a specific region had met to focus on problems of that region. It resulted in federal government commitments on transportation, resource development, prairie agriculture, and others, which were of great benefit to the western economy."This of course is from the Liberal re-writing history website...{I think I may run(heheh,,steal) with this and do a post on the comparisons tommorrow}.

August 29, 2005 at 3:19 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Yes the librano sanitized verson will be a lie within a lie.

Read the account of the same conference in David Kilgore's book "uneasy patriots"

August 29, 2005 at 5:54 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

Great post Bill.

Ooohhhhh ... god I feel old now .. thanks, this brings back nightmares. It's funny how you read this and see the conference and that butthead PET having a hissy fit, only to lead to bankruptcy.. :-(

There isn't no fixing this unless the CPC can get a majority of the power, and even with that, I have reservations. So with a Lib minority/majority it isn't going to happen. The libs are already posturing and getting ready to strike.

Notice how the softwood issue has been brought to the forefront to enhance anti-Americanism with Cheney coming to Alberta. How's that for timing on the part of the libs.

August 29, 2005 at 6:59 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

You know, I'm really starting to wonder if a CPC loss at the polls and NEP2 won't be the best thing. It'll save us 4 years of fooling ourselves, were the CPC to win. Like they say, "Let's get on with it!"

August 29, 2005 at 7:57 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

I think this anti-American crap will backfire on the libs, big time. And don't forget Martin's ego - he's pissed that he wasn't invited (or informed other than in a press conference with the rest of the country), so sour grapes are playing into this big-time.

Too bad Cheney is visiting the ONE province guaranteed to greet him with open arms... Especially after the devastation Katrina has wrought (still unknown what damage was done to either refineries or oil rigs, but there will have been some, no doubt about it).

Apache has rigs in the Gulf (the pres was interviewed during the evacuations of same) - and interests in Alberta. Exxon/Mobil... Hell, Petro-Canada's public now, who knows how many Americans have a piece of that?

Alberta is becoming larger & larger on the radar screen. If emails to Ralph don't work, emails to Bush might... just a thought.

August 29, 2005 at 10:55 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Candace said...
"I think this anti-American crap will backfire on the libs, big time." has NEVER failed in vote rich Ontario...neither has Alberta bashing and this time Quebec will vote liberal if they beat up the's a double win for the Libs; US and Albetrta their mind the two are synonimous with evil capitalist, successful and conservative)

Candace said... And don't forget Martin's ego - he's pissed that he wasn't invited (or informed other than in a press conference with the rest of the country), so sour grapes are playing into this big-time.

WLM: Martin has no "ego" as such...where Chretien was a vindictive meanspirited little turd who ran vendettas, and Trudeau was the aristocratic pompous megalomaniac who extracted revenge, Martin is an inside-trader, deal grubbing, influence-profiteering little parasite. There is no moral principle or personal pride he won't trade for power. Like my miner friend Pete said: " that man would lick out the arse of a sick moose, if there was a vote or a buck in it."

Pete's rather inarticulate comment has crystal clarity in understanding what makes Martin tick. In politics as in business, he is an inept whelp born into power and position...he was always in need of a machiavelli to lead him into riches... ( he had, Moe Strong, Paul Desmarais, and the Trudeau fixer LaLonde)..their training taught him all that mattered was the deal and closing it...what ever it takes...sell your ass if you have to but get the deal. He has no personality save the one he dons at the moment to sell himself to the crowd he's addressing...the same goes for morals or principle...such a degenerate creature has no ego as such. Martin is not envious or jealous...these are traits for a human with a soul...Martin is a manipulative sociopathic capitulater...he see's Cheney's visit as a move to sweeten the top off Alberta's fortunes even more so when he goes on his plunder of the province, he will get more than expected....Martin is sitting watching Alberta's economic resurgence like a farmer who feeds a turkey and watches it fatten itself...he has less affection for the turkey as he has for thanksgiving day's irrelavant to him what the Turkeys do or that he has to kill them...he knows Thanksgiving day feasting is all that matters.

Candace said... Alberta is becoming larger & larger on the radar screen. If emails to Ralph don't work, emails to Bush might... just a thought.

Yes, Alberta is on the screen because it is becomming a large fat turkey and ready for the Liberal ralph but my take is he'll be sitting at the dinner table with Dithers and Dolton. Put your trust in yourself anf your fellow citizens and prepare to do whatever it takes to stop the theft of your future and security....ultimately it is you who will suffer...not the political class.

August 30, 2005 at 7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With comments such as you are making about Martin, I fear for your safety.Bishop Henry of Calgary got threats from Revenue Canada for making a statement about Martin to his flock. Licia Corbella from the Calgary Sun gets audited every year. Paul Jackson ron the Calgary Sun has to renew his passport every year because the passport people will grant it only one year at a time.Have you experienced anything like that?

August 30, 2005 at 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Stephen McAllister said...

To "Anonymous":

You understand very well just how the Librano mob operates in this country.

The more they abuse good, concerned citizens like ourselves, the closer they bring themselves towards being turfed...

And they've been particularly brutal lately, haven't they? I see this election campaign as a turning point; they're shit out of luck, in my observation, compared to '93, '97, '00 and '04. What's with this desperate, ill-advised, mind-boggling tactic of resurrecting the specter of PET's NEP hitman? One can only surmise Candyman Martin seriously plots a redux of that crime...

They've run out of positive things to talk about this time. Contrast this with all the positive, workable platform revealations made recently by PM-in-waiting Harper...

August 30, 2005 at 4:38 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Anonymous said...
With comments such as you are making about Martin, I fear for your safety.Bishop Henry of Calgary got threats from Revenue Canada for making a statement about Martin to his flock. Licia Corbella from the Calgary Sun gets audited every year. Paul Jackson ron the Calgary Sun has to renew his passport every year because the passport people will grant it only one year at a time.Have you experienced anything like that?

I'm a nobody...if I had property to be stolen or something to lose they could threaten me with or a national microphone to be shut down like those Conservative journalists you can bet the bureaucratic despots running this corrupt little commie backwater would come after me with their petty vendictive fangs out. They are no different that the leftwing slime trails that have degenerated debate on the internet with vendictive commie vitriol.

You are correct, there is a decade long trend of Conservative and dissident columnists being bureaucratically harassed for their criticism of the Librano political cartel.

Ask yourself if this is not linear with the MO of a repressive communist state? The Liberal federal political cartel is a ruthless, quasi-criminal different in agenda and method than racketeers or a despotic Banana republic regime.

But , hey, I'm expressing my opinion based in what I see and have experienced in my interface with this malevolent leviathan wearing the skirts of the nanny state..... and I'm certainly not the harshest critic of the current federal regime...most people I know, think Martin is a traitorous embarassment and call him far worse names than I should hear the names my 90yr. old father and his vetern buddies call them. ;-)...I do not sink to school yard taunting....I just call 'm as I see 'em....and when I see a silverspoon twit, born into Canadian political priviledge, coddled by all the best schools, floated by his dad's political and business connections then mentored and literally MADE rich by 2 of Canada's shadyest corporate political fixer/dealers, I have to assume this man's constant trail of lies, deceptions and shady deals at the tax payers expense, is the work of a souless sociopath. But he won't be the first one...most who aspire to these political boss positions are either megalomanic or sociopathic HL Menckin said: " every decent man is ashamed of his government".

If you stare into the mouth of this unaccountable, raging leviathan as I have,(it ruined me once and threatened me with criminalization a dozen times) you know what they are capable of and you take precautions.

As Voltaire said: "It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong"

Sage advice for anyone who sees the degenerate state of ethics and morality in the current Ottawa political cartel.

However, it is impossible to remain silent when you see the level of corruption, neptism and deceit in federal politics.

As Orwell said: "During times of universal deciet, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act".

The Blogespher is the revolution. The age of the citizen journalist will expose the sleaze that the lapdog press has covered up for decades....and it makes the conspirator faction in all governments nervous. No bureaucrat with an unstated agenda can allow a free citizenry. Canada is one of the world's worst regulators of individual civil rights....there is a reason for that.

When and if they do come after bloggers and citizens posting their personal opinions on the internet, you will know that civil freedom is officially dead in this nation and bureaucratic tyranny dictates policy over the constitutional rule of law. At the point where they will go out of their way to try and strangle one little nobody for saying uncomplimentary things about his political commissars, you KNOW what they were saying was true.

As I started offstating...I'm a nobody, no inside librano party connections, no corporate wealth to buy off liberal irritants, no political "juice from being an annoited lapdog media sycophant...just an average nobody...but the nation is largely comprised of nobodies and when you see the power elite attack a nobody they are attacking all of us.

If this happens you are not far from the gulags of the single party state.

August 31, 2005 at 7:19 AM  
Anonymous Stephen McAllister said...

I, too, am a "nobody". There's not all that much to lose here, either. I doubt even my Liberal boss would listen to his overlords' dictates to give me the boot (he can't afford to do that- I'm too bloody profitable to lose, especially compared to the astonishingly nonperforming bizarre moonbat who preceded me).

I have no fear of these silly jokes for mobsters. Really. If they someday try to get me, then they make a living martyr of me, which would be good for the country and help the Conservatives wipe out those thieving slackers.

Hence I eagerly pursue the ouster of that bloody kleptocratic regime... and y'all haven't seen nothin' yet, believe me you...

August 31, 2005 at 5:37 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Steven, what makes you think the CPC would be any different a few years down the road when they have been totally bought out by eastern power brokering coprorate elites?

Harper may well be the last unconnected leader of a free democratically elected political party in Canada....even the NDP sold their ass out to the Quebec corporate cartel.....when they rant aout "evi;" capitalists now they mean any non connected individual businessman west of Ontario.

September 5, 2005 at 12:30 PM  

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