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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hillbilly Marxism and the Anti-Walmart Trend Setters

Just when you thought the Menshevik litigation bund had run out of anything approximating a reasoned, rational argument to justify their frivolous agenda to legislate against free market capaitalism, we see this from them.

"A group of residents trying to prevent a Wal-Mart from opening in Guelph argued the store would be an affront to a nearby Jesuit retreat whose teachings were against materialism and consumerism. "

The “residents” are lead by 3 campus commies and a couple of organizers from the Guelph regional union association.

"They're trying to teach people that there's another way of life," said Eric Gillespie, a lawyer representing Residents for Sustainable Development. "Then you put what, to them, is one of the biggest symbols of consumerism right where they can see it."

All they can “teach” us is the disproven presumptions of Marx…the lesson on unwarranted entitlement and bureaucratic dependency. The “symbolism” is pure Menshevik delusional imagery of anti capitalism, anti-private property and phony economic class struggle. Read the neo-com code words. “anti-big box”= anti capitalism = anti demand driven economics.

”In making its decision, the OMB considered the "physical impacts" – such as noise, light or environmental pollution – and not the spiritual damage, said Gillespie.” "The non-physical intangibles would be affected in a very, very significant way," he said.

There’s comic relief…a statist, secular shyster representing agnostic statist socialists pulling the “spiritual” card out in a play to introduce religious freedoms into a venal attack on private enterprise. Where were these Godless commie activists when SSM and the sodomy gag law was shoved down the throats of the faithful? More leftist hypocrisy.

“The Wal-Mart wouldn't be visible from every trail along the property, however, there is a greater principle at issue, said Gillespie. "Ultimately, religious freedoms are protected by not letting them become eroded," said Gillespie. "Very rarely do religious freedoms get taken away in one fell swoop. It happens in small increments."

There’s the rub! Did you get that? Religious freedoms are eroded by property rights and free market economics….not overbearing secular statism which places criminal gag laws on those opposed to sodomy. My sides ached from laughing when I read this zinger the first time.
"Once you tell the Jesuits to just use another trail, you're starting the process of erosion of those freedoms."

"Once you tell the Jesuits to just use another trail, you're starting the process of erosion of those freedoms."

We didn't seem concerned when the state silenced Jesuits from voicing religious objections to the state dictated social normalization of sodomite marriage.

Guelph is NOT really GTA….never was ….However, for a clutch of its trendy leftoids, it is a GTA wannabe. As a satellite hemorrhoid in close proximity to Canada's urban socialist anus they are looked down upon as inbred rustics by the GTA commie bund elites (who isn't?) ...but they DO have a university which incubates small town radical leftists and a syndicalist Union association…both of whom are ever so self conscious that the local socialist culture is viewed as a rustic enclave of “hillbilly socialism ( read blue collar unionism) by the GTA Bolshie aristocracy...the local lefty pavement pounders have been on an agenda of taking up every demented leftist crusade to get the attention and respect of their commissars in the Uof T ...

...`remember the Guelph militant lesbian that paraded around topless to get to litigation to establish the "charter right" of dumpy unattractive dykes to parade about with their exposed breasts flopping about in public like 2 soggy garbage bags? Or the recent incident where an Armed forces campus recruiter was attacked and run off campus? Or the time the local campus commie council vetoed any rememberance day ceremonies on Campus? Yup, Guelph is now on the map of newage Marxist theological virtue and their little rustic inbred bund at the U of G and Union halls are going for a 2 star rating with the Wal-Mart attack…how fXXXing trite!

My relatives in this berg tell me the town was founded by one of Canada’s first free enterprise realty developers, John Gault, and his private sector land development company (Canada company). The city was the first in Canada that was “planned” and the commerce and industrial zones were 3 times larger than the residential areas…Gault wanted his town to be prosperous and knew that adequate zoning for commerce was paramount. What is happening with the Wal-Mart land purchase and development is in line with that history…yet the subliminal historical revisionism seen in the arguments of the Wall-Mart case ( and I have read through them) would have us believe the city was founded on the statist egalitarianism these yokel socialists are advocating. The one repeating theme in their factums is that Guelph is anti “big box” or more precisely, anti-commerce, anti-capitalist. Strangely enough, the defendant’s law firm produced facts stating that more people wanted to see Wal-Mart in the community….obviously it is bad business practice to build a multi million dollar retail center if the demand is not there.

The whole Guelph Wal-Mart flap boils down to this: bashing Wal-Mart is a popular trend among the more aggressive 5th column socialist leagues….Guelph’s back woods commies want to go on the map as “progressive” so they pick up this torch….meanwhile the fact of the matter is that there is a large market for Wal-Mart in the community…..a small minority of Bolshie “activists” are enriching venal litigation lawyers and wasting taxpayers money in frivolous court whine fests and get notoriety doing it. Their antics are like watching a bunch of latterday hippie burn-outs in their attempt to “screw the man”.

If Guelph’s hillbilly Bolshie club gets away with this, I hope new commercial development avoids them like the plague….the unemployed paying inflated prices should know who to thank for their “freedom” from evil capitalism.


Anonymous The Fog is Clearing said...

A bunch of lefties invoking the name of the Lord to try and justify their actions.

The ultimate hypocrisy.

August 12, 2005 at 12:47 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

It's obvious the only time lefty meets God is in court as either a surprise witness or (more commonly) a defendant.

The laic star chamber court is lefty's temple...using the court to create his statist utopia is his dogma, rewritten history and fallacious political theologies his bible and evangelizing the utopian secular state his pentecost.

Funny thing is; yer average godless commie stooge thinks he's a "progressive" building some vacuous social utopia by deconstructing western civil and cultural institutions....he completely justifies his hypocrisy ( if he is capable of seeing but this takes open minded reason which is a sin in "progressive" cults). Lefty justifies the universal evils of deceit, treachery, corruption and treason as simple tools to acheive the statist valhala.

The devil is never the devil in his own eyes.

August 13, 2005 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

Do the Jesuits even care? Did anyone ask them?

oh, sorry.

August 13, 2005 at 1:02 PM  

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