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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Strong's slime trail leads back to the PMO

Today I want to do two things with this post:

A) Prove the co-opted ass-covering the Canadian MSM does for the Powercor-Liberal-PMO cabal and...

B) Get the message out that the current resident of the PMO has many slime trails that lead to his office, the most over looked one being his connection in the UN Oil-for -food scandal.

First we see Martin's mentor and Powercor alumnus Moe Strong shows up in the center of the current US based investigation into corruption in the UN. Then we see the G&M undermine the stark ties and obvious Powercor alumnus slime trail left by Strong....part leads to his own business holdings and another, right to the Prime Minister.

I'll post a number of news links on the story so you can compare what has been discovered in the investigation and reported in the international media...and what we heard in Canada. This G&A article is the first mention of Martin's pal Strong and his involvement in UN graft, and it does not expand on the connections to Martin's company or Strong's connections to actually attempts to absolve Strong from responsibility and down-play the fact he took payola to invest in his pal the PM's companies......we further note these "companies" went chapter 11 has been a well established (but unreported) fact that the penny stock junk bond start-ups were front companies used as slush funds for political campaigns and insider graft.

There's ample evidence
here, here, here , here, here and here for any investigative curiosity to drive a massive MSM scandal story....but what do we see in the Canadian MSM?....either dead silence or white washes and apologies.

I suppose the bottom line is this: Canadians have lived under the corrput shadow of a PMO connected corporate power elite centered in Powercor who engage in brokering influence Cnanada, the UN econo-sphere and China. Alumnus of this political-corporate insider profiteering cartel seems to pop up at the center of many Canadian public trust scandals and now UN-centered scandals....yet they have bought virtual anonymity and official absolution in the country they base their operations from ( Canada)...they have franchised the PMO as their global corporate office...the single party state acts as a funding mechanism for their scams and is used to hide and rubber stamp their insider dealing....they have bought the silence of the Canadian MSM.

This Cartel has installed the occupant of the PMO for the past 35 years...yet your average Canadian hasn't a clue what Powercor is or its long list of political luminaries. Without the willing compliance of the MSM this would be impossible.


Blogger styky said...

How much you want to be theat none of this will be brought up by the media to Mr Martin and that Maurice Strong walks away scot free. I am becoming defeatist in my old age.

September 8, 2005 at 9:48 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Hi Styky glad to see old friends at the Firebrand :-)

If you read the article from the Mop and Pail, you will notice that they (the Canadian MSM) absolved him of "culpability"...they state that we must accept that Moe "didn't recall" getting the cheques...and after that was proven, that he didn't know Park worked for Saddam ...even though Strong had done business with him for years, knew he was an international business agent for some despicable regimes and of course he was ignorant of the fact his best friends the Desmarais', Chretien were invested in Iraqi oil.

Read further and you see that Canada's director of CSIS knew what the deal was all about but found some lame excuse not to give evidence in the so it goes....we see the Powercor clan involved with the rotten insider deals that are done with the world's murderous dictators....they do it the same way they operate in buy a head politician and then get him to allow you to run multi ,million dollar scams in that nation...usually it involves either funding, revenue or subsidy from the citizens of that nation.

Moe got his practice for this when his "nephew" Bob Rae gave him Ontario Hydro to rape for funding of his own projects. Now he's the godfather of a scam called Kyoto which is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme based on the economics of trading carbon as a tendered commodity....guess who owns the carbon credit trading bank and takes a nice skim off each transaction? Good scam eh? Take a common element like carbon and valuate it like currency then set yourself up as the global banker for this “currency”. That’s’s also diabolically evil.

Myself and a few posters here have come to the conclusion that people who aspire to the things that Moe (and his Powercor alumnus that have graced the PMO), are the acts of either megalomania or sociopathy. In Strong's case it is definitely a sociopathic urge.

Once you read this guy's history, see the scams he's pulled while maintaining this fraudulent veneer of elitist respectability...and you read the shit that has come from his warped mind, there is no doubt he's sociopathic...I would say dangerously so...and he seems to want to get even with everyone who he considers "sheep" which is the vast population of the planet outside the ranks of the manipulative power elite. I think it goes back to a trauma he still can’t cope with.... something to do with being a poor Jewish kid in Winnipeg's north end.

Whatever the cause this global sociopath cannot be trusted with power or public money...what can you say about the twisted ideals and compromised loyalties of a man who labels himself a "socialist-capitalist" heads a pagan world religion he inflicts on the globe through the UN ( how’s that for a God complex) and is a citizen of communist China yet sits as an unelected official in the Canadian PMO?

What I see there is a traitor;

A traitor to his Jewish people and religion

A traitor to both capitalism and socialism

A traitor to western culture and its institutions

A traitor to Canada

September 9, 2005 at 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the information that is available, even the CPC claim that Paul Martin is his own man and is not a front man for anyone. What will it take for Canadians to finally see the light?

September 9, 2005 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger ABFreedom said...

All this is why there was such a ride in the Anti-Bush movement. He screwed up there money scam when they went into Iraq and Afghanistan. Ever since then they've had a grudge against him, and have tried to fund things like Air America etc. to try an discredit him.

A lot of the dems state side are part of the same movement to create a socialist marxist utopia with only the elitists being the beneficiary.

Canada is in a very screwed state if we don't stand up and defeat this idiocy and out right fraud against it's people. Anyone who fights it is deemed to be Un-Canadian, well if that's my definition, then so be it.

September 9, 2005 at 10:06 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Anonymous: Powercorpse was on a major fishing expedition in the CPC and came up dry...Harper is not a bought man....but some leadership hopefuls were/are...powercorpse came into the CPC as a control-shopping parasite riding on the back of the old PC party executive network. Many in the old Reform/CA faction realized who the power/connected shills were...hell, one of them even tried to run for leader and now sits as a floor-crossing Liberal...there are others...perhaps the recent firings in the leader's office is an indication....CPC plays the game with the MSM. who are the powercorpse elite's watchdog and public executioner...Harper and CPC will pay lip service to Powercorpse associates in front of their MSM lackies...(like telling them Martin's OK..just a regular guy…yeah sure) all the while devising a plan to expose their twisted patronage grip on government and remove their influence for good....remember Stock Day has hammered on the corporate/PMO Oil-for-food and CSL connections and their subsidy scams for 4 years without let up. Until they gain power the CPC play the game…they even rented out a Powercor hotel in Montreal for a Convention event…gotta keep up appearances ;-)

Powercorpse knows what a CPC government would mean to their operations; they will be out of the PM-making monopoly and out of the subsidy trough and have a stop put to their patronage racketeering game. They realize the Leader of the CPC is unconnected, can't be bought and is absolutely hostile towards corporate-political cronyism and Federal patronage....they know a majority CPC government will spend 4 years digging up their skeletons to air in public and make sure that corporate influence brokering will never happen in Canadian federal politics again....they may even see a CPC government go after a couple of them with indictments.

They FEAR the CPC because they cannot buy its leader….this is the same reason they fear/hate Alberta…it’s wealth engines and their big players and government are also unconnected to the Powercorpse fraternity….they fear being out of control because that means they always have to cover their back when they engage in their monumental breaches of public trust and fraud….which are just standard business plans for this cabal….and part of that business plan is buying politicians and putting them in office…recent rumors have it that even Jack Layton has been approached with offers of a post political career with the Powercorpse company group…or a political patronage plumb like Steven Lewis, Kim Campbell, alan Rock and big Al Gagliano were tossed.

So far that "connected" faction in the CPC has been kept at bay by the leader and the strong Reform/CA faction in the CPC...the membership kept their boy off the executive council and their leadership toadies don't have a thing that makes me personally respectful of Harper is his high level of integrity in resisting what must be incredible bribes to sell his ass ( and the party) to the dark side...he refuses to be bought by the Power cabal...he's one of us...not one of "them".

As for the Canadian public waking up to this...most of then don't even know what the Powercorpse elite are let alone realize a great deal of their productivity through taxes and regulation are rerouted to it (indirectly) to it's holdings.

Their lapdog media has done a good job of making the largest scale political patronage brokerage in Canadian history a virtual secret....even though it is widely known in European, Russian, Chinese and American political and business circles that Canada is corrupt from the top down...that one does not do large scale business in Canada without a Power associate setting up the deal then skimming the operations.

If you want a little project that may pique your interests in the Powercorpse alumnus, do some corporate checks on the new Chinese venture capital that has been coming into Canada buying into resource industries the past few years…Also of note is the fact that Canada ( with a liberal Powercor alumnus PMO) who’s government runs “revenue surplus” but has no money to fix health care or give tax relieve….has poured Billions into China through various schemes, There is a China-PMO-corporate connection…see if you can find the unmistakable faces and finger prints of the power cabal on these deals then look a little closer…find out where the money the Chinese take out of these industries goes…that should explain the PMO’s infatuation with doing major project business with China….some bait for your search: CIDA, IDRC, Canada-China business council, China’s newest bank and also google “Fred Strong” (Moe’s son) business record. Also; remember that it was CBC who caught Maurice Strong weeping with tears of joy over Prime Minister Dithers’ coronation ceremony… you know why.

Oh, and here’s another juicy scam Moe has run that we don’t see in the MSM:

September 11, 2005 at 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie1 said...

This has been going on for a long,long time. The media in Canada is a disgrace. Much the same as in the US, but at least there there IS a counterbalance. They have Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. That is exactly what is needed here: A Counterbalance.
The US knows much more about Power Corp and the ties to the Iraqi Oil for Food Scandal and the money laundering done at the BNP Paribus bank, the money made both by the bank and Total Fina Elf. The tentacles of this squid do lead directly to the PMO's office and it doesn't matter who sits behind the desk. They are pulling the strings. They pull the strings at the UN. Annan is a figure head. What surprises me is that Strong had to back off and pull in his horns due to his ties to N. Korea.
The US investigators must be much closer to something he doesn't want them to find out about.
I find it very interesting and enjoyable that somebody over at Power Corp seem to be feeling the heat. ( In my opinion, BS's crossing the floor was a manipulation behind the scenes of those at PowerCorp. ( but , hey, that's just me :-) )
The proverbial has hit the fan in the media with Peter Newman's release of his tapes on Mulroney.
What a HOOT! Mulroney nails it as far as the press is concerned. And Chretien. How he hated the press and felt Chretien was getting a pass. We all know all too well how right that is. This silence on the dealings and doings of the Power Corp and their ties to the PMO's office is just more of the same kind of doing all they can to shape opinion by omission, or on the otherhand, by highlighting something so very benign ( such as 4, count 'em FOUR Quebec Conservatives calling for Stephen Harper to step down. That hardly qualifies as a STORY. They play THAT up while ignoring the huge story of corruption and scandal that resides in and around the Power Corp and all their subsidiaries and attachments. As reported in the book, Even Margaret Thatcher hated the Canadian press.

September 13, 2005 at 10:31 PM  
Anonymous The Fog is Clearing said...

What can I say.

Redux's response to anonymous is the most brilliant and succinct comment on the usituation in Canada I have ever seen.

I am not a Canadian citizen, being English and I never set foot on Canadian soil, but I have followed political development there, on and off, for a number of years.

During the height of the Adscam scandal, I learnt of the role PowerCorpse (I hope your right there Redux) and Paul Demarais has played behind the scences.

Redux's reply explains why Harper is hated. As I have suspected the man is feared; he is feared because he cannot be bought. He knows the truth.

It explains the role of Belinda Stronach. I find the accusation that the merger was a Canadian Alliance take over laughable. It was an attempted PowerCorp coup, but the Alliance were too cute for them, hence Stronach's defection. I'd be interested to know where Peter Mackay really stands in all this. I better not say more as I feel I'm beginning to get out of my depth.

However, I will make two points. This has confirmed in my mind why Stephen Harper MUST remain leader of the CPC. And if the truth finally does come out in Canada, where it is there for all to see it will result in the greatest political earthquake ever seen in a western democracy. I believe the
Liberal Party would be utterly destroyed.

That is why they find Stephen Harper so scary.

A brilliant post
the zIt explains iashas n

September 14, 2005 at 11:56 AM  
Anonymous The Fog is Clearing said...

I meant to say I have never set foot on Canadian Soil.

Also apologies for the stray line at the end.

September 14, 2005 at 12:02 PM  

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