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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Canada's only Mass Murderers were Government Sanctioned

Peter Remple over at "The Politic" blog was musing about some lesser known facts of the Valerie Fabrikant mass murders at Concordia. It reminded me that Fabrikant has a common link with Canada's other famous mass murderer.

One of the most edifying facts in the Fabrikant murders (and the most officially repressed truth) is the fact that this Psycho accomplished his murders with legally owned and registered handguns.

Handguns ( restricted weapons under criminal code law) are the most difficult type of firearms to legally own in Canada because of the waiting periods and background checks, mental fitness requirements and police interviews with your sponsors, friends and spouse to get your permits…these permits are only good for the purpose you stated you wanted the gun for; target shooting or collecting (no self defense allowed, you will be denied a handgun permit if you state it is for personal protection)…then you must get a “conveyance authorization” to take the gun out of your home to only to the registered range you belong to…if your permit is as a collector, the gun stays in the house locked up…you only get a conveyance permit to take your gun to a gunsmith, a show or to sell….all hand guns must remain in the home unloaded and locked up when not in direct use as per your permit…the law then was very tight on handgun ownership, transport and must also FIRST have a firearms licence which also requires a police background check before you apply for handgun permits ( a 2-3 month process for each).

Fabricant was issued both a firearms acquisition licence and permits for restricted weapons. Prior to this, his future victims had made sworn statements to the police of his murderous threats towards them 2 months before he was issued his handgun permits and allowed to legally buy his murder weapons. He was issued these permits in spite of his mental condition and the direct pleas from his future victims to the police not to issue him handgun authorizations. ( his future victims knew he was getting handgun permits and directly intervened with sworn testimony as to his unfitness) 2 weeks after the permits he engaged in his psychotic rage blood bath.

Interesting to note is that Marc Lapine ( Gamil Gharbi) was also issued a firearms permit by the same police force after he had been rejected from military service as mentally unfit. The same process applied…the requisite police background check would have easily found he was in a home with numerous domestic incidents where police were called and his psychiatric report from the Army where he was rejected as being unstable ( he is on record as having openly told army staff he wanted to do something like Dennis Lortie) Lortie was a CAF corporal who attempted to assassinate the entire Quebec legislature killin3 and wounding 18 in a machine gun shooting spree….he had a history of mental disorders yet was government authorized to access submachine guns.

So, for anyone who believes that the best conspiracies are the ones where by incredulous events happen in the open which profit well placed politicos; we have Canada's 2 most infamous (and provably insane) shooting spree mass murderers issued firearms permits from the same police force and the same federal and local firearms officer. Coincidentally enough these same 2 events were the opportunistic trigger points for Alan Rock’s hysterical rants for new gun laws . Both events were used by then Justice Minister Rock to scapegoat Canada’s Duck hunters as potential mass murderers and justify a unworkable and ineffective registry system…this was the emotionally charged avatar which he hoped would be a glowing centerpiece of liberal progressive justice ideology, hide a plethora of political sins and propel him into the party leadership race and hopefully the PMO. Too bad the plan was so poorly executed because the Auditor general discovered a 1000% over budget 1.4 billion dollar registry which turned out to be nothing more than a patronage jackpot for partisan vendors and Rock leadership supporters.

Is there any doubt why the fact both Fabrikant and Lapine ( and Lortie) were armed by state sanction (and that the same licencing process exists today) would be actively suppressed? Nothing has changed in practical application of the gun laws between the Lepine/Fabricant murder sprees and today (actually licencing processes are lot looser because of cuts at the CFC).….except;
approaching 2 billion dollars lines the pockets of patronage trough hogs after the registry funding pot became a panic spending patronage free for all when Rock abandoned it as his banked slush fund for a future leadership bid.

If you were Martin or Cotler (or particularly Rock) would you want to suppress this fact every time the Fabricant case is dredged up?


Blogger Justthinkin said...

Ah yes Bill...but it is the socialist mantra to throw money(ours) at any problem.The RESULTS don't matter,just the fact they can say"lookie here,we is doin our best by spendin all this here money on the problem".And as for making criminals out of law-abiding long gun owners,this is just another ploy...if there isn't a problem,create one.And the puke called Canuckistanian's follow like the good little lemmings they are.I would like to see the figures on how much the Fem-bot cults also got out of this $2 billion.

August 21, 2005 at 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justthinkin said...
"I would like to see the figures on how much the Fem-bot cults also got out of this $2 billion"

Not sure of they benefited directly but there were certain "partner groups" cited by the auditor as being funded and involved in the implimentation...apparently these groups "hijacked the original purpose" of the legislation, according to the auditor.

I thin Wendy and Chritina DeVilliers got some patronage plumbs and nice expense checks for some of the propaganda work they were doing...I know that Wendy funded her court challenge against the provinces who opposed the registry with tax payer money from the city ot Toronto.

Another paid mouth piece for the registry was Emil Theirin from the safety council. The auditor is going to take a second look at the registry expense book and it would be interesting to see how the various NGOs who sang the praises of the registy were rewarded with federal funding. However at this point in time with the cost of an incompleted and unworkable registry system, the auditor's first priority will be seing if we got any value for the expense. My instincts tell me she will recommend it be shut down as it is incomplet over budget 1000% and has yeilded no benefits commensuate with the costs.

I think the liberals will take the opportunity to bail out on it using the AGs recommendation as justification...if they don't, we know there is some real crime they are hiding.

August 21, 2005 at 3:22 PM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

The absolute desparation with which Liberals are trying to hold onto their minority suggests that they are terrified of turning the CPC loose with the auditors. Imagine what will be unearthed if the auditors don't have to work under the shadow of Martin and are given a budget that can support the work they must do.

It may be saddistic, but I can't help seeing the irony in the "shooting" spree in Toronto. It seems so fitting, that the home of the registry be so inundated with illegal gun play. It's as if the gods of justice decided to have some fun at the expense of the idiots who so arrogantly shoved the registry down the throats of the rest of the country. A good shooting spree in Montreal would just about do it... as far as poetic justice that is. Sadly, it's real people with real lives being destroyed, while billions are sunk into the registry black hole.

August 22, 2005 at 9:05 AM  

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