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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hoser Royalty Weds: Lib Media Salivates over Heir Apparent

"The sentiment is this is Canadian royalty," CTV's Jed Kahane told Newsnet.One spectator even compared the Trudeaus to the glamourous Kennedy clan of the United States."

I don't know about you but it was hard to take this saccharine diatribe coming from the usual Trudeaupian media sycophants. We heard repeatedly of references to state pomp and Kennedy dynasty and “Camelot” equivalencies. We heard the same PET legacy lies like the name was sacrosanct and widely loved ( well not in Quebec or the west it’s not). I had to mutter under my breath several times; "hold on stomach" sitting through the nauseating fawning and media bootlicking in the Trudeau Kid's wedding news sequence.

It WAS treated like a wedding of Hoser royalty (see reporter remarks at the top) and it struck me what all this cloying gush from our 4th estate nanny utopians was all about.

It was a tribal gathering of the Trudeaupia cult...the tired weather beaten old "60's era sots" that hold onto the mythology of Trudeau era utopianism and sit in denial of the failed Canadian socialist state.....PET's death was symbolic of the end/failure of universal free welfare in a finite wealth creation capacity..PET economics died when the bills came due and PET's statist centralism died when centralist corporate liberalism isolated Canada’s western economic engines and the financial backlash drained revenues....However, being great revelers in symbolism PETs Death had them low ( seeing the end of a Trudeau utopian dream cult)... then to be hit with the realization that Modern liberalism amouted to mob networked corporate criminal cartels which the public rejected in the last election...they needed a pick-me -up to shake off the gloom of realities.

Well, along comes a Trudeau brat coming-of-age milestone...a chance to fanaticize what could be.....they had come out for a sort of pagan fertility ceremony. To do some deep wishful thinking and engage in the sympathetic magic needed to day dream about a Trudeau whelp taking up the patriach's Armour and sword and slaying the dragons of mediocrity that 2 decades of decay from Trudeaupian idealism and modern k;eptocratic corporate liberalism had wrought on the mythical kingdom of reestablish the utopian kingdom of welfare wealth and subsidy prosperity the single party state of Trudeaupian mythos promises them. A return to the heady days of Trudeaupia when borrowed money fell on the people from the money trees and every one was raptured with group think and would believe any mebulous policy scheme if it came from "the father of new Canada"....ahh yes, the intoxicating days before the bills came due for the Trudeaupian cultists.....And now Deja Vu of these halcyon day rushing back at the Trudeu heir's wedding. Ahhhhh it was an intoxicating day for the trudeaupian cult, one could virtually cut the whimsy with a knife in the bastions of the Trudeaupian myth ( Star, CBC, G&M, CTV). That is why we see wishful postulations like this:

"In recent years, Trudeau has embarked on a career as a public speaker and has hinted he may enter the political arena at some future point"

Of course the only "hints" were manufactured by Trudeaupian cult leaders in the media in an attempt to condition us to accept the concept of Kennedy or Bush-style political family dynasties.... and, of course, to pressure Liberal cartel rain makers to keep pestering the poor kid to come to the dark side and save their debauched political cartel....a job, by the way, the poor kid has openly refused and shown complete lack of interest in. It just may be this is one Trudeau who having endured a silver spoon existence has the grounding effect of a normal ego and enjoys the small personal acheivments that well adjusted humility brings enjoy....perhaps he was born without the herditary narcissit gene that drove the megalomania and publicity addictions of his parents....perhaps he has the gene an suppresses it with an overpowering sense of refined humility ...unlike his Mother and father....or the debased political hoodlums who chase after him begging him to save their corrupt little federal racketeering cartel in exchange for movie star-king status.

As a side bar here, in watching the wedding footage, I noticed 4 Mounties in full dress red serge classing up the event. I really doubt silver spoon kids like the Trudeaus would know commoner stock like Mountie corporals...let alone invite them come to this shin I assume these were sent there courtesy of the tax payer at a Liberal party apparatchick's request. I realize this may seem like a small niggardly point but, in light of the Gomery revelations it displays the reflexive, unthinking contempt Fed-Libs have for our money...and an inflated sense of worth for their partisan send duty officers to a private wedding on the taxpayer's dime was contempable by any standard of candor ....the Liberal cartel spin team wanted this to appear like a state affair when it is clearly not. But oddly, in the same week, there was allegedly no money to have extra Mounties investigate the Grewal tapes.

While I was watching all this feigned pomp and circumstance of the mythical Trudaupian Sate, I saw 2 of the Mounties acting as color guards ( they carried flags ) which is , again, a breech of protocol in non state ceremonies. As I watched the single party socialist state leaf of Mike Pearson being so disgracefully misused for some cheap partisan symbolism, I couldn't help but think that we are due again for another flag change to better reflect the current political state of modern Canada.

I think perhaps the red leaf should be removed and replaced with a bunch of bananas....much more fitting of the political culture liberals want us to associate with "being Canadian"....PET's pal Castro would be proud...hey, was he at this Trudeau wedding too?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tipping point Part II Predicts Confederal Melt Down

Both share a belief in true democracy – . one in which lies, deception, coercion, bribery and theft have no place."

I concur most heartily.

Back to Walsingham's passion:

Because the truth is this: in democratic government, process not only matters, it is central. It matters more than anything else; more than any specific outcome that it might produce. The “true left” should understand that it is not simply that a corrupted process that worked against the right - and the West, and Quebec - this time around; might well work against them the next time. They should understand that faith in a process that is open, fair and consistent - i.e., in a government that is representative and responsible - is the only thing, other than tyranny and coercion, which can hold a society together for any length of time.

This statement is so universally true, anyone assuming to be even a casual student of history should be saying "Amen" to it. The truth of this debauching of parliamentary process will eventually play out in negative ways that will have Canadians scratchuing their heads to understand where the massive backlash to Martin's regime is coming from. Primarily because the truth of this simple fact: (That the Martin government committed unconstitutional breech of parliamentary process) has been largely downplayed by a Canadian media who's fidelity is no longer aligned with unbiasedly informing the public for the better good of Canadian thay can make an informed choice. The modern partisan- aligned media wants the public making an uninformed choice based only on what they wish to tell them....and they will never tell them about the absolute democratic abomination the breach of public trust Martin's defiance of the constitutional requirements of governance represents .

I see a government openly defy constitutional convention in refusing proper legal confidence processes. Then I see this popularly portrayed in the media as some form of brilliant political swordsmanship by Martin. This is a civil abomination. The partisan media is telling Canadians that breaking the very fundamental constitutional rules of governance is fair game. In saying that Harper was "out smarted" by a government which does not obey the rules of parliament, it is in essence validating the concept that cheating, while your opponent refuses to do so, is justified and a "brilliant tactical move".....because winning the game is all that counts......not playing by the rules and winning or losing with honor and principle or with the trust of those who put you in the game. With this immoral contempt for the rules by a neurotic media cheering section, is it any wonder that corruption spreads widely in the ensuing anarchy of a lawless governing regime, like Chretien and Martin's?

More from Walsingham:

"Nothing will dissolve the bonds and restraints that make a democratic society function – presuming, of course, that the society is composed of men and women who retain the capacity to be affronted by insult and injustice"

Nothing indeed! Except the lack of guts and the civil self respect required in the voting populace to create civil outrage when their governors become lawless power mongers. The flip side of this equation/presumption is; are these people being properly informed as to the nature of these debased politics and their constitutionality? Our status quo fourth estate has a large hand in this and will take a large share of the blame for any ill informed/ill advised acceptance of government lawlessness which the more naive populace may hold. We are, by all accounts of the constitutional scholars in Canada and Britain, in a constitutional crisis of governance bestowed by the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Martin regime. We do not see an illegitimate governemnt which has claimed power through constitutional breach and unconventional and illegal means portrayed as such in the Media......a situation where objective legal academia is at odds with the realities portrayed in our local popular public media. Is this by design?

We know the Martin regime openly celebrate the fact they colluded to breach parliamentary/constitutional process,... now we see this fact either ignored or applauded by Canadian media.....if this is by design, then we have two institutional estates of social order conspirering to run a governmental coup on the Canadian public. Something to think about when you pay your 75 cents for a paper or cable TV news bill to be kept ignorant of fact.

More from my Brother in arms the Principled Monarchist:

"David Warren has used the term “permanent disenfranchisement” in reference to Western Canada, and the term is not too strong. This idea is ridiculed by the Liberals, and discounted by many, if not most, Ontarians and Quebecers – even those of good will, who have simply not given the matter sufficient thought. How, they ask, can people who elect the same number of members to parliament per capita as Ontario and Quebec, be disenfranchised? The answer is that there are, for better or for worse, differences in beliefs and priorities, which follow demographical – and, consequently, geographical - boundaries, which for many years have placed the West outside what the Liberals, and with them many Ontarians and Quebecers, call “the mainstream”.

Bravo! For saying what has been ignored in the introverted, narcissist, navel-gazing eastern political nattering cliques for far too long......long enough that the continued “official” denial/ignorance has become a factor in Confederal fracturing. One of the personal eye- opening experiences, proving the truth of this statement, has come through my relocating from Alberta to Ontario.

I now can unequivocally confirm my suspicion of the centralist partisan and media denial of alienation and separate ideological solitudes between east and west, not only exists, but is an establishment axiom among the smug eastern political elite and their camp followers in the popular opinion fabricating industry down here. I have also had somewhat of a catharsis myself in discovering that not all Ontarians and Quebecois are the lock-step dogmatic liberal sleaze voting androids they are widely perceived to be in the west. I have met many responsible and highly principled people here from all political stripes who are diametrically opposed to the devolved fed-lib ideals and methods. They sit in quiet desperation here, not voting or acting (from disgust and apathy) spawned from them living with the overpowering public exposure to liberal dogmatism and apologist propaganda from institutionalized partisan influences. They are as disenfranchised as Westerners....sort of like prisoners in their own home.

The west should appeal to this eastern captive demographic and economically encourage it to immigrate to the west to further concentrate the population of Canadians who still have passion for accountable, small, unobtrusive and manageable government and a society predicated on the right of individualism and free will. They should be encouraged to relocate their capital, productivity and skills to the part of the country that still holds the same ideals as they do. The new sovereign west needs these liberty loving, principled people.

Walsingham continues with this:

"in the hearts of Western Canadians. Unless I miss my mark, from now on, the Liberals, Ontario and the rest of Canada will discover that Western Canada has just checked out, and will begin asserting itself – and be damned what the Liberals, Central Canada or anyone else might think."

Yep! without a doubt Walsingham....the last federalist holdouts among Albertans had largely checked out of status quo Liberal-corrupted federalism after Martin claimed the throne of Canada in a cynical coronation ceremony staged as a leadership "election" by the liberal federal political cartel. They support Harper's crusade to democratise Parliament and make confederal relations more equitable but they no longer hold the starry-eyed naive hope of a star-crossed debutant preying for central Canada's is a last chance for federalism before we ditch mentality that pervades western thinking as they watch how Harper is treated.

Meanwhile having had my ear to the political ground and involved in grass roots political networking in Alberta for almost a quarter century, I can state the hope for western equality in the federal political agenda has now become widespread disillusionment with the federal system. In Alberta it is widely accepted that federalism is manipulated by successive eastern based political cartels to change or ignore the rules to keep political power in the hands of an eastern based corporate-political elite......westerners need not apply is a clear message the last decade sent and it's widely understood now.

What exists in western Canada ( and particularly Alberta) is a sort of sinister lull before a civl storm. The "lull" is created by the political vacuum created when hope and faith in the federal system evapourated with hope for Liberal party bagman convictions from Gomery. Silent rage smolders just beneath the calm western veneer.

"So, Alberta, Western Canada, be warned: the Liberals are coming for your money. You can bet the ranch on it. The flurry of Liberal shots about “illegal” health care privatization in Alberta represents the opening skirmish: do not mistake the real aim here."

Correct Walsinham. The centralist corporate-political cabal that runs the liberal federal regime KNOWS Alberta and BC's natural resource industries must either be pillaged or destroyed to bring these rebellious anti- Liberal provinces to their economic knees and make them dependent , like the other have not provinces. It was first attempted by the open vulgar pillage of the NEP...but the Western economy was more resiliant and our people more resouceful for this to totally decimate us.......however under the guise of global environmentalism's disreguard for jurisdiction or property rights, a truely fatal blow is in the fed wings now....Kyoto and UN driven, federal sustainable development policies stand to totally divert the greater portion of provincial constitutional jurisdiction and revenues to the centralist crimal cabal that runs Ottawa's confederal policy planning

We westerners hope this is the spark that ignights the prairy fire......but we are also aware that the fed-libs are not stupid enough to screw the west in one vast obvious thrust...too much will come in thousands of small seemingly benign provincial consessions to the fedral government by a visionless, lethargic provincial government....which is why the knives are out for Klein and his PCs are on death watch.

"I can only exhort Albertans and all Western Canadians to resist this attack. Resistance will not be difficult if you are resolved. After all, the Liberals have no army to send against you – they have destroyed the one Canada used to have. All they can do is refuse to send you money."

Well, this business of threatening to cut us off of the money we send to Ottawa has only one natural response....that is to revert to the very letter of the constitution in reestablishing proper taxation jurisdictions. Nowhere in the constitution does it require a province to remit the type of monies the feds are pillaging from the provinces now.The constitutional firewall initiative of keeping all moneys collected in Alberta for Alberta needs and constitutional responsibilities will take effect and the feds will come out as the cuckold for angering us into this position and shorting their confederal pillage of Alberta to buy votes in the east. It will now be incumbant upon Ontario to choke up the cash to bribe the havenots.....won't that make the Liberals a popular robin hood cabal in the welfare regions?

"So it will be the West, Quebec, or both; that will now proceed, along different paths, to the destruction of the Liberal order that the latter consider to define Canada. This is hardly revolution, as at least one blogger has accused me of seeking to inspire. It is simply – dare I use the famous pamphleteer’s phrase - common sense. And decent Canadians in all provinces and regions will benefit enormously from the changes so wrought."

Well said Walsingham! The notion we get from the greed oriented welfare statists who call talking of separation "treason" or "revolution" are blank in the Canadian constitutional history department. The very nature of a Confederation ( as opposed to a federation) is the fact the confederation is a free association of sovereign states ( or provinces) in a NONPERMANENT agreement to a central governing body ( which undertakes only limited responsibilities that effect the condederation as a whole) in free consent and convention. This means that any confederal partner may dissolve associaiton with the confederation at any time they feel the arrangement is not mutually beneficial and return to their previous sovereign to strike their own trade and assoiation policies with whomever they chose. The supreme court affirmed this and the government reacted with the clarity act, spelling out some dubious requirements to fill for the dissolution of the association. All that is required is a local mandate of the majority by the region wishing to separate and it's a done deal...we let the divorce lawyers argue over the details from that point leaving the confederacy is a bloodless democratic process....very evolved, I think, and certainly not treasonous, but actually constitutional as the supreme court has reluctantly had to confirm.

So you would think that with this reality of such an easy legal option for a province to go it alone, that the fed-libs would have walked a tad more careful than they have on the fingers of the west and Quebecois.....but that's not the way of criminal cartels...they use bluff, bluster, coersion and massive amounts of propaganda to stave off our discovery of the weak link in their armour ( confederal dissolution is legal, and relatively simple).

There are a growing number of westerners waking up to the option of this gaping hole in Federalista armour....just as Quebec did. Continued abuse of the peripheries by the center will certainly make these newly aware vassal states lunge a spear into the gaping hole in their tormentor's armour.

And it can't happen soon enough for me.

Friday, May 27, 2005

A letter to a Canadian patriot

A letter I recieved Yesterday:

I was moved by the post today, Principled Canadians... because it elequently expressed by thoughts. Keep up the good work!


The passionate national eulogy was from another great blog...I urge all to read it there and comment to the author :

...strangely, he's a Monarchist who I have crossed swords with many times on open Conservative forms ( I'm a reformer/libertarian who wants a proper constitutional republic)...we agree on one thing...this federal government has been degenerating for 30 years and the last decade has seen it turn into a corporate-political cartel that sells influence for votes and now sits as an unconstitutional rogue governing regime after May 10 ( when it refused to recognize constitutional requirement for swift confidence votes. It has since stated it will not recognize future non-confidence votes). Remember that date...May 10 2005 was the day Canada ceased being a constitutional parliamentary democracy and became a anarchist- statist kleptocracy run by a criminal junta for its own profit and privilege.

"The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can't get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods."[H. L. Mencken]

A telling fact is the way Harper has influenced Duceppe ( self serving federalists malign the CP-BQ common ground as a union of separatists, but of course this is the same cartel that placed their criminally got personal gains above Canada's for the past 3 decades)...I believe Harper has convinced Duceppe, and much of the BQ, that the CPC vision of constitutionally grounded reconfederation with a greatly reduced federal role and increased constitutional provincial autonomy ( as was originally intended by the letter and intent of the constitution and its drafters) is a viable alternative to he did the western separatists.

The CPC plan for equitable reconfederation is a workable solution to stave off inevitable confederal conflict...which the federal Liberal Junta have thrived on and encouraged for the past 3 decades. They now have openly incited Quebec separatists with their sleaze, yet they still wrap themselves in the flag and bray to the great unwashed masses that only THEY can save Canada from the very separation sentiment that they have cultured with their corrupt governing.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." [H. L. Mencken]

I have been a sympathetic to western sovereignty for 25 years (I lived in Alberta and PET ruined me with his vulgar NEP revenue theft as it tanked Alberta's economy) and as recently as 4 years ago I voted for a Separation Candidate in Alberta...only Steven Harper brought me back to any hope for solutions through the federal system. If the party or the east and it's media monopoly reject Harper and his agenda for confederal equality, democratic change and accountability, I can guarantee the west will be gone within the decade...possibly sooner when all the western Conservatives and reformers Harper brought to CPC leave the party ( to be an eastern regional rump party populated by eastern red PCs the way they found it before the merger) and go back to their respective western provinces to form a western political block that will start the process of disassociation with Ottawa.....a western commonwealth. A philistine, self centered rejection of Harper/CP/West/democratic reform, by ignorant eastern voters focused totally on personal profiteering from Liberal vote buying subsidy promises will seal the nation's fate as a failed confederation.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. " [Alexander Tyler]

Call me nuts ( like most eastern socialists in denial do) but there has been a confederal storm brewing in the west, Quebec and the North for decades and it has reached a flash point...all that it needs to unleash it's fury is the first lightning strike ( the return of the criminal liberal cartel to power by the east) and a leader to channel the fury. Mark my words, when it happens it will appear to come from nowhere to a raging maelstrom in months....and it will occur so fast it will catch centralist "Trudeaupia" sleepwalking and stun it with shock and awe at the swiftness of the events...It just needs an initial lightning strike to start.....the east/Ontario returning or keeping the Martin Junta in power will provide that energy to unleash the storm.

I believe the current liberal regime will cause Quebec to disassociate with Ottawa and return a solid BQ contingent to the house...the Continued Liberal cartel rejection and insults hurled at the BQ ( Quebec's chosen representatives, ( as they rejected the west's chosen representatives CPC/CA/Reform as "scary" Racist bigot homophobes, fundamentalists, extremists") will alienate them ( as they did the west) to the point Duceppe will jump BQ ship, grab the PQ leadership, form a massive PQ government and run a successful separation referendum that will return about 58-62% pro separatiste'. The subsequent fed dirty tricks and wrangling over the percentage will further alienate them and the continued bribery of Quebec federalists with programs funded with western revenue will further ignite western sovereignty. Liberal confederal strategy is a formula to break up...but we are seeing this displayed daily...only the sycophant liberal media will not talk about it.

If Martin is returned to power by the east, it will spell the end of confederation as we now know it. there will be a decade of storms where sovereignty will take a grip and be either successful or gain a grip that will not let go until the feds concede defeat somewhere within the next 20 years.
The rationale I hear from many who support separation or sovereignty movements is that they feel the federal/Ottawa governing system is so hopelessly corrupted it is beginning to percolate down to a social level. If we are unable to save Ottawa we may be able to save some areas of the nation from the debasing, all consuming corruption of the federal liberal junta.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government. - Edward Abbey

Canadians have a lot to think about going to the polls this time....this is a pivotal election for Canadian unity. the corrupt liberal cartel, their sycophant eastern media and the bought off voting block are all the antithesis of confederal unity…..but you’ll never hear that on the conformist media …you’ll have to think outside the box to cast a patriotic ballot.

"The average age of the world's great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence:
from bondage to spiritual faith,
from spiritual faith to great courage,
from courage to liberty,
from liberty to abundance,
from abundance to selfishness,
from selfishness to complacency
from complacency to apathy,
from apathy to dependency,
from dependency back to bondage." [Alexander Tyler]

Canadians have to be made aware we are in the final states of this universal truth..they then have to find the national self respect and patriotic sand to let it go no further.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Principled Canadians and True Patriots Have Reached Their Breaking Point.

Any who read this blog regularly will realize the passion that I have in enunciating alarm at the current state of Canadian federalism/government /politics. I have stated as clearly as I can that we are in a constitutional crisis and a severe crisis of citizenship. If we do not address these openly, honestly and as a priority, this nation will not survive the decade as either a unified confederation or as a free constitutional democracy.

Today I happened across a passionate offering from a Canadian blogger who is as fervent as I about this issue. Strangely enough, he is a Monarchist and I a committed federal Reformer, who in normal times would have distinctly divergent visions for Canada, but in this time of civil crisis we have become patriotic brothers in arms.

In as much as he has given up and rescinds his will to be governed by such unconstitutional criminal-political cartels, I have retracted my consent to be governed but continue to fight. I will fight first to rescue the confederation from this degenerate trend of corporate political kleptocracy, if this fails I will fight to save my region from it with the patriotic forces which will reject corrupt kleptocratic statism and will separate rather than succumb.

I will publish his writing in it’s entirety as it is too important a message to edit for brevity. I will also highlight the passages I feel make absolute clarity of the murky partisan propaganda we have been subjected to for the past generation. I urge all interested patriots to visit this blog and comment.

As our readers will by now clearly understand, the Monarchist and I are devoted Anglophiles and supporters of the Commonwealth, and loyal subjects of Her Majesty. But we are also – like most others of our ilk – intense admirers of the United States. This twin devotion may appear paradoxical to those with a weaker grasp of history, but of course there lies therein neither contradiction nor riddle. As William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, insisted at the height of the American Revolution, the Americans were not traitors to England; rather, they revealed England’s betrayal of herself. It was the Americans who demanded the continuance in fact, and refused the relegation to the theoretical, of the fundamental principles of liberty and parliamentary democracy that Britain had so painfully brought into the world. For the Americans, liberty was not a buzz word or a punch line. It was not something that they would see diluted or bought off with creature comforts or temporary personal advantages. It was the core, the fundamental, the irreducible basis of how they intended to live their lives and to structure their government and their society. Give me liberty or give me death, they said – and they meant it. They say it, and mean it, to this day.

With the events of the past two weeks, I have finally come to understand why the American people, whom I so admire, are so despised by so many in Canada. It is because people of principle and courage are bound to be despised by those who can claim neither. I have also come to understand, on a visceral level, what I have so far appreciated only on an intellectual, theoretical basis. I have always marveled at how the great Americans of their revolution – men like Washington and Adams, who were men of the greatest integrity, and possessed of the most irreproachable personal virtue; men for whom loyalty was a core quality – came so precipitously and violently to shift their allegiances. I now understand that it was because they encountered what exists in all things: a tipping point; a point of no return. It is precisely those of the greatest character, whose very integrity and loyalty most retard their progress toward it, who cross the chasm most abruptly. Adams and Washington had attempted as far as possible to reform the nature of British dominion over America. They had resisted as long as possible the idea that such reform would never happen. But, as if on cue, they recognized all at once that they had been wrong: that reform would never, ever come; that radical measures were, in fact, required; that continued prevarication was futile and only demeaned them; that to overthrow that which had evolved to become the opposite of what it claimed and ought to be would be virtue, not sin.

I am not so arrogant as to set my personal qualities, and my thoughts and actions, on a plane with those of Washington and Adams. But I will say this: with Thursday’s votes in the House of Commons, capping what are surely the two most disgraceful weeks in the history of the Canadian Parliament, I have reached my own, personal tipping point. I have abruptly come to see – with the force and clarity of a thunderclap – that the Canada that I have defended and loved no longer exists, and cannot be retrieved. And with that realization, I say that as of now, I believe this: what Canada has become not only is not worth perpetuating; it should be euthanized at the earliest opportunity.

What exactly have we witnessed over the past two weeks? We have witnessed a parliamentary government of the British Crown and tradition, faced with a protracted and clear demonstration of a loss of majority confidence, refuse to adhere to the most fundamental tenets of responsible government by submitting itself to an immediate and declared confidence vote. We have watched that government instead suspend democracy until its bribes and enticements to the characterless could bear fruit. We have watched a blonde Judas cross the floor, oblivious of how ephemeral her new friendships will prove; casting the will of her constituents - and with it, the core mechanism by which the will of the people is translated into the reality of parliamentary power - into the dust; for obvious, crass and fleeting personal gain. And we have watched the chief architect of this farce declare, with a straight face, that he had secured the renewed confidence of the House and assured the future of a united Canada.

As this tragedy concluded, I listened to some around me, here in Ontario, actually declare their relief that they would not soon have to make another trip to the ballot box. And in that moment, I reached my tipping point. I realized that a people unprepared to devote a single hour – without sweat, cost or blood – to the enforcement of democracy, to the assurance that they might be governed by decent and responsible people of their actual choice; that a people too selfish and shameless to care whether their countrymen felt respected and represented under the common roof; that a people too brain-dead to understand how deeply their traditions of democracy have been compromised, and how dangerous a precedent has just been set - were not worthy of my allegiance.

A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight,
nothing he cares about more than his personal safety; is a miserable creature
who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of
better men than himself. "- John Stuart Mill,

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country
against his government. - Edward Abbey

The Liberals believe that they have saved Canada. It is stupefying that they cannot see, that they cannot even imagine; that saving Canada and saving themselves are not the same thing. Because they can be bought and sold, they cannot conceive that a Canada that is anything other than a hollow and worthless shell might not be. But above all, they suffer from that greatest of delusions: they imagine that the universe is static. This is Canada, they think; this is how it works. Elections are decided in Ontario and Quebec. Quebecers are sleazy and stupid: just throw them some bones, and try not to get caught. And no one else matters. Those westerners are crazy; they are dangerous; they are not reading the script. So just take their money and ignore them. Things have always been thus, and always will be. The Liberals, and with them much of Ontario, just cannot conceive that all this could ever change; that this grand order of theirs might one day soon be turned on its head, and cease to be.

But it could – just ask George III. And unless I am much mistaken, the events of the past two weeks have virtually ensured that it will.

I am not a Quebecer. I have not spent much time in Quebec, nor do I identify personally with Quebec’s culture and history. In short, I do not readily identify with Quebecers; I do not naturally walk in their shoes. But over the past several months, as Gomery has dropped bombshell after bombshell, I have found myself quietly and steadily becoming outraged on their behalf. And I have been inspired to behold the rise of their quite righteous indignation. I have been encouraged by the resolution and grit of Gilles Duceppe and his party, as they have stepped up to refuse, on behalf of all Quebecers, to be tarred by the Liberal manure. And I was proud to see the Conservatives join with them in an attempt to bring this disgrace of a government to the ground. Belinda Stronach accuses Stephen Harper of siding with separatists. I would say, rather, that the Conservatives chose to side with men and women of integrity and honour, against those who lack both, and that Belinda went where she belongs. Duceppe and the Bloc represent their people faithfully. Martin and the Liberals represent only themselves, and a view of how a country should function that no decent person can share. So from now on I say: Quebecers, save yourselves; take your birthright, take your beautiful land and heritage, take your pride and your self-respect, and go. I will be cheering you from the other side: cheering your courage and character, and cheering the death blow you will be delivering to the rotten structure that Canada has become.

To Albertans, and indeed to all Western Canadians, I now say: what are you waiting for? Can you now doubt that Ontario will never, ever, give you a seat at the table? Your money is taken from you, year after year, and not only have you no say in the matter, but under the current order, you never will. Make no mistake: with the new precedents of irresponsible government just set, what has been true in the past will be even truer in the future. And dissecting the events of the past two weeks, this has become clear to me: that the Stephen Harper who so closely represents you, your beliefs, and your aspirations for your future in Canada, is hated in Ontario precisely because he represents you, your beliefs and your aspirations. What does that tell you? This is the outcome of your twenty years of work in building a party, a platform, a cause that would bring you into Canada. This is the answer to “the West wants in”. So I now truly hope that the West will want out. Really, what is there here for you? Do you really want to continue to be taxed without representation, especially when so much of what you pay is handed over to others? Do you really want to continue to be despised and mocked? Do you really want to continue to elect senators who will go nowhere while Ontario Liberals send hacks of their own to the red chamber to “represent” you, and laugh in your face?

The Americans speak of “the spirit of ‘76”. This is the spirit of righteous indignation, the spirit of self-respect. It is the spirit that made the gentle and loyal farmers of the colonies conceive as their banner a coiled rattlesnake over the words: don’t tread on me. It is the spirit that brought ordinary men from their hearths and homes into the fields of Lexington and Concord, to stand against the soldiers of the greatest armed power on earth. It is the spirit that led the great men of an age to cast aside everything they had known and served, to build something better, something greater, something that they could reconcile with their beliefs, their integrity and their dignity. Will a “spirit of ‘05” now arise here? I believe it is already stirring. The Liberals, with much of Ontario in dumb connivance, have sown the seeds. They do not understand what they have set irretrievably in motion. It is far beyond their sphere of recognition to see that far from saving Canada, they have destroyed it. A Canada worth preserving might just have been revived had this government fallen. But the very factors and forces that prevented that fall have now pointed the future in a very different direction. And I say: so be it. The chasm has been crossed. The tipping point has been reached.

POSTED BY: Walsingham

Monday, May 23, 2005

Happy Victoria Day

No reminder is necessary for those readers who are truly Canadian but I thought It timely to remind the rabid foamy-mouthed hordes of welfare state perverts, partisan panderers and Molson Commercial Canadians, that this holiday weekend is special. It was enacted by a real, legitimate parliament of Canada to commemorate the sovereign who was head of state at confederation. Queen Victoria is Canada’s George Washington….and although you’d never know it from all the blind, self absorbed narcissism that passes for Canadianism these days, this is a fact and institution that we should cherish….we have so damn few.

Now, no one can ever accuse me of being a monarchist and a royal boot lick....I’m not, I believe in a free constitutional republic, but this particular monarch has a special place in our history and the development of the dominion. Celebration of Victoria’s birthday has always been an affirmation of Canadian patriotism and nationalism. It is a celebration of the unique Canadian patriotic ideal: respect for the origins of our law and government yet love of our independence from it. Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it…well it’s really not if you understand the mindset of the fathers of confederation ( there are several good historic accounts of their debates).

First the Fathers of our modern parliament and confederal design were loyal British subjects ( yes, even those from Quebec)....however they wanted what is now commonly refered to as “home rule” as we see taking place in Scotland and Ireland. Think of how advanced they were…they negotiated Canadian home rule 136 years before it came a reality for their homelands of Scotland and Ireland….and they did it without a bloody revolution like the Americans.

Part of the reason were true reformist liberals in the British governing system like Lord Monk and others…and Queen Victoria herself. Yes, contrary to her public image as a prim and proper deeply social conservative, she was quite reformist where governance and parliamentary reforms were concerned….Sir John A himself wrote that Confederation would not have been a reality without the enlightened consent of the Queen. So she was integral in Canada’s first self rule experiment and the matriarch of modern Canadian parliamentary democracy.
As far as this Canadian is concerned, that is reason enough to keep the name and spirit of this Victoria Day celebration alive…it is the original Canadian social institution.
What we must ask ourselves now is why this very significant traditional holiday was allowed to be deconstructed into little more than a spring beer& Bar BQ break. You'l have to search the politically expedient soul of modern social engineeers for that answer.

So, to all my true Canadian friends and brethren I say “Happy Victoria day!….celebrate the birth of the head of state that gave us responsible confederal government.”

To all the secular, culture diversity sensitive tradition deconstructionists I say; “ knock yourselves out this weekend ignoring our heritage and enjoy your septic holiday anyway.

Friday, May 20, 2005

TO Star Blames Harper for Making Martin a Sleaze Bag

From that blood hound of Liberal hypocrisy, Andy Coyne,
Comes our nomination for the year's most mind melting media propaganda prize ( the golden sphincter award)

Apparently according to the smegmatic editors of the Star, it's all Harper's fault that Martin is such a grafting bribing sleaze bag. Well, if the people eat that, it's time for the Liberal Party to pass out Mandrax in election mailers and polling stations and have a state dependency program for the voter where they get free barbs for a liberal ballot. The ultimate liberal "dependancy" scheme to stay in power for ever.

Gotta get out to camping this week end, the weirdness in Canada's urban political culture is getting too much to take without stress breaks.

Cadman Fails the Test of Integrity, Kilgore Passes. It’s up to Average Canadians to Clean Up Ottawa

Sadly, today we woke in a nation governed by an quasi-constitutionally political regime…one which has now bribed and grafted its way out of defeat, yet one that remains to sit in defiance of convention and constitutional propriety… that hands out judgeships and ministry seats as a matter of vulgar patronage.

I had pleaded with Mr. Cadman to do what was right for Canada…to vote with his conscience and not his local constituency ( who must be severely under-educated on the issue at hand to hold such an opinion…perhaps Mr. Cadman failed then there too…it is his duty to educate his constituency in the issues at hand so they can make an informed decision). Mr. Cadman failed the test as a responsible Canadian in voting to prop up a grafting, bribe-oriented, government that was sitting in defiance of non confidence. Mr. Kilgore surprised me in voting responsibly to defeat this corrupt Martin regime ( I have new respect for him as he did the right thing when he left the liberals…he sat as an independent rather than go trolling for a seat with the CPC)

I hear Canadians dismiss this as “that’s the game” or “ well what do you expect?”…both justifications cause me great sorrow as a Canadian and a citizen. Bought votes, public trust and conflict of interest scandals, rigged votes, patronage judicial appointments and dismissal of constitutional convention were the hallmark of this Martin government. The sadder truth is that this was rewarded or rationalized.

Today, I want every Canadian who IS a Canadian to stand up for representative democracy and good government…..flood the streets in protest. Protest of the devolved state of affairs in Ottawa parliament. A protest and revolt against corruption, vote buying, bribery and routine breach of public trust. Protest against those “unCanadian” sectarian/parochial catamites that accept this as “normal politics”.

Let’s all set ourselves one task to accomplish ( on this national holiday weekend that the majority of “Canadians” have no historic knowledge of). Let’s promise to do one small, individual act of civil responsibility towards restoring our nation’s confederal and government health.

It can be as bold as taking to the streets or parliament hill with a sign that states your disgust with sleazy unethical government or it can be as seemingly benign as writing your first letter to your MP or paper to voice your outrage with scandals, bribes and influence pedaling. I don’t care what your partisan leanings are…re-establishing a clean responsible government transcends all partisan lines.


This is no longer a wish, this is a priority. Partisan/regional politics and crass power mongering in the past decade have brought Canada’s democracy to the brink. Unaccountable federal political cabals have institutionalized breach of public trust, graft in parliamentary voting and threatens to propel confederal fractionalization.

I extend a rallying call to all Canadians of all partisan persuasions : “ Let’s clean up our federal government and our confederal system….Let’s make it accountable, open, democratic and regionally functional in equality. Lets do it with protest and public pressure….Let’s DEMAND a clean up. It’s time Canadian citizens took control of this process because we can no longer trust politicians to do it for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

What will be the Reward for Corruption, Treason and Bribery in Government.

The unconstitutional so-called Liberal dictated confidence vote is slated for today to coincide with the budget bill. Given that the budget has suffered several changes due to spending increases caused by constant Liberal bribes in their despairing attempts to hold onto power, it should be defeated on general principle as it is NOT the budget that was given conditional approval after the throne speech.

Add to this the national treasury bribery of the NDP and the provincial premiers and metro mayors, and the patronage bribery of the opposition and the treasonous floor crossers and we can clearly see this is a government of sleazy panderers that deservedly should to go down to sound defeat. I often wonder what the history books will say about this era of Tammany-Hall style Liberal regimes in Ottawa. 3 criminal scandals dog the Martin liberals, they openly use public funds and office to bribe and coerse votes for their support among opposition.

Never has there been a regime in Canadian history that so vulgarly clings onto power…it’s so demented one suspects more nefarious motives for this government’s open recklessness.

As This journal had stated in a previous entry, the fate of responsible government and executive integrity in federalism and parliament hinges on the independent members. Today we see one of them (Carolyn Parrish) will sit out the vote. It will now fall to Kilgore and Cadman to kill this twisted regime of constitutional betrayers and criminals.

Will they do the right thing for this nation, by joining the principled opposition and defeating this corrupt liberal regime and forcing the people of Canada to the polls to relegate them to political obscurity? Or……will they agree to spit their votes so the house speaker will break the tie for the Liberal regime?

It will be a day of tension and intrigue as Canada suffers through a pivotal point in its history. Will bribery cause a corrupt regime to survive the wrath of the voter or will we stop Parliament’s slide into the corrupt kleptocracy the Liberals have constructed over the past decade?

We will all need a stiff drink by the end of this day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What are the qualifications for Ministry in the Martin Liberals?

We note with much confused trepidation that the qualifications to be a federal cabinet minister just plummeted today. It seems that PM Martin has little or no criteria for applicants to the cabinet ministry of Human Resources and skills development. If the ex Tory neophyte MP he just appointed to the post is any indication, it would seem that the main qualification for Liberal cabinet posts is the ability to betray your constituency for perceived political opportunity.

Some wags have comment that this is the first time they have seen a rat bailing on to a sinking ship, but I would opine that it is more a matter of a perennially ideologically conflicted rookie developing an uncanny ability to consistently make the wrong choices if the end result is getting her own way.

Given that Stronach’s ability as a corporate CEO were negligible ( as she was given the job by her father and had a large staff for the grunt work) because she had never really been tested in the fires of dire market competition or turning a negative business spiral around, she comes to politics as an untried, life-long product of crass nepotism. Daddy’s favorite little rich girl syndrome is more than a cliché in Belinda’s case, it is a fact….and it has instilled in her as a woman that what ever she wants she must have at all costs. Problem with this attitude in representative democracy is that the price it extracts is personal loyalty and civil principle.

So, seeing how Belinda was so qualified for Liberal cabinet ministry that the job was hers the day she sold her values to Martin’s bribe regime, we offer the following as criteria for Liberal cabinet posting:

1) One must have the ability to justify a complete reversal on positions previously stated ( we recall how Belinda savaged the Martin budget as being a “joke” and a “band aid budget".

2) Having never been near a personnel office in her daddy’s company, she can fill the liberal ministry requirement of having no former personal experience in “human resources”.

3) We assume that Belinda’s acceptance as minister of “western alienization” has been satisfied by her intimate knowledge of all the up-scale ski resorts in the Rockies….I mean that’s all you need to know about “the west”. Horrid little places like Gimly, Moose Jaw, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Kamloops, Whiskey Gap or Prince Rupert are all populated by those horrid savages that we don’t want to talk with or acknowledge they exist….the west consists of : the night club strip and Kensington in Calgary, West Edmonton mall, Banff, Jasper, Fairmont hot springs, Whistler, Vancouver’s waterfront restaurant row and Galliano Island……the rest is a vast wasteland filled with hostile savages.

4) The criteria for a “skills development minister” is a person deeply in need of “skills development” herself. I suppose the thrust here is that only the skills impaired can relate to those with no skills.

5) One must have a far academically, civically inferior personal resume, and far less involved in the community than the democratically elected candidate one has been arbitrarily parachuted in to replace.

6) One must have the ability to completely ignore the will of your constituents and directions of your riding association….essentially have the ability to hold grass roots democracy in contempt and focus on politics based in opportunistic situational ethics or personal expediency politics ( I believe “Bindy” refered to this base situational ethics syndrome as “following her moral compass”)

All I can say to Paul Martin is;
You sure got a minister that fills all your requirements to a “T”. Farewell to Belinda Stronach’s days as a rookie MP in training in a ethically centered grass roots democratic opposition party to a neophyte minister in a constitutionally compromised corrupt political regime. The days…or possibly months ahead will tell the tale as to whether it was a good fit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Parliament of Whores

I swiped that title from P.J. O’Rourke’s fine work on the sale of the democratic system to opportunistic political whores… seemed an accurate portrayal of the current illegitimately sitting minority liberal regime.

I have had deep reservations about the situational ethics displayed in both Ottawa and the modern Liberal political creed in general, but Belinda Stronach’s defection to the ranks of an illegitimately unconstitutionally governing cabal has set a new low in ethical standards.

My head is spinning at the media acceptance of this macabre theater the Martin liberals are running as they continue to sit after loss of confidence with open bribery to the opposition and the electorate. Belinda’s defection tells me she also has total contempt for proper constitutional and parliamentary convention and will prostitute her support to the highest bidder.

She may just be a victim of “blonde syndrome” but the effect is the same. She is not only supporting an illegitimate government, but expanding the convention of vote/support buying with bribery….in effect democratic harlotry. Canadian representative democracy has been deeply compromised by an unconstitutionally sitting parliament that offers and takes bribes to stay in power….a corrupt government in open defiance of non confidence that buys support for it’s illegitimate governing from unprincipled opposition members who are willing to sell their vote for personal gain.

Stronach is now among the ranks of the purchased and the will of her constituents was suspended for the brokering of her vote for her own personal gains…..utterly contemptible!

I suppose on a personal level this defection comes as no surprise to me. Having had contact with Stronach’s handlers in the CPC leadership race, I can state she was never aligned with the basic principles of the party. She was also focused on leadership and influence above any civilly spirited rationale for entering parliament.

Her campaign team is a who’s who of ex Liberal insiders, fixers and spinners….not to mention some Powercor alumnus who were setting strategy ( and were probably responsible for the membership sales fraud that was caught in the Quebec side of her Campaign). The main ideological conflict I can cite is the fact she is openly a corporate welfare state liberal...she thinks government should subsidize/intervene in selective private industry or nationalize some of it....and from the very ideologically confused speeches she's given on the matter, I'd say she makes no real distinction between the motives and purpose of government and the interests and motives of industry and the market place.

She would do well in the late 40s-50s state industrial expansion in the old soviet nations....same ideas repackaged in fluffy convoluted so-called “social liberal” vernacular.

Good riddance. The last thing a free market, small government, grass roots conservative party needs is a corporate welfare state liberal trolling her daddy's money to buy the party in a bid to expand personal and family business fortunes.

It's bad enough the Liberals are the political wing of Desmarais they are the potential political patronage tool of Magna international.

Is there enough tranquilizer in our drinking water that we are too dozed-out to see this obvious crass political-corporate insider ploy?

Is there enough partisan manipulation from our media to cover over the fact Canadian democracy consists of buyers and sellers of votes…. a Parliament of Whores?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Powercor ( the Family Compact) Surfaces in Adscam

Canada's modern Family Compact had the veil of media protection briefly removed at the Adscam Inquiry. In the true traditional Canadian way, the Desmarais connection was breezed over in the sycophant MSM ( Main Stream Media)....more lying by omission ( no wonder Canadians are so dumbed down about their own Nation's power structure).

The wide-eyed folks at Canada free press snagged this and ran with it and it has appeared on some of the more politically astute Blogs since. For those who need reminding about the power behind the liberal throne, here it is in Technicolor (with the kind indulgence of the great folks at Canada Free press)

" Gomery watchers have grown accustomed to hyperbolic descriptions of the various testimonies, but as someone who spent the past year interviewing Alfonso Gagliano, Beryl Wajsman and others for a book, I can honestly say nothing surprised me until this past week, when former PLCQ director-general Benôit Corbeil told the commission that whenever the perennially cash-strapped Quebec wing needed money, a call would be made to John Rae, executive assistant to the office of Power Corp. chairman Paul Desmarais.

According to Corbeil, Rae would then call Banque Nationale president André Bérard to ask that the party's line of credit be increased. In three years, PLCQ's debt soared from $30,000 to more than $3 million.

Why would a senior advisor to the chairman of a publicly traded corporation, a trusted confidant of both Jean Chrétien and the current PM, make a call to a bank president on behalf of the Liberals' Quebec wing? Which hat was Mr. Rae wearing when he allegedly made those calls? One has difficulty believing this service was in exchange for access and influence, given that the LPCQ's president at the time was Françoise Patry, whose day job was ‹ and is ‹ serving as administrative assistant to Power Corp. chairman Paul Desmarais and his wife Jacqueline.

Was Mr. Rae acting on behalf of Power Corp. in guaranteeing the Quebec wing's line of credit? That would beg the question of why one of Canada's largest financial-services conglomerates was acting as a guarantor for a political party. If so, did Power Corp. make a declaration of this liability to shareholders or list it for tax purposes as a donation in kind? "

What, indeed, is Canada's largest private financial services conglomerate doing backing the debt of a political party? Better yet, why does this same conglomerate and it's executive keep popping up in domestic and international political scandals where public funding is being diverted to private corporate needs ( both legally and in the Iraqi oil for food scam) or through political insider frauds and coups with sovereign nations?

I think any Liberal cartel watcher of the last decade can give you the answer….it’s just elevating to see the alternate media and wider political community wising up to the fact Canada is run by this unseemly corporate welfare political cartel.

If you own Powercor stock.....dump it, because it won't be worth poot without a bought-off corrupt domestic government to pave the way for the slimey deals that profit this kleptocrat-state reliant mogul.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Michael Bliss confirms Liberals are now an Illegitimate "Rouge Regime"

VINDICATED!! Canada's most esteemed political historian confims the assessment I made yesterday.....that the unconstitutional actions of the Martin liberals have given Canada it's first unconstitutional/illegitimate rogue regime since Louis Riel instituted a rogue marshal government.

From the Bliss article in today's post:

Canadians ought to realize that this week's breakdown of their Parliament is far more serious than any of the thuggish revelations from the Gomery commission. As of this weekend, we are in the historically unprecedented situation of having a Prime Minister who is clinging to office by recklessly disregarding the fundamental principles of our democracy. It is a shocking act of proto-tyranny, which justifies the extreme resort of intervention by the Governor-General.

I am not writing this lightly or with any knowledge of or involvement in any party's strategy. Nor do I think that most Canadians understand or perhaps even care about the complexities of the constitutional imbroglio that has unfolded since the opposition began defeating the government in the Commons last Wednesday. Canada this weekend has a government clinging to office against the repeatedly expressed wishes of a majority of the democratically elected members of the House of Commons.

In some countries at some times in their history, a situation like this would lead to citizens taking to the streets in protest. Instead, even those Canadians who notice the situation are content with the thought that it will probably only last until Thursday. Surely a few days of unconstitutionality can't matter.

But they do matter immensely, both for their immediate implications, and as precedent. The defeat of the Martin government on Tuesday came on a procedural, not a confidence motion, but it was such a clear sign that a majority of the House of Commons do not support the government that virtually all constitutional experts are agreed that an immediate test of the House's confidence was required.

Instead of doing this, the government proposed a nine-day delay, offering reasons for the delay so transparently bogus as to affront the intelligence of a 10-year-old. The British Columbia election has nothing whatever to do with the affairs of the Parliament of Canada. The visit of the Queen, a constitutional monarch whose activities are absolutely ceremonial and apolitical, cannot possibly in the 21st century take precedence over the need to resolve an impasse in our elected Parliament.

Paul Martin had a constitutional and moral responsibility to ascertain the confidence of the House of Commons on Wednesday. When he failed in this responsibility he was thumbing his nose at the conventions of responsible government and modern democracy. His government continued to disregard their constitutional responsibilities on Thursday and yesterday, leaving a frustrated opposition to demonstrate its lack of confidence repeatedly by taking control of parliamentary affairs in one vote after another. A government that has been shown to be unable to govern has stated that it will continue to stand in contempt of Parliament for the first three days of next week, but will finally face an explicit test of confidence on Thursday.

The problem with this strategy is that the unconstitutional delay in scheduling the vote of confidence saps it of its legitimacy. If the ministry, which is also manipulating all the levers of power every day it clings to office, wins the vote on Thursday the opposition will have every right to cry foul and continue to contest the government's legitimacy. It will almost certainly paralyze Parliament. At the very least the government's strategy is creating parliamentary bitterness and distrust such as we have never seen in the modern history of Canada. At worst, we are creating the kinds of precedents involving the erosion of our Constitution that in other countries have been initial steps on the road to dictatorship...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Liberal “confidence” motive Crawls in the Slime

Evidence surfaced today supporting Opposition charges that the lame-duck Martin liberals strategically set a confidence vote to occur when they will win it due to illness-absent opposition members:

“With hindsight, though, the reasons for Harper's Mr.
Furious routine may be more understandable. It emerged yesterday that Darrel
Stinson, one of the Conservatives fighting cancer, has an operation scheduled
for Wednesday and will miss the vote the following day. What enraged Harper was
his belief that the Liberals knew about this and cynically exploited the
information by calling the vote for a time when Stinson was unavailable.One
Conservative said the Liberals have been calling around in British Columbia
seeking information on Stinson's treatment and that Albina Guarnieri, the
Veterans Affairs Minister, raised the issue with Chuck Cadman, the Independent
MP who is also fighting cancer. "Some of the more aggressive tactics used by
Martin's people offend [Harper's] sense of fair play,"

Of course, we’re met with the same venal denials we’ve become accustomed to from this corrupt political cabal.

Although each revelation of Liberal political immorality cuts me to the core of my Canadianism, the most painful civil sin is a segment of the population that seems to be able to accept or justify this behavior. I want to believe that this is the result of years of disinformation and partisnism in our decrepit media….but still, the fact remains that to accept the unethical/immoral maneuvering of the last liberal regime is to be party to it by extension.

Seriously people….my fellow voters, taxpayers…citizens….Can we really be as callous as this immoral liberal power cartel, to actually accept any of this as being a legitimate way to govern?
What we have is a government that is in breach of constitutional propriety as well as ethical decorum. What has taken place is simple enough, and should outrage most Canadians had they not been so terribly dumbed down about the constitutional operation of their own government by 35 years of collusive liberal/media spin.

Let’s cut through the media partisan spin and try to bridge the detracted public knowledge of parliamentary function:

We nave a minority government that has lost the confidence of the opposition. It was demonstrated by the opposition motions put forward and adopted. It is demonstrated by the house adopting an opposition motion that the public works committee recommend the government resign. It is demonstrated by the opposition controlling the working function of government. A formal vote on confidence was asked for by opposition within 2 days of the house-accepted committe motion that the government resign over corruption revelations ( as per constitutional convention) …this was flatly DENIED by the liberal appointed speaker and house secretary. That was an unconstitutional act. A further unconstitutional act is to schedule confidence vote on matters that the PM deems fit instead of the house. A PM that has lost control of the house cannot dictate what matters will or will not be votes of confidence or delay a confidence vote for his convenience.

The opposition is doing everything that is available to them constitutionally to prove the current regime has lost the confidence of the house by shutting down government….the last thing open to them to prove that the current government is truly out of control of government and lacks the confidence of the house to run government.

What we now have is an illegitimate government continuing to sit in abeyance of lost confidence of the house….we also have a governor general who is unconstitutionally sitting on her hands instead of acting to resolve the stalemate by either allowing an opposition coalition to govern or to dissolve the house and go to the polls.

We woke up this morning ( Friday 13th) in a nation in constitutional crisis under an unrecognized illegitimate minority regime. If the Governor General does not act today, we will have a rogue political regime illegally claiming power to rule. That will place Canada in such esteemed company as many 3rd world despotic states.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Non Confidence Bid is a vote on Ex-Tory's Integrity

I caught this tid bit from The Post today:

Liberals' fate hinges on independents
Needed to achieve
tie vote

Allan Woods, with files from Anne Dawson and Mike
CanWest News Service
May 12, 2005

CREDIT: Ric Ernst,
CanWest News Service
Chuck Cadman is one of three Independent MPs whose
support is crucial to the survival of Paul Martin's government.

Independent MP Chuck Cadman is the latest wild card parliamentarian to be wooed
by the Liberal government in its quest to remain in power, but Prime Minister
Paul Martin also risks losing the support of another MP, David Kilgour, over a
military commitment that will be rolled out today for Sudan's Darfur

What gets lost in this story (due to the media 's tendency to score national politics more like some chess or hockey game rather than a solemn matter of national trust) is the lost fact that two of the independents, which hold the power to topple this corrupt regime, started life as principled Conservatives. They were swept up in the western conservative revolution which wanted to put integrity and principle back into Ottawa politics.

Well, Kilgore long fell from grace by abandoning faith in the concept of principled behavior before politics, with his many floor crossings. We can expect Martin to buy him cheap...and cheap the offers are; a promise from a serial liar and promise breaker is not worth the wind to offer it. So Kilgore will whore out for a worthless offer from Martin.

That leaves us with Chuck Cadman being the sole swing vote capable of doing the civilly responsible thing and voting to dissolve a government punctuated by corruption and bribery to maintain power.

Chuck was a 7 year Reform/ Alliance Conservative MP before his riding nomination was swarmed by a competitor with massive instant memberships who voted for the new CPC nominee instead of Chuck.

Chuck secured his Parliamentary seat in the riding running as an independent. He had the trust of the wider voting constituency of the riding which the instant CPC nominee did not.

Chuck has been an honest and democratic rep for his riding. When asked how he will vote in the non confidence vote, he responds refexively with what his constituents want.....but ultimately it is up to him to vote his conscience on the matter. Chuck is sick but has shown his sense of civil duty by risking his own health to make it to the vote.

It is to Chuck Cadman's better sense of national responsibility that I appeal with this plea:

Chuck...please think beyond your own constituency. You are in a unique position of holding the key to toppling the most corrupt government this nation has ever suffered under....or giving them an undeserved reprieve to work more of their unethical bribery and slander on the public to escape their well deserved fate.

It is because of this situation that I feel the success or failure of the corrupt Liberal cartel resides in Chuck Cadman's integrity....does he a have a Canadian statesman's vision and civil duty? What is his ability to resist the corrupting influence of the may bribes I'm sure the Martin government has offered him for his vote?

The end analysis is that the May 19th confidence vote hinges on Cadman's personal and civil integrity.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Liberals Bring Nation into Democratic Crisis

Liberals lose crucial vote, but Martin ignores calls to resign
153-150: Tory motion 'not confidence vote'

Anne Dawson and Allan Woods

Canwest News Service May 11, 2005

OTTAWA -- The federal government waded into uncharted
constitutional waters last night after it was defeated in a vote the
Conservatives say should topple the Liberals. A coalition of 153 Conservative
and Bloc Quebecois MPs voted for a motion demanding the Liberals resign while
129 Liberals, 19 New Democrats and two Independents voted against.

Ignore a parliamentary vote to resign? Deny this is non confidence? Refuse to step down and go to the polls? This is proper Canadian democracy?

Having spent some time researching Canadian constitutional law, I can state that this is, essentially, a nation formed and governed by "convention".

Watching the Liberal governments of the past decade we have seen vast breaks with convention. From refusal to appoint senate from elected lists, to stacking courts with political operatives, to eliminating ministerial responsibility, to depriving parliament of free votes, to corrupting committees and opposition with patronage bribery, to over paying contracting cronies, to politicizing the civil service, to making liberal partisan interpretations of the law, constitution and parliamentary procedure.

If one believes in the social concept of leadership by example, then we should all take our cues from this liberal ruling cartel and breach conventional civil propriety ourselves.
We should make the same liberal interpretations of law and constitutional convention in our daily lives as our leaders do in their sacred trust.

With the unconventional liberal reinterpretations of law you can:

  • Run stop signs if you are in a hurry

  • Pay tax when you feel like it and then only enough as your personal balanced budget doctrine allows

  • Exercise your democratic franchise only when it benefits you and only when you have rigged things for an out come you want.

  • Pay your news vendors to say what you want to hear.

  • View the charter and constitutional as only a rough guideline and place your individual welfare above the constraints of these documents.

After all the only reason to break convention is to further your own personal interests...right Paul? Parliamentary and constitutional convention, the law and ethical civil behavior are all open to corruption if it meets your ends…this is the reality of Liberal political culture

I’m not the only constitutionally savvy Canadian that feels this way:


From the Things-that-make-you-go-hmmmmmm department:
It was easy enough for myself,Andrew Coyne and other bloggers to find many credible constitutional experts to support the fact that a parliamentary passed motion, which has as it's core premise the resignation of the government, is a de facto expression of non confidence by the house.

We also note from, review of todays and yesterday's news broadcasts) that CBC, CTV and Global could not find a single constitutional expert that would disagree with the liberals denial of non confidence.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

CBC Mitigates Political Damage to Martin

Globe and Mail front page today:

The Gomery Inquiry: As the plot thickens, government faces showdown vote

Martin Liberals took illicit cash, probe told
The allegation: Liberal tells of envelopes full of money

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 Page A1
-- A former senior executive of the Liberal Party in Quebec said he gave illegal
cash payments to eight party officials during the 2000 election campaign --
including payments to political staffers now working for cabinet ministers in
the Paul Martin government

Killer headline. Should have been killer copy on last night's CBC final. I was amused at how it was deprioratized from the lead and counter spun on CBC news last night. It was buried 15 min. into the broadcast after a long feature of Martin in Holland.

CBC commentary and direction of the piece ( and selected viewer's feedback) was scolding of the opposition (CPC/BQ) for "being too political". However, that did not preclude the CBC from using the Canadian Veterans Dutch memorial celebration as a political piece.

They focused on Martin tattling to vets he almost missed their party because the evil opposition was on his tail....(quick cut to Harper), who they asked direct questions about nonconfidence and dissolving government, then he was scolded for being "too political" and an "opportunist" for answering their direct questions at such a solemn function.

BTW: Jack Layton was credited as “not being political as some” yet he was answering the same questions as Harper and Duceppe, so because of his sell out to the government he is a CBC certified good guy now. Martin was portrayed as the beleaguered and stoic PM who came to pour Liberal government love out to the vets by reminding them (on camera) it was “partisan politics” that almost made him miss this.

Frankly, one of worst hypocritical and partisan quack news pieces I have seen from Mutha-corpse in the past year.

I can see the CBC will not even attempt to veil their bias in the upcoming election. Let's all watch tonight to see if CBC expand on this news of another Liberal bag man handed wads of public cash wrapped with a rubber band.....or perhaps they will lead with another misdirected counter spin slam of the opposition for doing their job.

I can hardly contain my curiosity to see how the Liberal partisan termites on the CBC news copy team spin the natural function of a strong opposition seeking nonconfidence in a corrupt government. Perhaps they will tell us the roles are reversed that the government is doing its job by bribing anyone it can with our money to stay in power. Ya think there’s enough lobotomized lemmings watching CBC to buy it?…nawww, don’t bother to answer that if you buy Liberal spin. In that case, it’s a forensic question.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Moral Vacancy on the Left

An entry from my Friend Brent Colbert’s excellent blog:

I did not notice the attack until I returned home from knocking on doors
yesterday evening. I spent the day talking to members about my nomination
campaign and then had to spend most of the evening with my hosting provider to
try and reclaim my site.
Over the last few months I have attracted the
attention of the same hackers that broke into, have had comment
spam from our friends at and now this most recent attack. I’m not sure
who is responsible but I am investigating, seems it might be a local person as
the access logs from around the time the site went down shows activity from
someone using cogeco as the provider. I have brought in a security specialist
who will hack proof my site and track down the person responsible for this

My considered reply:

Not surprising Brent...the left is still mired in primitive Bolshevik "street politik" political vandalism.

When reasoned argument taps out or ability to defend their fallible political ideals in open debate in the public market place of ideas is lacking, they resort to vandalism and other civil crimes.

Which political camp do you go to find the bombers, rioters, urban terrorists, poisoners, tree spikers, fear mongers, slanderers and now political hackers?

Once you come to grips that the main premise of the leftist ideal is to suppress differing opinion and organize political conformity, you will come to expect these out bursts of left wing "activism".

The Lib-Left loves "diversity" in everything BUT Opinion. That is why they gravitate the single party state........and there is nothing less "liberal" than a Liberal in a single party state.

Guard your freedoms and your property because they have been gifted with the divine right to take both from you.

Politically motivated hacking is just the left's extension of disrespect for individual opinion and private property. They commit crimes and wrap it in ideological/political sanctimony of "higher cause"'s still crime in human we see unfolding in Gomery daily....the left commits property crime as the active course of their ideology.

You learn to deal with the degenerate left by exposing their treachery.....and a little wise precaution helps too Brent.

As a veteran of the political cyber wars, having run and policed political chat rooms for over a decade, I can advise you that if you are actively and successfully promoting reasoned, rational ideas (which counter left wing mythology and dogma) you will suffer criminal attacks...count on it like the sun coming up in the east. It's genetic with the leftist creed.

So……fight on Brent…you must be over the target because you’re drawing enemy fire!

This journal seems to have attracted a lefty pismire as evidenced in the commentary hate/porn mail received from the previous article. As per usual, the infantile lefty web sniper seeks anonymity when spewing their textual facial matter.

Of course we also note that this mental dwarf left a message devoid of reasoned counter debate on the issues…..just infantile fantasy that reaffirms the arrested development of the dogmatic neo-com.

Come back often Joe, the public need more displays of degenerate-left politics.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Liberal bill of Rights (circa 2005)

In light of the surreal world spun by Liberal partisan media over the past decade, while our charter rights were slowly eroded by the legislating of creeping secular socialist statist subjugation, I though it timely to “un-spin” the surrealities of charter-breeched civil liberties under the liberal regime.

Liberal bill of rights:

  • You have the right to be consistently deceived and lied to

  • You have no individual rights which the state does not reserve the right to repeal, ignore truncate or turn into “group” rights unilaterally.

  • Some “groups” have more “rights” than others as more dogmatic political interpretations of the Charter are deemed fit.

  • You have a right to watch the fall of Canadian Democracy and the rise of the new “kleptocracy”

  • You do not have the right to your property,….

  • You have the right to be methodically robbed of private accrued wealth and personal economic freedom by bureaucrats.

  • You have the right to have your children’s future mortgaged to debt load so Liberal patrons can raid the “surplus” treasury and ignore the debt principle of ¾ of a trillion dollars.

  • You have no right to self-defense against armed criminals or villains who work for the state
  • You have the right to one “9-1-1” call and free morgue access.

  • You have the right to remain silent at the trial of your criminal attackers.

  • You have the right to free speech as long as it conforms to official state policy

  • You have the right to openly engage in deviant sexual behavior but you are denied the right to offer moral opinion on it.

  • A woman has the right to “choose” but a Man does not.

  • You have the right to freedom of religious conscience and expression as long as you never mention it in public or openly act out religious observance

  • You have the right not to be discriminated against except the social engineering state who will determine what politically disfavored “groups” may be officially harassed.

  • You have the right to be demeaned, dehumanized, legislated against and denied your charter guarantees if you oppose the state on moral, religious or ideological civil principles.

  • You have the right to be aborted, euthanized or subject to the new lab- assisted eugenics….but no right to life.

  • You have a right to blindly obey the evolving secular socialist police state

  • You have the right to life threatening lineups for health care

  • You have the right to be denied access to social programs you paid into for years.

  • You have the right to be tried by an exclusive justice system that operates star chamber tribunals where your rights are not recognized

  • You have the right to have social policy developed in insular academic cliques by socially isolated self-absorbed elitists.

  • You have the right to be denied tax rebates for monies paid to programs you can’t use.

  • You have the right to be audited and destroyed financially if you complain.

  • You have the right to be kept ignorant of all this by a collusive state patronized media

  • You have the right to have your children and yourself subliminally indoctrinated into conditioned toleration of the new kleptocriac secular police state in our modern politicized learing and public institutions.

As the Liberal-left activists on our high court benches continue to erode and misinterpret our rights and constitution, I will make this item a yearly check list for the health of civil rights in Canada…..I’m sure there will be many new items to list in the passing months. Stay tuned liberty lovers.