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Friday, September 30, 2005

Hunting season calleth

Just for the info of the regular readers I will be posting when I can the next month and half as I intend to fill all my hunting tags this year....and I'm breaking in a new pup that looks to be a first rate rooster booster.

Hope there's pheasnt in herbs, garlic, and leeks with white wine sauce for thanksgiving..... and an Elk roast for Xmas.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Big Brother loves you: give him your guns.....or he'll destroy you!

From the Orwell files:

This last week Big Brother has been active north and south of the border.

First we have a chill sent down our spine as we see the US NG employed by the crooked Mayor of New orleans to envoke martial law and confiscate legal defensive firearms from honest civilians protecting their lives, homes and a house to house gestapo style confiscation....those who refused were met with a swat team and a shooting war. For those who may be prone to dismiss this as "needed" ...we are not talking about cops taking guns from looters or gangs operating in the disaster zone....we are talking about the militay and swat teams going house to house in the NOLA suburbs and many other towns state-wide unaffected by the flooding. Aaron Zellman(JPFO) was on the radio today and stated that there were reports of citizens shooting it out with these goon squads all over the state. The NRA made an 11th hr. injunction against the confication and it was stayed by a Louisiana state court. The "authorities" ( remember when they used to be "civil servants" before they took on the mantle of our "athorities") were ordered by the court to cease immediately as both the second amendment and it's right to Posse Comitatus were not erased by a simple storm or the edict of some pissant crooked cop. Was the leviathan trying out a practice run of nation-wide military disarmament of civilians? I get a chill when I think about it and felt better after I oiled and relocated my battle rifle to a safe cache.

Then a little closer to home leviathan is busy using bureaucratic terrorism against a Dryden Ontario gun owner 's family who is taking them to court on a charter rights challenge of the federal firearms act which creates criminalization for paper work crimes of gun registration and police search and siezure powers like we saw in action in NOLA.

Last year Bruce Montague of Dreyden Ontario ( a well respected local businessman husband, father and national property rights activist) was wisked off to jail in the middle of the week end held for days without charges or seeing a lawyer ( suspension of habeas corpus there people) while his wife was held in police interrogation and his children taken into "protective custody". Meanwhile his home was ransacked by police and much of his personal property "confiscated " ( read: stolen by the state) from hunting rifles to business equipment tools,personal items, computers, expensive optics and books.( some cop will be a happy camper with all this stolen gear) His "crime"....he refused to register his hunting rifle on constitutional principle. So just recently leviathan has started the process of state confiscation of his home. All this before he has even been to trial!!

Here's the latest:

Sent: September 26, 2005 11:52 AMT
o: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Montague Case - Press Release

Dear Fellow Supporters:
Donna and I have just gone through a really rough week. The crown hasincreased it's attack on us by initiating the process of seizing our home!

We were appalled and stunned that they would resort to such tactics in anattempt to weaken our resolve to fight this constitutional challenge.However, these tactics have only highlighted the importance of this fighteven more. The only conclusion we can come to is that the crown must bescared that we might win, if they have to resort to such low blows liketaking our home away.

I have included the press release that is being sent to many media outletsfor you to read for yourself.

Yours in Liberty, Bruce. (following are a couple of quotes that seemappropriate)

O, it is excellent To have a giant's strength!
But it is tyrannous To use it like a giant.- William Shakespeare
Meddle ye not in the affairs of Dragons.

For thou art crunchy and tasty with ketchup.

Leviathan's hungry for our freedoms grows every passing day as he expands the state ...keep your powder dry and trust in the civil outrage and love of freedom of your fellow citizens...because this is all that's standing between you and Orwell's nightmare.....that and your gun.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Media watchdog takes on new meaning

From the watching the watchers file:

Seems Peter Kent ( a long term TV Journalist and small "c" conservative) has called upon Professionals outside the mainstream media to keep an eye on the partisan bias in reporting during this coming election.

Media bias effecting elections may be common knowledge to many of us who follow the political arena but this open acknowledgement from Academia that there is need for professional 3rd party monitoring of the Canadian media is something of a revelation and vindication…particularly to those who had charged the media with bias and were attacked by the media for questioning their professionalism .

Having witnessed the abysmal conduct of the MSM in the 2000 election where national issues and the record of a grossly corrupt government were eclipsed by a concerted media attack on one candidates religious orientation was nothing short of diseased.

I applaud Kent if he can get someone to clean up the liberal-partisan bias in our media and return it to balance….but I won’t hold my breath.

Friday, September 23, 2005

How many Martin Liberals Does it take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

Today my little tax slave Mousekateers we have answers to the age old quandry Canadians have been asking for over 50 years:



1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed, “where? What light bulb?

2. One to attack the “Canadianism” of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed,

3. One to blame Chretien for burning out the light bulb,

4. One to tell the nations of the world to ignore the darkness in Canada…a Liberal invented the light bulb and Canada still the light bulb capital of the world…according to a recent UN study..Cuba, Russia, China, Korea, Iran and France agree,

5. One to give a two billion dollar no-bid, 1000% over-budget contract to Liberal patronizing companies for the new light bulb,… The Montreal vendor who wins the bid subcontracts the job to a Calgary engineering company for 1million and pockets the rest.

6. One to arrange a CP photograph of Martin, dressed as a janitor, standing on a step ladder pointing to the dead bulb under the banner: “PM promises to restore light to Canada”…then he walks away and the bulb remains there for another 5 years when it is used as an election promise,

7. One former PMO insider to resign and in detail reveal how Martin was literally in the dark the whole time Adscam ensued and referring to the burnt out light bulb,

8. One to seemingly viciously smear #7 in a controlled committee hearing on the burnt out bulb….the confusion and conflicting testimony allows the media to propagate uncertainty: “ Was there even is a burnt out light bulb?”,

9. One gay/multicult government funded special interest surrogate to campaign in media and at rallies on how Paul Martin has had a strong light-bulb-changing policy all along,

10. And finally, one to confuse Canadians about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tears: the new detergent for MSM bias

A wonderful example of crocodile tears used to sanititize an old partisan zealot's political agenda and a second example of the new "water works" sensitivity game they hope will recue low ratings.

Man the life boats news consumers; the MSM network news has discovered theatrical tears and gushing emotionalism as a ratings device ..."oh the humanity". Perhaps they think politically concocted spin is easier to accept from a blubbering news anchor thingie. :-) The only tears shed by this news junckie are from laughing too hard at these theatrical displays meant to whitewash all the partisan spin these hacks spew.

Lets look at just one little freudian slip from the credibility disgraced Rather:

"Rather praised the coverage of Hurricane Katrina by the new generation of TV journalists and acknowledged that he would have liked to have reported from the Gulf Coast. "Covering hurricanes is something I know something about," he said.
"It's been one of television news' finest moments," Rather said of the Katrina coverage. He likened it to the coverage of President Kennedy's assassination in 1963.
"They were willing to speak truth to power," Rather said of the coverage"

So, after this public theatrical and emotional gambit of playing martyr (in the-truth-as-the-victim-of-neo-Con whitehouse) ploy in a sad attempt to white wash his blackened reputation of creating toxic innuendo and contrived news items to damage political enemies ,..... Rather sends this coded message that he is unapologetic at being caught spreading disinformation for partisan purposes and actually envies the insipid political caterwauling, blame game innuendo and moonbat conspiracy theories regurgitated by the partisan MSM in the Katrina coverage. (a provably politically motivated MSM coverage which has made many moderates write of the MSM off as a credible information source)

Sorry Dan et al, the tears are a tad late to get credibility back...although it may improve ratings when the MSM news is tuned in by alternate media as a form of comic relief and to gather evidence on it's continued unraveling credibility.

With the tears we can see the end times to the partisan activist masquerading as a TV news Journalist. Perhaps the the air headed bimbo talking heads of the new entertainment-mews casts is preferable to seedy partisan indoctrination disguised as a credible news report.

Thank God ( or is it Algore) for the internet and short wave talk radio....or we'd never find the news that hit the editing room floors of the partisan MSM.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mulroney" getting it off his Chin

Saw this little screed on the Windsor star today. I have never been a Mulroney fan, or Don Martin for that matter....both of them where too compromising of conservative principle and comfortable with status quo federal politics for my liking....However, Mulroney probably did the best he could with the motley "progressive" coalition he had but it was just not good enough to save Canada from the ravages of creeping statism and entrenched federal corruption. But they both get my thumbs up for this assessment of Ottawa and Ottawa ruling class society.

At any rate one of the repeated themes in "the Chin's" candid commentary in the unauthorized Newman book, was his distain for the sleaze and patronizing nepotism in Ottawa......according to Mulroney, Ottawa in the 80s was a cross between Mordor and Soddom steeped in biblical proportions of corruption..... some out takes:

Ottawa "is really a sick town," Mulroney says in Peter C. Newman's tape-all, tell-all book, The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister.

Here, nobody MPs lust at becoming cabinet somebodies to the exclusion of all other considerations. It's where great people are blocked from deserved promotion by geographic, gender, linguistic duality factors or, more likely, their failure to perform as elite-level sycophants.

It's a place where MP marriages go to die as long separations from family are compromised by the aphrodisiac of political power in a city dubbed the lonely ladies' capital of Canada.

"The longer you stay in Ottawa, the harder it is to write anything," he lamented. "The list of topics you can tackle which doesn't burn your contacts or hurt your friends gets shorter and shorter."

That's the bottled essence of Mulroney's rage. If the capital is a village, reporters were the village idiots during his reign. Everybody was friends with everybody else. Except him. He was the outsider. And so they set out to get him. Surely Conservative Leader Stephen Harper can empathize.

He may not see a great prime minister in the shaving mirror every morning, but Brian Mulroney had Ottawa figured out. It's a sick place.

Can't add to that. This has been my observation for confirmed by the insiders. I think it is a feather in Mulroney's cap and probably the best legacy he could have, in the fact he did not fit into the clannish decadence and corruption of the Ottawa "A-list".

Why the legal Jihad? Because we CAIR

It seems that Conservative author David Frum has decided to escalate the media war between himself and the sue-crazy antics of another immoderate special interest organization. Apparently CAIR Canada has been threatening Frum's Canadian publisher for printing Frum's fact based assessment of CAIR's dubious past. CAIR's response was not to offer counter evidence to Frum's contentions but to threaten his publisher with lawyers and HRC canabals.

Here are some highlights on his contentitons:

"CAIR was founded in 1994 by alumni of an older group, the Islamic Association for Palestine. The IAP, founded by senior Hamas figure Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, calls for the destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic state under Islamic law in Israel's place. (In 1996, CAIR would condemn the U.S. government's decision to deport Marzook as an "anti-Islamic" act.)"

One of CAIR's original advisory board members, Siraj Wahhaj, served as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. Rahman is the blind Egyptian cleric convicted in 1995 of conspiracy to bomb New York landmarks. CAIR described Rahman's conviction as a hate crime.

CAIR's founding chairman, Omar Ahmed, also an IAP alumnus, is said to have declared at a public event in California in July, 1998: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth."

These are the facts behind the commentary that the National Post and I have published. They are facts that the Canadian public and Canadian officials are entitled to know. The National Post and I are confident that Canada's courts will agree that no proper interest would be served by suppressing them.

How very predictable...and sadly how common. This is the degenerate level to which open public discourse has sunk under the stewardship of cultural marxism and the rights industry litigation lawyers.

Frankly the self serving nature of these specialinterest lobbys make me ashamed to be Canadian and I'm sure the majority of Muslims feel likewise ashamed that this organization pretends to speak for them.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Budget surplus Versus the indigent Bolshy Hordes.

Seems CP has focused on King Ralph's reactions to the self serving collectivist braying back east focused on stealing his wealth. It always amuses me, as an Albertan, how the vulgar, envious actions and Machiavellian statism of the eastern Bolshy horde are always wrapped up in the flag...for "the good of national unity" or "the greater good" ....coded language for: "we rob and pillage your sparcely voter populated region with national socialist sanctiomy " for the greater good" of our own interests.

Well, Ralph has answered the big question...exactly whose "greater good"....and he reminds the eastern red block that "the greater good" has historically been one sided and excluded Alberta:

The situation is no different now than it was in the boom of 1980, he said. "The rest of Canada was saying the same thing then: 'Give me, give me, give me,' " the premier said Friday. "Then the price of oil went down and the rest of Canada was wringing their hands in glee saying, 'You deserved it.' " Klein noted no one came to Alberta's aid once the oil boom collapsed and many were left bankrupt after the Trudeau era's national energy program.

"They asked us to share in the good times, but they didn't offer to share during the very, very bad times," he said.

Bravo Ralph for getting this need to known history lesson out to the eastern hordes.

Then I saw this little tid bit buried in the CP release;

Klein said Alberta already sends billions of dollars to Ottawa that is distributed to the rest of the country through equalization payments. It amounts to about $2,400 for every man, woman and child in the province."They know that if Alberta's economic prosperity continues, they'll get more money through taxation," said the premier.

Hmmmmm...Ralphie's Freudian slip is this an admission that he WANTS to maintain the Status Quo inequity in Confederal equilization...that he sees it as blackmail money to keep the Feds and the Bolshy Hordes from assaulting the gates of Alberta's treasurey?

Then we see this:

Earlier this week, Klein pledged to use part of the province's unbudgeted surplus for "prosperity" cheques to Albertans. He also pledged to put two-thirds of the surplus into endowment funds and rebuilding infrastructure. Yet Klein exploded in frustration this week when Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier said the country's fastest-growing city needs more money from the province and is having to increase taxes to cover basic services.
Klein said Friday he's received $10 billion in funding requests - far more than even the most optimistic economic forecast is predicting for the current year's surplus.

Ahhhh yes there's the rub... eastern bolshy barbarians at the gates drooling for our wealth as well as their brethern within the walls of fortress Alberta. What is it about the collectivist mentality that makes them think money drips out of the sphincter of any politician who can be coersed into a fiscal bowel movement.....they genetically have this reflex to "suckle and prod" at the political orifice... they belive this action will start the money flowing. It doesn't dawn on them that money has to be EARNED as well as stolen from the people then devoured to fill the guts of the cash-pooping leviathan state.....this "revenue stream" comes from productive people who have been taxed to a point that the government has more than it uses on public projects.

Unless that democratically elected leviathan has a direct mandate to spend tax surplus on specific items...then it should be returned to the people it came from or used to spare them taxation in the next fiscal year by advancing it to the next year's budget. In the longer term allocation should be determined by citizen input.

It was Albertans that tightened their belts and put many public infrastructure projects on life support so we could eventually become debt free and actually see surpluses that don't have to be spent on debt repayments or interest servicing. ...but hey Ralphie...we didn't go through the hard times just to see surplus revenue squandered on the flakey make work projects designed by Bolshy mayors to further their political careers....we didn't go through the pain to see the squandering welfare state depleat the wind fall and still leave the province with sustainability issues....and we don't need cash locked away from public access in another flakey " trust fund" like the heritage fund; (which has never benefited Albertans but has been used as a "project" slush fund for bankrupt socialist premiers in other provinces)

If you read the linked article, Prof. Dave Taras (who fills the vacuum Ted Morton left at the U of C) has the responsible, democratic and constitutionally correct process for determining what to do with Alberta's revenue surplus.....strike a citizen's council which will allocate funds which will become "investments" in Alberta's long term sustainability after the oil boom...the most important of which is post secondarty education, skills training and economic diversification projects. This way when you allocate surplus revenues before you get by burying it in these provincial investment projects, it gets all that tempting surplus cash out of sight of the slavering pillage of visigoth collectivist hordes outside the province......their reflexive theft motivators only kick in when they see unallocated money...socialists are so Pavlovian in that respect.

This is the way to go...put the surplus into local long term sustainability investment and rebate the rest to weary tax burdened just simply don't hand large sums of surplus public cash out to braying Bolshy moonbats...the result is too's like giving cash for a house and food to a junkie.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"We give up" : Punk Gangs too much for Calgary Police

Heard today in news bites from QR77 radio: Police cheif Jack Beaton tells city council; "Gangs are here to stay". He explained the police will do all they can but gangs are just too hard to bust.

Excuse me???

Stares in disbelief.

Now.. a top cop telling me he can't do his job (make the city a very bad place for criminals to set up operations) may wash with insulated pinkos like Bronconier, but when the head of my police department, who is making more than most private sector managers, tells you that there is nothing he can do with street gangs and gang violence...after the virtual carte blanche slate the police were given with the anti-gang laws and several justice department laws which allows them virtually all the legal leway short of, (and possibly including), murder,..that they can't do anything with common vicious little street punks running typical street crime cons.. How lame is that?

How well equiped are they to deal with the mob or terrorists? Are they admitting they're only good for flying desks at $80K a year and handing out photo blackmail to hard working motorists? Do I really feel safe when the top cop publicly surrenders to these vicious punks and then will throw me in jail for protecting myself when they have abandoned their duty?

Why are we paying police when what they are telling us is that there is no way we can be removed from a state of criminal anarchy anyway....I'll save my money and take care of myself...just let me use my gun to protect myself if you can't/won't. I wonder how popular burglaries would be if a few of these goblins were laid out on a slab by armed home owners?

Time to fire the fat-assed do nothing bureaucrat wearing custom taylored police uniforms and hire a real the very least "to send the right message" to the police function that citizens will not be ripped off for their fat saleries only to be abandoned to the mercies of street gangs.

The time has come to again hire real cops...sheep dogs who WANT to protect the sheep...we've been hiring sheep to guard sheep from wolves or we put muzzels on our sheepdogs and dull their fangs and claws because we fear they may hurt the wolves feelings with their barking.

Time to abandon the practice of putting a police uniform on a social experiment or politically correct guina pigs....We need to hire cops the ones Calgary had ,who, in the first 60 years of the force, ran punks like this out of town with their arms broken and a warning not to come back...guess what?.. they never came back. Calgary had the lowest crime rates for a city its size until we saw Al Doer use the force as a lib-left affimative action experiment. That's when we lost a real cop as a cheif and the agenda of the force became less one as protectors of the community but perveyors of politically correct values....sorry Al, sorry Christine, PC don't stop punks from hurting citizens.

When will we realize the police department and police functiuon is NOT a social experiment in multicult and affirmative action.... IT'S THE THIN BLUE LINE STUPID! ....and we don't need any sissies or confused political quislings standing on the thin line between civilization and the barbaric hordes of criminal psychopaths out there.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moonbat flocks circle disaster zone: feed on the carrion left by Katrina

Well I suppose we better tackle this unpalatable subject and get it over with. We have noted that the real story of hurricane Katrina was not the disaster itself, but the total meltdown in the credibility of the partisan left media covering it. Katrina's wake has been used as a political tool to cast unwarranted blame on the US Federal administration and the president in particular. Katrina was a catalyst of sorts that transformed many things. It transformed average people into heros or transfomed New Orleans into either a wasteland or a new and better beginning...but most visibly, it transformed the left biased news media in to open ranting partisan, race baiting demagogues to which no human tragedy or natural event cannot be manipulated into a political weapon against a conservative President.

The bias in the MSM melted down their credibility irrevocably. In their making a hurricane into a blame Bush crusade devoid of fact, civil responsibility and in irreverent political profiteering on the back of human suffering, the partisan MSM has sealed its fate. The nation wanted a news service it can rely on and all it got was a partisan war of attrition with the flood in the background for emotional value......this is a MSM low point and it will either heal itself or become irrelevant in our lives.

But what about the political fringe...the dank realms of the moonbat..what has Katrina transformed them into? If Katina changed media bias into uncivil irresponsible blame fixing and race baiting, what did it do to this moonbat fringe to whom uncivil, irrisponsible blame fixing and race baiting is staus quo? What have the Moonbats become after Katrina?

Yeah, the knoew who I mean...those persoanlly twisted wretches to whom politics is merely an outlet for their personal psychosis...the haters...those who hate so intensely that they willingly throw reality and humanity away to live in a world where their enemies (conservatives/Christins/whites/heartland America) are guilty of every evil done to mankind and must be hated all the more intensly because of know... they type that go to Micheal Moore film fests and watch all his full length conspiracy cartoons back to back all day then go home and write vitriolic letters to any conservative web site dumb enough to give them a venue for their hatred....what of the Moonbats?

Well, they are apparently circling New Orleans in dense flocks, feeding on the carnage like political zombies... feeding on the dead for political gain. Here is a compilation of the new zombyized Moonbat:

"Daily Kos Diarist Brenda speculates that the levees in New Orleans were deliberately blown to flood the city"

"And now you want to act all high and mighty and come asking me for a buck or two to help these poor people? Sorry, Charlie. Take an extra buck or two out of the fund you set aside to buy seventeen Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how patriotic you are. You want disaster relief? Impeach George W. Bush."

"This accusation that the levees were blown for political reasons fits with an overall pattern consistantly persued by this administration"

"So if you Jesusmaniac simpletons really want that cash, you will just sit there and SHUT UP and not say ONE D@MN WORD in your defense. BUSH CAUSED THIS DISASTER. YOU CAUSED THIS DISASTER BY VOTING FOR BUSH. You don't like that message? Then don't take our money!"

"As Hurricane Katrina dismantles Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, it’s worth recalling the central role that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour played in derailing the Kyoto Protocol and kiboshing President Bush’s iron-clad campaign promise to regulate CO2. ...Now we are all learning what it’s like to reap the whirlwind of fossil fuel dependence which Barbour and his cronies have encouraged" ( this is the sole Moonbat that didn't blame bush directlybut instead blames Co2 for a hurricane) ;-)

As I saw the African Americans, mostly African American families ripped apart, I could only think about slavery, families ripped apart, herded into what looked like concentration camps."

"This President is never gonna do the right thing. I think somewhere deep down inside him he takes a lot of joy about losing people, if he thinks they vote Democrat or if he thinks they're poor, or if he thinks they're in a blue state, whatever his reasons are not to rescue those people..."

"It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them."

"George Bush doesn't care about black people...They're giving the Army permission to go down and shoot us."

Words fail me to adequetly comment on the vileness and paranoic delusional direction the left fringe has taken after Katrina...this storm truely was a cathartic water shead moment for the political dialectic in North America.....we can see the angry and agressive side of the argument now comes from deeply phsychotic delusional people who make a home in left wing politics and media.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Soviet Purges: Its the Canadian way

Here's a glaring example of Liberals confusing their interests with those of Canada or the individual citizen.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Strong's slime trail leads back to the PMO

Today I want to do two things with this post:

A) Prove the co-opted ass-covering the Canadian MSM does for the Powercor-Liberal-PMO cabal and...

B) Get the message out that the current resident of the PMO has many slime trails that lead to his office, the most over looked one being his connection in the UN Oil-for -food scandal.

First we see Martin's mentor and Powercor alumnus Moe Strong shows up in the center of the current US based investigation into corruption in the UN. Then we see the G&M undermine the stark ties and obvious Powercor alumnus slime trail left by Strong....part leads to his own business holdings and another, right to the Prime Minister.

I'll post a number of news links on the story so you can compare what has been discovered in the investigation and reported in the international media...and what we heard in Canada. This G&A article is the first mention of Martin's pal Strong and his involvement in UN graft, and it does not expand on the connections to Martin's company or Strong's connections to actually attempts to absolve Strong from responsibility and down-play the fact he took payola to invest in his pal the PM's companies......we further note these "companies" went chapter 11 has been a well established (but unreported) fact that the penny stock junk bond start-ups were front companies used as slush funds for political campaigns and insider graft.

There's ample evidence
here, here, here , here, here and here for any investigative curiosity to drive a massive MSM scandal story....but what do we see in the Canadian MSM?....either dead silence or white washes and apologies.

I suppose the bottom line is this: Canadians have lived under the corrput shadow of a PMO connected corporate power elite centered in Powercor who engage in brokering influence Cnanada, the UN econo-sphere and China. Alumnus of this political-corporate insider profiteering cartel seems to pop up at the center of many Canadian public trust scandals and now UN-centered scandals....yet they have bought virtual anonymity and official absolution in the country they base their operations from ( Canada)...they have franchised the PMO as their global corporate office...the single party state acts as a funding mechanism for their scams and is used to hide and rubber stamp their insider dealing....they have bought the silence of the Canadian MSM.

This Cartel has installed the occupant of the PMO for the past 35 years...yet your average Canadian hasn't a clue what Powercor is or its long list of political luminaries. Without the willing compliance of the MSM this would be impossible.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Winner of TFB's "cutting truth" Quote of the Week

Seems appropriate to start running a razor of truth quote of the week feature on the Firebrand...this will naturally culminate in a monthly quote of the month and ultimately quote of the year feature...all picked by reader's choice.

This week's winner is Mark Steyn with this zinger from the-truth-hurts-but-I-feel-your-pain dept. :

but “passion” as in The Passionate Eye is code for the leftist approach to geopolitics. What matters is not the facts on the ground nor the consequences of particular actions but the advertising of the concerned western progressive’s “passion.” The modern liberal cares “passionately” about First Peoples and health care and Rwandans, and the fact that his “passion” makes either no difference or quite a lot of things worse is secondary to that

I hope you enjoy using this baby on all your liberal friends this week ;-)...stay tuned for a new one next week and come by at the end of the month an vote on your favorite for the "quote of the month"...12 of these will end up in the final ballot for the year's winner.

Feel free to submit your favorite zinger for consideration on a weekly basis...the management of TFB reserves the right to all final decisions on which quote merits publishing...based on our own warped sense of humor ;-)

BTW: Honerable mention goes to Bill at Eject!Eject!Eject! for referring to Michael Moore as : "the Malodorous Michigan Manatee of Mendacity"

Great zinger but it really didn't qualify as a "quote" per se.....all the same great to use on all your Liberal friends ;-)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Will Quebec give Canada free Hydro Power?

Of all the regular anal retentive stupidity one encounters on a daily browse of the Kanukistan scandal sheets, this one really wins the "most anal" of the day award.

"Quebecers were the strongest supporters of resource nationalization at 67 per cent, followed by residents of the Atlantic provinces at 53 per cent, Ontarians at 45 per cent and British Columbia at 42 per cent. "

Aside from the fact these shallow morons haven't a clue that our Constitution forbids these fascist take overs of a province's sovereign jurisdiction and resources, it seems a tad duplicitous as well.


When hydro electric costs soared to the point those Albertans on fixed income were at risk of freezing in the dark, we heard no noises from this national socialist segment to "nationalize" Quebec's over abundant hydro electic industry. When the cost of a new car became beyond the means of many (and westewrners pay 20% more for cars made in Canada than the east does) we heard no calls for Ottawa to "nationalize" Ontario's auto industry. When Canadian Salmon went to $3.00 a can and fresh BC salmon became out of reach of most families, we didn't hear Ottawa called on to "nationalize" BC's fishing industry.

Where does this inbred Kanukski idea come from that Alberta is the nation's economic kick-boy?

First wheat now oil?

And where the hell has this National socialist bund "entitlement" gluttony come from suggesting we gut the constitution so they can steal just Alberta's oil/revenue wealth?

Have they forgotten the economic and human disaster of NEP already? Are they unaware of the confederal fallout this caused?

Tell you what Quebec, Alberta will give it's oil away when Quebec gives its hydro away or Ontario gives its industrial base away to "nationalization"......sound fair?.......nawwwww didn't think you'd like the idea of 2-way reciprocal "nationalization"...just as the though of reciprocal Confederation gags you.........when you speak of "nationalization" you really mean a one way grab where you get Alberta's wealth without offering any of your own in return.....and isn't that the God-awful way Confederation has operated for the 100 abuse- filled years you've had Alberta to milk?

For those who have had enough of this one sided "nationalism" and self centered socialist insanity, here's the link you need to get active...tell Bruce a real patriot sent you.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Saint "Sean" to the rescue: Penn's Public Melt Down with the "Mother Theresa Pathology"

Fresh from his world tour promoting Isamic fascism, Sean Penn was recently spotted ( by all major media) in New Orleans, wading in the flood waters doing his humanist-hero roll playing for the cameras.

Is there no end to this hollywood dipshit's obsession with transending mere celebrity to be cannonized as Hollyweird's first Mother Theresa? I could go on, but suffice to say that a reformed obsessive-compulsive hedonist can only transfer that soul-sucking flaw to his new obsession....and there is NO cure for narcissism.

Thus we are treated, once again, to the media circus surrounding Sean Penn's new life-character roll playing as a saint, without the messy spiritual/religious conviction or martyrdom for the faith.....but then instant gratification is a well entrenched culture trait of Hollywood's activist spawn. Here we have a sheltered, silver spoon brat, born into fame as a son of a famous Hollywood producer, who's entire existance has been to feed his ego and personal desires, switching rolls to play the part of the modern humanist saint......problem is we all know it's an act hollow your soul must be to seek noteriety this way....I often wonder if the Hollywood saints would go about their good works in obscurity, ( sans-paparazzi) and the MSM cameras rolling? The addiction to celebrity knows no succour.....but the Liberal Left and robotic Hollywood groupies lap it up like free crack.

"You positively wriggle with delight when King Hipocrite Sean Penn gives yet another interview talking up his greatest role yet - that of anti-Bush, anti-Iraq-war peacenik. In October last year, Penn spent $56,000 publishing an open letter to President Bush in the Washington Post, putting the case against the war, before flying to Iraq and meeting the foreign minister of the genocidal, parasitical, murdering junta then ruling this unfortunate country. Is the Sean Penn who instructs the west to turn the other cheek when faced with Islamofascism the same Sean Penn, one wonders, who seems barely capable of seeing a cheek without itching to punch it? In the 1980s, this obvious heir to Gandhi spent a month in jail after a glorious attack on a harmless extra who committed the cardinal sin of trying to take the great man's photograph on a film set. When one of his cars was stolen shortly after he returned from Iraq, it contained two guns. Doesn't it occur to Penn that his peacenik preaching is hipocrisy of the worst kind?

It seems to me that far too many liberals believe that once you've ticked the Brotherhood Of Man box on your spiritual census, this gives you the right to be as big a bastard as you choose to be in your private life."

Amen!.... and up your's to all the aspirering Hollywood faux-Saints who aaume themselves to be the globe's moral compass....particularly St.'s a hint Sean: with the limited capacity inbred hollywood entozoas have to understand the real world, real people and the real sacrifices of sainthood, humanity would have been better served if Jeff Spicoli never left Rigdemount High...keep "fast times" and skin-deep humanitarianism where they belongs: in the surrealism of showbiz.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Martin-Strong Team Send "Zenon" to New Orleans

It appears today Martin's slow response to the disaster was....wait for it....yes....Bush's fault. The Blame the Americans device seems to now effect him like Tourette's syndrome.

Yesterday morning, Martin said he spoke to U.S. President George W. Bush, expressing his sympathy and offering logistical support. "That phone call was at their request, we would have done it earlier," he said, adding both country's top military brass were also in contact over the weekend

Yeah Paul..don't call us we'll call you.

And when aid is offered, the first thing out of the box is Martin's pal Moe Strong's Zenon units...

"Martin said he offered the military's water purification team,"

....obviously taking the hurricane disaster as an opportinity to do demonstration sales for ZENON Environmental Inc. to US buyers ( like he did to UN buyers in Tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka). Should we expect the same maudlin photo op with Martin shilling for Uncle Moe's water company, swigging a bottle of Zenon water amidst the Hurricane disaster from a Canadian DART unit. Again we have a PM who has the global sales terrirtory for a Desmarais alumnus company. You recall how Chretien used to hawk Powercor's CANDUs to any emerging 3rd world dictatorship who they could float a loan to with Canadian taxpayer's covering the deal...China most prevailent among them.

PS: Here's an excellent Martin watch site to keep tabs on the dithering bandit.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bloggers for Katrina relief funding

Regulars here at the Firebrand may want to join me in donating to the Katrina victim's relief funding. Even if our sociopathic PM continues to play crass political games, that means Canadians will have to pick up where their degenerate political leadership has failed.

I understand the main needs right now for people in the disaster area is shelter and the re-establishment of law and order... relief from the elements and bands of looters. For this reason my choice of charity is the American red cross who are on the ground with safe shelters to take homeless people in from the floods and anarchy.

The ultimate relief will be in building the proper levees that New Orleans needs to be safe from future hurricanes. New Orleans is essentially a drained swamp...a "below seal level bowl" which resides on the gulf coast. The only thing between them and disaster was the surrounding flood levees which proved to be woefully inadiquate. This is a job for the Army Corps of engineers and state funding. For us as neighbors, we could be supplying the much needed expertise in re-establishing law and order and infrastructure like communications.

Here's a Blogger meeting point for relief coordination.

Political correctness toxin alert: This just in from ABC: Affiliate radio stations will temporarily suspend The Tragicly Hip song: "New Orleans is sinking" and the Lead Zepplin song: "The levee's gonna break" from play lists as a sign of respect for flood victims....OMG how toxic does this synthetic empathy have to get before we cut it loose.