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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tears: the new detergent for MSM bias

A wonderful example of crocodile tears used to sanititize an old partisan zealot's political agenda and a second example of the new "water works" sensitivity game they hope will recue low ratings.

Man the life boats news consumers; the MSM network news has discovered theatrical tears and gushing emotionalism as a ratings device ..."oh the humanity". Perhaps they think politically concocted spin is easier to accept from a blubbering news anchor thingie. :-) The only tears shed by this news junckie are from laughing too hard at these theatrical displays meant to whitewash all the partisan spin these hacks spew.

Lets look at just one little freudian slip from the credibility disgraced Rather:

"Rather praised the coverage of Hurricane Katrina by the new generation of TV journalists and acknowledged that he would have liked to have reported from the Gulf Coast. "Covering hurricanes is something I know something about," he said.
"It's been one of television news' finest moments," Rather said of the Katrina coverage. He likened it to the coverage of President Kennedy's assassination in 1963.
"They were willing to speak truth to power," Rather said of the coverage"

So, after this public theatrical and emotional gambit of playing martyr (in the-truth-as-the-victim-of-neo-Con whitehouse) ploy in a sad attempt to white wash his blackened reputation of creating toxic innuendo and contrived news items to damage political enemies ,..... Rather sends this coded message that he is unapologetic at being caught spreading disinformation for partisan purposes and actually envies the insipid political caterwauling, blame game innuendo and moonbat conspiracy theories regurgitated by the partisan MSM in the Katrina coverage. (a provably politically motivated MSM coverage which has made many moderates write of the MSM off as a credible information source)

Sorry Dan et al, the tears are a tad late to get credibility back...although it may improve ratings when the MSM news is tuned in by alternate media as a form of comic relief and to gather evidence on it's continued unraveling credibility.

With the tears we can see the end times to the partisan activist masquerading as a TV news Journalist. Perhaps the the air headed bimbo talking heads of the new entertainment-mews casts is preferable to seedy partisan indoctrination disguised as a credible news report.

Thank God ( or is it Algore) for the internet and short wave talk radio....or we'd never find the news that hit the editing room floors of the partisan MSM.


Blogger Debris Trail said...

Maybe Bill, it's a new reality show... Reality News. How does that sound, all inclusive, with tears, anger, fist pounding, and no facts. We'd hate to let facts get in the way of sob story, or worse yet, a Moonbat-moment.

Personally, Katrina was my final straw. I've posted on MSM bias a lot, but with Katrina the MSM Elitists tossed all caution to the wind and shot themselves in foot... not just once, but daily right up and till today. The funniest thing is that the fools were so stupid that they forgot that what comes around goes around, and their incredibly bias reports forced the Feds to shoot back. What emerged was an ugly picture of Democrat State and Municiple officials with their hands in the cookie jar, on their way to trial, and so inept and corrupt they could teach our own Libs a thing or two. Anyone with a brain now knows all about LA politics, all about the corruption, all about the truth of where levee funding has gone, and emergency planning gone amuck. It's all about blacks they say... yep, sure is... a black mayor and the score of officials up to their assholes in alegations of corruption and deriliction of duty.

Way to go MSM... in the end you did bring us the truth, only not quite the way you intended. In the mean time, the new reality TV News goes on... tears and all.

Good observations Bill.

September 20, 2005 at 1:38 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Debris Trail said...
"Maybe Bill, it's a new reality show... Reality News. How does that sound, all inclusive, with tears, anger, fist pounding, and no facts. We'd hate to let facts get in the way of sob story,"


My point exactly but in your own colorful abstract...introduce enough raw emotion into the spew to mask the fact the story is fact-bare....should put the "feeler" moonbats into a dead faint from emotional over-amping.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...this is what will pass as "news" fact it is am interactive daily work out for naive tender feelings and irrational emotionalism...a daily gush.....but this will only appeal to the cardiac bleeders and Moonbat cult and they already live and die by the MSM so this audience is a lock...the reason the MSM is losing subscribers and ratings is that centrists, the rational and conservatives are tuning survive they NEED these viewers but what do they do? their one dimensional vision they reflexively pump up the spin and fluff that only appeals to an even smaller demographic of the left....the moonbat demographic.

Like CBC Paul..they complain and plea and beg for cash and time to improve ratings and their viewership is still pathetic...HELLO CBC!...want to increase viewers? instead of pumping millions into "hip" news casts by George stempo..Stumblepoo...strumbumpoopolis ( frig I can't pronounce the name)meant to attract the kiddies to news world who could care less about the preachy boring crap on the CBC...BING!..why not appeal to conservatives?????...they're a well moneyed and educated demographic that is a natural for information based programming....all we want is the facts and interesting entertaining shows...without preaching or spin or leftist evangelizing...but the CBC calls this "selling out" which lets you know where they’re coming from...if you call balanced unpartisan reporting and entertainment "selling out"...just what the hell are you broadcasting?

Then DT sez: "Personally, Katrina was my final straw."

For me it was the 2000 election coverage for the Kanukistani MSM but Katrina kicked it over the top for me with the American TV MSM...what a fucking loon was like someone empties some insane asylums and the majors hired them as "reporters".

Here's a hint DT: I've discovered freedom of information and some pretty informative alternate views by revisiting an old friend: shortwave rado. The rational reform counter culture has latched onto this medium for news and current events broadcasting.

For instance; last night I got a non commercial broadcast from outside San Antonio on the 40 meter band. It was the personal station of the ranch rescue organization leader ( these guys are the guys who are standing in as border guards after the feds cut back the service to 25 officers)...I got an incredible earful of facts concering illegal immigration and the government's total acceptance of it from guest politicicians, police and people who have shanty towns of 200-500 illegals squatting on their property that the feds won't remove!!...then I got a private broad cast from a news service outside Baton rouge with some damning facts that condemn the Louisiana state government of gross incompetence in its handling of the post Katrina disaster.....shortwave is the blogesphere of the air brodcast news....Like the internet has created citizen-editors who are not affected by the corrupting pressures of comercial journaism, these are citizen broadcasters who run outside the same stricures od commercial's wonderful to hear a show host totally unencumbered by politically correct dictum...I was amazed at how candid the interviews are because everyone is not worried about PC enforcement.

I urge you to check it out...Good SW recievers are affordable and small and portable these days and you don't need a whacking great antenna taking up your backyard or roof to get the ample non commercial stations. Pirate radio is even better ;-) Sask is a natural... all that open prairie is great for night time skip.

September 20, 2005 at 3:51 PM  
Blogger Aizlynne said...

I agree Bill, the end is drawing ever so closer to the MSM being found out for what they really are.

Newspaper subscriptions are on the decline and TV journalists won't be far behind (we can only hope).

September 20, 2005 at 3:53 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

If you want some REAL coverage on Katrina, go to and catch their live webstreaming (it isn't 24 hours as they are currently "living" in Baton Rouge) - this is the newsteam that reported live from NO during the storm, to the point where I was yelling at my screen "WTF are you doing? BAIL BAIL BAIL." As MSM, they throw the occasional spin in, but they're locals. They know the political games. They don't so much as "call bull$hit" as imply it.

What was REALLY funny, Friday I had the video running in a window as I worked, flipping to it when something sounded interesting. The noonish broadcast ended, and I forgot to close the window.

Well. Someone forgot to close the MIKE. The President of Louisiana's PBS station was setting up to do the fundraising intro/info/mercial thingy that PBS stations do, but was discussing Bush's speech from the night before with someone in the room (there was no video at this point). They discussed the angle (all wrong, WE would have NEVER shot it like that), that his image looked distorted, blah blah blah, and then the money quote: "He didn't sound sincere. He doesn't care." Blah blah blah. Then they shot the commercial (I got video that time). Then they talked some more.

I'm pretty sure the Pres of the LA PBS station is an appointment, likely of the Dem Gov, doncha think?

I finally took pity, hunted down the PBS # and called in. I spoke with a WLTV person, who thanked me for the call and for watching "all the way from Canada" and promised to "run" (no $hit) to fix it.

Sadly, the unexpected left commentary ended shortly thereafter. Damn, I KNEW I shouldn't have called.

For OTHER coverage on Katrina (and likely now Rita) is good BUT you have to cut through the left lean consistently. I sent an email to a guy, supposedly "stationed" in Biloxi, which is the "forgotten city" - who spent his entire hour cutting to Florida, Texas, LA, etc. I had to ask him just WHY he thought it might be the forgotten victim, since he, a journalist stationed IN Biloxi, didn't mention it the whole hour?

Idiots, all of them.

Sorry for the rant, I got carried away.

September 20, 2005 at 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie1 said...

Bill: One of the best commentaries you have made. I really liked it.
And agreed with it.
The idea that a short wave radio might bring a new perspective is a great idea. And I wouldn't mind if you told us, if it suited you, just what you do hear about what is going on down there.
I hear that corruption has been a way of life in LA from time immemorial, certainly since Huey Long. One fella on the Levee Board said that it was so bad that the money was always spent on other things , ANYTHING but the levees, and that if they ever failed people should just come over and shoot us all, because we would deserve it. He tried to get them to do the right thing on many occasions but it always resulted in strange vehicles following him home. Late night phone calls threatening his life, home and family. Tires shot out. All sorts of intimidation.
Of course the vindication of the MSM spin is in Ray Nagin himself. He just can't help himself: He constantly shows how completely lost he is in what to do , how to do it and who is going to do it. Hiding out in his 24th floor hotel suite, having to be rescued by Honore, Nagin is the last person to insist on how things will be.
I would love to hear what the take is on short wave radio from those who live there.
As ABC found out right after Bush's speech ( a fine , fine thing) on interviewing six evacuees, all black, outside the Astrodome in Houston. Every single one of them praised President Bush and made it clear they blamed the LA Governer and NO Mayor. ABC simply didn't know what to make of that. Shot down by their own setup.

September 22, 2005 at 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Snowbunnie1 said...

The absolute best quote of this whole disaster comes from Lt. Gen Honore , to reporters who continued to interrupt him with spin when he was attempting to inform and give information on what people are to do and where they are to go: " You people are stuck on stupid like black on tar"
That by itself is a classic, but then he goes on to say: " You people are here to REPORT not create and if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Stop being a problem and REPORT , damn it!"

September 22, 2005 at 8:24 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Snowbunnie1 said...
Bill: "And I wouldn't mind if you told us, if it suited you, just what you do hear about what is going on down there.
I hear that corruption has been a way of life in LA from time immemorial, certainly since Huey Long."

Bunnie: Souther democrats have always had a "boss" and henchmen attitude and network...southern democrat governments have historically been corrupt...this is wny Clinton and Chretien clicked right off the bat...two old crooks who see nothing wrong in their corrupt attiude to government.

At any rate what I hear is that NOLA's disaster has put the spotlight on the realization that Louisiana's/New Orlean's government is not only corrupt but downright sinister...denying incomming aid...doing house to house armed disarming of peacful civilians protecting their property...NG troops acting in unconstitutional manner under orders of a police chief and Mayor....machine gun toting private goons are exempt from the anti- 2nd amendment order to confiscate private firearms and march safe/peaceful civilians from their homes to the squalor and crime of mass relocation centeres.

Obviously the US shortwave bands are well populated with libertarian news and talk.

September 23, 2005 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger NL-ExPatriate said...

Naked news in tears!

Short wave radio talk shows? Could you give me some links to these as I am a short wave radio listener. But I've neve heard a short wave tlk radio broadcast as of yet. TY
I really like Cubas take on world news LOL.

Internet hurican scanner links.

September 26, 2005 at 2:47 AM  

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